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									                                         Board of Trustees Meeting
                                  University Academy Charter High School
                                            Multi-purpose Room
                                               January 9, 2008
                                                  5:30 PM

Benjamin Dineen
Migdalia Viole-Hernandez
Karen Ridley
Ruddys Andrade
Marco Valdivia
Nadine Muhammad
Deborah Murray

Public Session

In accordance with the Public Notice Law of New Jersey, the University Academy Charter High School’s
meeting was advertised in the Jersey Journal and the Star Ledger. A copy was also sent to the City Clerk and
a copy was posted in a public place. The public meeting of the University Academy Charter High School
called to order 5:45 p.m.

There were no public questions.

Review of December 2007 minutes (action item)
Moved by Ridley. Second by Dineen.
Unanimous. No abstentions.

Dean’s Report (see attached)

Committee Reports

Nick Puzo stated that the last Finance Meeting on Tuesday, January 8th, paperless system is now in place.
Also, Mr. Puzo said he will generate a report each week with invoice updates.

Review of December 2007 Finance Report and invoices to be paid (action item)
Moved by Ridley .Second by Valdivia
Unanimous. No abstentions.

Resolution to approve Track Team Activity Fund
Moved by Valdivia Second by Dineen
Unanimous. No abstentions.
Old Business

New Business
Resolution to approve the UACHS Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy (action item)
Moved by Viole-Hernandez. Second by Ridley.
Unanimous. No abstentions.

UACHS Student Lottery 2008-2009 (action item)
David Aponte
Takiya Boyette
Jonathan Galang
Alexander Slaughter
Chloe Grau
Indigo Burnett-Smith
A.Malik Johnson
Alberto Gonzalez
Jaie-Juan Colbert
Ctystal Gould
Tyler Rana
Matisse Burrows
Amanda L. Cortes
Patricia Villaneuva
Jessica Genao
Ainee Ynfinate
Jhon El
Melanie Espaillate
Fanny Sesay
Andy Verneus
Gilberte Daceus
Natajia Goodwin
Britney H. Shandra
Carina Lopes
Patricia Garcia
Michael Hall
Jonathan Reyes
Jomary Arias
Tabitha Rivera
Alyssa Rivera
Noel Irizary
Kanisha Kelly
Jed Chung
Marcus Veato
Alex Ellgendi
Sierra Gadsten
Tavia Watkins
Domenic Tucker
Indiara Boodhan
Suraj Sharma
Lea Lazatta
Niya Stuckey
Luis Paredes
Janina Chung
Kimberly Vasquez
ALiyah Jefferson Gonzalez
Breinna Johnseon
Omar Rios
Maria Purino
Nakitta O. Parker
Keon Williams
Kayana N. Luis
Tanisha Gonzalez
Daniel Castiillo
Fabian Franco
Justin Martinez
Destiny Soto
Jose Luis Arias
Lisa Nguyen
Linda Nguyen
ALenxadra Orzel
Aurea DeLeon
Kenlee Davis
Ali Khan
Crystal Rodriguez
Sylvia Kingsley
Manny Vasquez
Melinda Davila
Dajah Timmons
Sykrirah Kirkland
Jakeem Gibson
John Romero
Leonardo Delmundo
Chinwe Wosu
Dorian Armstrong
Marie Madeline Williams

Moved by Muhammad. Second by Murray.
Unanimous. No abstentions.


                                  February Board Meeting
                                  Wednesday, February 13th
                                         4:30 pm

Moved by Valdivia. Second by Ridley.
Unanimous. No abstentions.

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