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					Ice Energy's Smart Grid

Brian Parsonnet
VP Technology, CTO
OSIsoft () and Ice Energy (i e)

                      ei     +1=0

           “Get Real!!”

i 
 Ice Bear: A Distributed Energy Resource
• The “Ideal Battery”
  – Reduces ~6 kW of On-Peak demand
  – Shifts 32 kWh (95%) of A/C energy to off-peak
      • 5 MWH of Peak Shift Annually
  – Reduces Carbon & NOx Emissions by ~50%
  – Consumes the same amount of energy as a standard “DX” HVAC
• Provides cooling for 6 – 10 hours
  – Nominal settings are from 12 noon to 6 pm (6 hours)
  – Runs autonomously, or can be remotely dispatched
• SmartGrid Ready
  – Aggregated to Multi-MW scale
  – 100% on-line
Ice Bear: Typical Rooftop Installation
kW Demand over 24-Hour Cooling Cycle

           Standard Cooling
                (8 kW)

      “Fan Only” during Ice
         Melt (1.7 kW)

                              Ice Make

         Ice Melt Cooling
             (.3 kW)
Ice Energy is more than just the Ice Bear
• “The power grid is the largest machine ever made by
   – Millions of components working together, in true
     synchrony, yet fault tolerant
 Ice Energy is more than just the Ice Bear
• Utilities have their ways of integrating and
  controlling this massive resource
   – Secure, complex, tightly integrated control environment
  – Historically, a “closed” architecture
• New technologies and drivers are forcing change
   – Renewable Sources, Internet, Deregulation, Smart
     Devices, Open Architectures…
   – Industry response…the Smart Grid.
   – How we facilitate integration is critical to large scale
Ice Energy is more than just the Ice Bear
• Integrating at the device level is difficult
   – Burdened with communication, safety, control, and
     security issues
       • Smart Meter, PCT, RAS, Local Generation examples
       • The Ice Bear has avoided these issues, as a device
         behind the meter
   – Influx of new players to address this problem
       • We can anticipate 20 years of development, new
         standards, changing industry structure
• Integrating within SCADA is comparatively easy
   – Supervisory Control is common, and easily integrated
   – Data Historians are a ubiquitous tool for Data Access
Utility Requirements
• “Can we control it?”
   – The prospect of controlling 20,000 separate Ice Bears is
• “Can we rely on it?”
   – Availability is critical. And can you really manage 20,000
• “Can you prove it?”
   – Information / Data Reporting
• “Does it work with what I have?”
   – Regulated and “closed” architecture
• “Will it work with SmartGrid?”
   – This is a moving target, with lots of players. How do we fit?
The Utility’s Perspective: SCADA
Ice Energy Utility Solution
 • Integrate simply with utility SCADA Systems
   (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
   – Supervisory Control
       • Phase 1: Utility defines standard Ice Bear Operation
       • Phase 2: Utility modifies control strategy monthly,
         weekly, daily, or hourly
           – Provide an interface as per each utility’s needs
   – Data Acquisition
       • Provide PI connectivity to the utility to serve results
       • Connects securely, seamlessly to our server
 • Utility middleware is bypassed
   – Reducing risk, constraints, complexity, and time
Ice Energy Software Infrastructure
                        User Interface (Computer, hand-held, phone)
  Presentation Layer
                        Utilities, Users, Field Service, Vendors, Builders…

                        Visualization, Presentation Logic
      Web Portal
                        Security, Personality
                        Integration (Utilities, Service, Market Data)
    Business Logic      M&V, Diagnostics, Analytics, DER Optimization
                        Business Automation (Billing, Reporting…)

                        Data Historian, Customer Configuration & Rules,
                        Service Records, Tariffs, ETL, …

   Field Data Access    Data Upload, Control, Programming, Configuration

                        Ice Bear & 3rd Party Asset Control, Data Logging
  CoolData Controller   HVAC & FMS Integration, Field Network Integ.

     Field Assets       Ice Bear & 3rd Party Assets
Ice Energy Software Technologies
  Presentation Layer    Microsoft, Apple

      Web Portal        LogiFusion, .NET 3.5

    Business Logic      Analytica, Ultimus, Microsoft

       Database         OSISoft PI, Sharepoint, SQL, Solomon

   Field Data Access    SQL Server, Custom Drivers

  CoolData Controller   NI Lab View, Lua, C, C++, …

     Field Assets       Ice Bear & Customer Assets
    Works™ Studio                  Works™ Solutions              Works™ Manage
    Designer Tools                 Application Portal         Application Management
       • Design                                                         Tool
        •Model                                                        •Manage
       •Deploy                                                        •Monitor

                  LogiWorks™ Application Server
                                  Monitoring Services

Application           User           Information         Process        Community
Framework          Interaction         Services          Services        Services
 Services           Services
 Works               Works              Works             Works             Works
 Portal™            Modules™           Services™         Process™       Integration™

 Business            Business           Business         Business         Business
Application        Presentation        Information       Process         Integration
 Services            Services            Services        Services          Points

                            Works™ Messaging

  Application Access               Data Central Services      Operational Systems
Works™Office Integration             Works™DataPortal       Works™ System Integration

  Enterprise applications              Enterprise data              Device data
   CoolData® SmartGrid Controller
   •   “SmartGrid” ready
   •   Network communications
   •   Local scheduling and remote dispatch
   •   Direct load control for demand
       response of other building assets
   •   Real-time status, sub-metering, and
       data monitoring of customer
   •   Performance analysis and automated     •1-Wire Dallas Sensor Network
       diagnostics                            •NI LabVIEW Application Layer
                                              •Web Server
   •   Configuration management               •OSIsoft, PI Enterprise Layer
   •   Physical & Cyber security

The CoolData Controller is part of the
CoolData Network
OSIsoft’s PI system
• Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution
   – 100% of US ISOs
   – 50% of the mid and large sized power producers
   – Over 200 GW of total 350 GW average power generated &
      transmitted in US daily is monitored by PI software
   – Over 50% of ITOs
   – Heavily involved in SmartGrid
• PI Features
   – Can process 20,000,000 continuous data streams
   – Stores 250,000 events per second
   – Serves 8,000,000 points per second to clients and other applications
• Architecture
   – Uptime 99.995% (100% with 3-server collective)
   – Shadow Servers for auto-replication at remote locations
OSIsoft PI at Ice Energy
• Ice Energy PI Infrastructure: Reliable, Scalable
  –   Heart of Ice Energy’s CoolData Architecture
  –   Supports 30,000 On-line Users
  –   Supports 100 GW of Ice Bear distributed resource
  –   Supports on-site shadow servers at utilities for local data access

• Strategic Relationship
  – Ice Energy and OSIsoft entered into an Enterprise Licensing
    Agreement Dec ’07
  – Unlimited use of OSIsoft technologies
  – Proactive monitoring of the PI infrastructure by OSIsoft
  – Access to OSIsoft’s Center of Excellence
PI is at the heart of the CoolData system


            Marketing      Data Viewer             Workflow

            Monitoring                            Customer /
                            OSIsoft PI
             & Diags                               Site DB

                    CoolData              Scheduler,
                     Server               Optimizer


Monitoring & Diagnostics

      Raw & Cleansed     Absolute Sensor
         Data (PI)        Limits (ACE)

                          Modal Sensor
      Op Mode (ACE)
                          Limits (ACE)

                                           PI Notifications

      Application Data
                           KPI’s (ACE)

                           Auto Fault



Our Infrastructure is SCADA compatible
  Presentation Layer                 Corporate Apps

     Web Portal
                       Utility                 Control, M&V
   Business Logic      Soltn                                        IE Lan

      Database          PI                PI              DER Optimizer

  Field Data Access              Comm Server
                                                   Internet, Wireless, BPL

                                                 Field Controller
 CoolData Controller
                                    LT                     Field Networks

     Field Assets                    Non-IED                        IEDs
Diagnostic Migration
                          Phase 1
    Presentation Layer
                          • Remote engineer
                          creates off-line tool
        Web Portal        • Results daily / weekly

                          Phase 2
      Business Logic
                          • Algorithm moves to the
                          server, applied to all
         Database         units
                          • Results are hourly

     Field Data Access

                          Phase 3
    CoolData Controller
                          • Algorithm moves to the
                          CoolData Controller
                          • Results are immediate
       Field Assets
DER Control: Phase 1 – Autonomous
                          1) Utility defines operating
    Presentation Layer

                                  5) Utility dashboard
        Web Portal

      Business Logic      2) CoolData infrastructure
                          distributes configurations
         Database                 4) CoolData M&V

    Field Data Access

    CoolData Controller

                          3) Units control themselves,
       Field Assets       as per daily schedule
  DER Control: Phase 2 – SCADA
                                           6) Utility creates special
Utility issues Presentation Layer
               loading order:              loading orders, as needed
• For immediate or scheduled deployment
• Shed or add load                                10) Utility reporting
                 Web Portal
• Scoped by region, transmission, other…
• Temporary or permanent changes

              Business Logic               7) DER Optimizer
                                           determines method, and
 DER Optimizer understands:                acknowledges orders
 • GIS and T&D locations                          9) CoolData M&V
 • Maintenance / operational status
 • Customer imposed restrictions
               Field Data expectation
 • Historical performance /Access
 • Communication limitations
 • Additional DR assets
           CoolData Controller

                                           8) Units override default
                Field Assets               behavior as per request
Large Scale Utility Requirements
  •   “Can we control it?”
       – Phase 1: Utility provides nothing more than a standard operating schedule
       – Phase 2: We provide a Supervisory Control interface to the utility, designed to
         meet their specific needs
  •   “Can we rely on it?”
       – OSIsoft is a proven reliable backbone, already vetted and accepted by the utility
       – Ice Bear reliability has been proven in Utility-sponsored pilots and customer
  •   “Can you prove it?”
       – You have all your data via a dedicated PI Server at your site.
  •   “Does it work with what I have?”
       – Our solution integrates PI-to-PI, and does not require integration to SCADA
         middleware. In fact, we enable a faster, easier path for connectivity to
         additional DSM resources.
  •   “Will it work with SmartGrid?”
       – Yes. We don’t impose ourselves on the architecture, rather, we are designed to
         fill in the gaps and dovetail with what exists.
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