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									                                       4-H FOCUS
                                      WSU-KLICKITAT COUNTY EXTENSION
                                          228 WEST MAIN, MS-CH-12
                                            GOLDENDALE, WA 98620
PHONE (509) 773-5817                 EMAIL:   WEB SITE:
                                                    MAY 2007
MAY 2007
12    WSU Swine Feeder Pig Sale (for Sept shows), WSU Swine Center, Pullman, WA
14    Swine pre-show/weigh-in, Klickitat County Fairgrounds, 5-8 PM
19-20 Northwest Lamboree, Klickitat County Fairgrounds
21    Leaders’ Council training at 6:30 p.m.; meeting at 7 p.m.
JUNE 2007
1       National Congress applications due, contact Jan Klein, (509)721-1791, or
2       Porkapalooza!, Swine Education program, 9am-noon, Goldendale Vo-Tech (FFA) Building, 509-773-5817
3       Scrapbook/Photography: fair projects & party, 1pm, Goldendale Grange, Tracy Gladden 509-773-7138
9       Showmanship Clinic / Schooling Show, 8am-6pm, Trout Lake, WA, call Tami Hoodenpyl 509-395-9327
18      Foods Day, June Dairy/Berry Foods Day, location to be announced
18      Sheep/Goat Pre-show, Klickitat County Fairgrounds, 6-8 p.m.
19      4-H Western Gaming Practice, Klickitat County Fairgrounds, 4:30pm
25      Leaders’ Council training at 6:30 p.m.; meeting at 7 p.m.
26      4-H Western Gaming Practice, Klickitat County Fairgrounds, 4:30pm
30, July 1 4-H Sponsored Gorge Gaming 2007, Skamania Fairgrounds, Stevenson, WA

        Young Riders 4-H Club will hold their annual trail ride fundraiser in Willard, WA on Saturday May 12, 2007.
Cost is $5 per person. The event begins at 8:30am and last riders will go out at 10am. Riders 18 & under must wear
helmets. Hamburgers, chips & soda for $5. Enjoy a beautiful ride and help support local 4-H youth! For directions
and additional information, call Kyla at 509-538-2184 or Callae at 509-427-3437.

        The registration deadline for the 3rd Annual Northwest Lamboree is May 14. Please encourage your sheep
project members who are interested in attending to send in their registrations soon. The registration brochure is
available at our office and on the internet on our website: .

         Demonstration Day has been rescheduled for the month of August. Dog Fun Day has been rescheduled
for the month of July. More details will be available in the next issue of the Focus.

        This year’s Klickitat County Fair and Rodeo takes place August 23-26, 2007. Start making your plans with
your club or group to come up with some great ideas to incorporate this year’s theme in your decorations.

          The first annual Porkapalooza will be held Saturday June 2 from 9am to noon at the Goldendale Vo-Tech
(FFA) Building. This educational workshop is free. It’s a great opportunity for 4-H/FFA youth and anyone interested
in learning about what it takes to raise a market hog. Topics will include selection, feeding, fitting and showing. For
more information, call WSU-Klickitat County Extension at 509-773-5817 or email .

Any articles or information for the 4-H Focus need to be sent to the Extension office by the 20th of each month.
Please send the information by mail to 228 West Main St., MS-CH-12, Goldendale, WA 98620, fax 509-773-5707 or
e-mail Thanks!

           Make your plans to bring your 4-H horse to Trout Lake on Saturday, June 9 from 8am to 6pm for this event.
This is a great opportunity to get hands-on practical information to strengthen your horse showmanship skills. The
clinic will be in the morning and the schooling show in the afternoon. Lunch will be provided. Dawn Spencer will be
the clinician/judge. The all-day fee is $20 or you can choose to just attend either the morning or afternoon session for
$15. Pre-registration is required. Registration forms are available at the Extension office and from Tami Hoodenpyl.
Tami can be reached via email at or call 509-395-9327.

        The Skamania County 4-H Leaders’ Council invites you to their Open Gaming event June 30 and July 1 in
Stevenson, WA at the Skamania County Fairgrounds. 4-H rules will be followed. ASTM-SEI approved helmets
required for all riders under age 18. $5 per event or $25 for all day. Camping available at $10 per night. For
additional information and rules, call Brandy Audette at 360-513-6023.

        The Foods Activity Day is scheduled for June 18. Volunteers are needed to organize this event. Some of
the County level activities for primary, junior and first-year members include Packed Lunch, My Favorite Food and
Table Setting. State level activities will include Table Setting, Lunch On the Go, Quick to Fix Meals, Favorite Foods,
Foods of the PNW/Native Foods, Food for All Occasions, Bread Baking and Food Preservation. Please call the
Extension office at 509-773-5817 to volunteer for helping with Foods Day.

         What talents can you bring to our Summer Camp Program? Dates for this year’s summer camp have not
been set; some dates may still be available in July for Brooks State Park. If you are interested in planning and/or
helping, would like more information or have ideas to share, please call Lisa at the Extension office or e-mail .

         Hood River County 4-H Leaders Association invite youth in grades 4-6 to attend 4-H Camp Morrow, located
near Wamic on Pine Hollow Reservoir. There will be outdoor recreation, swimming, canoeing, fishing, crafts, games,
camp fires, songs, skits and much more! Registration must be completed before June 1. Cost of this camp is $125.
A $50 deposit must accompany registration and the balance of $75 is due June 4. We have registration forms at the
Extension office.

       You are invited to this fun and educational conference about the packgoat project June 22-24, sponsored by
Thurston County 4-H goat project club, Capital Caprines. There will be seminars and workshops about nutrition,
contests, backpacking, along with lots of informational handouts. Cost is $15 per person. This includes 2-1/2 days of
fun and learning, food and more. For registration information, contact Donna Semasko at 360-923-1457 or email .

          Congratulations to our 4-H members who participated in the Washington State Shooting Sports
Tournament April 21 at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds. Klickitat County was well-represented at the tournament with
strong scores from all team members. Senior David Campbell had top score again in Compound Bow but cannot
compete twice in the same division at Nationals. 4-H members from Klickitat County included Hunter Cacy, David
Gunkel, Jacob Seward, Nicolle Seward and Nolin Bare. Results from the competitions can be found at .

       May 2nd was GPS (Global Positioning System) Day hosted by Open Door After School Program at Henkle
Middle School in White Salmon. Seventeen students participated in a hands-on GPS class presented by Bob
Davidson, Klickitat Search and Rescue, Tim Shatraw, WSU Learning Center Coordinator and Ava Van Velsor,
VISTA volunteer and 4-H Program Assistant.
       If your 4-H club would be interested in also hosting a GPS Day or attending a class to learn more about GPS,
please give Ava a call at the Extension office 773-5817. The class is free and the GPS units are provided. GPS units
may also be checked out from the 4-H office or the WSU Learning Center for club use.

        The 37th Anniversary Tour of the Lipizzaner Stallions is coming to several cities in the Pacific Northwest this
May and June, including Yakima, WA on June 14. These exciting equine performances include a variety of precision
riding and maneuvers that will delight young and old alike, especially those who love horses. The Andalusian horse
is also showcased in this tour. See the tour website for more information: .
        There is a calendar schedule with links to event locations and ticket prices for that specific day’s
performance. Some seats have discount pricing offered for groups of 15 of more – ticket prices vary by location. The
calendar schedule link is: .
        Coming fall of 2008: The Spanish Riding School of Vienna tour will perform on the West coast for the first
time in nearly two decades. Thirty horses and ten riders will be brought from Vienna, Austria in November 2008 to
tour major markets on the West coast to include, Phoenix, AZ, Los Angeles, CA, the San Francisco Bay area, CA.,
Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. Tickets will go on sale during May 2008, six months prior to the planned
engagements. Specific venues, dates and prices will be announced at that time.

       Mark your calendars for June 24-26. This year’s Teen Conference will be held at WSU Pullman, WA.
Registration will be available online starting May 18. This exciting event is for teens 8th grade and older.
       The 2007 Washington State Teen Conference will:
1. Offer opportunities for teens from across Washington to come together to engage in educational programs
   applicable in their lives;
2. Promote positive adult and teen partnerships though the planning, implementation, and evaluation stages;
3. Include interactive and hands-on educational sessions, displays, and programs;
4. Feature nationally known speakers, university faculty, staff and students, community members, and 4-H
   members as presenters; and
5. Promote and recognize successful 4-H programs and activities conducted on the local, state, and national levels.
        In her new book, Look Both Ways: Help Protect Your Family on the Internet, Internet child-safety
authority, Linda Criddle, uses real-life examples to explain Internet risks. She gives simple, practical advice about
how to steer clear of the dangers and make your Internet travels enjoyable. Linda is the featured speaker at the 2007
Teen Conference June 24-26 at WSU-Pullman, WA. See the article in this newsletter to read about the importance of
internet safety for everyone.

       Is your club interested in getting a demonstration of how to give a demonstration? Do your members want
some practical tips and assistance with preparing for a demonstration? Contact Angie Hoffman at 509-773-6212
about setting up a visit to your club meeting.

       The following adjustments have been made to the equine schedule at the 2007 State 4-H Fair:
 Dressage/Equitation Over Fences Section will arrive on Tuesday, September 4, 7-9 p.m. This section will show all
day on Wed, Sept 5. Exhibitors may depart after the completion of their classes on Wed, Sept 5 (approximately 8-10
pm) or on Thurs, Sept 6 (7-8 am)
       National Equine Public Presentations will be held on Sunday, September 16, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., in the Dog
Barn Arena. Contestants will be called to schedule a time slot. This will allow for increased audience seating and
fewer distractions than previous locations.

                      Spelling Success!
                      S – Start with a dream – then start working
                       U – Understand first, then be understood
                        C – Create your own opportunities
                          C – Courage, character, caring, communication
                           E – Expect no less than your best
                            S – Simplify and maintain focus
                             S – Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.


         (Adapted from “Look Both Ways – How to Keep Your Family Safe on the Internet” by Linda Criddle Website:, prepared by Joy Faerber, WSU State Staff Webmaster.)
         E-mail’s usefulness is under attack because of spam and spam scams (also known as phishing). Read on to
find out how to defend yourself and your teen against some of the hazards of e-mail.
    1.      Choose a safe e-mail name that doesn't give away personal information.
              o Pick       something      that    doesn't     help     identify   or    locate      you.   For   example,
         reveals enough for someone to find Susie-her name, age,
                  and small town in Australia.
              o Avoid using flirtatious names like "2sexy4U" or "I_like_handcuffs" which may cause unwanted
                  attention and expose you to greater risk.
    2.      Don't share sensitive personal information in e-mail.
         Never share passwords, social security number, credit card information, and the like. Pay attention if you use
         an automatic e-mail signature. This is a handy feature for friends because it typically provides your full name,
         address, and phone numbers. But if it's inserted automatically in all your e-mail responses, you might
         unwittingly reveal more information than you intended with people you don't know.
    3.       Consider who you want to e-mail with. Some people only want to send or receive e-mail with close
         friends and family; others use it much more openly. Decide what you are comfortable with and set
         appropriate limits. Just because someone sends you an e-mail doesn't mean you need to receive it. Block
         messages from specific senders, or restrict your e-mail from anyone not specifically on your contact list.
    4.       Think twice before you open attachments or click links in e-mail-even if you know the sender.
         Sending photos, documents, and links in e-mail is an easy and convenient way to share with others, but the
         bad guys can use these to slip spam and viruses onto your computer.
              o If you don't know the sender, delete the message; if you do know the sender, double-check that an
                  attachment or link is safe to open. If you can't confirm, your best bet is delete the message.
              o If anyone sends you inappropriate material, report it. Don't shut down the computer; instead turn off
                  the monitor and walk away. Tell your parents, your ISP, and the police, if appropriate.
    5.      Don't be fooled by phishing. Be very skeptical if you receive an e-mail that looks like it is from your bank
         or other trusted company that asks you to verify or re-enter sensitive personal or financial information through
         e-mail, a Web site they direct you to, or a phone number they provide. It is quite likely a scam. It's better to
         type in your own link to the bank or company, or look up the phone number yourself.
    6.       Avoid typing sensitive information into a public computer. This includes your name and phone
         numbers, account numbers and passwords, or home or e-mail addresses. An industrious thief might install a
         kind of spyware that records your every keystroke for the crook. Never select the feature that automatically
         logs you on to e-mail when you start the computer, or accept a "Remember My Password" option.
    7.       Be cautious about meeting in person someone you know only through e-mail. Everything someone
         tells you about themselves and their motivation for meeting you may be completely true - or none of it could
         be. They may feel like a close friend, but they are still a stranger. If you decide to meet someone, never go
         alone make sure others know where you're going, and have your cell phone handy.
    8.       Consider what you're saying and sharing in e-mail and how you would feel if the information was
         shared. Anything you say in e-mail can be forwarded to others.
    9.       Report harassment or bullying. As in real life, this is unacceptable behavior and in some cases can be
         illegal. Report harassment or abuse to your internet service provider.)
    10. Help protect children using e-mail.
              o For younger children, use a service that allows you to limit your child's contacts (so they can only e-
                  mail people you both know) and allows you to monitor who they're talking to.
              o With teens, have a discussion about who they communicate with and what they talk about. Set
                  boundaries that match your family's values and their age, reassessing these boundaries periodically
                  as they mature. Caution them not to list their e-mail addresses publicly, or respond to e-mail from
                  strangers; if they wouldn't tell the person their street address, they may well not want to give their
                  online address.

        Need some grants to help your club with a special need? If you have the time to devote to grant writing, we
will be thrilled to help you find some sources of funds. Deadlines vary depending on grant. The June 1 deadline is
coming up for the Harry Burcalow Endowment of Innovative Grants. Call us at 509-773-5817 for more information.

        We have received calls about a variety of animals that are looking for a good 4-H home as a project or pet as
well as some other items. Call the Extension Office at 509-773-5817 for contact information on the animals below:
     Some goats available: ½ Nubian, a milk goat, various ages; a miniature horse; also some rabbits; chickens
        and equipment available, too.
     A 4-H horse for sale: Very capable horse (18-19 yrs old) Arab/Appy. Reasonable. Needs experienced rider.
     Small brown pet rabbit, free to a good home. Not sure how old he is.
     Horses for sale: a couple of young horses needing training. Goldendale area.
     Possible one extra feeder pig for sale, suitable for August shows – Lyle area.

        Check out this great resource in our community: Skamania Klickitat Community Network has lots of
information and resources for parents. They would like your input on what programming can be initiated that will help
support the needs of today’s parents. Please help by participating in their confidential parent survey: you can fill it
out online at their website: or pick up one from the Extension office
(comes with a self-addressed stamped envelope).

        The next Leaders’ Council Meeting will be held one week earlier than usual due to the Memorial Day
weekend. The May meeting will be Monday, May 21, 2007 involving three locations in Klickitat County. The
interactive conference locations are: Glenwood School, Goldendale Primary School and Henkle Middle School in
White Salmon. Training begins at 6:30pm and the meeting starts at 7pm.

Susan Kerr will be providing a basic financial management training at 6:30pm prior to the Leader’s Council meeting
on May 21st. Materials will be presented on estate planning, family accounting methods, and money management
for 4-H members, clubs and leaders. All 4-H leaders and members are encouraged to attend. The training will count
toward continuing education hours for leaders. Call the Extension office for more information, 773-5817.

         Five communities in Klickitat County are participating in a poverty reduction grant administered by WSU
Extension called the Horizon’s Program. Each of these five communities, Goldendale, White Salmon/Bingen,
Klickitat, Trout Lake and Glenwood will be offering FREE Leadership classes called LeadershipPlenty, which is one
part of the Horizon’s Program.
         Leaders: this is a great opportunity to receive additional training to strengthen your skills. These training
classes would also count towards meeting your leader training education requirement. If you are interested in
learning more about LeadershipPlenty and/or interested in registering for a FREE class series in one of these
communities, please call Ava at the WSU Extension office at 509-773-5817 or email .

        Have you seen the link for “E-Learning for 4-H Volunteers” on the State 4-H website at ? It
is on the right-hand side right under the Volunteer Training Modules. When you click on this title you will find an
interactive training that consists of four modules: About 4-H, Positive Youth Development, Getting Started in 4-H and
Leadership and Teaching. It was designed specifically for individuals who are interested in becoming 4-H leaders,
but it can also be used as a refresher for experienced leaders, new, experienced Extension Educators, Staff and
others too.
        E-Learning for 4-H Volunteers is basic information about 4-H, how to get started as a leader, learning about
positive youth development, leadership and teaching. State-wide since October 1, over 150 different individuals have
signed-in at least once, and 60 individuals from 16 different counties have completed all 4 Modules!
        Each module will take about 20 minutes. A high-speed internet connection is best; on dial-up, it will just take
several minutes for the modules to download. You can do all 4 modules at once or do them individually. The
modules are always available for review, too.
        After completing a 10 question review at the end of each module, you can print out a Certificate of
Completion. When participants click on Submit, a message will go to the State 4-H Office. County 4-H offices will be
notified when an individual has completed each module. The site is available 24/7, plus it is interactive, making
learning fun! This is an excellent source of information about 4-H for leaders, parents and even members!


   Roberta Hoctor led training on E-Learning hand-out with Goldendale and White Salmon groups. Glenwood
    School location joined later.(President Nancy Beyerlin and 4-H Program Assistant Lisa Harness were in
   Meeting called to order by Roberta Hoctor.
   There were no minutes available from March meeting.
   Treasurer’s report by Roberta showed $12,328.12. Discussion on insurance and scholarship expenses were
    explained as well as all treasurer categories. Roberta also reported the following:
        o Lamboree: scheduled cost is $25 for two days, includes four meals, and six presenters.
        o Small animal group met with members making presentations. The group hopes to add a costume class at
            fair. It was suggested to make signs at fair announcing events.
        o State fair changes. The leaders’ group is fortunate to have an active participant to stay current with
            changes. State fair Premium book on line soon if not already.
   This year’s county fair theme is “Bushels, Bales and Animal Tails”.
   The budget report was tabled.
   Heidi Steen covered Horse committee events and reported the price for Summer Horse Camp set at $40 and
    $45 for those using a stall. A committee meeting for scholarship and budget will be May 7 th, 6:30 pm at Jeanette
    Johnston’s house. A report is requested for the next leaders’ meeting.
   It was determined to contact Lisa Harness at the Extension office if there are questions on scholarship requests.
   Heidi Steen asked for more livestock learning events.
   It was suggested that Demonstrations Day could be scheduled on the same day that record books & posters are
    due in August since that is a day when most people plan to come to the fairgrounds anyway.
   Martin Taylor noted livestock dates and changes; Sara Link is Swine Superintendent; Dave Whitmore is
    Livestock Superintendent. There were 39 steers at weigh-in on April 15. At county fair this year, steers will be
    clipped and Ultrasound tested, cost is covered this year by Golden Hills 4-H Club. Next year, committee will
    propose all animals to be tested. Cost will be $5 per animal. Martin will report on committee suggestions for
    minimum standard on project records.
   LeAnn Miller asked when goat weigh-in is scheduled: Sheep/Goat Pre-show is Monday, June 18, 6 to 8 pm.
   Lisa Harness reported for Angie Hoffman: Demonstration Day: Angie Hoffman is planning club demonstrations
    with an event hopefully in August. Dog Fun Day has been rescheduled for July – more details to come.
   In Shooting Sports, members from Klickitat County did extremely well at state archery competition. Senior David
    Campbell had top score in his division (Compound Bow) but is unable to compete twice in same categories at
   May 6th Scrap booking/Photography workshop is cancelled.
   Afterschool program at Goldendale Primary School was been discontinued due to not enough volunteers to
    adequately support the operation of the program.
   Summer camp committee needs to meet again to discuss new dates and location. The Trout Lake camp dates
    conflicted with State Teen Conference on June 24-26. Brooks State Park has camp dates available in July.
   Dairy goats, dairy cows, and horses need certificates in to Extension office by May 1.
   Poultry event scheduled in Shelton on May 5.
   Tami Hoodenpyl is planning horse event: Showmanship clinic & schooling show at Nelson Arena in Trout Lake
    on Saturday, June 9 (tentatively starting at 8am). Dawn Spencer will be clinician and judge.
   Liz Jones asked about Foods Day June 18.
   Donna Yeager reported on plant science events and progress. May Basket workshop was lots of fun but only a
    few kids attended. Donna thanked Lisa Harness for coming to help with the event. Heidi Steen suggested the
    local schools be contacted for added interest in program.
   Minutes respectfully submitted by Martin Taylor, Secretary
   Next meeting will be May 21, 2007.

                                         4-H LEADERS’ COUNCIL MEETINGS
Reminder: the monthly Leaders’ Council meetings are when the “business” of the county 4-H program is conducted.
Leaders and youth who attend these meetings determine the direction of our county program. Please attend as
many meetings as you can! They are held on the last Monday night of each month. See calendar for details.


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