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									Montague Independent
   School District

   2008-2009 Montague
    Faculty Handbook
Absences/Makeup Work Policy Timeline

Students who have excused absences from class are allowed one day for each day absent to make
up missed assignments. It is the student's responsibility to find out the assignments and make up
the work within this period unless the teacher agrees upon another date.
A student will be permitted to make up tests and to turn in projects due in any class missed
because of an excused or school related absence. Teachers may assign a late penalty to any
project in accordance with long term time lines approved by the principal and previously
communicated to students.(ex. Research Paper). For any class missed, the teacher may assign the
student makeup work based on the instructional objectives for the subject or course and the
needs of the individual student in mastering the essential knowledge and skills or in meeting
subject or course requirements.
A student who does not make up assigned work within the time allotted by the teacher will
receive a grade of zero for the assignment.

Activity Calendar

To avoid conflicts, a master calendar will be kept in the office and Ms. Cox‘s office. If you have
an item that needs to be placed on the calendar, notify the principal‘s office for approval so that
it can be placed on the campus calendar and in turn the office will place it on the master


Announcements will occur immediately after the minute of silence. Whenever possible,
announcements will be handled by memos and calendars. If you have an announcement please
submit it to Mrs. Thompson no later than 3:45 P.M. the day before the announcement is to be
made. Forms are available in the front office. Exceptions will be handled on an individual basis.
Sponsors/coaches are required to report results to be announced the following day of the event.

Campus Site-Based Committee

The campus site-based committee will be selected yearly according to state and local guidelines.


Students caught cheating on assignments or tests will receive a zero as a grade for that
assignment. This includes all in-class assignments and tests. Teachers should use discretion
about suspected cheating. All confrontations should be private. Refer to your classroom
behavior management plan for cheating referral procedures.

Copy/Fax Machines, Mailboxes, E mail

A mailbox is provided in the teachers‘ workroom. Please visit your box at least twice daily, as
many notices are distributed in these boxes. All information is considered important and should
be carefully read. Also, e mail communication will be implemented frequently, so please check
your email often.

      The Campus Principal must approve all handouts placed in teacher mailboxes.
       Solicitation of sales, advertising or political handouts must also be approved by the
       Campus Principal before placing in teacher mailboxes.

      The use of email or any electronic communication device provided by the District are not
       private and are subject to the Open Records Act. School email is to be used for school
       business only.

The use of the copy and fax machines is for school business only.


The Texas Education Code §25.092 ―requires that a student may not be given credit for a class
unless the student is in attendance for at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered.‖ Failure
to meet the attendance requirements may result in credit denial for the course(s) which reflect
less than 90 percent attendance. The Texas Education Code also requires that a student must
meet the 90 percent requirement in order to obtain or renew a driver‘s license.
Absences involving a doctor‘s care, court appearance, school-related activity, nationally
recognized religious holiday, and/or funeral attendance of an immediate family member may be
considered an excused absence. Should a student exceed the 10 percent limit on absences in a
course, which he/she has passed, credit retrieval may be obtained by attending assigned Saturday

Crisis Management Plan

Please refer to the Montague I.S.D. Emergency Procedures Handbook for specific instructions
and assignments. The document must be easily accessible at all times.

                                          Lockdown Procedures

If there is an intruder in our building, we will announce, ―Mr. Freeman, your lights are on.‖
Please take the following actions: (Should you hear gunshots or explosions, there may not be an

Turn out your lights, and move students into a corner away from your door.
Force students to be quiet and still.
Based upon the layout of our building, please don‘t attempt to go into the hall.

If there is the potential for someone entering our building and we have advance notice (police
chase, stranger in neighborhood, etc.) we will announce, ―Lockdown.‖

During this procedure, look into the hall and pull anyone nearby into your room.
Use your key to lock your door, and turn out your lights, and move students into a corner away
from your door.

***There is no possible way to prepare for a tragedy, but I think these precautions will minimize
our risk of casualties and injuries.

Disciplinary Procedures

The following disciplinary procedures shall be implemented:

-Corporal Punishment

-Lunch Detention (administrator, teacher assigned)

-After-School Detention (administrator, teacher assigned)

       This will be held from 3:00-4:00

-In-School Suspension (I.S.S.)

       Immediate Placement
       Teachers will be notified of the placement.
       Assignments will need to be sent to the Principal as soon as possible.

       Planned Placement
       Teacher will be notified of the placement.
       Assignments will need to be sent to the Principal by the morning of the placement.
       Students will receive appropriate special education accommodations if necessary.
       A teacher cannot deduct points from an assignment because the student is in ISS.
       The student will turn in completed assignments to the ISS instructor.
       Assignments will be personally delivered to the teacher by an administrator or the
       assignments will be placed in their mailbox.
       Any exams or quizzes will be carefully monitored and secured.
       Alternative assignments will need to be given if ISS cannot facilitate the original lesson.

Off -Campus Suspension (O.C.S.)
      Teacher will be notified of the placement.
      Assignments will need to be sent to the Principal the afternoon of the placement in order
      for the student to complete assignments at home.

       A student removed to a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) during the
       school year will have an opportunity to complete coursework needed to fulfill the
       student‘s high school graduation requirements before the beginning of the next school

Members of the staff of the Montague Independent School District will at all times and in all
places be treated with respect and courtesy by students.

    Every teacher is charged with the responsibility of handling disciplinary problems when
     and where they arise. This means not only in your classroom, but also anywhere
     authoritative attention is needed.
    Each teacher is responsible for maintaining proper conduct and good discipline in his/her

      He/she shall seek advice and assistance from the appropriate administrator in any difficult
       case of discipline.
      Any unusual forms of punishment, such as slapping, striking, shaking, etc. are strictly
      Corporal punishment will only be used by an administrator and with parental consent.
      The teacher is the absolute authority within the classroom. If a student is to remain a
       member of the class, the teacher must have his/her cooperation.
      Students who refuse to cooperate will lose the privilege of class membership. State law
       and School Board Policy have established the procedure for removal of a student.
      A set of basic rules and a list of consequences, which will result when these rules are not
       followed, should be posted in your room and/or printed for your students as a handout or
       on your syllabus. The Principal will need a copy on record.


The U.I.L., Texas Education Agency and/or the constitution of the organization govern eligibility
requirements for club/organization membership. Students must meet the eligibility requirements
to be active members and participate in organizational functions. This includes the ―No Pass/No
Play‖ provision.

A student participating in U.I.L. activities will be suspended from participation after a grading
period in which the student received a grade lower than the equivalent of 70 on a scale of 100 in
any academic class. This suspension continues for three weeks. The grades will be subsequently
reviewed at the end of each three-week period; the suspension will be removed if the student's
grade is equal to or greater than the equivalent of 70.

Employee Absence Procedures

Substitute Folder

All teachers should maintain an up-to-date substitute file in an easily accessible spot. Please
show another teacher where your materials are to be found in case of last minute absences. This
file should contain the following information:
     Lesson Plans: Lesson plans should be sufficiently detailed to enable the substitute to teach
     the class.
     Grade Book/Roll Sheet
     Textbooks/Materials for the substitute.
     Name and room number of the closest teacher who could help your substitute.
     Fire drill and other emergency procedures.
     Duty Assignment time and location
     Important or unusual information about any student. (medical needs, etc.)

Emergency Lesson Plans

All staff members will submit 3 days worth of lesson plans to be filed in the main office in the
unfortunate event that you must leave throughout the day.

Employee Absence Notification

In the event of illness or emergency, call Ms. Cox-- Home # 825-8524 and Cell # 782-4269 or
Mr. Freeman. Home # is and cell # is 940-231-9248. Then, call TJ Thompson at 872-1344 to
arrange for a substitute.

It is your responsibility to report your absence by 7:00 A.M.

Please remember that sick days are used on a half day or full day basis and must be called in by
7:00 A.M. of the day absent in order to ensure a substitute.

When absent, it will be necessary to call the school before 2:00 PM to advise us of your
status for subsequent days.

Upon return, it is your responsibility to complete the absence verification form from the
secretary. These must be completed and returned promptly in order to ensure
payment to your substitute.

Planned Absences
     Staff members must submit an Absence from Duty form to the office for approval. The
       teacher is required to check with Ms. Cox to determine if a substitute is available.
     To schedule personal leave, complete the Absence from Duty form, and turn it into the
       office at least five days in advance of the anticipated absence.
     If you need to leave during the school day, please check with an Administrator. A
       teacher must not leave campus during a class period unless specific arrangements have
       been made for a faculty member to be in your classroom.

Employee Concerns

All employees are urged to make concerns known to the principal as soon as possible.
Expediency can often alleviate anxieties caused by certain situations, and will usually aid in

Extra Curricular Activities Policies

Students shall receive a written copy of each organization‘s rules with a consent form attached.
The parent and student must sign the form and return it indicating they know the rules and will
abide by their content.
It shall be the responsibility of the sponsor to communicate (both in writing and verbally) this
information to the students who are participating. The sponsor shall consult the the principal
before a student is suspended from an activity

Field Trips

Field trips are considered co-curricular activities and are an extension of classroom instruction.
Field trips must enhance student learning of the TEKS through participation and observation.
Field Trips must be part of the teacher‘s educational plan.

Field Trips will be granted by the administration on an individual basis provided the following
guidelines are followed:

1. A Field Trip Request Form must be submitted to the administration at least 2 weeks
   prior to departure.
2. Students must have signed permission forms before departure.
3. Policy regarding extra-curricular activities will be followed. The sponsor must
   turn in a list of students attending the field trip at least 3 days before the trip.
   Sponsors need to check with each student concerning possible future extra-curricular
   absences. (golf, tennis, track, UIL, etc.)
 5. The sponsor will secure transportation at least two weeks in advance.

Grading Guidelines

Semester exams will be given in all subjects. This includes any subject for which a student
receives either state or local credit. Semester exams will count as 20% of the semester. A grade
of 70% is considered passing.

A student‘s grade must be based on factors as related to the Texas Essential Knowledge and
Skills (TEKS). Refer to the campus late work policy previously stated.

Six Weeks Grading Format: (Grades 4-8)

Homework     2/5 of the grade (40%)
Test/Project 2/5 of the grade (40%)
6 Weeks Test 1/5 of the grade (20%)

Grading Scale

The Montague I.S.D. adheres to the following grade conversion scale when converting numerical
grades earned in the district to letter grades:

        100—90 = A              89—80 = B              79—70 = C                 below 70 = F


All Teachers are expected to attend Graduation and assist in its facilitation.

Hall Passes

Students are expected to come to class with all of their materials. Should it be necessary to allow
a student to leave the classroom after the tardy bell, the student will receive a tardy if the reason
is to retrieve forgotten supplies or homework. If a student checks in and needs to go to the
restroom, use your professional discretion. Perhaps you could encourage the student to wait until
class gets started or another time suitable to your lesson. Please refer to the code of conduct for
tardy consequences. A hall pass should be with the student at all times. The student must return
the hall pass to the teacher upon returning to class.
Hours of Operation
   -Class begins at 8:00am and ends at 3:00pm
   -Teacher Report time is 7:40am and you may leave at 3:45pm
   -Teachers and staff should notify the Principal when leaving campus during the school day.

Leave Policy

Please refer to Policy DEC (LEGAL) and DEC (LOCAL) concerning leave and days allotted by
state and local policy.

Lesson Plans

All lesson plans should be detailed enough for a substitute or the principal to understand your
plan. It can include but is not limited to the instructional or assessment strategy addressed in the
day‘s lesson and to reference the TEKS and TAKS objectives. Teachers need to turn their lesson
plans for the week each Monday in the Principal‘s office. If the principal feels that your lesson
plans are inadequate or you need to address a specific skill, you will be addressed individually.

Medicine at School

District employees will not give a student prescription medication, nonprescription medication,
herbal substances, anabolic steroids, or dietary supplements.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

When a parent requests a conference, an appointment will made through the campus secretary or
Principal. You will be notified verbally or with a written notice or e mail and with ample time to
prepare for the conference.

Helpful Suggestions for Conferences

Perhaps these ideas will stimulate your thinking and actions when you have parent conferences.
With a solid foundation of sound classroom accomplishment, we will continue to merit the
complete confidence of our community and public – the people to whom the schools actually

1. Begin and end the conference with some kind of positive or encouraging comment about the
   student and his/her work.
2. Decide in advance what you are going to discuss. Assemble a folder of the pupil‘s work and
   work up a checklist of various problems about which you want to talk.
3. Use clear, simple language to explain your work and your goals for the student.
4. Try to sit beside the parent rather than placing yourself ―above him/her‖ behind a desk.
5. Give the parents a chance to ―sound off‖ – especially if they are angry or upset. Try not to
   argue with them. It will be easier to discuss the problem after they have let off steam.

6. Suggest ways in which the pupil can improve his work and ways in which his parents can
    help him rather than to find fault with him.
7. Avoid making a comparison with the pupil‘s brothers, sisters or classmates. Don‘t let
    comments about other students creep into the conversation.
8. Provide some kind of action for parents, something they can try at home to help the student.
    Help them understand that their child‘s success in school is a joint project of home and
Teaching is a profession, and the teacher should be treated as a professional; therefore, you are
not expected to accept verbal abuse from a parent. Terminate the visit or request that an
administrator be included if the conference is to continue.

Parties at School

Any ―party‖ to be held during school hours must be approved by the principal. These will be
held to a minimum and will reflect an academic purpose. The school is allowed three school
wide parties please see the principal for more information.
           - Christmas
           - Valentines
           - End of School

Personal Use of School Property and Equipment

Please do not use school property / equipment for personal use. School equipment / property is
for school or classroom use.

Professional Development Appraisal System

Teachers will be appraised and evaluated using the PDAS instrument.

Professional Dress

The following information is a set of guidelines for professional dress.

      Facial hair (Beards or Mustaches) will be well groomed. Grooming standards are at the
       discretion of the Montague I.S.D. Administration.
      Tattoos are not to be exposed at school.

         Acceptable for Female Staff                     Not Acceptable for Female Staff

      Dresses                                         Frayed or wrinkled clothing
      Suits with skirt or pants                       Hats, caps, or sunglasses inside
      Blouse and skirt                                Anything that bares too much skin (i.e.
      Capri Pants                                      halter tops, spaghetti straps, muscle
                                                        shirts, or half shirts)
    Slacks                                            Ripped or tattered clothes
    Wind pants on coaches when in the                 Wind suits or sweatsuits
     main building                                     Mini skirts
                                                       Tank tops
                                                       Spandex other body hugging fabric

         Acceptable for Male Staff                       Not Acceptable for Male Staff
      Suits                                            Shorts
      Shirts with a collar                             Sandals
      Dress slacks, nice jeans                         Frayed or wrinkled clothing
      Sweaters and sweater vests                       Hats, caps, or sunglasses inside
      Pants (Dockers style)                            Spandex or other body hugging fabric
      Wind pants on coaches when in the                Anything that bares too much skin (i.e.
       main building                                     muscle shirts, half shirts, etc.)

                                                      Wind suits or sweatsuits
                                                      Tank tops

Professional Responsibilities as a teacher:

      Arrive on time. If we expect our students to be on time and prepared, we must lead by
       example. All teachers should be in their classrooms or at their assigned duty by 7:40 a.m.
       and/or according to their tutorial schedule.
      Professional attire. See Professional Dress.
      Enforce the student dress code. If a student in your class is not dressed appropriately,
       send them to the Principal‘s office. Do not allow them to return to class without a pass
       from an administrator.
      Be at your door between classes. High visibility by our faculty will assist in preventing
       problems before they happen. Encourage students to get out of the halls as soon as
       possible. Do not be afraid to enforce the rules.
      Recording of attendance is a teacher duty, and should not be performed by students.
       Attendance is to be reported for each class and your attendance slip must be posted for
       the second class period. Please send a student daily to the office with your attendance
       slip for second period. Daily attendance records are state records and should be treated
       seriously and recorded accurately. Corrections to attendance should be reported to the
       office as soon as possible. Your second period attendance must be signed using your
       name in ink. The second period attendance is an auditable document according to state
       law. Please keep record of any student that leaves early during your class. This
       information is used for several school purposes.
      Faculty meetings will be held when necessary and your attendance is expected.
      Use class time effectively. Bell to bell instruction is the expectation.
      Rented videos must be used for educational purposes, not just for entertainment or to fill
       time. This means videos must be related to the subject being taught and identified in the
       lesson plan. Discussions before and/or after viewing would be appropriate. ―R‖ rated
       videos will not be viewed. ‗PG‖ rated movies should be approved by the Administrator.
       Be aware of copyright infringement. Movies not related to the subject should not be used
       as a reward. Refer to the Librarian for copyright laws.
      Teachers are expected to be available for required legal meetings. (504/ARD) Please
       refer to Legal requirements below for additional information regarding ARD meetings.

       Legal Requirements:

      Attend ARD meetings. Federal law requires that a general education teacher participate
       in ARD meetings for students who receive Special Education Services. Notices will be
       sent to the student‘s teachers before the meeting. The notices will be clearly marked as to
       the teacher or teachers expected to attend the meeting.
      Disclosure of individually identifiable student data/information to any person, including
       another school employee, who has no legitimate educational interest in the information, is
       forbidden under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Reprimands
       (Burgess v. Arlington ISD, 1991) and terminations (Jones v. Northside ISD, 1987 and
       McGilvray v. Boyd ISD, 1997) have been upheld by the courts regarding unlawful
       disclosure of student information.
      Public school employees may not foster religion by encouraging prayers or reading of
       scripture. (U.S. Supreme Court decision on Doe v. Santa Fe ISD, 1999)
      Teachers should use all safety precautions available when students are in their charge;
       especially in a laboratory situation. The teacher may be held liable if he does not explain
       all safety precautions, require students to wear pertinent safety equipment, and/or use
       proper equipment.
      Under no circumstances should you permit a student to leave campus without meeting
       proper dismissal requirements. Do not allow students to leave campus to run errands for
       you. Should an accident/mishap occur, you may be held liable.
      Do not leave your class unattended; this applies to sponsors as well. Do not leave
       students to practice or participate on their own. There must always be a faculty member
       present when students are practicing or competing.
      Your professional responsibilities also include:
           o Having grades turned in for eligibility, progress reports and six-weeks reports on
               or before the due date and time.
           o Enforcement of the student tardy policy and all school rules.
           o Reporting for duty assignments.
      Failure to perform professionally will result initially in a conference with the Principal.
       Further neglect of your professional responsibilities and duties may result in
       documentation to your teacher file.

Purchase Orders

Any purchases using budgetary funds must be approved. A purchase order form must be
completed and turned into the campus principal. The purchase order is not granted until the
campus principal and superintendent have approved and signed the request.

Report Cards and Progress Reports

Report cards with each student‘s grades or performance and absences in each class or subject
will be issued to parents at least once every 6 weeks.
At the end of the first three weeks of a grading period, parents will be mailed or issued a progress
report of their child‘s grade performance.

Teachers follow grading guidelines that have been approved by the Campus Principal and
designed to reflect each student‘s academic achievement for the grading period, semester, or
course. State law provides that a test or course grade issued by a teacher cannot be changed
unless the Board determines that the grade was arbitrary or contains an error, or that the teacher
did not follow the District‘s grading policy. [See policy EIA.]
Questions about grade calculation should first be discussed with the teacher; if the question is not
resolved, the student or parent may request a conference with the principal in accordance with


To insure a healthy, safe environment for all Montague I.S.D. students, employees, and
community members, adherence to the following guidelines is expected:
    Extension cords may only be used with a circuit breaker power strip plugged directly into
      the wall.
    Heaters may not be used. (Exceptions may be made with administrative permission when
      emergency situations occur)
    Electrical appliances should be confined to the lounge or office area unless the teacher
      receives approval from the campus administrator.
    Hot plates may be used ONLY as they are directly related to instruction.
    Open flames, such as candles, Bunsen Burners, fire starters, or incense, shall be used only
      as they directly support instruction.
    Animals should be used only as they are directly related to instruction, and with the prior
      approval of the campus administration.

It is the responsibility of the employee using any of the above referenced equipment/material, to
secure, extinguish, or turn off any of the above items before leaving the area. The custodial staff
should report to the campus administration any inconsistencies in these procedures.

School Spirit

As a faculty member, you are one of the most important ingredients in developing school spirit
and school pride. When you get excited, the students get excited. It is important that you are a
supporter, so be sure you attend as many activities/events as possible!

Sexual Harassment

Report any suspected harassment, whether harassment occurs student-to-student, employee-to-
student, student-to-employee, or employee-to-employee to a counselor or administrator
immediately. Title IX, a federal law, prohibits sex-based discrimination in federally funded
education programs. Given the increasing prevalence of sexual harassment at school, it is
important that schools take steps to emphasize that sexual harassment will not be permitted.
Schools are responsible for preventing and eliminating the harassment once there is notice that it
may be occurring.
This has become a volatile subject, especially between teachers and students. The best advice is
to not put yourself in any situation that might be misconstrued.

The following are suggestions on how to protect yourself:

      Show respect for yourself and for students at all times.
      No personal/social relationships with students.
      No references to students‘ body parts. If reference is part of your lesson plan, keep your
       discussion generic.
      No touching of students‘ bodies—hugging side-to-side is acceptable.
      No references to students‘ social lives and your potential involvement in same.
      No sexually inappropriate language, photographs, written materials, or drawings brought
       on campus or shared with students.
      No discussions of your personal/social, your needs, your fantasies, etc.
      No flirting.
      No meeting behind locked doors.
      Be sure windows are uncovered.
      Your home—Allow students in your home only in groups and only for sanctioned
       activities. Never allow students to spend the night, alone or in groups.
      Attend sensitivity training regarding dealing with abused children.
      Respect bodily integrity of students.
      Remember that consent or seduction is no defense in the school environment.
      Always take another adult on off-campus trips. Set high standards of behavior for your
       students before the trip. Ask for parent volunteers to chaperone.
      Report child abuse immediately. You must orally report child abuse within 48 hours, and
       a written report must follow within 5 days.
      Cooperate fully with any investigation. Provide names of corroborating witnesses.

Solicitation of Educational Supplies

All salesmen must report to the main office, to register as a visitor, and receive permission to
confer with a teacher. These conferences, when permitted, must take place during the teachers‘
conference period.

Special Education Referrals

Special Education referral forms can be obtained from the Principal. Please refer any student
which you suspect could benefit. Each teacher is responsible for following special education
students‘ individual education plans (IEP). These plans are on file in the students‘ files.

State Mandated Testing

In addition to routine tests and other measures of achievement, students at certain grade levels
will take state mandated tests (such as TAKS: the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) in
the following subjects.

   Mathematics, annually in grades 3–7 without the aid of technology and, in grades 8–11, with
    the aid of technology on any test that includes algebra
   Reading, annually in grades 3–9
   Writing, including spelling and grammar, in grades 4 and 7
   English Language Arts in grades 10 and 11
   Social Studies in grades 8,10 and 11
   Science in grades 5, 8, 10 and 11
   Any other subject and grade required by federal law.

Student Transportation

Consult with David Freeman for transportation policies. Never allow a student to drive to or
from any activity during school or to any out of town school sponsored activity. Special
exceptions involving conflicts must be approved through the Principal. Do not transport a
student in your personal vehicle.

Tardy Policy

Students who are tardy to your class need to be sent directly to the office.
    The third unexcused tardy in a six weeks grading period will result in a detention
    The fourth through seventh unexcused tardy in a six weeks grading period will result in a
       three day detention assignment or appropriate equivalent.
    The eighth unexcused tardy will result in 2 days of ISS w/ possible truancy charges.

Teacher Personnel File

Information to go into a teacher‘s personnel file according to following guidelines:
             1. First infraction – verbal warning
             2. Second infraction same in nature – written warning / impact evaluation
             3. Third infraction same in nature – written verification / copy in permanent folder
                 also conference with superintendent and principal
 ** If infraction is serious in nature steps #1 and #2 will be omitted. Further action will occur.


You are responsible for any activity which takes place on your teacher computer while you are
logged on. Do not allow students to work on a teacher or staff computer. It is imperative that you
‗LOG OFF‘ your computer any time you walk away from the classroom or leave your computer
unattended. If you have any technological needs or questions, contact Angela Kleinhans.


Students are to keep their textbooks covered at all times. State-approved textbooks are provided to
students free of charge for each subject or class Any student failing to return a book issued by the school
loses the right to free textbooks until the book is returned or paid for by the parent; however, the student
will be provided textbooks for use at school during the school day.

Thermostat Setting

In the spring, set the thermostat between 74-78 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, set the
thermostat between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Other settings might be more comfortable, but
hopefully these settings will meet our needs and help hold down energy costs.

Tobacco on school premises or at school sponsored activities

Smoking and/or tobacco use shall not be permitted by employees, patrons, or students on school grounds, school
property, in school building, or at school related activities.

I hereby acknowledge receipt of the 2007 -2008 Saint Jo I.S.D. Employee Handbook. I agree to
read the handbook and abide by the standards, policies, and procedures defined or referenced in
this document. The information in this handbook is subject to change. I understand that changes
in district policies may supersede, modify, render obsolete, or eliminate the information
summarized in this booklet. As the district provides updated policy information, I accept
responsibility for reading and abiding by the changes. I understand that no modifications to
contractual relationships or alterations of at-will relationships are intended by this handbook. I
also accept responsibility for contacting my supervisor if I have any questions, concerns, or need
further explanation.

Name             __________________________________________

Signature        __________________________________________

Date             __________________________________________


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