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                           P.O. Box 8741                           Midland Texas 79708
     For updates and opportunities, check our Facebook page: Mighty Rebel Band Volunteers

  Parents may participate in their child’s high school experience by volunteering their time and talents to the band.
                               Help as much or as little as you are able…no pressure!
                        Be prepared to have so much fun, you might forget you are working.
      Look forward to making some of the best friends you will ever have. Volunteering is fun. Give it a try!
         Indicate your areas of interest below. A Chairman will contact you by email or phone with details.

Name of parent volunteer: ______________________________________________________________
                                             (Please, complete one form for each parent volunteer.)

Student Name: __________________________________________________ Grade 2011 – 2012: ____

Address: ______________________________________________________ Zip:__________________

Parent E-mail: _______________________________________________________________________

Best Number_____________________ home, work, or cell? Alt.Number___________________ home, work ,or cell?
          *MISD requires ALL volunteers submit an “MISD personal background check form”
  EVERY new school year before volunteering for activities. (I will be an MISD employee 2011-2012: ____)

                                                                              _____FOOD PREPARATION
    ____ACADEMIC TUTORING                                                          Prepare, serve, or pick–up & deliver food for
       Tutor students at risk of failing and becoming                              various events: Summer band, Chili Supper, Tall
       ineligible                                                                  City Marching Contest , Concessions, etc

    ____ANYTHING                                                              ____FUNDRAISING–STUDENT
       We prefer that you sign-up for the specific needs                         Assist chairman in coordinating fundraising
       listed below because it helps us divide up the work!                      events, sort & distribute items, and supervise
       Check here only if we can use you 24/7.                                   students in various fundraisers, keep records

    ____CHAPERONE-FOOTBALL                                                    ____FUNDRAISING–PARENT
        Involved parents have 1st priority to travel with band                   Assist chairman with adult fundraising events:
        _____Travel with band to/from football games, UIL                        Summer Band Concert, Chili Supper, etc.
        _____Can meet us in the stands and help us there
                                                                           ____HANDYMAN CREW
    ____CHAPERONE - SPECIAL FUNCTIONS                                          General instrument repair and handyman tasks
        Performances dances, swimming parties, midnight                        Specific skills - carpenter, mason, mechanic,
        movies, summer band activities, etc.                                   painter, welder

    ____COLOR GUARD-FLAG SUPPORT                             List your specific skill:_______________________
       Half-time flag performance support, unload & load
       flags, assist color guard coordinator             ____HOMECOMING
        Home_____________           Away______________       Help make mums and garters for Senior band

                                                                                                      OVER…more on back!
____HOUSE VISITING STUDENTS                                   ____TALL CITY MARCHING CONTEST
    Provide a bed, and possibly a meal, in your home              October 1, 2011. The biggest fundraiser of the
    for visiting band members invited to perform for us           year. Volunteers are assigned 2 hour shifts.

____HOSPITALITY                                               ____TRUCK DRIVER
    Help with host(ess) situations: celebrations,                Drive PIT equipment to “away” competitions &
    decorations, parties, banquets, guest clinicians &           games, usually leaving around 1pm on Fridays.
    judges needs                                                 ________CDL License?

____”L” Team                                                  ____UNIFORMS
    Help make the “L” yard signs for band students               Organize closet, fit students, issue uniforms &
                                                                 hats, keep records, pack extra uniforms, shoes &
____Legal: Notary/Attorney                                       supplies for travel
    _____Notary _____Attorney
                                                              ____VIDEO & PHOTO SUPPORT
____MEDICAL TRAINING                                             Assist with Videotaping and photographing all
    MD, RN, LVN, EMT, Paramedic, PA, Radiology,                  band events. Design video scrapbook of the year
    Laboratory, etc. experience; assist students as              for the Spring Banquet.
    needed. Keep med bags updated.
                                                              ____WATER THE BAND (PRACTICES)
_____PIT (Parent-Instrument-Transport)                           In your truck, SUV, or van: Pick-up coolers, ice,
     Assist PIT leader: load, drive, or help roll large          RO water, table, & cups. Prepare & serve after
     instruments to and from performances on trailer or          practice, parades, events.
     rental truck and set-up at half- time, reload after
     performances                                             ____WRAP THE STANDS
                                                                 Wrap stadium seats with cellophane at
 ____PUBLICITY                                                   performance events
    Get information for publication to appropriate
    sources.                                                  ____Xerox
                                                                 Know a business or person who would let the
 ____SECRETARIAL & CLERICAL                                      band make copies? Use copy paper?
     Errands for directors, typing, calling, etc
                                                              ____XTRA SPECIAL SKILL or INTEREST
 ____ SEWING                                                      Write details:
     Make & repair flags, repair & hem uniforms
    Assist chairman in selling Lee Band and Lee High          ____________________________________________
    School spirit items before football games, at Muster
    (orientation), meetings, concerts, contests, etc

    Non-Senior Parents: Assist with year-end banquet
                                                                         2011-2012 Volunteer Chairman
    honoring Seniors. Planning, decorations, ticket
                                                                            Barb Peacock 432-296-2316
    distribution, caterer, supervision, clean-up, awards,    _______________________________________________
    etc.                                                     ___________         Facebook page:
                                                                          Mighty Rebel Band Volunteers
    Pick up, set up & sell drinks & snacks at breaks. Sell       Contact me with questions or for more information.
    required T-shirts. Help arrange summer band
    evening activities, food, & adult supervision.

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