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									12- Music Suggestions For All Ceremonies.doc

This document contains music suggestions for Luminaria, Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Survivor’s And
Caregivers Laps, as well as to keep your folks their all night! Thanks to all the volunteers and staff who
made these suggestions! Where I know where they came from, credit is shown after the suggestion…

Specific Songs or music (suggested by other volunteers, in alphabetical order by SONG NAME OR MUSIC TYPE)
that other volunteers suggest:

Opening Lap Music
    Angels Among Us – Alabama
    I made it through the rain - Barry Manilow (thanks to Cake Queen)
    I will Remember You – Sarah McLachlan (thanks to Ramesh & the Towson Relay For Life)
    My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
    You'll Never Walk Alone – Nina Simone (thanks to Loralyn)

Survivor’s Lap Music
    Celebration-Kool in the Gang (Thanks to Alisa93)
    Go Light Your World - Amy Grant (Thanks to DJForLife)
    Hero – Mariah Carey (Thanks to Lauramarie)
    Hope you Dance - LeeAnn Womack (Thanks to Alisa93)
    I Believe I Can Fly - R Kelly (thanks to Loralyn)
    I Run For Life – Melissa Ethridge – About her experience with Breast Cancer! (thanks to bass51 & Loralyn)
    Imagine - John Lennon (Thanks to DJForLife)
    I‟ll be your Hero Baby – Enrique Iglesias (Thanks to Lauramarie)
    I‟ll Stand By You – Reba McIntire???? (Thanks to Lauramarie)
    I‟m A Brave Little Soldier – Dolly Parton (Thanks to Lauramarie)
    I‟m Alive – Celine Dion (Thanks to Lauramarie)
    I‟m Still Standing – Billy Joel (Thanks to Lauramarie)
    On my Way - Phil Collins, from the Brother Bear Soundtrack (Thanks to Alisa93)
    Stand By Me - Same Cooke (thanks to Loralyn)
    Survivor – Destiny‟s Child (Thanks to Lauramarie)
    The Rose - Bette Midler (thanks to Loralyn)
    The Theme From Rocky (thanks to DJForLife)
    Walk On – U2 (Thanks to DJForLife)
    What a Wonderful Day - Tricia Walker
    Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler (Thanks to jsomsel!)
    Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong (thanks to Loralyn)
    You Lift Me Up – Josh Groban (thanks to IRelay4Doug)

Caregiver’s Lap Music
    Help Is On Its Way - Little River Band (thanks to Loralyn)
    I Can Help - Billy Swan (thanks to Loralyn)
    I Need You - LeeAnn Rimes (Thanks to Alisa93)
    Let Me Be There - Olivia Newton John (thanks to Loralyn)
    Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Jackie Deshannon (thanks to Loralyn)
    There You Are-Martina McBride (Thanks to Alisa93)
    Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler (Thanks to DJForLife)
    You've Got A Friend - James Taylor (thanks to Loralyn)

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Luminaria Ceremony Music:
    Amazing Grace - LeeAnn Rimes - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
    Amazing Grace (Thanks to many who have suggested this)
    Angel - Sarah Mclachlan (Thanks to DJForLife)
    Bagpipes - We have used bagpipe players for the last several years - search on line - that goes over very
       well... (Idea Submitted by Ramesh Moorthy From Towson, MD Relay For Life). Visit:
    Dance with My Father - Luther Vandross - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
    Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy version – This is especially meaningful because Eva Cassidy is a wonderful
       singer who died of cancer several years ago
    Go Light Your World - Amy Grant (thanks to DJForLife)
    He's My Son - by Mark Schultz
           o http://www.bagpipers.com/unitedstates/
           o http://www.bobdunsire.com/bagpipeweb/index.html#top
    I Believe – Diamond Rio (Thanks to Lauramarie and IRelay4Doug)
    I Believe I Can Fly - R Kelly (thanks to Loralyn)
       I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me (thanks to IRelay4Doug)
    I Run For Life – Melissa Ethridge – About her experience with Breast Cancer! (thanks to bass51)
    I Will Not Forget You – Sarah McLachlan – From her Album Solace – Very touching and meaningful
    I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
    Imagine - John Lennon (Thanks to DJForLife and Peggy B.!)
    In My Life - CSN (Thanks to DJForLife – he says “it's slower than the Beatles' original”)
    In the Enchanted Garden by Kevin Kern (thanks to Hahnt who heard it at a Murray, KY Relay)
    Keep the Candle Burning by Point of Grace (thanks to ClayCoTx)
    Live - Celine Dion (thanks to Lauramarie)
    Live Like You Were Dying - by Tim McGraw (thanks to tenuchgal)
    Melissa Ethridge - I Run for Life - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
    My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion (Thanks to lauramarie)
    My Old Friend - Tim McGraw - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
    One Moment In Time - Whitney Houston (thanks to Loralyn)
    Please Remember Me - Tim McGraw (thanks to Loralyn)
    Remember Me - Journey (thanks to Loralyn)
    Sarabeth - Rascal Flats - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
    Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye - Beth Nielsen Chapman
    Streets of Heaven – Sherri Austin (Thanks Von Climax!)
    Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
    Testify To Love - Wynonna (thanks to Loralyn)
    The Color of Roses - Beth Nielsen Chapman
    The Dance - Garth Brooks - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
    The Last Day of My Life - Phil Vasser - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
    The World‟s Greatest - R. Kelly - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
    There Will Come a Day - Faith Hill - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
    There You'll Be - Faith Hill's -“…was played by the my brothers fraternity sweethearts. They had a really
       nice video with his pictures and messages for us about what his short 23 years meant to them. They even
       had the relay pictures on the end. My favorite was a picture of his fiance in walking to class in the rain with
       a smile...with his favorite sweatshirt and hat on...at that moment, I knew I can just look around and there
       he'll be.....for real.” – Thanks to IRelay4Doug!
    This Is Not Goodbye - the amazing Melissa Etheridge (thanks to Loralyn)
    Through Your Hands - Don Henley (Thanks to DJForLife – he says “it's on the soundtrack to the film
       „Michael‟ - the original is by John Hiatt and is on a CD called „Stolen Moments‟ ”).
    To Where you Are and The Prayer - Josh Groban

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       What a Wonderful Day - Tricia Walker
       Whenever You Remember - Carrie Underwood - (thanks to Peggy B.!)
       Who you‟d be today - Kenny Chesney - (thanks to Peggy B.!)\
       Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler (Thanks to jsomsel and Peggy B.!)
       You Lift Me Up – Josh Groban (thanks to IRelay4Doug)
       You‟ll Be There - George Strait - (thanks to Peggy B.!)

Songs Specifically About Having Cancer
These are songs written by artists specifically about the experience of cancer:
    I Run For Life – Melissa Ethridge – About her experience with Breast Cancer! (thanks to bass51)
    Why We Walk, By Phil and Julie Vassar

Songs For Having a Sing-A-Long
Several events have talked about having sing-along songs for a campfire style activity!.... These could also be used
for karaoke 
     Country Roads (Elton John)
     Home On The Range
     It‟s A Small World
     Kumbaya My Lord, Kumbaya
     (My Darling) Clementine
     On Top of Old Smokey
     She‟ll Be Coming Around The Mountain When She Comes
     The Rainbow Connection (as sung by the Muppets  )
     What a Wonderful World (Louie Armstrong)
     You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

Here are some links to campfire songs:



Ways to Make Your Music Unique!
       After one of the above songs is done, a lot of events pick back up for the event with slow songs for a while.
       Have survivors come sing, and pick a song that means something to them.
       Karaoke!
       Theme Laps (see below)

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Sample Song Menus! – The people below have shared their “song
menu” from their event (as a set of songs you could put together):
         Peggy B. and the ___________ Relay For Life‟s Luminaria Song List:

    1.           LeeAnn Rimes-Amazing Grace
    2.           Kenny Chesney-Who you‟d be today
    3.           Rascal Flats- Sarabeth
    4.           R. Kelly –The World‟s Greatest
    5.           John Lennon-Imagine
    6.           Carrie Underwood-Whenever You Remember
    7.           Tim McGraw- My Old Friend
    8.           Sarah McLachlan-I will Remember You
    9.           Phil Vasser-The last Day of My Life
    10.           Bette Midler-Wind Beneath My Wings
    11.           Faith Hill-There will Come a Day
    12.           Luther Vandross-Dance with My Father
    13.           Eric Clapton-Tears in Heaven
    14.           George Strait-You‟ll be There
    15.           Melissa Ethridge - I Run for Life
    16.           Garth Brooks-The Dance

And their Luminaria “Bags” – Larger bags with decorations they display in addition to luminaria!:

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Original Lyrics (set to a tune) or Original Songs - see below on how you can
get permission to use them!
       Amazing Team Theme Songs to use, courtesy of Gerard Faucheux from Franklin County, Mississippi!

        “In 2001, our theme was Escape from Cancer Island and for Puttin on the Hits, I was asked to rewrite
        lyrics to The Ballad of Gilligan‟s Island (by Sherwood Schwartz, George Wyle) ” Follow the following links:
        http://users.telapex.com/~faucheux/music/CancerIsle.doc - Lyrics in Word
        http://users.telapex.com/~faucheux/music/Cancer_Island.wma - A Windows media file with Gerard singing
        the song – incredible!

        “This year (2006) our theme was E-Lemon-Ate Cancer. My wife suggested Mellow Yellow (by Donovan), so
        I rewrote the lyrics and recorded the music and vocals in my bedroom studio.:”

        http://users.telapex.com/~faucheux/music/E-Lemon-Ate_Cancer.doc Lyrics
        http://users.telapex.com/~faucheux/music/E-lemon-ate_Cancer.wma Windows Media format
        http://users.telapex.com/~faucheux/music/E-lemon-ate_Cancer.mp3 MP3 format

        Again, please e-mail Gerard if you use them  What a great thing!

       Here are some original lyrics that can be set to the tune of “Rock Around the Clock” (Thanks to JimRuss!)

                                                WALK AROUND THE CLOCK

                                              6,7,8 o'clock,9 o'clock, walk!
                                             10,11,12 o'clock,1 o'clock, walk!
                                              2,3,4 o'clock,5 o'clock, walk!
                                        We're gonna walk around the clock tonight

                                        Put your soft shoes on and join the mix
                                             Relay for life kicks off at six
                                      We're gonna walk around the clock tonight
                                     We're gonna walk,walk,walk till broad daylight
                                  We're gonna walk,gonna walk around the clock tonight

                                           When the clock strikes 7,8 and 9
                                          We pace, we stride,we hold the line
                                      We're gonna walk around the clock tonight
                                     We're gonna walk,walk,walk till broad daylight
                                  We're gonna walk,gonna walk around the clock tonight

                                           When it's 10,11 and 12 we'll cope
                                         God gives us strength,God is our hope
                                      We're gonna walk around the clock tonight
                                     We're gonna walk,walk,walk till broad daylight
                                  We're gonna walk,gonna walk around the clock tonight

                                             At 1,2 and 3, the night is deep
                                           Still on the march,we do not sleep
                                        We're gonna walk around the clock tonight

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                                     We're gonna walk,walk,walk till broad daylight
                                  We're gonna walk,gonna walk around the clock tonight

                                           When it's 4 and 5,we will endure
                                         We will not stop,till we have that cure
                                      We're gonna walk around the clock tonight
                                     We're gonna walk,walk,walk till broad daylight
                                  We're gonna walk,gonna walk around the clock tonight

       Friends Like Mine By Scott Adam VanderSchel – http://www.myspace.com/friendslikemine
        “The song: “Friends Like Mine” represents a volunteer campaign to support the fight against Cancer. It was
        written by Scott Adam VanderSchel, a Cancer survivor in West Michigan. The song was inspired by the
        American Cancer Society “Relay for Life” events. It celebrates the support we gain from one another when
        we gather as friends with a common goal. To obtain a copy of the song for your event please contact:
        friendslikemine@charter.com. The song is not downloadable on myspace to retain control of its use.
        However I am happy to give it to anyone who supports our cause. Once again thank you so much for your
        help. You can get the song at:

       “Every Lap” By Lynn Breaux - Thanks to Lynn Breaux for sharing this song!: “It's that time of year again
        and I've been getting inquiries about the theme song I wrote for our local relay as a result of my web site.
        I have placed an mp3 of the song "Every Lap", an mp3 of the song without lead vocals so you can sing it
        yourself, and a word document with the words and guitar chords on my web site at
        http://www.hishouseband.com/relay.htm and I have given permission for royalty-free use for any ACS
        fundraising venture. God bless you all and the work you do. Lynn Breaux ”


       Indie Music For Life - A group of singer/songwriters who tour along the East Coast and are united in the
        fight against cancer… You con buy their music, and part of the proceeds supports the fight against cancer
        at the following website:


http://www.acsrelay.org/Darn_Good_Ideas/5cf1baea-9b9e-4c14-a0fa-9691cd4753ca.doc Updated: 11/29/11 Page 6 of 8
        Original Lyrics (set to a tune) or Original Songs – see below on how you
        can get permission to use them (cont’d)

        “Brave of Heart” by Ray Bumatai – Briggs Christie from Hawaii brings us this song on behalf of an artist
        who bravely battled brain cancer but lost the fight… Read Briggs‟ moving words about Ray below!:

        “Aloha from the windward side of Oahu! For this year's Relay at Kailua Beach Park (yeah, we do our event
        right at the beach...ahhhhh), we've created a theme that's wrappered with a song. On behalf of the rights
        holder, I'd like to make it available to any and all of you who want to use it for your own Relay. First, the


        "We will be brave of heart.
        You can count on us to do our part.
        With our hands and our minds,
        we will make the world a better place to live..."

        Second, the story behind it:

        Ray Bumatai, who wrote and recorded "Brave of Heart", discovered his brain cancer in 2002 in a surprising
        way. While performing on stage at a local theatre, a headache escalated into blurred vision and then near-
        blindness. He finished the show (that was his style) and, after tests and more tests, was told he had an
        inoperable tumor. Ray was never one to just lie down and let things happen and sought out a surgeon who
        would make an attempt to remove the tumor. After the surgery, he had lost most of the vision on his left
        side...but little other lingering problems. He dove right back into his work as an actor and a musician (you
        can hear his voice in several popular cartoons and see his smiling face in movies and on TV), recording the
        CD "All the Things I Said", starring in "The King & I" and "Over the Tavern" (where he got to play the lead
        role opposite his wife) and performing his music at local venues. Last summer he suffered what appeared to
        be a stroke, but was soon revealed to be another tumor. He lost his battle in October of 2005, but his
        spirit never waned. When things were looking their worst, he remarked to his brother, "If I die, do NOT
        let anyone sing show tunes at my funeral!" He was also famous for adding notes to his chart while he was
        hospitalized. Imagine the look on the unsuspecting nurse's face when she finds, under "Dr. Orders", the
        words, "Cancel lap dance"...and the patient asks, "So...are you the dancer?"

        Like I said, that was his style.

        If you would like to use this music as part of your event, I have an arrangement available and would be
        honored to share. Feel free to fire me an email at briggs@christiesbythesea.com

        `A`ohe hana nui ke alu `ia - No task is too big when done together

        Briggs Christie

        Christies by the Sea   808-228-4392

http://www.acsrelay.org/Darn_Good_Ideas/5cf1baea-9b9e-4c14-a0fa-9691cd4753ca.doc Updated: 11/29/11 Page 7 of 8
        The song is posted for download at:


        And the Powerpoint presentation that goes with it can be found at:


        RELATED, Please request permission by e-mailing Briggs AT briggs@christiesbythesea.com before
        using it! Thanks!

Music All Night – You can have a DJ play music all night that can be a great
part of your entertainment. Here are a couple of suggestions:
       Themed Laps Each Hour with Great Music – Have music that goes all night (not too loud!) and theme each
        hour to give people who like different kinds of music something to look forward to! You could also have a
        Live DJ… Make sure it is ok with your teams, your site, and your surrounding community… Consider turning
        the music down after 11pm till 7am based on your community/event, but at least between the hours of 2am
        and 5am to ensure that people have a little relaxing time - that will get them thru the morning. IF you
        have a DJ, you could have a Boombox for music from 1-4AM and let him/her take a break. Some example
        Theme Lap ideas are:
            o Musical Hours
                     Latin Hour
                     Big Band Hour
                     Swing Hour
                     70‟s Hour
                     80‟s Hour
                     Oldies Hour
                     Rock N Roll Hour
                     The Love Hour (allow dedications for a donation!)
            o Crazy Hours (Thanks to Zoomzoom for finding these and sharing!)
                     Hawaiian Laps
                     Crazy Hat Laps
                     Pajama Laps
                     Red, White & Blue Laps

Other Sources:
       A good source is a Relay For Life CD (ask your staff about how to get this).

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