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									        Denali National Park

      Volcanoes National Park    1
• Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was established in
  1916. The Islands are around 70 million years old. With
  the summit of Mauna Loa at 13,677ft above sea level.

• Denali National Park was originally established as Mt.
  McKinley National Park Feb. 26, 1917. In 1976 the park
  was designated an international biosphere reserve.

• Mauna Loa has the title of the most massive mountain
  on the planet. If measured from its base on the sea floor
  to its summit it rises up 30,000 ft. 1,000 feet higher than
  Mount Everest.

• Mount McKinley is the highest mountain on the North
  American continent. With it’s highest peak at 20,320 ft.

This size comparison shows how massive Mauna Loa
 really is, in the picture it’s compared with Mt. Rainier
                who measures 14,410 ft tall.

• Denali is home to
  over 430 species of
  flowering plants all of
  which must be
  adapted to live in
  extremely cold
  winters. Also many
  lichens and moss
  grow here.

• Volcanoes National park
  covers 333,000 acres
  from the ocean to
  Mauna Loa’s summit.

• Denali National park
  covers far more land
  than volcanoes park,
  Denali covers over
  6,075,030 acres of land!

• Mauna Loa is of course a volcano and was
  created by lava from the Earth piling up
  over about 70 million years.

• Mt. McKinley and the Alaska Range is a result of
  the Denali Fault which is North America’s largest
  crustal break. It created McKinley and the
  Alaska Range over 65 million years ago from the
  tectonic plates colliding.

• Volcanoes park has over 150 miles of
  hiking trails giving great views of Mauna
  Loa and Kilauea.

• Denali has about 20 miles of “strolling”
  trails which are relatively easy walks only
  about on average 2 miles long. But has
  unlimited hiking in the back country.

• To hike in the back country of Denali you
  must have bear resistant food containers,
  15 minute USGS topographic maps not
  only to keep from getting lost but it’s your
  responsibility to know where all of the
  protected areas are and to stay out of





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