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									    A N N U A L R E P O R T F I S C A L Y E A R 2 0 0 7

TRANSFER                                              ®

201 East Jefferson St., Ste. 215                                         James R. Zanewicz, JD, LL.M.       Melea East, BBA, JD
MedCenter Three                                                          Director                           Deputy Director
                                                                         james.zanewicz@louisville.edu      melea.east@louisville.edu
Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: 502-852-2965
Fax: 502-852-2410

E-mail: thinker@louisville.edu


Cassandra Carmichael, BS            Holly Symonds Clark, Ph.D            Sandra Foster                      Matthew J. Hawthorne, JD
Technology Manager                  Technology Manager                   Database and Finance Specialist    Contract and Compliance
cmcarm01@louisville.edu             holly.symonds.clark@louisville.edu   sandra.foster@louisville.edu       Specialist

Libby Kinberger                     Jacob N. Sotsky, BS                  Charlene Williams                  Christopher A. Willson,
Administrative Assistant            Asst. Technology Manager             Docket and Compliance Specialist   Ph.D., MBA
libby.kinberger@louisville.edu      jacob.sotsky@louisville.edu          cawill02@louisville.edu            Assistant Director

         Marketing Associates Sudeep Basu, Andrew Williams and Katerina Smolenkova are also vital to OTT’s operation.
Welcome to the University of                          ings where we networked with colleagues and
Louisville Office of Technology Transfer’s            made contact with numerous potential com-
Annual Report for fiscal year 2007 (July 1, 2006      mercial partners. We gave back both inside
– June 30, 2007). We dedicate this report to          UofL, educating students (our future work-
those University of Louisville innovators who         force) on research and intellectual property,
continue to demonstrate their ability to “Think       and outside UofL with many public service
Outside the Lab.”
                                                      events and other nonprofit activities.
When you walk into the Office of Technology
                                                      We paid tribute at the 2007 Celebration of
Transfer (OTT), you immediately see our credo:
                                                      Faculty Excellence to those innovators whose
Imagine, inspire, dream. UofL’s innovators
                                                      creative works resulted in awarded patents
imagine that the world can become a better
                                                      (five patents involving nine innovators) and
place through their research and scholarly
                                                      license and option agreements (seven agree-
activities, they inspire others with their discov-
                                                      ments involving 12 innovators). We continued
eries and then they continue to dream that
                                                      the successful Proof of Concept Grant program
there are many more things to invent or ways
                                                      (POCG), awarding four internal grants that will
to improve what already exists.
                                                      fund additional specific development of inno-
The OTT strives to help them create maximum           vations (i.e., data-generating tests, animal
impact as we partner in this process, pledging        studies or prototype creation) to enhance a
to remain at the forefront of university engage-      new discovery’s commercial potential.
ment and to establish solid practices for the
                                                      We hosted the inaugural Business Bootcamp,
evolving national model of technology transfer.
                                                      an intensive one-day workshop to educate the
OTT’s model focuses on technology transfer as
                                                      university community on business issues, and
a series of ongoing partnerships, alliances and
                                                      began an analysis that will enable us to more
relationships — and making the best business
                                                      closely align our business plan with the vision
decisions possible for the university to gener-
                                                      that Dr. Manuel Martinez-Maldonado, execu-
ate value from our innovations rather than
                                                      tive vice president for research, has for the
dollars alone. At the same time we commit to
                                                      university’s research development and growth.

                                                                                                         FROM THE DIRECT OR
maintaining a high level of service to our part-
ners and to advancing the educational mission         Reading on, you will see that FY07 was once
of the university. Our model’s success is             again a year of milestones, excitement and
demonstrated by the fact that OTT staff answer        change. In closing, we’d like to note that while
many questions from other universities who            UofL came late into the technology transfer
want to emulate our processes and organiza-           game, as OTT learns and grows we continue to
tional structure.                                     imagine things to do that inspire our
                                                      researchers, community partners and the com-
In FY07 we are pleased to report the OTT
                                                      monwealth of Kentucky to dream of a better
evaluated 75 research disclosures — the
                                                      world for us all.
largest number yet — and our OTT-related
alliances sponsored a record $1,884,740.13 in         We welcome any comments or questions you
research and clinical trials at UofL, keeping         may have about our recent activities and any
our “all income” amount over $2 million for           suggestions you may have for new or improved
the second year in a row.                             processes as we move forward.

We continued UofL’s involvement in the                Sincerely,
Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and
the Licensing Executive Society (LES), as well
as our partnership in the Ohio Valley Affiliates      James R. Zanewicz, JD, LL.M
for Life Sciences (OVALS). We also attended           Director
the COGR, NCURA and AUTM national meet-

TABLE OF                                                       WE THINK OUTSIDE
                                                               THE LAB

                                                               Mariusz Ratacjzak
4:     INNOVATIONS AND RESEARCH                                Medicine-Oncology



7:     PATENTS

                                                                               Shin-je Ghim
9:     LOOKING AHEAD: FY08                                               Brown Cancer Center

                                                               A. Bennett Jenson
OTT THANKS THE                                                 Medicine-Oncology

Chair:                       Board of Trustees
Nancy C. Martin, Q1 & Q2     Representative:
Manuel Martinez-Maldonado,   Sandra Metts Snowden
 Q3 & Q4
                             ULRF Officer:
Faculty Representatives:
                             Jonathan Blue
John T. Cross                                                               Gina E. Bertocci
James E. Graham                                                        Mechanical Engineering
                             Legal Counsel to the Committee:
William I. Norton            Angela D. Koshewa
Michael J. Voor

Staff Representative:
Danny K. McClung

Student Representative:
Scott Higdon

                                                               Robert S. Keynton
The university continued its commitment to the mission
of technology transfer by investing over $1.6 million in the
technology transfer operation as a whole during FY07,
including $750,000 in patent filings.

                 From our Kentucky startup companies,             — EndoProtech Inc., utilizing a novel

                 at least 57 full-time jobs, 16 part-time           drug-delivery system to help prevent
                 jobs and 36 consultant positions exist-            blood clots, among other applica-
INVESTMENT:      ed in FY07 in the commonwealth.                    tions — Claudio Maldonaldo,
                 When you consider startups and young               William D. Ehringer, Federico V.
                 companies outside Kentucky, those                  Grossi, Gustavo Perez-Abadia were
                 numbers greatly increase.                          its innovators.

                                                                                                                            ROI: RETURN ON INVESTMENT

                 More than $407,000 in license revenues           One out-of-town startup was strength-
                 and reimbursed patent expenses were              ened with a license from the OTT. The
                 received from OTT commercial activi-             company and UofL innovators behind
                 ties.                                            the licensed technology are:
                 The research activities of UofL investi-         — Energetic Genomics Corp., commer-

                 gators and clinicians received almost              cializing an application that
                 $1.9 million in sponsored programs                 enhances the ability to diagnose
                 and clinical trials from companies that            and monitor patients undergoing
                 formed or developed relationships with             treatments for cancer — Jonathan B.
                 the university as a direct result of OTT           Chaires, A. Bennett Jenson, Nichola
                 activities. This created a total return of         Garbett.
                 nearly $2.3 million to the university in         114 material transfer agreements and

                 FY07.                                            88 nondisclosure agreements were
                 Equity stakes or membership interests            processed, allowing faculty to receive

                 for the University of Louisville were            and supply the information and
                 created in two new local companies               research materials vital to success in
                 and additional equity obtained in an             competitive grant applications and
                 existing licensee, creating and increas-         other research activities.
                 ing the possibility of future high value

                                                                  As of the close of FY07, UofL-related
                 exit opportunities.                              startup companies had received more
                 Two new local startup companies were             than $19.7 million in seed and venture

                 created in FY07 through license and              capital funding rounds.*
                 option agreements:                               Four “Proof of Concept” grants were

                 — The Institute for Advanced Cancer              awarded to further develop promising
                   Therapeutics LLC, founded to help              technologies.
                   develop all oncology-related
                   innovations and speed them into                *According to information provided by Metacyte Business
                   the marketplace.                               Labs and the Enterprise Corp. and reported in Business

                        INNOVATIONS REPORTED
                        The University of Louisville received a total of 75
                        reported research disclosures on innovations
                        developed in FY07, continuing our record of
                        increasing growth in this important metric and
                        reflecting an increased participation in the tech-
                        nology transfer process. These innovations
                        involved 108 Innovators in 35 UofL departments.

                        Six university units engaged in the Technology
                        Transfer process in FY07. In line with UofL’s invest-
                        ment in life science research, School of Medicine
                        innovators created 60 percent of the research dis-                School of        J.B. Speed School
                        closures submitted, while the J.B. Speed School of                Dentistry (5)   of Engineering (24)
                        Engineering continued its climb, contributing
                                                                                College of                             College of
                        to 27 percent. The School of Dentistry showed an        Business (1)                           Education
                        increase of 6 percent, and the College of Arts &                                               and Human
                        Sciences had 5 percent of all disclosures.                                                     Development
                        Additional contributions came from the College of                                              (1)
                        Business and the College of Education and
                                                                                                                        College of
                        Human Development.                                                                              Arts &
                                                                                                                        Sciences (4)

                                                                                          School of
                                                                                          Medicine (53)

                        Thirty-five UofL innovators were involved in
                        multiple research disclosures during FY07.
                        Those contributing to four or more include:

                        Six Disclosures:           Four Disclosures:
                        Robert Keynton             Mark Crain
                        John Naber                 A. Bennett Jenson
                        Eugenia Wang               Y. James Kang
                                                   Jon Klein
                        Five Disclosures:
                                                   Michael Merchant
                        Julia Abersold
                                                   Thomas Roussel
                        Douglas Jackson
                        Henry Kaplan
                        Kevin Walsh

                                                                      The business unit continued to guide activities
                                                                      involved in the front end of research disclosure eval-
                                                                      uation and related marketing and commercial
                                                                      endeavors. Christopher Willson, assistant director,
                                                                      coordinates these functions. Working with him are
                                                                      director James Zanewicz, deputy director Melea East,
                                                                      Cassie Carmichael and Holly Symonds Clark on case
                                                                      management; Sudeep Basu, Andrew Williams and
                                                                      Katerina Smolenkova on marketing and evaluations;
                                                                      and Sandra Foster on data management and finan-
                                                                      East and Willson conducted significant corporate
                                                                      outreach this fiscal year, targeting their efforts and
                                                                      meeting with 14 biotech companies one-on-one at
                                                               BIO 2007 and many more companies at other events held
                                                               at BIO, AUTM, OVALS and through various networking
                                                               The OTT completed seven license and option agreements in
                                                               FY07. These represent activity with four local and one non-
                                                               local startup companies (a fairly consistent 71percent of
                                                               the commercial activity by the OTT), two of which were
                                                               formed as a direct result of technologies that were or will
                                                               be licensed or optioned out by the OTT. The remaining
                                                               licenses represent activity with existing companies.
                                                                      As part of OTT’s ongoing efforts to broaden our

                                                                                                                                COMMERCIAL ACTIVIT Y
                                                                      expertise and abilities with commercial assessments
                                                                      in FY07, we continued to utilize outside business
                                                                      expertise where appropriate and learn from the feed-
                                                                      back. To hone their skills, OTT staff attended the
                                                                      inaugural AUTM marketing course organized by Jane
                                                                      Muir, associate director of the University of Florida.
                                                                      Licensing royalty revenue, patent reimbursement
                                                                      and associated income all increased in FY07,
                                                                      growing the amount of all income received by nearly
                                                                      $250,000, or 12 percent.
                                                                       Start-up companies based on OTT commercial
                                                       *   *   *       licensing activities or existing companies that form
                                                                       relationships with UofL based on OTT licensing
                                                                       activities often fund clinical trials, sponsored
* Significant increases due to larger amounts of                research or service agreements (associated income) on the
Associated Income. Associated Income includes
                                                                licensed technology to best advance its development along
income other than licensing revenue (i.e.: sponsored
research, clinical trial, and service agreement                 the commercialization pathway. This is the early measura-
revenue) received by UofL as a result of OTT                    ble return on biotech licenses, with royalty revenues arising
interactions and activities.                                    closer to the 10-year anniversary of the deal.

                       COMPANY                                     Novera LLC: Pioneering the direct deliv-     Visplex Association Inc.: Focused on
                                                                   ery of energy (ATP) to cells for wound-
                                                                   healing applications.
                                                                                                                research and development in the areas
                                                                                                                of “complexity science” and “visualiza-
                                                                   www.noveradrugs.com                          tion systems” as they apply to improving
                       The OTT has many licensees,                                                              organizational performance.
                                                                   Novocell Inc.: Working to develop a
                       optionees, sponsors of                      renewable source of specialized cells        www.visplex.net
                       research/clinical trials and other          that can be used to treat chronic            VitaTech LLC: Working on a variety of
                       corporate alliances, including:             cellular diseases using its proprietary      applications for its product, VitaSol —
                                                                   cell encapsulation technology.               from healing wounds to speeding the
                                                                   www.novocell.com                             production of proteins and enzymes in
                       Antisoma Inc.: Specializing in the devel-
                                                                   Ocular Transplantation LLC:                  bioreactors, which would cut the cost of
                       opment of novel drugs that target
                                                                   Developing proprietary products for the      making drugs and other products.
                       tumors by several different mechanisms
                                                                   treatment of vision loss in adults with      www.vitatechonline.com
                       and are intended for the treatment of a
                       range of cancers. www.antisoma.co.uk        degenerative retinal diseases.
                       Assenti LLC: Designing technology to
                                                                   www.retinaltransplantation.com               OTHER
                       revolutionize care of individuals with      OrthoData Technologies LLC:                  ALLIANCES
                       glaucoma by accurately monitoring           Developed a breakthrough diagnostic
                       intraocular pressure levels, even outside   system that will allow orthopaedic           The OTT has many other
                       the doctor’s office. www.assenti.net        surgeons to accurately diagnose the
                                                                                                                alliances in Louisville and
                                                                   success of spinal fusion and eliminate
                       Asterand PLC: A leading supplier of                                                      around the commonwealth:
                                                                   unnecessary exploratory surgery.
                       high-quality human tissue and tissue-
                       based services, with a mission to           Peptides International Inc.: Specializes
                                                                                                                The Department of Commercialization
                       accelerate target discovery and valida-     in a wide variety of high-purity, biologi-
                                                                                                                and Innovation, headed by
                       tion leading to new and improved            cally active peptides and peptide-related
                                                                                                                Commissioner Deborah Clayton,
                       therapeutics. www.asterand.com              products and services; manufactures
                                                                                                                spearheaded Kentucky’s presence at
                                                                   and distributes biochemical products for
                       ApoImmune Inc.: Committed to the                                                         BIO2007. The department continues to
                                                                   major research institutions worldwide.
                       development of powerful new therapeu-                                                    develop cutting-edge statewide startup
                       tics to treat chronic and acute life-                                                    strategies and has been very supportive
                       threatening diseases and improve            PGXL Laboratories: Provides testing          of our university-originated companies.
                       patients’ quality of life.                  that enables physicians to customize
                       www.apoimmune.com                           medications to match patients’ drug          Kentucky Science and Technology Corp.
                                                                   metabolisms, reducing possible adverse       has supported UofL based innovations
                       Biothera: Focused on developing
                                                                   drug reactions. www.pgxlab.com               with many funded awards to our
                       pharmaceuticals whose unique
                                                                                                                researchers and startup companies.
                       mechanism of action engages immune          Potentia Pharmaceuticals Inc.:
                                                                                                                Matt McGarvey, vice president of com-
                       cells not normally involved in the fight    Developing novel therapeutics, primarily
                                                                                                                mercialization and venture finance, and
                       against cancer.                             in the area of macular degeneration.
                                                                                                                his team come to UofL whenever neces-
                       www.biotherapharma.com                      www.potentiapharma.com
                                                                                                                sary to discuss venture funding opportu-
                       Energetic Genomics Corp.: Developing        Pradama Inc.: Development and                nities from KSTC’s various programs.
                       a novel micro-differential scanning         commercialization of products to treat
                       device that will be used for high-          bone diseases, initially focused on          MetaCyte Business Labs works with
                       throughput drug screening applying          osteoporosis. www.pradama.com                UofL researchers to help them form
                       UofL’s serum proteomic technology.                                                       companies, find financing and move
                                                                   Regenerex LLC: Develop, commercial-
                                                                                                                many university-owned technologies
                       EndoProtech Inc: Utilizes a novel           ize and market bioservice bone marrow
                                                                                                                from the mind to the marketplace.
                       drug-delivery system to help prevent        products to treat blood disorders and
                       blood clots, among other applications       autoimmune diseases, induce tolerance        The Enterprise Corp. functions
                                                                   for solid organ transplants and provide      as Louisville’s innovation and commer-
                       Galleon Pharmaceuticals Inc.:
                                                                   regenerative therapies for disease relat-    cialization center and helps startup
                       Developing a major new class of medi-
                                                                   ed to damaged tissue.                        companies position themselves for and
                       cines for sleep apnea and other condi-
                       tions related to the body’s regulation of   RhinoCyte Inc.: Focused on developing        acquire venture funding.
                       breathing. www.galleonpharma.com            diagnostic tools and therapies for nasal-
                                                                                                                The Ohio Valley Affiliates for Life
                                                                   derived stem cell treatment of multiple
                       Institute for Advanced Cancer                                                            Sciences continues its work to establish
                                                                   degenerative and traumatic neurological
                       Therapeutics, LLC (IACT): Founded to                                                     the Ohio Valley region as a biotech cor-
                                                                   diseases. www.rhinocyte.com
                       help develop oncology-related innova-                                                    ridor.
                       tions and speed them onto the market.       Strategic Health Systems LLC: Helping
                                                                   health-care providers standardize the        The Louisville Medical Center
                       MacuSight: Developing a new pharma-                                                      Development Corp. works to attract life
                                                                   way immunizations are administered
                       ceutical therapy, based on a small mole-                                                 science companies to Louisville and to
                                                                   and recorded.
                       cule drug already approved by the FDA                                                    provide adequate facilities and space for
                       for another indication, to arrest neovas-   SureGene, LLC: Utilizes modern
                                                                                                                startup companies.
                       cularization associated with age-related    genetic technology to discover the
                       macular degeneration.                       underlying genetic basis for psychiatric
                       www.macusight.com                           diseases. suregene.net
                       NeoStem, Inc.: Specializes in the col-
                       lection, processing and long-term stor-
                       age of adult stem cells for future thera-
                       peutic use. www.neostem.com

OTT         filed 69 patent applications in FY07, a record
number representing a 28 percent increase over FY06 fil-
ings, and an investment in patent filings of more than
$760,000. OTT continued to keep a watchful eye on control-
         ling patent expenses and also to take advantage of
         the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rules for fil-
         ing provisional patent applications. These rules
         allow a shortened form of the formal full patent
         application to be prepared and filed, which must
         then be converted to a full patent application
         within one year of filing. The OTT determines
         which innovations to protect with patents on a
         case-by-case basis. We do this through team
         meetings to ensure the best possible course of
         action is taken for each innovation and the univer-
         sity as a whole.
         Nine patents were awarded in FY07, a steady
         rate from FY06. They include the following
         patents and their UofL innovators:

         7 U.S. PATENTS
         — Application of a Viral Complement Inhibitory
           Protein in the Treatment and Diagnosis of
           Alzheimer’s Disease — James Daly, Girish J.
         — System and Method for 3-D Digital
           Reconstruction of an Oral Cavity from a
           Sequence of 2D Images — Aly A. Farag, David
           Tasman, Sameh M. Yamany
         — Shape Analysis Of Surfaces — Edward Essock,
           Michael J. Sinai
         — Microarrays to Screen Regulatory Genes —
           Eugenia Wang
— Direct Synthesis of Oxide Nanostructures of Low-
 Melting Metals — Mahendra K. Sunkara, Shashank
— Bone Targeting Compounds for Delivering Agents to the
  Bone for Interaction Therewith — Leonard C. Waite, K.
  Grant Taylor, William M. Pierce
— A Direct Cellular Energy Delivery System — Sufan Chien,
  William D. Ehringer

                                                               PATENT S

— Australia: Immune Modulation with Death Receptor-
  Induced Apoptosis — Haval Shirwan
— European Union: Implantation Instrument and Method
  — Magdalene J. Seiler, Robert Aramant


                            The Contract and Compliance Unit continued to
                            handle reporting for federally funded research
                            disclosures, and drafted and negotiated
                            agreements for the OTT including option, license,
                            nondisclosure and material transfer agreements
                            In addition to her other office-wide
                            responsibilities, deputy director Melea East
                            oversees and guides the strategy for the Contract
                            and Compliance Unit. The unit also supports
                            other SVPR offices by negotiating intellectual
                            property issues in sponsored research and clinical
                            trial agreements. East handled several complex
                            license and option deals in FY07, while Matthew
                            Hawthorne took point negotiating all MTAs and
                            providing support to other SVPR offices to provide
                            consistency in service and specialized expertise.
                            Charlene Williams carried out federal reporting
                            functions (over 249 actions reported to the
                            government in FY07), in addition to her duties
                            managing patent activities.

                            Long-term projects initiated in FY07 include
                            continued educational outreach by Hawthorne
                            regarding the obstacles and opportunities of
                            MTAs, representation by East on national
                            policy committees and continued evaluation of
                            best practices in structuring license agreements
                            with companies, including beginning an analysis
                            of the practical effect of terms in our existing
                            The number of MTAs remained fairly steady
                            at 114 while the ever-increasing research base
                            required a growth in support for negotiated agree-
                            ments (205 reviewed in FY07, representing a 25
                            percent increase), requiring OTT to continue pro-
                            viding personnel dedicated to these issues.
                            Negotiated agreements include confidentiality,
                            research, clinical trial and other types of agree-
                            ments with industry and other entities.

LOOKING AHEAD: F Y08                                      ▼

      The OTT will remain focused on various ways of       Integrating OTT activities with the new UofL
      generating benefit to the university and society,    strategic research plan.
      appropriately centered on the theme of impact.       Implementing the Wellspring web-based

      In line with the university missions of public       database, including online disclosure forms
      benefit and economic development, this focus         and marketing portals.
      on impact drives us to negotiate reasonable
                                                           Continuing to investigate best practices for

      deals for our innovations and also to invest in
                                                           optimal software licensing models, including
      other activities that are worthy but don’t neces-
                                                           a possible web-based version.
      sarily generate a benefit measured in terms of
                                                           Taking an active role in tracking and shaping

                                                           federal policy issues that affect technology
      Specific activities will include:                    transfer offices and university startup compa-

          Acting as lead on the planning of the
          OVALS ’08 conference and aligning it with a      Hosting the Mad Scientist Mixer, Business

          community celebration to showcase both the       Bootcamp and other informational and edu-
          university and the city of Louisville.           cational sessions.


          Increasing the size of OTT’s staff to            Maintaining focus on the societal benefit of
          maintain proper service levels.                  university technologies through licensing
          Benchmarking core licensing values with the      terms that enhance end-user access to cer-

          “Nine Points to Consider” whitepaper.            tain treatments.

          Increase return on investment from licenses
          and options.


                                                                       1997            2000             2003             2005                 2006                   2007
    Disclosures Received and Processed                                    12               31               38              63                   72                     75
    Material Transfer Agreements1                                         24               49               77             116                  116                    114
    Patent Applications (per year)                                          1              20               31              48                   61                     69
    Patent Applications (cumulative)                                        5              36             120              206                  267                    336
    Patents Awarded (per year)                                              3               4                1                4                    9                      9
    Patents Awarded (cumulative)                                          15               23               30              37                   46                     55
    License/Option Agreements (per year)                                    1               3                6                8                    8                      7
    License/Option Agreements (cumulative)                                11               22               36              47                   55                     62
    Negotiated Agreements2                                                12               84             175              241                  164                    205
    Royalties                                                     $31,000          $53,929          $30,406          $80,923              $50,651                $87,629
    Associated Income3                                                  N/A        $77,341                N/A      $525,975          $1,796,525             $1,884,740
    Patent Reimbursement Income                                             *               *                *     $153,288             $205,926               $319,956
    All Income (royalties, associated, reimbursed)                $31,000 $131,290                  $30,406        $760,187          $2,053,102             $2,292,325
                   1 - Material transfer agreements are contracts that procure or provide materials vital to conducting research.
                   2 - Negotiated agreements include nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements and agreement review support for grants management and industry contracts.
                   3 - Associated income includes industry sponsored research negotiated as part of licensing/marketing activity or from startups that are based on ULRF-owned IP.

                   * Significant increases due to larger amounts of associated income. Associated income includes income other than licensing revenue (i.e., sponsored research,
                   clinical trial and service agreement revenue) received by UofL as a result of OTT interactions and activities.

                                                                                                     31277—11-07; The University of Louisville is an equal opportunity institution.

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