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									                          HUNTERS RIDGE GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB
                           SOCIAL COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES
                           WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2010- 4 PM

Chairman Michael McNinch called the meeting to order at 4PM. The Social Committee
members present were: Sydell Nusbaum, Peggy O’Malley, and Jackie Gannucci. General
Manager, Don Huprich and Chris Durfey, Membership Director were in attendance, as well as
Board Liaison, Dave Miller.

Helen MacCallum, John Simoncini, and Ken Simons, Social Committee Members, and Kim Young,
Food and Beverage Director, were not in attendance.

Hunters Ridge Residents, Janis McNinch and Barbara Grillo, were also in attendance.

   1. The minutes of the September 15, 2010 meeting were approved.

   2. There is no official Treasurer. Gloria Wolner, Comptroller, has utilized as separate line
      item for our funds, which total $840.50 to date.


       Oktoberfest – 10/14- was a success. Food was great, and we had attendance of 100+.
       The location of the band and the buffet table were discussed, and we may have to re-
       think their placement.

       Welcome Back - 10/28- was a huge success. We had 125 people.

       DJ Bernie Green- 11/04- good music and another success

       Country/Western – 11/11-excellent evening

       Bingo – September had 35 people in attendance. We did not have a Bingo scheduled
       for October, and the next Bingo evening is November 18, 2010. We will continue to
       schedule Bingo based on popularity. Approval was given to purchase our own items.

       Team Trivia – October had 44 people in attendance. The next Trivia evening is Sunday
       November 21, 2010 and December 19, 2010.

       Name that Tune is scheduled for December 12, 2010.

       The December events are all scheduled and properly advertised.

       50/50 – There was much discussion regarding the necessity of having this type of raffle
       at various functions. In the past, it did seem to serve a particular need. However,
       according to General Manager, Don Huprich, we do have the necessary funds for events,
       and it is not viewed favorably by many Hunters Ridge residents. We will no longer
       sponsor 50/50 at Social events.
   2011-2012 Entertainment Updates:

   Michael McNinch suggested that we keep our list of entertainers, since we have had
   success with them, and possible add new entertainers for the next year. All agreed that
   this was a good idea. Names of entertainers that were mentioned included Perfect
   Gentlemen, Joey Fiato, Taylor Stokes, Deb and the Dynamics, and Dave Gerber. Hunters
   Ridge resident, Barbara Grillo, suggested Kahal Dunn. She supplied members with
   information and advertising from Kahal Dunn. Don Huprich will contact Kahal Dunn.

   West of Galway and the Irish Step Dancers are still being pursued for March 2012, but
   their availability and pricing is still a concern.


   We are still discussing and deliberating the advantages of booking entertainment with
   or without an agent for 2011/2012. There are advantages and disadvantages of using
   an agent or not using an agent. It was suggested using an agent for popular dates, when
   entertainment is difficult to obtain, and the committee booking entertainers for the less
   popular dates. No definite decision was made.

   Chris Durfey and Don Huprich will create a calendar for our next meeting, and the
   committee will decide on dates for our events and the entertainers that we may use.
   This will be used for the remainder of 2011 and future events for 2012.

   Discussion ensued regarding half-price pub night drinks. Do we have half-price drinks at
   a charged event? Is the fee for the event for the food or for the entertainment? If we
   have a budget for entertainment, why can’t we then charge half-price drinks? Etc. etc.
   etc. No decisions were made.

   Dave Miller suggested Kim Young teach her staff how to make a Master Sheet of
   reservations for the two dinner and a show events scheduled for 2011. Residents should
   be charged for canceling a reservation. Dave also complimented the Social Committee
   for all their work, and it was duly noted that Sydell Nusbaum goes above and beyond.
   Thank you, Sydell.

   The possibility of line dancing for January 6, 2011 was discussed.

   Respectfully submitted,

   Jacqueline Gannucci

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