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									Leadership Coaching

       Final Project
      Alice M. Foster
     September 2010
Leadership Style
 My personal best leadership style would be
 situational leadership. I believe that people are all
 different and each situation is different so I would
 want the best of each leadership style available for
 use dependent upon the circumstances and the
 followers involved.
 For example, if I had an employee who was ready
 and willing but not quite able I might apply a task
 oriented leadership style. If we had a crisis I might
 apply an authoritative style of leadership but then
 afterwards we would do a re-hash of the critical
 incident to understand what occurred and why I
 made the decisions I did.
Organizational Structure
 In my I will have a flat organizational structure
 where employees have access to the top and the
 bottom. I would eliminate middle positions
 wherever possible and encourage each employee
 to become a part owner. This structure will be one
 where employees feel empowered and the
 structure supports the empowerment to make
 decisions which are in the best interest of the
 business. Utilizing wage and physical elements I
 will encourage ownership and focus on the
 strength of each employee to give their best to
 make the company the best
Chain of Command
 In my formal chain of command I will
 have myself as the owner, all
 employees as co-owners and each
 shift will have a manager who will act
 on my behalf in the best interest of
 the company. This single layer of
 middle management will provide each
 of the employees the opportunity to
 succeed up a level depending upon
 their leadership and their ability.
Performance Evaluation Metric

 I would utilize a 360 degree feedback
 program that incorporated not only
 internal customers but external
 customers, leaders, peers and
Feedback Process
 The feedback process would be developed
 specifically for growth and learning with
 detailed information given rather than
 generalizations. In evaluating the 360
 degree surveys I would help the employee
 identify specific opportunities and work with
 them to develop a plan for improvement
 along with focusing intently on what is
 being done that is impactful and how they
 are making a difference.
Performance Development
 Team - Focus on the team goals making sure that
 each person is in a position to make a difference
 and allow the team to develop it’s own leader.
 Assess, challenge and support.
 Individual- focus on the organizational goals and
 intensely indentify each individuals role in the
 organization and what value they bring. Assess
 their current talent, challenge them with roles
 which will create opportunities for growth and
 provide support for their growth to include
 coaching and mentoring opportunities.
Decision Making Process
The decision making process for a
  group/team shall be identified by specific
  rules governing teams throughout the
  organization. Fair and balanced rules of
  conduct and behavior that when followed
  will help the team achieve it’s goals.
  Decisions can be made without conflict or
  confusion and ambiguity would be
Internal Communication Processes

 The Internal Communication
 Processes shall be open and
 transparent to the extent that they can
 be. Communication that causes
 confusion or tension throughout the
 organization will not be tolerated. All
 communication will be clear and
 concise and will flow upward as well
 as downward, shall be all inclusive
 and shall be honest.
External Communication Processes

 The external communication process
 will include total and complete
 honesty, lacking ambiguity and being
 accountable to customers as well as
 suppliers. Partnerships will be
 developed with all other organizations
 involved in the supply chain so as to
 develop competencies by capitalizing
 on the strengths of other
 organizations in the value chain.
Conflict Resolution Process
 The conflict resolution process will be
 organized so as to include formal
 policy of openness and inclusiveness.
 There will be an open door policy
 where employees will feel safe to
 discuss conflict and possible
 resolutions and receive feedback and
 advice. Collaborative conflict
 resolution will an integral component
 of the organizational culture.
Change Management Process
 The Change Management Process will be
 constant and inherently tied to the
 organizational culture. From the beginning
 the organization will be one where change
 is desired because it means we are always
 growing. Every employee will be
 encouraged to think outside the box and
 take risks, failure will be celebrated as a
 chance to learn and grow. Every employee
 in the organization will be a change
 implementer from day one.

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