EDUCATIONAL ROAD MAP TO THE WEB*


Music - devoted to orchestral music - looks at American culture through music - resources and quizzes to help in the
understanding of a variety of musical topics. - tests in pitch, chords and time - history of American popular music - music and lyrics to a variety of popular songs for
children - breaks music down into genres - great works of music from legendary
composers - folk music of the Hispano culture of the
Visual Arts - art resources for teachers - 12,000 digital images of art from the European Renaissance - photos of famous African artists and
examples of their works - explores the theme of “place” in artwork - overview of world art history through chronologies, maps and
themes - teaches the process of critiquing art - teacher resources designed to enrich art education – fundamental instruction on perspective, shading, color,
and painting - experience the world of architecture
and design your own building through this interactive site.
Theater - cyber encyclopedia of musical theater, TV and film,
featuring more than 330 musicals for schools to choose from

Health & Safety - nutritional information about different types of fruits and
vegetables, plan out a menu and play games - National Institute on Drug Abuse has created this quest to educate about
drugs and the effects on the human body - informational on the performance and courage of noted athletes - color, read comic strips, play games and get safety tips - provides parents and teachers with information and advice on helping
teens stay drug free - comprehensive health information site from the American Academy of
Family Physicians - fun ways to teach kids about safety during natural disasters - health and fitness lesson plans and activities for all
grade levels - health encyclopedia - Consumer Product Safety Commission site to learn about staying
safe while playing games with Kidd Safety and his friends - Florida Children’s Safety Center offers 24 safety questions
for kids, with short lists of instructions for handling each dangerous situation - provides facts, games and information on your favorite NFL teams - information and resources aimed at reducing violence in the lives of teens

Language Arts

Literature - literature on multicultural
American society - selection of major authors and works associated with English literature - interactive activities from this author/illustrator of children’s books. - classic children’s literature, new books, ideas and activities - lists of books from 1995 – 2005 with links to teacher
resources - annotated bibliography of prose,
poetry, film, video and art resources on the medical humanities - texts of more than 250 children’s books from all over the world - online text library that provides access to more than 10,000 e-books - listen to Screen Actors Guild members read children’s stories - chronological list of American literature
with links to information on eras, movements and authors - online resource for The Norton Anthology of English Literature
provides 28 topics for study and discussion
Writing & Grammar - site examines sensitive language in
today’s society - review of the rules and applications of writing - overview of grammar
including parts of speech, phrases, punctuation and more - information literacy model for teaching information and technology skills - short, easy course in grammar – teachers can follow steps to implement the Writers’
Workshop for students - colorful site for students to find out information about words
through fun, educational activities
Reading & Visual Literacy - questions to encourage higher-order thinking and critical
evaluation of information - stories to teach letters and sounds for emergent readers - literacy strategies for readers at all levels - lesson plans abound at this literacy center - helps identify signs of bias in the
news - encourages young people to think critically about media while
becoming smart consumers
World Language – Spanish - Spanish flash cards to learn temperature and
weather terms - tutorial for beginning and intermediate Spanish students
World Language – French - comprehensive French grammar site - self-test to measure your French language competence - comprehensive French language site complete with videos and cultural
World Language – Latin - information on Latin nouns and
General Language Arts - interactive site that provides activities and tests for
topics in grammar and literature


Classroom Lessons & Materials - fun math lessons from Rice University’s Cynthia Lanius - collection of math quizzes that lets students in grades 4 – 8
solve problems, then compare their scores with students in other countries - classroom lessons from noted
math teacher Marilyn Burns - delivers challenging materials to stimulate student interest and
confidence in mathematics for grades 4 – 12 - lesson plans for statistics, algebra, measurement, geometry and problem
Games & Activities - 65 interactive math games and exercises that are
tied to NCTM standards for grades 9 – 12 - interactive math games for students at different
academic levels - combines math activities and aeronautical themes - games, activity sheets, tests, and step-by-step
instruction in basic arithmetic skills, data handling, measurement and mental math for children 4
– 11.
Interactive References - mathematicians’ biographies, history of math in various
cultures, facts on the development of important math concepts, and more - an interactive math encyclopedia detailing concepts such as
geometry, algebra, calculus and number theory - interactive math dictionary offers clear definitions and
illustrations of more than 500 terms - K – 6 glossary of math terms and illustrations - programs and explanations for everyday math, such as
calculating tips and determining the sales price of an item - interactive geometry glossary - information on teaching, testing, math resources and more
General Math Resources - practical help with algebra in the form of lessons, links to other
resources, homework guidelines and advice on productive study habits - explore geometry by dragging points and lines of geometric
figures to change curves and angles - explains and illustrates concepts in
trigonometry through 19 topics including the Pythagorean theorem and line values


Earth Science - site enhances problem-solving skills and teaches how to weigh various
sides of an issue through critical thinking - atmospheric issues including air quality, acid rain and
global warming - explore things on, in, around and about the Earth - interactive environmental site - topics include fisheries, weather, icebergs, coral reefs, waves etc. - build a planet that can support
human habitation - information, images and activities about our
Life Sciences - animations, movies and microscopic images of unicellular life and viruses - ethical issues related to advances in biomedical science and technology - resources on a diverse set of biology topics - animated primer on the basics of DNA, genes and heredity - interactive site that provides information
on all types of farming - animations, virtual labs and museums on biomedical research - workings of the human brain, heart, skeleton system and
digestive system - digital learning center for microbial ecology - information on the five major biomes of the
Physical Sciences - history and achievements of planetary explorations - information on all things related to
physics - active way to learn physics - dispels the notion that physics if difficult - interactive site on Earth and space sciences
General Science - learn about Museum of Natural History’s past and
present expeditions - free science experiments for parents, teachers and children - online and offline interactive site about contemporary science and
technology - fun experiments - biographical sketches of 10 great
American inventors - comprehensive guide to creating science fair
projects - inquiry-based FOS science curriculum - site on simple machines created from Legos - famous monsters of the silver screen demonstrate the power of the atom

Social Studies

U S History - resources from the Library of Congress on the history
and culture of American women - interactive site to discover history - historic landmarks protected by the National Park Service - explore sectionalism, slavery and the destructive
power of the Civil War - historic places through this link to the National Park Service - important historic places of the civil rights movement - resource for all things Colonial - variety of selected US history
plans organized by grade level
World History - experience the people, events and achievements of
the last 1,000 years - explore evidence and interpretation of history from a historian’s
point of view - top 100 people who shaped the last 1,000 years - politics, social issues, philosophy, religion, science, technology and
culture of the Victorian Age - exploration into what makes us human, as well as the
scientific knowledge and public awareness of human evolutionary history - feudal life, religion, homes, clothing and more about the
Middle Ages - animated journey through the culture of the Renaissance - thorough history and cultural report on
China - philosophy, politics and economic issues of the
Enlightenment in Europe - look at World war I and its consequences - a British site dedicated to the century
of industrialization in England - documentary of Cold War events
US Government - activities, resources and teacher materials
for the study of the presidency - new topics of interest every month from the Library of Congress - resource for learning about the American government - follow Ben Franklin as he guides students through facts on the
US government - site outlines the major aspects of the American
government - explore the environment with activities, games, stories and pictures from the
EPA - official US gateway to all government information - government facts, voting information and “President for a Day”
World Cultures - introduction, history and customs of world religions - resources from the Library of Congress on cultures of the
world - examine similarities and
differences between the Middle East and their own cities and states
Geography - profiles of more than 260 countries from around the world - explore the similarities and
differences between the Arctic and Antarctic regions
Current Events - preparation for participation in a model United
Nations conference - site helps teachers connect current
events to all subjects - ideas for promoting equity and diversity in the classroom
Technology Implementation

Computer Tutorials & Guides - explores the inner-workings of hardware, software and the
Internet - online tutorials for Microsoft software - step-by-step tutorials that are searchable by
grade level, learning area and Microsoft product - archive of tutorials, troubleshooting tips, hints and more
Technology Connections: Language Arts - engages the user to tell a personal story through the use of numerous
technical tools
Technology Connections: Mathematics - discover the math and science behind everyday activities
Technology Connections: Science - online textbook materials that encourage the
discovery of science in the world around us - present individual and collaborative
projects for classrooms and schools - site for health and bioscience teachers and learners to explore
the cutting edge world of science.
Technology Connections: Social Studies - multimedia features, teacher manuals and
classroom materials
Lesson Plans, Activities, and WebQuests - interactive online tools designed to promote higher-level
thinking in any subject - technology-rich lesson plans are searchable
by grade level, theme, learning area and product - teaching resources and tools that correspond with PBS
programming - internet-related lesson plans that are
searchable by subject, resource type and grade - internet-rooted lesson plans that are organized by
grade level and subject area - helps teachers develop inquiry-oriented activities that use Internet
Internet Ethics & Safety - detailed safety guides and reviews of Internet safety products - documents on teaching students of all ages how to use the Internet safely - interactive scenarios for students to understand
which behaviors are appropriate
Evaluating Internet Sources - provides practical
experience in assessing the authenticity and integrity of Web pages - evaluation criteria and examples for assessing
online sources - guidelines for the initial appraisal and
content analysis of Web sites
Professional Development - online video vignettes of teachers from various grades and subjects
integrating technology into their classrooms - online workplace and community of collaboration for educators - collection of resources to help educators learn and implement technology - professional development courses and resources to help educators
acquire the skills they need
General Technology Implementation Resources - hundreds of articles, expert interviews, research and K – 12 resources - tools and resources to integrate technology into the classroom - computer activities, presentations, Web sites and resources - aims to effectively integrate technology into the classroom in a fun and
seamless way. - find ways of incorporating cable programming into the curricula

*Source: T.H.E. Journal and netTrekker

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