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News letter of The Depa rtm ent of Lib rary Science
K u t zt o w n University of Pe nn sylvania

           Spring 1991                                                   Volume 13, No.2

          Anniversary Celebration Features

              Storyteller Donald Davis

              Nationally known storyteller Donald               Throughout his childhood he heard
       Davis is scheduled to be the featured speaker   fairy tales, Jack tales, mountain lore and
       and participant at the 70th Anniversary         collected true-life stories about his family and
       Celebration for Kutztown University's           neighbors, and has credited his Uncle Frank
       Department of Library Science. The event is     with helping him to appreciate the adventures
       scheduled for Saturday, November 9, 1991.       of daily life.
                                                                Mr. Davis ' experiences are varied, in
                                                       addition to his family background, he has
                                                       been a student of Davidson College; a
                                                       graduate of Duke University Divinity School;
                                                       a Methodist Minister in Western North
                                                       Carolina; and a Chairperson of the National
                                                       Association for the Preservation and
                                                       Perpetuation of Storytelling.
                                                                As a storyteller, Donald Davis has
                                                       been a featured teller at the Smithsonian
                                                       Institution and at many other festivals and
                                                       concerts around the country . He has taught
                                                       workshops and storytelling courses, authored
                                                       several books, and appeared on the American
                                                       Storyteller video series. His most recent
                                                       publication is a collection of stories about his
                                                       childhood entitled, Listening for the Crack
                                                       of Dawn.
       Donald Davis is well known for his
       storytelling and folklore centered around the
       people that surrounded him as he grew up in            More Celebration News

       the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina.                 Inside...

                       70th Anniversary News

                                                            I' '~ I
                                                                              Alumni Questionaire...

                                                               --                        big who you
                                                                              also toA those thank have
                                                                 -            retnrnedthe        alumni
                                                                              questionaire   that   you
                                                            recieved a few months ago . The reponse has
                                                            been excellent! We look forward to
                                                            including you in the booklet which will be
                                                            available at the Celebration on Nov .9.

                                                                   If you have photographs or other
                                                            memorabilia from your time at Kutztown
                                                            University please bring them along to the
                                                            anniversary celebration to share with
                                                            other alumni. Also bring recent news,
                                   :.:-   :::... :::::.
                                                            photos, publications, etc. to show friends.

              70th Anniversary Celebration

              Tentative Schedule of Events

                            Department of Library Science

                                  Rohrbach Library

                                Kutztown University

                                                   November 9, 1991
   Registration/Reminiscence                                     Luncheon • South Dining Hall
       9:00 - 10:15 a.m.                                                   12:15 - 2:30 p.m.
Coffee and Danish/Sweet rolls
Rohrbach Library Auditorium Lobby

 MORNING ACTIVITIES                                                        Luncheon Menu
.Rohrbach Library Auditorium                                              Tossed Green Salad
 10:15 • 11:45                                                            Chicken Coq au Yin
                                                                              Wild Rice

Storytelling Workshop                                                  Carrots w/Summer Squash

Presentor: Mr. Donald Davis                                                 Rolls and Butler

Professional Storyteller                                                     English Trifle

(Registration limited to 100 participants)                                 Coffee and Tea

Campus Tours

Conducted By Alpha Beta Alpha

Celebrating 35 Years of Service to Kutztown University

                                  Luncheon Presentation:

                                      Mr. Donald Davis , Storyteller

The Chair Speaks...
                                          ABA News

        Good News! Undergraduate freshman                  The ABA society completed a
enrollment for the fall of 1991 is up over the     successful 1990-91 year concluding with
previous three years. Transfer students, dual      good food and fine fellowship at a spring
majors, change of majors, and certification        picnic.
students have boosted enrollment in the
other three classes.                                      New inductees to ABA are:
        Graduate enrollment continues to
grow, although I've met with the acting                   Barbara Jones

Dean of the College of Education and the                  Cheryl Snyder

Dean of the Graduate School to develop                    Jemma Walsh

policies and procedures to limit enrollment.              Amber Koch

The program enrollment is currently in                    Jill Hoffman

excess of 200 students.                                   Dave Hinkel

        Fund raising for the 70th Anniversary
    going very well. Mrs. Gearhart and her
is ""                                                     Officers elected for the     1991-92
committee are working very hard, and it            school year are:
shows. Please retrieve your questionnaires
and return them , so that the Reunion Book         President         Amy Lucas
will not have a blank "field" where your           Vice President      Michele Bucks
profile should be.                                 Treasurer         Cheryl Snyder
        Thanks to Dave Hinkel, our graduate        Historian         Jill Hoffman
assistant, this past year. He is responsible for   Secretary         Vicki Asper
our four department publications - two             Parliamentarian     Jemma Walsh
volumes of the Kutztown Book Reviews and
two editions of ADDED ENTRIES. These
publications are only part of a long list of                 1991 Awards
responsibilities that Dave has fulfilled this
year. Best of luck and thanks, again!                    The Department of Library Science
                                                   has awarded this year's PSLA Student
             Dr. Kathryn Holland                   Recognition Award to:
                                                   Undergraduate    Lyn Decker
                                                   Graduate        Kathryn Henry

                                                          The Quincy and Laura Rohrbach
           ADDED ENTRIES is published twice
                                                   Award in Librarianship, which recognizes
   a year by the Department of Library Science.
   Kutztown University. Kutztown, PA 19530.        outstanding potential in librarianship, has
   This issue was written and edited I:Jy Dave     been awarded to: Cathy Rae
   Hinkel. Articles and information were
   contributed by :                                       The 1991 recipient of the Louis J.
   Dr. Kathryn Holland. Mrs. Carol Gearhart.       Gill Library Award, which is given to an
   Dr . Jan Simone-Hohe, Vicki Asper , and Mrs.
                                                   outstanding graduate of the M.L.S. program,
   Marie Moyer . Thanks to all who contributed.
                                                   is: Carole Brewer
                                             PSLA Conference 1991
Sarah, Plain and Tall

        The popular Newberry Award                           All three members of the Library
winning Patricia MacLachlen was the                 Science faculty attended "Be A Star", the
featured speaker at a recent "Young Writer's        annual conference of the Pennsylvania
Workshop." The workshop was sponsored by           'School Librarians Association, April 18-20
the North Penn School District and the              at the Hershey Lodge and Conference
Skippack Children's Bookstore.                      Center. In addition to wonderful speakers
        Dr. Holland and some of her students        and excellent workshops, it is always our
crowded into an auditorium full of fourth           privilege to interact with many of our former
and fifth grade students and their parents .        students .
Ms. MacLachlan"s storytelling abilities were                 The keynote speaker was Kaycee
very much in evidence as she delighted the          Hale, library specialist at the Fashion
audience with anecdotes from her past, most         Institute of Design and Merchandising
of which were aimed at encouraging the              Resource and Research Center. As a result
students to keep journals and to "file away"        of her informative talk on self esteem and
characters for future use in stories.               positive ways to conduct oneself, all
        Due to the recent success on                attendees are continuing to practice their
television of "Sarah, Plain and Tall," the first    entrances into rooms and posture when
question asked by students was, 'What was           sitting and standing.
it like to work with Glenn Close?" Ms.                       Author Phyllis Naylor Reynolds
MacLachlan surprised the audience by                proved to be a spell-binding speaker as well
announcing that, upon leaving Philadelphia,         as a writer as she shared glimpses into her
she was "...going to Glenn's house to talk          personal life, which is often reflected in her
over options and possibilities for a sequel to      stories. It is obvious that illustrator Gail
Sarah, Plain and Tall." Stay tuned....              Gibbons, who has had more than 50
                                                    nonfiction books published, has almost as
                                                    many ideas stored in her creative mind for
                                                    future publications. The Puffins Are Back,
                                                    one of her newer titles, was researched from
                                                    her home in Maine. For her book about
                                                    caves, soon to be released, she and her
                                                    husband investigated a bat infested cave in
                                                    Puerto Rico.
                                                             Beth Ann Sahd '80, begins her
              Wednesday, October 23, 1991
                                                    second term as a Director of PSLA, Paulette
                                                    Braucher-Wanon '73, continues as Treasurer
                                                    and Grace Shope '62, is the Secretary. We
                    Deadline for reviews:
                                                    encourage all our graduates in the school
                    Septern ber 13, 1991
                                                    library field to become involved in PSLA
                                                    committee work and leadership positions ­
                                                    and look forward to the 1992 conference.
                            DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCE


                                      FALL 1991

Undergraduate Courses
LIB   011   Information Needs & Services I    1:30   p s m•  - 2:50 p.m.             T-H   Dr. Simone-Hohe
LIB   121   Resources for Children            6:30   p s m,  - 9:20 p vm ,           M     Prof. Gearhart
LIB   313   Cataloging & Classification I    12:00   p s m,   -1:20 p m,i            T-H   Dr. Holland
LIB   320   Library Administration            9:30   a.m. -10:50 a.m.                T-H   Prof. Gearhart
LIB   325   Microcomputers in Education       1:30   p s m • - 2:50 p m,c            T-H   Dr. Gray
LIB   375   Fieldwork                         TBA                                          Dr. Simone-Hohe
LIB   390   Library Practice                  3:00   p m, - 4:50 p.m.
                                                       i                             T     Dr. Simone-Hohe
LIB   390   Library Practice II               3:00   p.m. - 4:50 p vm ,              T     Dr. Simone-Hohe
LIB 018 Materials & Search Strategies         1:00 p m,s      -   1:50 p.m. M-W-F          Prof. Gearhart
LIB 018 Materials & Search Strategies        12:00 p s m ,    -   1:20 pm. T-H             Prof. Gearhart
LIB 520 Literature of the Social Sciences     6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p m ,    c            H     Dr. Simone-Hohe
LIB/AVC 525 Microcomputers in Education       6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.                  H     Dr. Gray
LIB 555 Administration of the School          6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p vm ,                M     Dr. Holland
          Media Center
LIB 575 Seminar: Teaching Function of the     6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p        i       m,   W     Dr. Holland
          Inst. Materials Center
AVC 514 Instructional Technology              6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.                  M     Dr. Roth

                                       SPRING 1992
Undergraduate Courses
LIB 012 Information Needs & Services II       12:00   p.m.- 1:20       p vm ,        T-H   Prof. Gearhart
LIB 122 Resources for Young Adults             9:30   a.m.-l0:50       a.m.          T-H   Dr. Holland
LIB 314 Cataloging & Classification II         1:30   p.m.- 2:50       p vm,         T-H   Dr. Holland
LIB/AVC 325 Microcomputers in Education        1:30   p.m.- 2:50       p.m.          T-H   Dr. Gray
LIB 330 Ed. Prog. of the Sch. Library          6:30   p.m.- 9:30       p vm ,        M     Prof. Gearhart
          Media Center
LIB 375 Fieldwork                              TBA                                         Dr. Simone-Hohe
LIB 390 Library Practice I                     3:00 p.m.- 4:50 p vm ,                T     Dr. Simone-Hohe
LIB 391 Library Practice II                    3:00 p.m.- 4:50 p.m.                  T     Dr. Simone-Hohe
LIB 018 Materials & Search Strategies         11:00 a.m.-ll:50 a m, M-W-F   s              Prof. Gearhart
LIB 018 Materials & Search Strategies         12:00 p.m.- 1:30 p.m. T-H                    Dr. Simone-Hohe

LIB 471 Information Analysis & Retrieval       6:00 p.m - 9:00 p.m.                  H     Prof. Gearhart
LIB 500 Methods of Research: Library           6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p m ,        v        T     Dr. Simone-Hohe
LIB 585 Seminar: Materials for Children        6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.                  W     Dr. Holland
          & Young Adults
LIB/AVC 525 Microcomputers for Educators       6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p m,         i        H     Dr. Gray
LIB/AVC 553 Dev. of Projected Instructional    6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p m ,        s        T     Dr. Peterson
                   Teenage Library Day 1991

        Teenage Library Day for 1991 will         Artist-in-Action in PA, and an Anist-in­
 be held on October 15, 1991. The day,            Education with the Ohio Arts Council.
 which is a gathering of high school students             In addition to the featured program
 at the Kutztown Department of Library            there will be refreshments and a tour of the
 Science, will feature the storytelling talents   Kutztown University campus. The program
 of lemma Walsh. Ms. Walsh has spent 9            usually runs from 9:30 AM until lunchtime.
 years polishing her craft and has conducted      Further details and registration information
 workshops and programs at The Kent State         will be available through area high school
'University Folk Festival, The Philadelphia       librarians in September.
 Folk Festival, and has also worked as an


                  JEMMA WALSH, STORYTELLER
                           October 15,1991
                ALUMNI UPDATES

Delores E. Buchman '54, Our daughter Pamela Snyder and her husband have a baby girl
born Nov. 28, 1990. Our son, Geoffrey, received a Masters Degree in School
Administration from Lehigh University this year.

Ronald K. Schafer '58, moved into a new house in Pottstown last August.

Judy (McVaughn) Dzedzy '67, Son David was named to the Commonwealth All-Star
Soccer Team 1990. Son Brian is starting his 2nd season for Kutztown Univ. baseball
team. Husband, Stan ' 67, had pottery work exhibited at Immaculata College An Show.

Mary Ellen (Tirpak) Berry '74, married Michael Berry on Sept. 8, 1990. M.S. in
English and Educational Media from Marywood College - 1985. M.L.S. Library Science
from Clarion University - 1986.

Barbara J. (Benscoter) Snoddy '78, '82, gave birth to a little boy, Sean Paul Snoddy,
on Nov. 28, 1990.

Juli (Stahl) Hughes '82, MLS from Catholic University - 1984. Married Jim Hughes in
May 1990 and gave birth to a daughter, Megan Abigail, in February 1991. Currently
working as head librarian at Ross Dixon & Masback in Washington, DC, since March

Patricia Williamson '85, High School Librarian at Bald Eagle Area High School in
Wingate, PA, since Sept. 1987. May 22, 1990 gave birth to second child , a son, Case
Winston Williamson. Prior to current job was an online cataloger for Brodan Co.

Linda S. Salmon '89, after a hectic year as a school librarian retired from the school
district and now works 15-20 hours a week at the Pocono Mountain Public Library. The
library in getting ready to move to the Coolbaugh Municipal Center. Linda loves public
librarianship. She also spends time taking care of her first granddaughter.

Janice Altieri grad student, gave birth to a daughter, Liana Rose, on February 15, 1991.
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                     Newsletter of The Department of Library Science
                     Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

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