Saints Cosmas and Damian Council Our Lady of the Angels by alicejenny


									                                                                        KNIGHTLY NEWS

       Saints Cosmas and Damian
              Council 13341                                          Grand Knight’s News
    Our Lady of the Angels Community                                                                          Please note that we will be starting
        12905 State Road 70 East                                     Brothers,                                our monthly business meeting on
             Bradenton, Fl 34202                                                                              November the 5th at 6:00 as we will
                                                                     Wow! What a busy October we              be joining the women's guild at 7:00
Volume 5 Issue 11                                                    have had and because all of you          for a special guest speaker. Once
November 5, 2009                                                     who were there for those who could       again, my heart felt "Thank You" to
                                                                     not at so many activities many           all of you my Brothers for all you
                                                                     thanks go out to you and your            do making our Council a very
Officers                                                             families! We started off the month       special place to belong.
Chaplain .......Fr Damian Vincent Amantia, TOR                       with our Soccer Challenge headed
Assistant Chaplain ............ Rev Mister Ron Dains                 up by our youth director                 Vivat Jesus!
Grand Knight ........................ . Bill Higginbotham            Brother Paul Griffiths. We have a
Deputy Grand Knight ................. Michael Graves                 member of our Parish Jake LaMore         Grand Knight-Bill Higginbotham
Chancellor ................................... Andy Velichko
                                                                     that went on to Regional's in Port
Treasurer………………………………Ed Souza
                                                                     Charlotte! Thanks Paul and to all        Deacon’s Corner
                                                                     your team! During October many
Financial Secretary…….………..Anton Swihura
                                                                     of you and your spouses helped out       My brothers and sisters in Christ,
Warden ........................................... Frank Deame
                                                                     at our annual pasta dinner.
Advocate…………………………….Bob Hellner
                                                                     Although attendance was down             As I gaze out into the month of
Recorder……………………..………Bill Jarema                                     this year I understand it went as
Inside Guard ....................................... John Gallo
                                                                                                              November, I see some important
                                                                     well as to be expected during the        events coming our way. Daylight
Outside Guard............................... Bob Lafortune           hours it was held as it started right    savings ends, so it's fall back. The
Trustee ............................................ Chris Treston   after 10:30 Mass. Special "Thank         last Sunday of the liturgical year,
Trustee .........................................Carmine Maida       You!" to our Worthy Deputy Grand         Christ the king. Thanksgiving. The
Trustee………………………...Charlie Conklin                                   Knight Mike Graves and Brother           first Sunday of Advent. How time
Lecturer…………………………...Joe Stachniak                                   Carmine for a very successful            flies when you're having fun.
Directors                                                            membership drive and to you my           Through all of this, keep this in
                                                                     Brothers and families that helped        mind, HIS LOVE ENDURES
Program Director ............................. Mike Graves
                                                                     out. We received 12 new prospects        FOREVER.
Membership .................................Carmine Maida
                                                                     to join our order. Thank you also        From psalm 107, we read,
Council ............................................ Tom Werner      Sir Knight and Brother Don
Family.....................Andy Velichko/Vinnie Alesi
                                                                                                                "Give thanks to the Lord for he is
                                                                     Plourde for organizing the Color         good, whose love endures forever!
Youth ............................................. Paul Griffiths   Corps and also to DGK Mike               Let that be the prayer of the Lord's
Church .............................................Jim Mazurek      Graves and Sir Knight and Faithful       redeemed,
Community ............. Carmine Maida/Bob Hellner                    Navigator Brother Mike Novello for       those redeemed from the hand of the
Health Services……………….…....Joe Stachniak                             the Pulpit announcements. And last       foe,
Pro Life……….......………………Javier Oliveros                              but not least a big Thank You! goes      Those gathered from foreign lands,
Chairman                                                             to our PGK, SK Brother Chris             from east and west, from north and
                                                                     Treston for organizing the annual        south."
Admissions Chairman ....................... Bob Franco               Hunsader Farms games for the             I couldn't help but think of all of us
Sunshine Chairman .......................... Don Plourde             children and to all of you who           who are gathered from here and
Blood Drive Chairman ................. Anton Swihura                 volunteered your time at these           there, and everywhere, coming
Retention Chairman. ................... Anton Swihura                events. Because of all of you we         together, bonded by the gift of the
Newsletter .....................................Dennis Kalich        raised an additional $1800.00 for        Knights of Columbus. As we travel
Historian ............................. Andrew Velichko Jr.          Special Olympics! As you can see         together through November, and
                                                                     we accomplished a lot in a short         prepare for the coming season of
Insurance                                                            period of time because unity our
Council Field Agent….......Christopher Mahoney                                                                advent, the season of waiting, let us
                                                                     second principle. Please forgive me      try to spend some quality time in
District Officers                                                    if I have forgotten anyone who           prayer. Dig out your favorite book
District Deputy ........................... Vinnie Cipriano          has helped our Brotherhood out this      of prayers, and recall how they
District Warden………………….Mike Novello                                  month.                                   spoke to you, recalling the right
                                                                                                              words for the right time.
This may be the right time to hear those          Membership Update:                                Meeting Minutes
words again, to set your spiritual                As we close out the October Membership
compass in the direction of the one who           Blitz I recommend to all councils not to
                                                                                                    October 1, 2009
loves more than we can imagine, Jesus.             let the momentum stop. As I visit Councils it
Enjoy November, and remember this,                is clear that membership is tops on the           Call to Order: GK Bill Higginbotham
HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER!!!!!                     agenda as we strive to bring new catholic         called meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.
See you on the journey.                           men into our fraternal order to serve our         Warden Frank Deame reported all present
                                                  Church and Parish communities. Remember           had a current membership card.
May the Lord give you peace,                      the best membership tool we have is to
SK Deacon Ron                                     ASK every Catholic Man over the age of            Prayer: PGK Higginbotham led Council
                                                  18 to join our fraternal order and help us        with the Our Father, and Pledge of
"Hope has two beautiful daughters. their          serve our church.                                 Allegiance
names are anger and courage:                      At the upcoming 1st degree on November
anger at the way things are, and courage          10th being hosted by council #12155, at           Officers:
to see that they do not remain                    least 8 new brothers will be installed and        AC: Reverend Mister Deacon Ron Dains
the way they are."                                Blitz reports show there are about 15 more in     P, GK: Bill Higginbotham P, DGK:
        --St. Augustine                           in the pipe line. Set up Corporate                Michael Graves P, Chancellor: Andy
                                                  Communions, create visibility, we are             Velichko P, Recorder: Bill Jarema P,
District Deputy Report                            heading into a very active time for the           Treasurer: Edward Souza P, Financial
                                                  church. The timing has never been better          Secretary: Anton Swihura P, Advocate:
District # 39                                     to show the Best of our Fraternal Order           Bob Hellner P, Warden: Frank Deame P,
November 2009                                     and encourage our Catholic brothers               Lecturer: Joe Stachniack P, Inside Guard:
                                                  to join.                                          John Gallo A, Outside Guard: Bob
Worthy Sirs and Brothers All                                                                        Lafortune, P, 1 yr Trustee: Charlie
                                                  Upcoming Reminders:                               Conklin A, 2 yr Trustee: Carmine Maida
“The Year of the Priest”. What type of                                                              A, PGK Trustee: Chris Treston P
meaning has this been to each member              With the Thanksgiving Holiday and
                  our eyes on the prize, Jesus,
of our Fraternal Order? Have we                   Christmas Seasons quickly approaching             Ode: Sung
planned events around our Priest and              let us all remember there are many
Clergy? Do they know how thankful we              unfortunate families’s that will struggle         Preceding Minutes: August 6 minutes
are for their support? As Catholic Men            over the next few months. NOW is the              (Velicko/Stein) approved. September 3
we have always been defenders of our               time for councils to exercise our principle of   minutes (Plourde/Velichko) approved.
faith and in Solidarity with our Priest.          charity, and reach out to our community
Let’s take some time to just say                  and offer as much help as possible to             Applications for Membership
“THANK YOU to our priest when ever                 make this a season of giving to the less         No new applications. We will have a
we get the chance and as often as we              fortunate.                                        membership blitz at all masses October 24
can. We should also thank Supreme                                                                   & 25
Knight Carl Anderson for bringing the             I would also like to give a special thanks
issues of “life” to the front and                 to all councils that are participating in         Grand Knights Report
reminding all members, 1.7 Million of             the “40 days for life” pray program, as           GK Higginbotham reported the following:
us, that we are a Catholic Men’s                  well as the councils that are taking an
organizations with a strong voice. It is          active part in the KEEP CHRIST IN                 A positive letter from B Bill Lafollette
our obligation to exercise our                    CHRISTMAS campaign. Councils have                 regarding the Broken Egg restaurant was
responsibility as faithful citizens by            also stepped up to support the “Run for           read by GK Higginbotham.
building a culture of life. Our Supreme           Life” program and we have just about
Knight was at the front of State                  all the commitments we need for the new           Military Ball, November 25 at 4pm. –
Amendments defining marriage as a                 2nd degree team that is being certified in        Padre Louis Desoto Assembly #1800. GK
union between one man and one woman.              the District. I can’t thank you enough            Higginbotham has tickets if anyone wants
California, Florida and Arizona all past          for the Unity that is being displayed and         to attend.
amendments and the Knights of                     I ask that you continue to support
Columbus provided financial and                   programs that reach out to our Catholic           OLA Golf Outing is Friday, November 13.
volunteer support and will continue to            brothers and sisters and confirm our              Sponsorships available. Motion made by
defend and support State amendments               orders commitment to our founder the              T Souza to be a hole sponsor (cost $100);
the support marriage as a union between           Venerable Father Michael McGivney.                2nd by A Hellner. Approved.
one man and women. Supreme Knight
Carl Anderson is asking all members to            Vivat Jesus                                       1st Degree is October 15 at Fruitville
continue to support the issues on “Life           Vinnie Cipriano                                   location
and Marriage” in your local areas as we           District Deputy # 39                              2nd Degree is October 21 at Fruitville
strive to answer the call of his Holiness                                                           location
to “Follow him and help us build the                                                                3rd Degree is November 14 at Fruitville
Church”.                                                                                            location
In the future, any speaker at OLA                                                      New Business
campus must first be approved by the        Family Director
diocese. A “Facility Registration” form     Velichko reported the following:
is to be completed and sent for approval
at least one month in advance. Contact      The cruise 11/30 to 12/4 will be well
the church office to obtain this form.      attended. Now 54 people have signed
                                            up to go.
A reminder that our picture album is in
process and photos will be taken after      Our Christmas dinner will be Friday,
our meetings. Many Knights have had         November 20.
their pictures taken in the last few
months.                                     Marriage Vow Renewal – This will be        GK Higginbotham presented PGK
                                            held January 8, 2010 at 6pm in Sacred      Treston with his official ribbon of
Treasurer’s Report                          Heart Hall                                 honor.
T Souza, reported the following:
                                            Youth Director                             Precious feet are pins that are those
Receipts included: Dues - $288.00,          B Paul Griffiths reported the following:   that represent the feet of a 10 week old
50/50 - $35, Badges/Shirts - $95.00,        The KOC Soccer Challenge will be held      fetus. They can be purchased for $2.
Donations $75.00,MIsc Vocation              October 3, 2009. Right after the           Pls see GK Higginbotham to purchase
$100.00, Baseball Park $150.00 - for        Blessing of the Animals, here on our       these.
Total Deposit of $743.00                    campus.
                                                                                       B Gordie asked for help in cleaning
Expenses included: Dennis Kalich            Church Director                            the church Thursday mornings after
$7.10, Anton Swihura $35.30, Chris          B Jim Mazurek reported the following:      mass.
Treston $374.84, Father Damian              We will have a Corporate Mass on
$100.00. Total Expenses of $517.24          Thursday, November 19. This will be a      4th Degree Report
                                            memorial mass for brother Knights who      B Gordie reported the next 4th degree
Bank Balance Total                          have passed away. At least two             will be in Orlando on November 28.
         $14,460.29                         Hospitality Ministers will be needed.
Less: Outstanding checks:                   Current HM’s B Kalich and B Gregoire,      Awards
$500.00 (#1411)                             as well as B Carbone offered to serve.
 7.10 (#1508)                               There will be a reception after mass in
Book Balance:                               Sacred Heart Hall.
                                            Pro Life
Financial Secretary Report                  No report.
FS Swihura reported the following:
All bills and expenses up to date           FS Swihura discussed the Pasta Dinner
                                            on October 11 (Noon to 3pm). Needs
Report of Auditors and Trustees             help selling tickets.                      September Knight of Month – B Steve
Reviewed bills. Approved.                                                              Hart
                                            Unfinished Business                        September Family of Month – B
Committee Reports                                                                      Charlie Conklin
                                            PGK Treston discussed the Special
Chancellor Report                           Olympics at Hunsader Farm (10/16, 17,      Insurance Agent
C Velichko noted that this is the year of   18, 24, & 25). All volunteer slots are     No report.
the Priest.                                 now filled.
                                                                                       District Deputy
Membership Director                         B Jim Gluvna will be offering flu shots    No report
Velichko noted two transfers in: David      after mass on October 19. $25 per shot,
Ruth and Donald Frazier                     must be at least 18 years of age to be     Good of the order
                                            eligible.                                  We prayed for Frank Paladino, Joe
Vocation Director                                                                      Costantino, Jay Humphries, Drew
In support of our Priest Father Damian,     FS Swihura noted that we had tabled a      Velichko, Tom Leab, Bill Bock,
                   the year of
given that this is VElichkothe priest,      discussion to fund the building of a new   Donna Reed, Martha Kopszywa,
Velichko recommended that we honor          shed in May of this year. Made a           Cindy Roeve, Janet Walsh, Denise
Father Damian with a dinner at Mama         motion to subsidize this project in the    Christo, Mary Gluvna, Paul Balcar,
Onesti’s on January 31, 2010.               amount of $2,000. T Souza second.          Richard Curl, Peter Howard,
                                            Motion approved.
Frank Smith, Bob Reiser, Diane Flores,        San Damiano Assembly                           San Damiano Assembly Mission
Frank Alleti, Jeanette McCoy, Catherine                                                               Statement
Calandriello, Florence Calandriello, Jim      # 3192
Shupe, Manuel Cruz, A. J. Velichko, Ellen
             Andy                                                                          Our mission is to help build the
Adkins, Loretta Ward, Dan Hogan, Von          NEXT MEETING: Monday, Nov 9,                 Church and a renewed spirit of
Britterbrott, Gus Bartocci, Eugenia Putvin,   2009 at 7 PM in Sacred Heart Hall at         patriotism and charity in
Kathy Baldino, Ed Powers, Vince Alesi,        Our lady of the Angels.                      conjunction with our brother Sir
Gayle Fortin, Bob Holton, Leo Faust, Joe                                                   Knights in assemblies throughout
Ivko, Mike Carbone, Jerry Healey, Vernon      Recruitment: Just add 1!                     the West Coast of Florida. We
Locklear, Antonio Rodriguez, Barbara          We need YOU to ask just 1 brother 3rd        model the four principles of charity,
Knierim, Paula Orel, Ray Wolski, Erd          degree Knight in your Council to make        unity, fraternity, and patriotism –
Dall, Mike Novello, Gene Gallo, Mike          his 4th degree. The next 4th degree          the hallmarks of our order – in all
Pilazzo, Janey Beerbower, Reto Maurer,        exemplification will be in Orlando, Nov.     our service programs and activities.
Friends for Tallevast, Unborn Children,       27-29, 2009. Also, consider attending
Irv Thie, Carole Rogers, Mike Mango, Al       this great weekend as a supporter of your    Mike Novello
Martini, Irene Becsi, Bee Gervia, Dick        candidate and witness the new degree         Faithful Navigator, San Damiano
Krohn, Mrs. Jack Sager, Bonnie Jean           ceremony. Chris Treston and I have the       Assembly # 3192
Cutchineal, Ernie Soller, Chelle Maida,       Form 4 they will need and all forms due      District Warden, KoC District 39
Mike Graves, Steve Bedard, and Family of      ASAP, preferably prior to 10/16.
Don Christo, namely, Debra and Don Jr.,                                                    Sts. Cosmas and Damian
Kirsten Werner, Jim Pennigton, Mary
Mello, Mike Graves, Karen O’Mara, Kyle        Coming Events: Mark your                     Council provides Gifts to
Gise, Paula Qrel, and Robert                  Calendars                                    Father Damian for
                                              Nov 9, 2009 6 PM - Information               Catholic Youth and
                                              session for all those planning to make       Needy
                                              4th degree in Orlando in November
B Joe Stachniak added intellectual mental     Nov. 14, 2009 4 PM - Assembly
motivation to the end of a busy business      Corporate (for 4th degree Sir Knights
meeting.                                      and guests) mass at OLA followed by
                                              Dutch-treat dinner for Knights and
Chaplain’s Comments                           guests at Firkin and Fox (RTE 64).
72 after 12. Jesus insisted these 72 spread
the Good News. We are also part of the        March ??, 2010 Location and date
72. Speak the Truth in His Name. Make         TBD - St Paddy's Day Dinner/Dance
an impression on others wherever we go,       (to be catered at an outside venue) All
inspired as one of the 72.                    members of 13341 and spouse are
Closing Prayer
GK Higginbotham led ‘Our Lord’s Prayer,       May ??, 2010 Location and date TBD
Hail Mary, and Glory Be’.                     - Italian Feast All members of 13341
                                              and spouses/guests are invited.
Ode: Sung
                                              June ??, 2010 (date TBD before 6/19)
Meeting adjourned at 8:17pm                   Reception to honor parish Priests,
                                              Religious, and Deacons.
End of Report
                                              VAVS: Next VAVS visit, this month to
William Jarema                                our Veterans at Bay Pines Hospital will
Recorder                                      be announced on Friday, Oct 23rd at 10
                                              AM. Show patriotism and come along
                                              with us; you feel good all over!
                                              Assemble @ 8:45 in the Parking Lot at
                                              Our Lady of the Angels.

                                              Sir Knight of the month: Bob Heller

                                              Finally, please see me if you wish tickets
                                              for Assembly # 1860 Military Ball @
                                              $20 / person.

                                              Vivat Jesus                                  GK Higginbotham presenting gifts
                                            Pasta Dinner Held in
                                            Sacred Heart Hall
                                            October 20, 2009

                                                                                  Song, Ginger, Brothers Anton and Jim
Father Damian accepting gifts.                                                    checking kitchen.

Sts. Cosmas and Damian
Soccer Challenge
                                            B Velichko ready to dish out pasta

                                                                                  Diners enjoying the pasta feast.

B Paul Griffiths, Youth Director in
consultaion with other Knights setting up
                                            Father Damian greeting diners
Family Activities


   December 19, 2009 - Breakfast with                                            Jean, Brothers Ed and Dennis after the
    Saint Nick- a church community                                                meal.
   December 20, 2009 – Council
    Christmas Social Pot Luck Dinner &
    Chinese Auction (a fun activity).
    This event is planned in lieu of our
    formal Christmas party, since many      Brother Carmine providing 50/50
    of our Knights will be on the Nov.      tickets.
    30-December 4, NCL, 2 for 1 fund
    raising cruise.
   January 8, 2010 – Marriage
    Renewal & Wife Appreciation
   February 14, 2010 - Tailgate Party
    @ Sarasota Polo Field.
   February 16, 2010 – Shrove
    Tuesday Pancake Dinner. A church
    community event.                                                              Father and B Souza.
                                            Dottie Moran selling desserts while
                                            Brother Carmine seeks 50/50 ticket
                                                                                        Here we have Joe Knight, an average
October Belated Birthday                               Where are your
                                                                                        50 year old male who is earning
Bob Lafortune                                                                           $60,000 per year.
                                            There are "four" main risks we face to
                                                                                        If he works until full retirement age of
November Birthdays                          our income, assets and lifestyle every
                                                                                        70, he will earn at least $1,200,000!!
                                                                                                How much is he paying for
David Brawner, Vincent Cera, Vincent                  1. Home: Homeowners have
D’Alessandro, Frank Deame, Edward                                                                homeowner’s insurance?
Godfrey, Michael Pascuzzi, James                        insurance to protect their
                                                                                                 He is paying at least $2,000
Shupe, Thomas Werner, and Albert                        savings from the risk of a
Wesley.                                                                                          plus per year for a house that
                                                        house fire, flood, or act of
                                                                                                 may now be only worth
HABITAT FOR                                             God. The chances of your
HUMANITY NEEDS                                          house being destroyed are               How much is he paying for
OUR HELP                                                about 1:1200.                            auto insurance?
                                                        2. Auto: If you have a car it            He is paying at least $1,000
“A MAN STANDS TALLEST                                                                            per year for a car that may
                                                        is likely you have insurance.
WHEN HE STOOPS TO HELP                                                                           now only be worth $20,000.
ANOTHER"                                                The chances of your car
 Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit                   being totaled are 5: 1,200.     It turns out he is paying more for his
ecumenical Christian based                                                              homeowner’s and auto insurance than
organization that builds simple,                      3. Health: If you have           he is paying for his life insurance!!
decent, affordable housing in                           medical insurance then you      The odds are far less and the
partnership with people in need.                                                        replacement value is extremely less
Join your fellow Knights by                             are protecting yourself from    but yet he values his belongings more
volunteering your time in helping to                    the 105:1,200 chance of         than he values his own life, and his
build these homes for families in need,                                                 family’s future.
                                                        needing hospitalization (3      Don’t be like Joe Knight; meet with
thereby bringing and keeping families
together with a life with dignity.                      day/$40,000).                   your Brother Knight Chris Mahoney to
                                                                                        prioritize protecting your life and your
                                                      4. Long-term Care: The
Dr. Joseph J. Stachniak                                                                 family over protecting your stuff. Call
Habitat for Humanity Coordinator                        other risk to your              me at (941)423-6738.
                                                        income/assets is long term
ADDRESS CHANGES                                         care where the chances are
                                                        720:1,200. Even with odds
To keep our email and snail mail
address lists current, please provide us                as great as this few people
this information when changing
                                                        are aware that they need to
addresses. This will ensure prompt
delivery of newsletter and other                        protect their income/assets
information. Please send to:                            with long term care,,                                insurance.,                            5. DEATH: There is a 100%, or .                                    chance of dying, we know
Thanks in advance!                                      not when, but the damages
                                                        can be catastrophic.

                                      K of C Council #13341
                    2009-2010 Events Calendar

Date           Event                                Category    Chairman        Location

         5     Business Meeting                     Business    Higginbotham         SH
         9     San Damiano                          Business                       SHH
        10     1st Degree                                                         12155
        13     OLA Golf Outing                                                     Club
        14     San Damiano Corporate Mass                                          OLA
        14     3rd Degree                                                          3358
        20     Christmas Dinner                     Family                         SHH
?              Officers Meeting                                 Higginbotham         SH
        25     Military Ball                                    Higginbotham       1800
        30     NCL Cruise                           Family      Andy Velichko

         3     Business Meeting                     Business    Higginbotham         SH
        17     1st Degree                                                            SH
        19     Breakfast with St. Nick              Community                        SH
        20     Christmas Social                     Family                           SH
        26     Officers Meeting                                 Higginbotham         SH

           7   Business Meeting                     Business    Higginbotham         SH
               Marriage Renewal and Wife
         8     Appreciation                         Family                         OLA
        12     1st Degree                                                        Parrish
        21     2nd Degree                                                            SH
?              Officers Meeting                                 Higginbotham         SH


        14     Tailgate Party                       Family                         Field
        16     Shrove Tuesday                       Community
        18     1st Degree                                                            SH
??             San Damiano St. Paddy's Day Dinner                                    ??
           9   1st Degree                                                         12155
        7   2nd Degree                                 3358
       15   1st Degree                                   SH
       24   3rd Degree                                12155

??          San Damiano Italian Fest                     ??
       11   1st Degree                                12155
??          San Damiano Honoring Priests, Religious     ??
       17   1st Degree                                  SH

Council #   Location
   12155    Mother Cabrini
    1800    Padre Louis Deoto Assembly

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