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					Kappa                  Sake House
Bar menu
Artisanal Sake List
Junmai           Junmai-shu means “Pure Sake” made         Tokubetsu Junmai
only from rice, water and koji, which is the traditional   Literally translates to “Special Junmai” and technically
Japanese method of sake production.                        qualifies as Junmai Ginjyo

MASUMI OKUDEN Mirror of Truth                              JUN TENZAN Pure Mt. Tenzan
8.5 Glass 24 / 49 /100 Bottle                              8.5 Glass 23 Mini Bottle
From NAGANA                                  SMV+3         From SAGA                                     SMV+1
                                                           Born amid the natural features of Saga by utilizing the
Smooth & well-balanced sake. Organic flavors as well
                                                           Clearwater of Mt. Tenzan. Unfailingly dry, a man’s
as a pleasant natural sweetness.
                                                           sake with an ideal balance between sweetness,
                                                           sourness & pungency.
5.5 Glass 15 / 32 / 60 Bottle                              UGO NO TSUKI
From HYOGO                                   SMV+7         Moon after the Rain
This refined Sake is brewed in Itami, the historical
birthplace of Japanese Sake with more then 450             8.5 Glass 23 Mini Bottle
years of brewing tradition. Made from carefully            From HIROSHIMA                                SMV+4
selected rice & water. Enjoy it’s pleasant aroma and       A ripened but refreshingly light flavor. It is aromatic &
delicious dry taste.                                       highly sophisticated.

HOYO MANAMUSUME                                            NANBU BIJIN Southern Beauty
Farmer’s Daughter                                          8 Glass 23 / 48 Bottle
6.5 Glass 43 / 84 Bottle                                   From IWATE                                    SMV+4
From MIYAGI                                  SMV+2         Brewed with 100% Ginotome rice. The specially
Dry Sake. Mild, soft & gently evocative. Crafted           Developed koji-kin used in brewing impart the long-
Manamusume rice. Grown only Miyagi prefecture.             lasting, fresh flavor of Nama (Fresh) sake.

KYUZAEMON Name of Sake Master
7 Glass 19 Mini Bottle
From SAITAMA                                SMV+6.5
A traditional TARU-ZAKE which is aged in a
Japanese cedar barrel. Flavor is perfectly balanced &
has fresh cedar aroma.

KUROSAWA Black Stream
From NAGANO                                  SMV+2
6 /18 Mini Bottle
RIch, dry Sake enhance with any cuisine. By Kimoto
Sake title Sake brewer
Ginjyo                                                       KUBOTA HEKIJU                           91 Bottle
Premium pure rice sake. Refined, complex &                   From NIIGATA                                 SMV+2
delicately aromatic. No more then 60% of the                 Number one selected Sake in Tokyo. Rich &
original rice grain is used to produce Ginjyo sake.          soft with perfect balanced body. More
                                                             affordable price then sister Sake “MANJYU”
SAWANOI Fountain of Tokyo
8 Glass                                                      Special Label
From TOKYO                                      SMV+3
Dry Sake well balanced fruity & floral aroma turns
into savory taste. Smooth delicate                           11 Glass 27 / 58 Bottle
                                                             From FUKUSHIMA
DEWAZAKURA OKA                                               The new revolution sake with extremely refreshing &
Cherry Bouquet                                               dry taste. This Sake has 24% alcohol. Almost like
                                                             SHOCHU with rice flavor.
9.5 Glass 24 Mini Bottle
From YAMAGATA                                   SMV+5        Unfilterd Sake
Soft feeling on the tongue Sake. Floral rather then          Nigori sake is cloudy sake that has not been fully
fruity, there is a touch of pear and perhaps melon.          pressed from the fermenting rice solids. It has a milky
Perfect Sake for wine lover.                                 white opaque appearance.

SECHU-KANBAI                                                 HITORI MUSUME Only Daughter
Plum tree in the Snow                                        24 Mini Bottle
7 Glass                                                      From IBARAGI                                 SMV+4
From GIFU                                       SMV+6        This is a true NIGORI SAKE. Clean & round aroma
With hint of sweet aroma, a clean flavor comes               of dairy products. Mild & savory flavors are nicely
at the first taste of this Sake. You will appreciate         balanced.
the power of rice.
                                                             DASSAI NIGORI Otter Fest
WAKATAKE ONIGOROSHI                                          10 Glass 25 / 55 Bottle
Devil Slayer                                                 From YAMAGUCHI
9 Glass                                                      Unlike most other nigori sakes. Semi dry & leaves no
                                                             unpleasant finish.
From SHIZUOKA                                  SMV+3
Very clean, almost watermelon-tinged nose,
round & quite impressive in the mouth, a trace               Dessert Sake
short & slightly bitter in the finish.
                                                             HANAHATO KIJOSHU (Aged Sake)
Dai Ginjyo                                                   Gorgeous Bird
Dai Ginjyo ranks the highest grade of sake. At least         7 Glass
50% of the original rice grain is polished off. Diginjyo     From HIROSHIMA                             SMV+44
has pleasant fruity aromas & it still retains its fragrant
                                                             Aged for 8 years. Deep sweet aroma of honey &
aroma in your mouth.
                                                             maple syrup harmonized with dried fruits & nuts.
                                                             Rich & sweet is nicely balanced with savory flavors.
DASSAI 50 Otter Fest                                         Very complex full-bodied sake. Makes excellent
                                                             dessert sake.
10 Glass 25 / 55 Bottle
From YAMAGUCHI                                  SMV+5
A prize-winning product, this sake has a graceful
aroma & a well-rounded flavor. Many regard it as
a perfect sake.
By Tap                                                    House Sake
SAPPORO DRAFT                       5                     HOT or COLD SAKE 5 (S) 8 (L)
                                                          ShoChikuBai - Super Dry

Artisanal Beer from Japan                                 FUGUHIRE SAKE                  7
                                                          Japanese traditional winter drink. Hot sake with
YEBISU (11.2oz)              8                            grilled Blowfish fin.
From TOKYO            Japanese’s # 1 favorites beer
                                                          Plum Wine
ASAHI KURO NAMA (11.2oz)                              8
From TOKYO            Unpasteurized Stout Beer            KINSEN PLUM WINE                      5 Glass

ORION (21.4oz) 10                                         PLUM & BUBBLES                         7 Glass
This draft beer has crisp refreshing feel & a mild,
pleasant taste.
                                                          Other Drinks
                                                          ICED GREEN TEA                  3
ECHIGO (17 oz) 11
From NIIGATA                                              HOT GREEN TEA                   2 (a pot)
Discover Echigo’s fresh, rich flavor that only a micro-
brewed craftsmanship can offer. From Japan’s first &      SODA          2.5
finest Koshihikari microbrewery.
STOUT ECHIGO (12 oz) 9                                     
GINGA KOGEN (12 oz) 11                                     
PREMIUM UNFILTERED BEER Brewed at the foot of              
Mt. Wagatake in Iwate prefecture in Japan, known for
its heaviest snowfalls resulting in an abundance of        
sparkling clean cold water, making it ideal for beer
brewing. A Hefewizen style beer. A yeast wheat top-
fermented beer brewed with more then 50% of
                                                          *Credit card minimum is $20 & Up
wheat malt. It’s unfiltered beer distinguished by it’s     
fruity aroma & pale color.

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