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28th June 2009


									28th June 2009                    Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

                       Portlaoise Parish

Sunday Masses                             St. Peter & Paul’s Church
  Assumption, The Heath
                             29th June Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul
                             We become attached to the celebrities in
                             our T.V. soaps, but the directors are
                             always keen to point out, that no celebrity
                             is greater than the show itself. It is very
Sunday 9:30am                easy on this feast day to get caught up by
                             the larger than life personalities of Peter
  Holy Cross, Ratheniska     and Paul. This is understandable, both men
                             lived and died with a passion that we
     Sunday 10am             imagine beyond us lesser mortals. But it’s
                             in imagining that we are lesser mortals
                             that we defeat the example of these great
                             men. Neither man would have wanted to
                             be put on a pedestal. Neither man would
                             want us to imagine that their examples
Scoil Bhrid, Knockmay        were impossible to emulate. Neither man would want to be a celebrity.
  Saturday: 6:15pm           Both men went to their deaths proclaiming that Jesus was the Son of
    Parish Church            God. Both Peter and Paul wanted Jesus’ legacy to touch every
  Saturday: 7:30pm           generation and they would be the first to say that the work of the
                             Church is down to each and every one of us, not just a couple of
  Sunday:     8:30am
                             celebrities. It’s when we read about the lives of men like Peter and Paul
 10:00am, 11:15am &
                             that we realise how much passion we lack. It’s not as though the job of
                             spreading Jesus’ message is done and dusted, we only have to look at
     Daily Mass              conflict and injustice in our world to know this can’t be true. Its not as
    Parish Church            though there are enough people evangelising on our behalf, we only
   7.30am & 10am             have to be in the middle of a situation where no one speaks out to know
  Parish Radio 106.5fm
                             this. It’s not as though people in this part of the world are crucified any
Parish Office Tel: 8621142
                             more for their beliefs, the worst we would have to face is a bit of
  Priests of the Parish      ridicule. It’s not as though we can’t make time in our busy schedules for
  Msgr. John Byrne P.P.      God, after all, we can always find time to visit the shops or the corner
      057 8692153            pub. By sitting back and watching others do the work we are in great
                             danger of becoming nothing more than ‘armchair Catholics’. Are there
 Fr. Paul Fitzpatrick C.C.
       057 8621671           any excuses left for not following in the footsteps of these great saints?

   Fr. Joe O’Neill C.C.
       057 8661139                                  Mass times          Celebrating God’s Gift of
  Fr. Kevin Walsh C.C.                                for the                   DIVINE MERCY
      057 8661605                                  coming week         Wednesday 1st July in the Parish
   Fr. Peter Uzochukwu                             Parish Church or
                                                   otherwise stated.   Church. Rosary at 7:00pm. Mass
       057 8622301
                                                                       at 7:30pm. Celebrant: Fr. Pat
      Priest on Duty          Monday - Friday: 7:30am & 10:00am.
                                                                       Carey. Exposition of the most Holy
      057 8621364                  Friday (First Friday):              Blessed Sacrament. Chaplet of
                               7:30am, 10:00am & 7:30pm.               Divine Mercy followed by Blessing
    CONFESSIONS                     The Heath: 8:00pm                  with Relic of St. Faustina.
 After 10am and 7.30pm             Ratheniska: 8:00pm
  Masses on Saturdays.                                                      ALL         WELCOME.
                                   Saturday: 10:00am.                             ARE
                                                WEBSITE DESIGN COMPUTER REPAIRS
                                                FREE Consultation               FREE Inspection

                                                “A Website is now essential      - Virus removal
                                                 for every business.”            - Internet Specialists
                                                                                 - Security Specialists
                                                - Content Management System      - Networking
                                                - Domain Name Registration
                                                - E-Commerce Solutions
                                                                                 - Wireless Setup
                                                - Database Integration           - Training
                                                - Maintenance
                                                - Hosting
                                                                                FREE Internet Security Software

                                                      Tel. 057-8621438            Mob. 087-6833612

Months Mind Mass for Patrick (Paddy)
Shiels, Sue Ryder & formerly Dr. Murphy
Place will be celebrated on Thursday 2nd July
in the Parish Church at 10:00am Mass.
                 RESULTS FOR DRAW HELD ON
                                                                                         Weekly Activities
                  THURSDAY 25th JUNE 2009                         Time            Group                       Tel No
                       NUMBERS DRAWN                                              Monday 29th June
                           15 22 23 30                            09.30 – 16.30   Laois Support against Domestic Violence
                           No Jackpot Winner                      09.30 – 15.30   Wheelchair Association
                                                                  09.00 – 17.00   F.A.S.
                      7 Match 3s won €143 each                    09.00 – 16.30   Portlaoise Employment Group
                                                                  10.00 – 13.00   Accord                      057-8661581
                   Next Week’s Jackpot €20,000                    17.30 – 1830    Counselling
      WINNER                          PROMOTER                    18.30 – 21.00   Hatha Yoga
                                                                  19.00 – 22.00   Laois County Childcare
      Sarah Bolton                    Frank Cullen                20.00 – 22.00   Lalor Clan
      Noel Walsh                      Maureen Lynch               20.30 – 21.30   Prison Officers Social Club
      Ellen McEvoy                    Lil Gleeson                                 Tuesday 30th June
      Damien Grogan                   Ricky Lawless               09.00 – 16.30   Celebrating Older People Workshop
      Sean Moran                      A. Moran                    09.00 – 13.00   Vision Training
                                                                  09.30 – 16.30   Laois Support against Domestic Violence
      Robert Kuzniewski               Philip Fagan                09.30 – 17.00   Wheelchair Association
      Francis Carroll                 Betty Lynch                 10.00 – 13.00   Accord                    057-8661581
                                                                  16.00 – 20.00   Counselling
                                                                  19.00 – 22.00   Laois County Childcare
                                                                  19.30 – 22.00   Kenpo Karate
                                                                  20.00 – 22.00   Lourdes Committee
                 There was a church where the preacher and                        Wednesday 1st July
                 the song leader were not getting along. This     09.00 – 17.00   F.A.S.
                 began to spill over into the worship service.    09.30 – 16.30   Laois Support against Domestic Violence
                 One week the preacher preached on                09.30 – 14.00   Weightwatchers
                 commitment, and how we should dedicate           09.30 – 15.00   Teacher Training Centre
                 ourselves to service. The song leader then led   10.00 – 13.00   Accord                    057-8661581
                                                                  16.00 – 20.00   Counselling
                 the song, “I Shall Not Be Moved.” The next       17.30 – 20.00   Counselling
Sunday, the preacher preached on giving and how we should         18.00 – 20.00   Pilates                   086-1779897
gladly give to the work of the Lord. The song leader then led     19.00 – 22.00   Laois County Childcare
the song, “Jesus Paid It All.” The next Sunday, the preacher      20.00 – 22.00   Jim Yorke Prayer Group
preached on gossiping and how we should watch our tongues.        20.00 – 21.30   Legion of Mary
The song leader then led the song, “I Love To Tell The Story.”                    Thursday 2nd July
The preacher became very disgusted over the situation, and the    09.00 – 16.30   Laois Support against Domestic Violence
next Sunday he told the congregation he was considering           09.30 – 17.00   Irish Wheelchair Association
                                                                  09.30 – 15.00   Teacher Training Centre
resigning. The song leader then led the song, “Oh, Why Not        10.00 – 13.00   Accord                      057-8661581
Tonight.” As it came to pass, the preacher resigned and the       10.00 – 14.00   Parentcraft
next week informed the church that it was Jesus that led him      11.30 – 12.30   Laois Retired Teachers Association
there and it was Jesus that was taking him away. The song         18.30 – 19.30   Easi Slim                   087-7971903
leader then led the song, “What A Friend We Have in Jesus.”.      19.30 – 21.30   Kenpo Karate
                                                                                  Friday 3rd July
                                                                  09.30 – 16.30   Laois Support against Domestic Violence
                                                                  09.30 – 15.00   Teacher Training Centre
                                                                  10.00 – 13.00   Accord                    057-8661581
                                                                  17.30 – 20.30   Gabriel Lynam
                                                                                  Saturday 4th July
                                                                  09.00 – 17.00 Closed
                                                                                  Sunday 5th July
                                                                  10.30 – 13.00 Karate

                                                                  Dance and Music Workshops with dance tutor
                                                                  Aisling Walsh and musician John Davidson will
                                                                  take place in the Parochial Hall, Portlaoise on the
                                                                  week of 6th to 10th July for children between the age
                                                                  of 8 and 12. Including a mix of modern and
                                                                  traditional dance and music the course is sure to be
                                                                  lots of fun for all. The fee is €30. Full details and
                                                                  application forms are available from the Arts
                                                                  Office, Laois County Council, or they can be
                                                                  downloaded from the website
Kellyville Centre, (057) 8621044                                Opening Hours
  All you need under the one roof at Mulhalls.                      Closed.
● Large Selection of Wines - Beers - Spirits ● Fresh Fruit &       Tuesday:
Veg and Home Baking ● Newspapers ● One Hour Photo.               10am - 5pm.
                                                                10am - 7.30pm.
                                                                10am - 7.30pm.
   OFFERS start 14th june Until                                     Friday:
                                                                 10am - 5pm.
         28th june!!!                                             Saturday:
      ● Mulhalls Fresh Irish Full Leg of                         10am - 4pm
          Lamb Only €18.99.                                        ROSARY
      ● Soft Touch Toilet Roll Only €3.99.                       will be prayed
      ● Persil Liquid Bio/Non Bio/Colour Only €3.99.              at the Grotto
      ● Nestle Shredded Wheat 500g Buy 1 Get 1 Free.           following evening
      ● Brennans 1/2 Pan White / Toast / Wholegrain /           Mass on 3rd July
      Wholemeal 2 For €2.00.                                          for the
      ● Londis 2ltr Milk Only €1.49.                              First Friday.
      ● Donegal Catch Chunky Cod Only €3.00.
      ● Iceberg Lettuce Only €0.99c.               Sincere Thanks
      ● Brandy Complete Original / Chicken Rice 2.5KgScoil Mhuire
      Only €2.87.                                   Parents Council
Mon - Sat 7:30am - 9:00pm and Sun 8:00am - 7:00pm    would like to
                                                  thank everyone for
                                                    supporting their
                                                      Bag Packing
                                                      Weekend in
                                                   Dunnes Stores on
                                                   19th / 20th June.
                                                   A special thanks
                                                   to all volunteers.
                                                               3 Day Pilgrimage
                                                               to Lough Derg on
                                                                 10th, 11th and
                                                                    12th July:
                                                                Bus Fare includes
                                                                    boat €100.
                                                                    Bus leaves
                                                                 Portlaoise 7am,
                                                               Moate 8:05am and
                                                                Athlone 8:35am.
                                                                 Book your seats
                                                                    now. Call
                                                                 (057) 8621291 /
                                                                  086 - 3344722.

                               CALINA 3 + 2 BLACK LEATHER SUITE
                                    WAS €990.00, NOW €649.00.
                           CAMDEN 5FT BED, 2 LOCKERS & WARDROBE SET
                                    WAS €1,315.00, NOW €915.00.
                              CASHEL LEATHER SUITE WITH RECLING
                             ARMCHAIRS, WAS €2,095.00, NOW €1,499.00.
                            CONRAD COFFEE TABLE, WAS €365.00, NOW €250.00.
CONRAD TABLE & 6 LEATHER CHAIRS                  WAS €1,495, NOW €800.00.
CUBA TABLE & 4 RENO CHAIRS                       WAS €679, NOW €499.00.
SET OF 8 HANSON LEATHER DINING CHAIRS            WAS €1,400 NOW €899.00.
ICANO PLASMA TV CABINET                          WAS €660, NOW €480.00.
IRISH COAST BUFFET & HUTCH                       WAS €999, NOW €749.00.
IRISH COAST 6FT TO 8FT EXTENSION TABLE           WAS €1,199, NOW €899.00.
JAMAICA 5FT SQUARE TABLE & 6 CHAIRS              WAS €1,200, NOW €850.00.
JAVA LEATHER & FABRIC CORNER SUITE               WAS €2,650, NOW €1,999.
LEAH ARMCHAIR                                    WAS €380, NOW €200.00.
DELUXE MATTRESS                                  WAS €1,535, NOW €1,099.
                                                 WAS €1,490, NOW €1,090.
PRINCE 3+2 LAURA ASHLEY SUITE                    WAS €2,800, NOW €1,399.
ROSAL GLASS TABLE & 6 CHAIRS                     WAS €865, NOW €550.00.
                                                 WAS €1,595, NOW €999.00.

                             BRIDGE STREET CENTRE,
                             PORTLAOISE, CO. LAOIS.
                              OR PHONE (057) 8660558.
       Portlaoise Rugby
        Football Club
       Newly Refurbished
Clubhouse is available for Parties,
        Functions etc.
Contact: Martina @ 087-9027658


           Now Open Monday’s.
    Late Nights Thursday and Friday.
Recession Specials on Mondays & Tuesdays.
  3 for 2 on Schwarzkopf Products.
                   New to our Team:
   Michelle Skerrit formerly of “Salon Zeba” Dublin.

                            Water Softeners
                           Iron Filters, Ultra Violet Filters
                               (For Bacteria Control)
                             Complete Home & Industrial
                               Water Treatment Systems
                                Sales & Service
                       Local Authority Grants available to bring
                       individual private well supplies up to E.U.
                    Standards providing dwelling is at least 7 yrs old.
                      ( Not available to people on mains water supplies)

                             Aqua Treatment
                         Dromadoon, Mountrath Rd, Portlaoise
                     Tel: (057) 8622400 / 8662525
                             (087) 2580318
Altar Servers Tour on Tuesday 16th June 2009
Glendalough, The Dome Carlow and McDonalds
          Server Trip to Glendalough - June 2009


● SINGING               ● HIP-HOP
● ACTING                ● DANCE
● TEAMWORK              ● FUN
● HARMONY               ● GAMES
   For boys and girls aged 5 - 13 years.      Garden Design & Landscaping
9:30am - 2:30pm Monday - Friday - 1 week.
                                                ● Planting       ● Decking
Qualified Music Teachers, Choreographers
            & Drama Coaches.                    ● Paving         ● Stonewalls
A Friday Finale Show for all to come & see.     ● Patios         ● Ponds
  Heywood College, Ballinakill, Co. Laois.
                                                ● Tree & Stump Removal
          13th - 17th July ‘09
 Book today at or phone
        021 - 4287490 for details.
                                              Call John - 086 1017185
                             PORTLAOISE GAA CLUB ARE
                             PLEASED TO ADVISE THAT
                             SUNDAY MORNING TRAINING
                             FOR FIVE AND SIX YEAR
                             OLD   BOYS   AND  GIRLS
                             RESUMES THIS
                               SUNDAY 28TH JUNE
                                  AT 10:30AM
PAT CRITCHLEY ON 086 - 1070198

Portlaoise GAA Club are holding their 2009 Summer
Camp over 4 days from Tuesday 14th - Friday 17th
July. With fully qualified Coaches providing expert
tuition and experienced supervision, every child will
enjoy an action packed week of Football / Ladies
Football and Hurling / Camogie and Games as well as
many other fun activities & competitions. Everyone
Welcome,   Fáilte  Roimh   Gach  Duine,   Kazdy   Mile
Age Groups: 5 & 6, 7 - 10 and 11 - 12 Boys & Girls.
To ensure balanced groups, both in Boys / Girls and
the various Age Groups, places are limited so PLEASE
REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid disappointment!
The cost per child aged 7 & over is €50 for the 4
days, a second child from the same family €40 and €30
each child thereafter. Children aged 5 & 6 cost €20.
   Contact Peter O’ Neill, Secretary
Portlaoise GAA Club, Fr. Browne Avenue,
       Portlaoise, Laois. Email: / Call: 087 - 9342357
         John Keightley
Phone:          All Types of Fencing Including:
087 - 2907609                ♦ Post and Rail
085 - 1547248                ♦ Farm Fencing
(057) 8627201                ♦ Sites
Would you like to do something for                                                      Accord Marriage & Relationship
Our Lady? Join the Legion of Mary.                                                      Counselling, Parish Centre, Portlaoise:
Weekly meetings in the Prayer Room                                                      Offers Marriage and Relationship
every Wednesday at 8pm. Works include                                                   Counselling in a Safe, Professional &
home to home visitation, hospital                                                       Confidential way, facilitating Couples
visitation, sale of Catholic papers, any                                                and Individuals to Explore, Reflect, and
other contact - work to spread the faith.                                               Resolve difficulties in their Marriages
                                             50+ Active Age Group:                      and Relationships. For Appointment,
For further details contact the Prayer       Programme for July & August ’09            Contact: (057) 8661581.
Room on any Wednesday night at               Wed. 15th July: A Trip to the Slieve       AWARE: Need help for Depression?
8:00pm or phone 086 - 1513515.               Blooms with a Picnic and Music             Weekly Aware Meetings are held in the
The Sue Ryder Shop always welcome            Session in the Poet’s Cottage. Bus         Parish Centre, St Peter & Paul’s Church,
donations of ladies & gents good quality     leaves the Parish Centre at 2:00pm.        Portlaoise on Monday’s at 8pm.
clothing, shoes, bric-a-brac, jewellery,     Wed. 19th August: We travel to             Contact: (059) 8625898.
gift sets, household appliances, unwanted    Dublin for a Boat Trip on the River        Laois Support Services against
presents, curtains, bed linen, blankets,                                                Domestic Abuse: Office based in
                                             Liffey and a visit to Dalkey Castle. Bus
furniture etc. Queries to Marguerite @                                                  Parish Centre. Confidential Helpline No:
                                             leaves the Parish Centre at 9am sharp.     Office: 057 - 8671100 / 086-2686807.
(057) 8672506.
                                             Some seats are still available on our      Op Hrs: Monday - Friday from
Alateen: If you are a teenager and your
                                             Trip to Devon and Cornwall from            9.30am - 4:00pm.
Mum or Dad has a drinking problem, you
                                             27th September to 4th October,             Amen: Support Service for Male
can see what it’s doing to them. But can
                                             details available from (057) 8621754 or    Victims of Domestic Abuse. Weekly
you see what it’s doing to you? For
                                             at our meetings in the Parish              Support Group Meetings – Tuesday
Information on your local meeting,                                                      Night 8pm - 10pm. Contact 046-9023718
Contact: Jacinta on 087 - 2929315 or         Centre on the Wednesdays from
                                             3pm - 5pm prior to the 24th June.          for information.
(057) 8663013.                                                                          Al - Anon Meeting: Tuesday Night
S.O.S., S.O.S, S.O.S,: “Share our Story”,    Parents Together: Parent & Toddler
                                                                                        @ 8pm in Mount St Anne’s to help
Can we Help You? Parents supporting          Group takes place every Wednesday in       people affected by alcoholism.
Parents, why: to provide support for         the Methodist Church, Railway St.,         All Welcome to Attend.
parents whose children have been             Portlaoise. Free of Charge!! Contact:      Counselling Service:
diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia,          Lisa on 085 - 7620874.                     Strictly confidential - low self esteem,
Dyspraxia and other related challenging      Laois Talking Newspaper is a free          anxiety, emotional distress, loss /
behaviours. Contact: 086-2037713.            90-minute audio c assett e tape            bereavement. Contact Edel on
Pro-Bono Life Coach Available:               recording of local news, features,         086 - 1241297.
Free 1 hour sessions. Discover through       entertainment and sports produced          La Leche League Monthly Meeting
Communication the life you can have          every week. With readings from The         takes place in the Parish Centre at
                                                                                        10:00am on the 1st Tuesday of every
and what process to take to get that life.   Leinster Express and The Nationalist,
                                                                                        month. All are Welcome to attend.
Contact: Anthony Collins on                  the Talking Newspaper is free to           Gorta, 5 Kelton House, Portlaoise:
087 - 2473808.                               anyone with a disability or infirmity      Donations of the following items would
Cheque Presentation: Inspired by the         which prevents them from reading the       be greatly appreciated: Ladies, Mens and
illness of Josephine Thompson who has        printed word. Opening Hours:               Children’s Clothing, Books, Curtains
had cervical and breast cancer in the past   Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.         Bed Linen, Shoes, Ornaments, Gift Sets
11 months, her friend Margaret McFall        Contact us through Portlaoise Support      and small Furniture. All items must be
got a team together to open up the           Group, Old Parochial House, Dublin         clean and in good condition. Open
“Josephine Thompson Fund” and do a           Road, Portlaoise or call Suzanne on        Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm. Contact Liz
sponsored Hair Removing Event and            (057) 8661754 or you can e-mail:           (057) 8622966.
Slave Auction which took place in Clois-                                                Shine: Forme rl y Schizophrenia
                                                   Ireland. Supporting people affected by
ters on 29th May. Following a very suc-      Cura: A voluntary Organisation which
cessful night there will be a Cheque                                                    mental ill health, 10 Patrick St.
                                             offers support and help to those who are   Tullamore, Offaly, (057) 9323111 /
Presentation in the Heritage Hotel at        faced with a crisis pregnancy. There are   Information Helpline - 1890 621 631.
8:30pm on Saturday 27th June. All are        16 Centres around the country. Contact     Grow Community Mental Health
welcome to attend. Please return all         1850 - 622626 for your nearest .           Support Group meets every Wed. at
sponsorship cards as soon as possible to                                                7:30pm in the Community Mental Health
                                             Céilí: every Monday night in the
enable us to calculate the final amount                                                 Centre, Bridge St. Portlaoise. If you are
                                             community centre Ballyfin at 8:30pm.
raised. Sincere thanks to all!                                                          suffering from Depression, Shyness,
                                             Music by Danny Webster. All are
Soccer Coach Required for a newly                                                       Anxiety, Panic Attacks, then why not
                                             welcome to come along and enjoy great
established male adult team in                                                          come along. Contact: John at
                                             music, friendship and gentle exercise.     086 - 8033126. The “Grow Conference
Portlaoise. Contact: Fr. Peter c/o Gerard
on 087 - 2476315.                            Dance and smile your way through           Promoting Positive Mental Health in
Polish Au Pair working in Portlaoise         the recession for €8. For further          Young Adults” will be held in the
Area would like to meet with other           details, contact: Maureen Culleton on      Tullamore Court Hotel on Wednesday
Polish Au Pairs, Contact: 087-2493722.       (057) 8755249.                             24th June. Contact: (057) 9351124.
                                             Laois Childminding Initiative Teddy        Laois County Childcare Committee
Stammering Support – Midlands
                                             Bear’s Picnic with events for              Free Pre-school Year (ECCE scheme):
Self-help Group for Adults                                                              Childcare Services / Potential Services
who stammer, meets 1st Thursday              Childminders / Potential Childminders
                                                                                        wishing to participate in the free
of every month in the Bridge                 and Children on Wednesday 1st July in
                                                                                        pre-school year must submit their
House Hotel, Tullamore at 8pm.               Emo Court. For booking information         completed application forms to L.C.C.C.
All are very welcome to attend. Irish        please contact Fiona McHugh on             before Tuesday 7th July. For further
Stammering Association, 01-8724405,          (057) 9370630 or Laois County              information or an application form please                    Childcare Committee on (057) 8661029       contact L.C.CC. on (057) 8661029.
                                                                              For Sale:               E.B.T. (Employer Based Training)
                                                                            Brown Stanley             Programme Portlaoise: Are you
                                                                          Cooker, Immaculate          unemployed due to Accident, Illness or
Hy p n o s i s . T i me f o r C h a n g e ?                                   Condition,              Disability? Are you in receipt of
Stop Smoking easily ( with no weight                                           Contact:               Disability Allowance, Illness Benefit /
gain), Weight loss, Phobia Control,                                                                   Invalidity Pension? Are you interested in
                                                                            086 - 6694890
Freedom from Addiction, Asthma                                                                        returning to work? If so, you could be
Control, Medical Hypnosis, Contact For Sale: Good Quality Turf. Contact:                              entitled to FAS funded training and
D a v i d ( D . H . P . a d v . M . I . C . H . P . ) , 087 - 6371937.                                we may be able to help. For further
Kilminchy, Portlaoise, 087-6985816. For Sale: Proform 360 Treadmill,                                  information on this programme please
Your Hats Desire: Forest Park unwanted gift, has power incline, digital                               contact: Peter McDermott, National
Portlaoise. Contact Anne-Marie for an speed, pulse monitor, calorie counter,                          Learning Network, Dublin Rd,
Appointment on 087 - 9734566 or shows time & distance etc. easy to use,                               Portlaoise on (057) 8621263 or e-mail:
e-mail space saver, €500. Contact: 086-8875599.                 
http:/ / yourh atsd esi re. te ra m. For Sale: ‘00 Renault Clio Sport, NCT                     Breast Check is a free health service
Selection of Hats, Feathers and Head 2010, Alloy Wheels, Remote Locking,                              funded by the Government which offers
Pieces.                                                                                               women aged 50-64 years a free breast
                                                         Spotless Condition, Lady Owner, €2,000       x-ray (mammogram) every 2 years.
Gardener Available: Lawns Cut, o.n.o., Contact: 087 - 2717485.
                                                                                                      From mid July until the end of 2009,
Flowers sown, all aspects of Gardening For Sale: ‘06 Ford Galaxy, €15,950,
                                                                                                      Breast Check will be inviting women
catered for. Contact Michael on Lawnmower €50, Fridge Freezer €70,
                                                                                                      living in Co. Laois for their free
089 - 4118291.                                           Trailer, Turf and Fire Wood, Contact:        mammograms. Breast Check urges all
Science Grinds Available for Junior 087 - 2847923.
                                                                                                      invited women to make time to attend
and Leaving Certificate. Contact:
                                                        House to Rent: 3-Bed House to rent in         their appointment. A Breast Check x-ray
087 - 7992397.                                                                                        is a simple procedure that takes
Sean Doyle Light Engineering -                          Rossvale Portlaoise, recently decorated,
                                                                                                      approximately half an hour. The aim of
Granstown, Ballacolla, Laois. €600 per month, social security accepted.                               Breast Check is to reduce deaths from
Tel: 8734089 / 087 - 2068972: Contact: 087 - 9709881.                                                 breast cancer by finding and treating the
Clothes Line Poles, Bicycle Stands, Abbeyleix Tennis Club Notes:                                      disease at an early stage. If you are a
Sock Racks, Strong Steel Rotary Juveniles Saturday Morning Tennis has                                 woman aged 50-64 years living in
Clotheslines, Winders & Pulleys for now commenced for all Primary School                              Co. Laois, you will be sent a letter in the
old lines etc.                                          Children. Times are as follows: 10am -        coming months inviting you for your
                                                        11am First and Second Class students,         Breast Check appointment on a
Calling all Golfers!! Portlaoise Musical 10:30am - 11:30am Third and Fourth                           particular date and time. If the date or
Society are holding a Golf Classic at the Class Students, 11:30am - 1pm Fifth and                     time doesn’t suit it can be changed by
Heath Golf Club on Friday 3rd July ‘09. Sixth Class Students. New members                             calling the number on the letter.
Teams of 4 €120 (Open to All). welcome, please call Saturday Morning                                  To make sure you receive your
Buffet Lunch included in entry fee. between 10:00am - 1:00pm. Shreddies                               appointment letter, check you are on the
Complimentary water and fruit and Parks Tennis Summer Camp for 6 - 17                                 Breast Check register by calling
                                                        year olds will take place from the            Free phone 1800-45-45-55 or by
evening entertainment. To book
                                                        13th - 17th July and the cost is €25 per      checking online at
Tee Times, please contact Alex on
                                                        child with discounts for additional           Women from Co. Laois will be invited
086 - 3844376. For all other                                                                          to the Breast Check Mobile unit in the
                                                        children in the same family. Application
queries, please contact Sharon on forms are available in the clubhouse or                             new location of the Cuisle Centre, Block
0861696793 / Michael on 057-8662246. through Laois County Council Sports                              Road, Portlaoise for their mammograms.
Portlaoise I.C.A. held its last meeting Section. This camp is open to non                             Ardara Hillwalking: For all walks
before its summer break on June 17th in members. Junior Tennis for Secondary                          wear waterproof hillwalking footwear.
O' Loughlin's Hotel, We welcomed two School Children is now taking place on                           New members welcome. The variety of
new members. We had a very good Friday nights from 7:30pm. Centenary                                  July Walks: Sunday 5th. 'B' grade
demonstration on Chinese Herbal Year: Abbeyleix Tennis Club are                                       (6mls / 4hrs) " Two Rivers walk".
Medicine and Acupuncture given by celebrating the Centenary Year of the                               Meeting      at Clonaslee Community
Dr. Isabella Fan and partner. Crochet Club with celebrations to be held over the                      Centre at 1.30pm. For details, contact
                                                                                                      John on 086 - 2405187. Sunday 19th
Classes are still being held on the August Bank Holiday, details will be
                                                                                                      'A' grade (10mls / 6Hrs) "Pot Luck".
Timahoe Road opposite K.W.S every available closer to the event. Old Rackets:                         Meeting in Glenbarrow car park at noon.
Wednesday night taught by Mrs. Mary If anyone has any old rackets they are no                         Contact Paul on 087 - 2545805. Sunday
McWey, new members welcome. The longer using the club would appreciate                                26th. 'B' grade (13mls / 6hrs) Victory
next I.C.A meeting will be held on them, they can be dropped in on                                    Lock / Shannon walk. Bus from
September 16th.                                         Saturday Mornings between 11:00am -           Cadamstown at 11am. Also on Sunday
FETAC Level 5 Special Needs: 1:00pm. Dickie McDonald Perpetual                                        26th 'C' grade walk, for details contact
                                                        Cup: This competition is open to adults       Eddie on 087 - 9240652. Visit the
Health Care and Child Care
                                                        and will run on Sunday 19th July 2009         website, for
P ro g r a m m e s b o o k i n g n o w f o r
                                                        from 1:30 pm. It is a competition and you     the 2009 calendar of walks.
September. Also a range of other
                                                        can pick your partner. Entry fee is €25 for   Retreat at Mount St. Anne’s Wed. 1st
programmes at FETAC level 3, 4, 5 & a team of two. Entry forms are available
                                                                                                      July - Tuesday 7th July: Christian
6. Substantial Fee Assistance may be from the clubhouse. Summer Camp with
                                                                                                      Exploration of the seven chakra energies
available if you are on a Social Welfare Coach Bryan Stewart for 5 - 13 year olds                     through Scripture, Sacraments and our
Payment or have been recently made will take place from 6th - 10th July. The                          day-to-day living. Presenter: Br. Senan
redundant. Call Vision Training on cost is €55 per child and application forms                        D’Souza fsc. Cost: €420. Contact:
059 - 9142208 or 086 - 1704157 for are available in the Clubhouse or visit                            (057) 8626153 for further details or
further details.                                                     e-mail: msannes@eircom.
                           OPENING HOURS:
                           MONDAY - FRIDAY
                           9:00AM - 5:00PM
  ♦ New! “Naturally Irish” Photo / Picture Frames or Verse Frame.
  ♦ Gold Caste Bronze Frames (Wedding, Anniversary, Retirement etc.
    - 20 Themes to choose from). These can be personalised at very
    little extra cost (Please allow 10 days).
  ♦ Island Turf Crafts - Beautifully Carved Items in 5,000 Year Old Turf.
  ♦ Jewellery - Pearl Earrings, Pearl Necklaces and a Selection of Sets.
  ♦ Religious Magazines - Irish Catholic, Messenger & Curates Diary.
  ♦ Wedding Candles (Please allow 3 weeks for personalising).
  ♦ A Wide Range of Books (many new titles!!), Icons and other Gifts.
  ♦ Baptismal Gifts: Candles, Cards, Baby Cot Medals etc.
  ♦ New! Greeting Cards, Keepsake Prayer Cards with detachable
    Devotional Wallet Card, Graduation Cards etc.

St. Vincent de Paul
         (057) 8660486
         1 Dublin Road
Open Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm
                                          Internet Café in the foyer of the       EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS FOR THE
                                                                                        MONTH OF JULY -
                                         Parish Centre. Very reasonable rates.           PARISH CHURCH
                                    Portlaoise Parish - Sunday 21st June           Richard Duff, John Kelly, Jennifer
                                                                                     Maher, John Meehan, Beladd;
                                    Offertory Collection         €3,158.00
                                    Development Collection       €4,187.00
                                                                                   Kathleen Scully & Maura O’Brien.
                                                                 €7,345.00                       8:30am
                                    Our thanks and appreciation to all who         Phil McCormack, Frank O’Reilly &
    Pride of Place                                                                        Pauline O’Sullivan.
                                     subscribe so generously to the Parish.
 All Ireland Winner                                                                             10:00am
         2008                                                                       Breda O’Farrell, Anna Rochford,
     Manager                                                 Failte                 Mary Ruddy, Ann Fitzsimons &
    Declan Kelly                             We welcomed the following into the             Kieran Parnell.
    057 8621142                               Christian Community through the                   11:15am
   Parish Office At                                Sacrament of Baptism:            Theresa Conroy, Betty Whelan,
  The Parish Centre               Maisie Jane Lawless, Hillview Drive                Maura O’Brien, Marie Watters,
 Monday to Friday               Ciaran Michael Hogan, Rockview Drive
                                                                                  Kathleen Whelan & Kathleen Flynn.
     9am - 5pm                                                                                  12:30pm
Parish Secretary                  Bill Patrick Brennan, Ballyknocken               Marie Reilly, Breda Cooley, Bryan
  Michelle Bartley                      Amelia Regina Puslednik,                        Holland, John Brennan,
  Mon - Fri 9am - 2pm                      Ashley Gardens.                           Jean Delaney & Mary Bowe.
   Mary Bowe                                         Saint Thomas the               READERS FOR THE MONTH OF
Mon - Thurs 1pm - 5pm                                                                 JULY - PARISH CHURCH
 Ph: 057 8621142                                     Apostle - 3rd July
                                                 'Thomas shares the lot                       7:30pm
 Fax. 057 8660260                                                                  Mark Delaney & Nicholas Keary.
                                                 of Peter the impetuous,
   Accounts                                      James and John, the                          8:30am
 Michelle Conroy                                 “sons of thunder,”               Teresa Conroy & Margaret Hyland.
   057 8621142                                   Philip and his foolish                      10:00am
   Caretaker                                     request to see the                  PJ Phelan & Katrina Sanchez.
  Danny Marum                                    Father - indeed all the                     11:15am
   6pm to 10pm                  apostles in their weakness and lack of                   Cliodhna Collins.
Parish Catechist                understanding. We must not                                   12:30pm
 Margaret Dooley                exaggerate these facts, however, for              Susan Cashen & Declan Cashen.
   057 8621142                  Christ did not pick worthless men.
   Sacristan                    But their human weakness again points             COLLECTORS FOR THE MONTH OF
  Martin O’Neill                up the fact that holiness is a gift of God,           JULY - PARISH CHURCH
   057 8692151                  not a human creation; it is given to                         7:30pm
(The phone in the sacristy is   ordinary men and women with                        Stephen Dwane & James Buggy.
attended prior to Mass times)   weaknesses; it is God who gradually                           8:30am
   Parish Shop                  transforms the weaknesses into the                 Danny Marum & Jimmy Hyland.
Nicholas & Maureen Keary        image of Christ, the courageous,                             10:00am
Religious Goods, Books          trusting and loving one.'                            Tommy Hilliard & John Costello.
    and gifts items                                    American Catholic                        11:15am
                                                                                    Tom Timmons & Martin O’Neill.
                                 This is how we know what love is; Jesus                        12:30pm
                                 Christ laid down his life for us. 1 Jn 3:16         Bill Kelly & Sean Fitzpatrick.
     Julie Conroy                                                                 Bereavement Support Group
    Office Hours
  Monday to Thursday                                                              To make an appointment to
    11am to 5pm                                                                   speak with a member of the
     057 8692154                                                                  Bereavement Support Group,
  Advertising Deadline                                                            please contact the Parish
     Tuesday 5pm                                                                  Centre: Tel: (057) 8621142                                                                           (office hours)
Now available online at                                                            Confidentiality Guaranteed.

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