Bringing Families Together
                                               February 2011

                                                     Note from Kathy
                                                               February is the month for love, sharing your love
                                                      and making sure that special person in your life knows
                                                      how much you love them. Why should we limit
                                                      expressing our love to one month a year? There are so
                                                      many ways to show someone that you love them. It
           KATHY HILL                                 can be with gifts or kind words. I love and appreciate
          SR. EXECUTIVE                               every one of you, my hostesses, customers, and friends.
                                                      I hope that God fills your life with love and showers
                                                      you with blessings this month and all throughout the
          Proudly featuring
                                                      P.S. Welcome everyone, I would love your feedback. I
                                                      hope you enjoy the decorating tips and products shared
                                                      in this newsletter. If you know of someone that enjoys
                                                      decorating and would appreciate this information
                                                      please pass it on or send me their email address. If you
                                                      have specific decorating issues that you need help with
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                                                      Happy Entertaining and Decorating!
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           Bringing Families Together


       A few dates still available,
 call me today to schedule your party!!
                                  Bringing Families Together

                       VIP Hostess Club Program!
                          Won’t you join us??
Program dates: January 1, 2011- June 30, 2011 and July 1, 2011 – Dec 31, 2011

Hold your party on the original date scheduled. Achieve $300 or greater in retail sales and you can
become a member of the VIP Hostess Club!

     Group executive, Kathy Hill will call each hostess to welcome them to the VIP
        Hostess Club program and to offer encouragement for their party results.

       Each month there will be a drawing in our group (includes all designers on Kathy
              Hill’s teams) for all of the hostesses who have at least $300 retail party in sales
              closed during the previous month. Each qualifying hostess will receive 1 ticket
              for the drawing. 
       The winning hostesses name will be pulled at our monthly meeting and the hostess will be called
        at that time. One hostess per month will win. The special hostess drawn will receive a Bean Pot
        of their choice as a special gift. 
       In addition, all of these very special hostesses will be celebrated by entering them in our
        special VIP program drawing at programs end: 

                   *Host a $300.00 Party            =          1 chance
                    * Host a $500 Party                 =         2 chances
                    *Host a $750 Party                  =         3 chances
                    *$1000 Party                        =       4 chances
                        *Each booking from your Party (bookings must hold prior to program
                    session end date 6/30 or 12/31respectively) =                         1 chance
       Hostesses may hold multiple parties during the 6 months and will be eligible for both the
       monthly drawings and program end drawing!! 
       Yes! Catalog Parties count too! 
       You will be invited to our special $300.00 Hostess VIP Club appreciation event where all
        of our $300 hostesses & each of the Monthly Drawing winners will be honored and where
        one $300.00 Celebrating Home Shopping spree winner will be drawn! (Note we must
        have a minimum of 25 qualifying hostesses during the program for this drawing to take
       place) 
       (You do not have to be present to win the Shopping Spree, but all other prizes and
        gifts awarded are for attendees only.) 

THANKS in advance for joining us in this adventure! Remember all of these rewards are over
and above the great benefits (FREE merchandise/ ½ price items and more) that you will earn
by hosting your party! Questions on this program may be directed to your designer or
Executive Kathy Hill 727-992-7983
                                         Bringing Families Together

Cooking Made Easy
We have a great new recipe for you that
you can make in your bean pot. If you
don’t have a bean pot call to order yours
today. Featured this month is our new
Somerset Collection, a warm buttery color
to brighten any table.

    French Toast & Sausage
10 slices bread (stale or fresh cubed)
5 eggs
1/3 c milk
Cinnamon and Nutmeg
Pancake syrup
Sausage Links

The evening before serving place enough
bread in Bean pot to fill halfway.

In a bowl whisk eggs, milk and dash of
cinnamon and nutmeg together. Pour
mixture over bread. Cover and refrigerate

In the morning;
Squeeze pancake syrup over top making an
“S” shape in both directions. Cover with
foil and twist to make handles on each end
of Bean Pot, this makes a pocket on top of
                                                        PRINT OF THE MONTH
the bean pot. Place sausage links in the foil
pocket on top and bake at 350 degrees for                       74762 Where The Heart Is
45 minutes. Breakfast is ready.                       Portrait of innocence is matted in Sumac and Olde Gold and
                                                         framed with glass in gold and black accented bronze.
                                                                         Measures 24 ½ x 40 ½”

  For more great recipes contact me to order our
                   cookbooks                                      Original Price: $159.00
           Entrée’s #01057 for $7.50                           SALE PRICE: $119.25
         Side Dishes #01300 for $7.50
     Or #20285 buy BOTH & SAVE $12.00
                                                       As a Hostess, select this item as one of your
                                                            ½ price items and save even more
       Bringing Families Together
                       Bringing Families Together

                      Beating the Winter Blahs

Tired of these long winter days and blah weather? Now is the
perfect time to spice up your home with color!! What about
trying a new paint color? Add interest by painting different
colors on one or two walls and then another color or the same
color just a couple of shades darker on the others. Notice in our
                          picture shown they have cream walls but
                          added a punch of color by painting the
                          inside of the bookcase; this really livens
                          up the space. You can do that with your
                           bookcases or add splashes of color with
                           rugs, pillows, and throws to warm up
                           the room.

                             Back to our photo, see the bright
                             colors in the rug? Does all that color
                             make you smile? It is alive with vibrant
                             color. This room is bold and bright, do
you love it or is it too bright for you? You don’t have to go this
bold to add life to your room. Adding little splashes of color
throughout the room can make a huge difference. Start small by
adding pillows, new framed art and candles with colors you
desire then keep working on it until you have the room that
makes you smile every time you enter it. Then you have created
the warm inviting space that will welcome all your friends and
family. That is what having a home is about. Get started today
creating a space you will love and know that I am here to help
you anytime you need it.
                         Bringing Families Together

       NEED A
  Earn 50% profit for your
group or organization with our
fantastic Fundraiser program.

  Offering candles, dips and
  dessert mixes, wrapping
                                          TREASURE CHEST OF
     paper and more.                           SAVINGS

 Call me today to get your
  fundraiser started or to
  discuss all the options

                                           You will find a variety of
                                           accessories on sale in the
    Special Offer from                       treasure chest. New
    Celebrating Home
                                           merchandise added every
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                                Bringing Families Together


   Start your own home-based business              Incentive for Referrals!!!
          with Celebrating Home.
   Define your dreams and design your
            business your way!                      Receive $50 FREE in
   Choose from 3 beautiful Designer Kits         Merchandise (Finders fee) for
   AND all of the business supplies you            either a RECRUIT OR
         need to get started for
                                                 FUNDRAISER over $1,500
            ONLY $149.00

      Call me today to get started!!!

                  Candle Club & Dip Mix Clubs
Do you love our candles? and Dips? Make sure you never run out by signing up now
                  for our Candle Club and/or Gourmet Dip Club.

 When you sign up you select a minimum of 2 each month, Every 6 months you will
                                receive 1 FREE.

          Contact me for Sign up sheets for Candle Club and Dip Mix Club

Makes great gifts as well, you can sign up your friend that loves candles or entertains.
                  We can ship them anywhere in the United States.
                              Bringing Families Together

                Happy Valentines Month February 2011!
Wow Valentines…super bowl and more this month! Hope your New Year
has started out great! I am ready to get this party Rockin! Would love to
see you at one of my upcoming events!! Publix has a new motto that is so
            LOVE to shop here! Love to Save here!
        (Hope you say that about shopping with me!)
        Let’s have a Celebrating Home Blast in 2011!
                Please see events and specials below
 Don’t see something that meets your needs? CALL me;
                   let’s do something JUST for you!
   Shop Kathy’s Clearance in February and receive extra items FREE!
 Call to see all the amazing bargains! Remember Lay Away is Available
   too. For every $25 spent you choose a free vase/ floral or basket for
               Bring a NEW friend and receive a FREE gift
             Our Best new item you have to try this –
                       FRAGRANCE WARMERS!
With our new Spring 2011 Catalog we have over 200 hundred new items,
but the premier product is our great new SCENT s of Home
FRAGRANCE WARMERS! If you love the idea of our terrific
fragrances, without having to burn a CANDLE you will love this product!
You are all sweethearts to me, so in honor of this Valentines month let me
encourage you to get and try a fragrance warmer. Get any new fragrance
warmer at $5 off and your 1st gel is FREE!
This is a call in / email / or Facebook program...no party required to
order! If you want your purchase to count towards FREE merchandise
credit for you...call Kathy to set up your “VIRTUAL PARTY”!!
                                   Bringing Families Together

                            BINGO @ Kathy’s
                   SUNDAY February 27th @ 4pm
              Join me for an afternoon of FUN and Games!
                   Free for all to attend! FUN for all!!!

                  Chinese Auction starts 2/7.
        Call or email Kathy for a list of items included.
         Tickets are 5 for $5; 12 for $10 or 30 for $20.
  Out of town winners will have items shipped at no charge!
Chinese Auction will close at BINGO! No pre-purchase of tickets
         required, bring your quarters BINGO is FREE!
  JUST RSVP 727-869-4323! Bring FRIENDs for extra rewards!

                                                    This coupon entitles bearer to a
                                                    FREE 1 hr Decorating
   TELEPHONE: 727-992-7983                          Consultation. Select one room
 EMAIL: Kathy@kathythill.com                        in your home, we will discuss all
 ADDRESS:   12707 Oak Tree Drive                    the possibilities. Call Kathy at
      Hudson, FL 34667                              727-992-7983 to schedule your
            WEBSITE:                                appointment today.

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