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									No   Name                     Theories
1    nadhmi Gazem             1- Organizational information processing theory
                              2- Diffusion of innovations

2    Oye Nathaniel David      (i) Diffusion of innovation theory and (ii) Organizationa
     (Change your theory)     learning theory
3    ABDUR-Kalema             1-Theory of reasoned Action
     Kiweewa                  2-Theory of Organizational Culture
4    Doria Islam                   1- Information Processing Theory
                                   2- Creative Load Theory
5    Hessam                        1- M&D Information Theory
                                   2- UATUA
6    Amy Hamijah Ab Hamid          1- Design theory
     (Change your theory)          2- decision theory
7    Ahgalya                  1-actor network theory
     (Change your theory)     2- action research theory
8    Fereshteh                     1- Management fashion theory
                                   2- Media synchronicity theory
9    Amin Babazadeh                1- general systems theory
                                   2- resource dependency theory
10   Rozana Ismail                     1. school knowledge management theory

                                     2. strategic IS/IT management theory
11   Siti Zakiah Bt. Melatu          1. Knowledge based theory of the firm
     Samsi                           2. Stakeholder theory
12   LAM KEN                  TAM = Technology Acceptance Model

                              TTF = Task Technology Fit

13   mueen malik              PROCESS VIRTUALIZATION THEORY

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