COSC 4330/6310 Fundamentals of Operating Systems by F45J2n6


									       COSC 4330/6310
Fundamentals of Operating Systems

    Jehan-François Pâris
         Administrative details
• Instructor:     Jehan-François Pâris
• E-mail:         jfparis AT sbcglobal DOT net
• Office:         569 PGH
• Telephone:      713-743-3341 (office hours)
• Office Hours:   MW 4:00-:4:45 pm and
                  7:00-7:45 pm
• Web page:
• Twitter:        jehanfrancois
         Teaching Assistants
• Malek Smaoui
  – E-mail:       msmaoui AT cs DOT uh DOT edu
  – Office Hours: TuTh 2-4 pm in PGH 210
  – Web page:
• Binh Le
  – E-mail:       (bhle2 AT cs DOT
  – Office Hours: MW 4-5 pm in PGH 309
  – Web page:
        Course organization (I)
• COSC 4330/6310 introduces the basic concepts
  of modern operating systems:
   – Kernel organization
   – Processes and process scheduling
   – Inter process communication and
   – Deadlocks
   – Memory management and virtual memory
   – File systems
        Course organization (II)
• Lectures based on
   – Lecture notes (to be revamped)
   – PowerPoint slides
• Students wanting a textbook should consult
   – A. Silberschatz, P. Gavin and G. Gagne,
     Operating Systems Concepts, any recent
     edition, Wiley
   – Recommended but not required
             Grading policy
• Grade will be based on
  – Two midterms and one final
    (60% of your grade)
  – Three programming assignments
    (40% equally divided among the assignments)
• People failing the assignments or the exams
  will fail the course
             The exams (I)
• Will take place:
  – Monday, February 21
  – Monday, April 4
  – Monday, May 9 at 2:00 PM
              The exams (I)
• Will cover the readings of the previous five
   – Final will not be comprehensive
• Will be closed-book
   – Can bring a single one-sided page of notes
• All preceded by a review session TBA
   – Will never cover any new topics
           Hints for the exams
• I like to ask
   – Short problems
   – Questions on advantages and disadvantages
      of specific solutions
• Objective is to test that you can put to work the
  concepts you have learned
          The assignments (I)
• To be done in C/C++ under Linux
   – New machine much faster than old Bayou
• Will illustrate concepts discussed in class
• Graded for correctness and respect of good
  programming practices such as modularity
  and documentation.
          The assignments (II)
• Late assignments will be assessed a penalty of
  5 points per day
• You will have a total of three grace days to be
  used at your discretion
• You should drop the course if you cannot do
  the first assignment
   – Your program should at least compile
     correctly and handle simpler cases
   Submitting your assignments
• In the manner to be announced by the TA
   A reminder

  take time
           Academic honesty
• No cheating or plagiarism will be tolerated in
  any graded assignment
• What you turn in must be your own work
   – If you include code from any source, you
     should mention it
• The minimum penalty for any transgression
  will be an F grade for the course
You have
            Canceled lectures
• I will have to cancel lectures on
   – Monday, March 21
   – Wednesday, March 23

• Will be replaced by the three review sessions
• First Midterm      Monday, February 21
• First Program      due in late February
• No lectures        Monday, March 21
                     Wednesday, March 23
•   Second Midterm   Monday, April 4
•   Second Program   due in early April
•   Third program    due in early May
•   Final Exam       Monday, May 9
                     at 2:00 pm
    A word for the new students
• The American system of higher education favors
  those who work diligently through the semester

  – Final examinations tend to be much less
    critical than in many other countries

  – System offers no second chances
                My last word
•    Please verify that your PeopleSoft account has
     your correct email address:
    – I need it to get in touch with you

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