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									                                        Michael Grossmann
San Francisco, CA (will consider relocating)
mobile: +1 (415) 658-5035

A position as a Linux system administrator and/or Mysql database administrator in a company where I can
contribute with many years of hands-on experience and thorough knowledge of Linux- and Unix-based operating
systems. I am holder of various relevant Linux and Unix certifications as well as titles showing professional
expertise in related areas like databases and software development. Thus, I can provide the skills to pull
together many different aspects of successfully operating complex and critical 24/7 environments.

Computer Skills & Certifications
        Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, current),
        Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, current),
        Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, not current),
        Linux Professional Institute Level 2 Certification (LPI),
        Linux Professional Institute Level 1 Certification (LPI),
        SAIR Linux Certified Administrator,
        CompTIA Linux+ Certificate,
        SuSE Linux

        Sun (Solaris) Certified System Administrator (SCSA),
        Sun (Solaris) Certified Network Administrator (SCNA),
        HP-UX Certified Professional (not current),

        Oracle9i Certified Associate Database Administrator (OCA),
        MySQL Professional Certification,
        MySQL Core Certification,
        Sybase Certified DBA Associate (Adaptive Server Enterprise)

        Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE, PHP),

       Nagios (monitoring),
       Ganglia (performance monitoring),
       Iptables (firewall),
       Pentaho (business intelligence), ETL,
       Mogile, Memcache (distributed filesystem, memory)

Recent Professional Experience

Friendster (San Francisco & Mountain View, California)
System Administrator and DBA, October 2007 - Present
       working with Amazon Web Services (AWS), setting up servers in EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
       conducting performance tests in EC2 with Mysql, tpcc-mysql (from Percona) and different Mysql
        configurations, also testing in combination with EBS volumes and software raid
       working with EC2 command line tools, writing some wrapper scripts, creating EBS snapshots and EBS
        based AMIs (Amazon Machine Images)
       responsible for about 150 Mysql instances running on more than 100 physical database machines,
        holding more than 20TB of data
       setting up Mysql master/slave servers, maintaining, debugging and improving Mysql master-slave
       development of several monitoring and automation tools to facilitate system administration tasks
       maintaining sitewide Nagios monitoring installation including > 1000 servers and several thousand
       created tool to help with server inventory tasks in the datacenter
       wrote tool that automatically visualizes the relationships of hundreds of master and slave Mysql
        database servers
       creating custom reports according to the specifications of the customer service department
       writing custom ETL (extract-transform-load) scripts in Perl for SMS related business intelligence,
        eventually for viewing in Pentaho (open source BI platform)
       creation of Mysql slaves from online masters using LVM snapshots and Innodb hotbackup
       responsible for Mysql architecture regarding storage location of application data
       working with various Network equipment like load balancers from Crescendo ('Maestro') and Citrix
        ('Netscaler') and routers/switches from Cisco and Force10
       performance tuning of Mysql databases by analyzing queries, schema and server configuration
       developed custom monitoring plugins (nrpe) for Nagios to monitor network devices, databases, status of
        hardware RAID controllers, application services, ... using different technologies like snmp, ssh, telnet
        and mysql client libraries
       created statistic database for outgoing emails ordered by campaign and delivery status with daily HTML
        email reporting of the data
       interviewed and phone screened prospective new system administrators
       participating in on-call 24/7 rotation
       debugging, analyzing and fixing problems that could occur throughout our whole site infrastructure
        (application, server hardware, network equipment, databases, ...)
       diagnosing hardware problems, racking servers in the datacenter
       upgrading old LDAP servers, extending schema, improving and reducing client LDAP traffic
       creating new users and distribution groups on our Windows 2000 Server
       installing, imaging and configuring new application servers, maintaining and improving current operating
        system images
       building custom RPMs, maintaining site wide configuration using CVS
       setting up multiple mysql instances on one physical server binding each instance to specific virtual IPs
       using Iptables to redirect traffic to different hardware
       debugging network problems using tcpdump, wireshark, iptables, iptraf, ...
      wrote script to automatically synchronize (and stop) multiple slaves to one common master, e.g. in
       preparation for other master/slave rearrangements
      created webinterface to more easily maintain the configuration of Nagios notifications, like easily enable
       or disable notifications for hundreds of services selected by certain criteria with one easy click
      developed Nagios plugin for Mogile cluster
      scripted the automatic generation of hundreds of federated Mysql tables
      wrote several tools to easily access data stored in Mogile cluster

Wily Technology/Computer Associates (Brisbane/South San Francisco, California)
System Administrator and DBA, June 2006 - October 2007
      system administrator for Linux and Solaris systems (webservers Apache & Tomcat, mailservers, DNS
       servers, ...), mostly production systems, but also QA/testing
      implementation of Nagios monitoring system, creation of scripts to automatically analyze and create
       corresponding Nagios configuration files
      configured Red Hat kickstart server, Solaris jumpstart and System Imager
      created automatic documentation generation system using custom scripts, ssh, cfg2html, rcs and
       Nagios to automatically create full HTML documentation of each server every day, storing older
       configurations using RCS
      wrote backup scripts for specific directories and MySQL databases
      Installation of several Red Hat Enterprise and SuSE systems, installation of new monitoring server (on
       Debian) as a virtual machine using VMware Player and QEMU
      working with testing and development team to upgrade a Java forum web application, created custom
       scripts (bash & SQL) to migrate 2500 forum users
      prepared multiple test instances (using Apache/Tomcat) of Java discussion forum software to prepare
       different environments for testing team
      created scripts to automate the upgrade and migration of Java discussion forum software
      performance analysis of heavy loaded CVS server, identified memory and application problem
      created a SSH-tunnel-on-demand solution for users coming from a lab accessing CVS (tools used are
       xinetd and ssh)
      assisted colleague with administration issues of Sybase Database (Adaptive Server Enterprise)
      created and improved Linux firewalls based on Iptables, later extended these firewalls by implementing
       Shorewall, also improved logging by using ULOG (logging to MySQL databases to facilitate analysis)
      created (small) web application to enable certain users to create custom reports about the usage of a
       Java discussion forum (accessing MySQL database using bash and perl for xls file creation, PHP for
       web interface)
      analyzing TCP/IP traffic using tcpdump and ethereal (wireshark) to identify all network traffic on certain
       servers and afterwards replace these servers
      re-created several production web- and application servers in order to set these up at another location
      assisted in server move (whole company moved) to another building, taking care of mission critical
      set up new QA and production servers, added/replaced hardware components of x86 and Sun servers

Electronic Data Systems (Vienna, Austria)
Systems Administrator and DBA, July 2000 - May 2006
      system administrator for Linux and Unix systems in highly critical 24/7 environments
      administration of production, testing and development Linux, HP-UX, Solaris and FreeBSD servers
      supported servers and distributed systems in accordance with predefined SLAs to achieve consistent
       and reliable operations
      responsible for performance tuning, capacity planning and forecasting and initiation of projects
      troubleshooting of various hardware, software and operating system related problems
      created effective automation scripts to streamline system administration tasks
      provided 2nd level support and administration for approximately 200 Linux development/test
       workstations, also several HP-UX graphic workstations
      designed, implemented and operated a flexible, distributed monitoring infrastructure for heterogenous
           server systems and different databases using Nagios/NetSaint
          created some customized plugins for Nagios monitoring tool, e.g. to enable monitoring a Sybase
           database and a billing system of a telecommunication company (Arbor)
          programmed a web application (PHP) accessing a big (uncompressed about 1.5 TB) MySQL database
           to enable our telecommunications customer to generate itemized bills in PDF format (generated with
           LaTex) within a few seconds, bash and Perl scripts used to convert data from Sybase to MySQL,
           created shell menu system to facilitate administration for colleagues
          administered and improved highly critical webserver cluster system
          advised on the design and implementation of a secure health care information system
          developed a web application for online billing information system (telecommunications industry)
          performance tuning, reorganization, administration and design of large databases
          development of concepts for new infrastructure designs and provided support for SLA proposals

          attended several university courses in Computer Science
          graduated from high school with honors, special subject Computer Science
          several sysadmin and dba related certifications (see above)
          Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Course (in 2001)

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