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									                                 SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERS
                            GULF COAST SECTION - Board of Directors Meeting
                                   SPE GCS Office Houston, Texas
                                                   February 15, 2007


BOARD POSITION                 BOARD MEMBER                   PRESENT   ABSENT   PROXY
  Chairman                       Roger Hite                   X                  After 9:30, Ricky
  Vice-Chairman                  Allen Shook                  X                  Bill Bowers, Larry
                                                                                 Foster, Mark
                                                                                 Peavy, Rebecca
  Secretary                      Russ Neuschaefer             X
  Treasurer                      Bill Bowers                            X
  Vice-Treasurer                 Hiep Vu                      X
  Past Chair                     Vacant

  Career Management              Claude Thorp                 X                  Ken Arnold
  Communications                 Pat Lawrence                           X
  Community Services             Ricky Pena                   X                  Until 9:30
  Membership                     Randy Woods                  X                  Until 10:00
  Programs                       Rebecca Gallagher                      X
  Social Activities              Nick Piskurich                         X
  Technology Transfer            Don Duttlinger               X
  Director                       Ken Arnold                             X
  Director                       Larry Foster                           X
  Director                       Kermitt Walrond                        X
  Director                       Jim Montagna                 X
  Director                       Mark Peavy                             X
  Director                       Jane Moring                            X

  Jason McElweenie               Schipul-Webmaster
  Susan Howes (via phone)        Regional Director
  Philippe Flichy                Digital Energy Study Group
  David Flores                   Completions and Production Study Group
  John Galiotos                  Professor of Chemistry and Chemical
                                 Engineering Technology Science
                                 Technology Division (Energy Institute)
                                 Chair Houston Community College-NE

  Katy Butterwick                Director of Development, Houston
                                 Community College


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                                       SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERS
                                  GULF COAST SECTION - Board of Directors Meeting
                                         SPE GCS Office Houston, Texas
                                                           February 15, 2007
 Approved January 2007 minutes.
 Approved January 2007 Financials.
 Adjourn meeting.


OLD / PENDING ACTION ITEMS                                                                            STATUS
February          BOD members to seek opportunities to present SPE Ambassadors program
                  inside member’s companies. This is a standing action item for all Board             Standing
                  members. The Ambassador Program is a slide show which introduces SPE.
September          Liaisons to get Conflict of Interest acknowledgement from each study group and     Pending
                   report back to Audit committee upon completion.
October            Ad Hoc Education Committee to investigate alternatives for increased               Pending
                   education support and report back to the board.
December           Roger Hite and Rebecca Gallagher to meet and evaluate focus and strategy           Pending
                   for the General Meeting.
December           Claude Thorp to provide a proposed budget for the Energy Issues meetings at        Pending
                   the March, 2007 board meeting
January            Hiep Vu to have the bank issue two monthly statements, one to the Section          Pending
                   office, one to the accountant.
January            Bill Bowers and Hiep Vu to motion the addition of maintaining lists of prize       Pending
                   winners in excess of $600 in value and reporting to the IRS on Federal Tax Form
                   1099-MISC to the financial guidelines.
January            Rebecca Gallagher to post results of the member survey after taking out the        Pending
January            Roger Hite to compile feedback and results from the executive breakfast and        Pending
                   send to everyone invited.
January            Rebecca Gallagher to filter the survey to evaluate the responses from young        Pending

NEW ACTION ITEMS                                                                                      STATUS
 Roger Hite and Allen Shook to work with the Digital Energy study group to plan options for           Pending
 Digital Energy Conference 2008 and beyond
 Allen Shook to provide feedback to Katy Butterwick and John Galiotos on the perceived value of       Pending
 the HCC-Northeast’s Science Technology-Energy Institute.
 Liaisons to work with study groups and committees on succession planning that is due April 1 .       Pending
 Ricky Pena and Don Duttlinger to contact James Knox at Carl Wunsche Sr High to coordinate a          Pending
 visit to the school.

MOTIONS                                                                                        PASS      FAIL
                                            st            nd
 Accept January 2007 minutes (Allen Shook 1 / Hiep Vu 2 ).                                      X
                                                      st                nd
 Accept January 2007 financial report (DonDuttlinger-1 / Jim Montagna– 2 ).                     X
                                st                 nd
 Adjourn meeting (Allen Shook 1 / Claude Thorp 2 )                                              X

 Meeting adjourned at 10:17 AM.



        Quorum declared and meeting called to order at 7:32 AM by Chair Roger Hite. (See above attendance
        list for meeting attendees. The agenda was handed out at the meeting.)

        Roger Hite started off with welcome and introductions.

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                                     SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERS
                                GULF COAST SECTION - Board of Directors Meeting
                                       SPE GCS Office Houston, Texas
                                                          February 15, 2007


Secretary – Russ Neuschaefer read the pending action items. A motion to accept the January minutes was
made by Allen Shook and seconded by Hiep Vu. The minutes were unanimously approved.
Treasury –Hiep Vu presented the January financial report. For the month of January revenue was $9,426
over budget and expenses were $23,563 under budget. Net income was $32,990 over budget.

YTD revenue was $12,301 over budget. YTD expenses under budget by $98,644. Resulting YTD net
income over budget by $110,945. Total current assets are $948,259.

Higher revenue from ELP, Newsletter, Web Tech, Dig Energy offset by Golf, and Continuing Education.
Expenses were explained as delays and attrition in the scholarships, delay in Business Development
expenses, and across the board under spent with 10 study groups and committees greater than $4,000.

A motion to accept the financial report was made by Don Duttlinger and seconded by Jim Montagna. The
financial report was unanimously approved.
The automated event reporting software is now live. March 1 it will be mandatory for all study groups and
committees to use the software.

A letter has been sent to the bank requesting two monthly statements, one to the Section office, one to the

Hiep also reported on the natural chart of accounts we have. We currently have a spreadsheet to track
venue and audio/video costs. The recommendation was to keep the spreadsheet rather than changing the
chart of accounts. There was no disagreement.
Ad Hoc Education Committee has discussed education needs with seven universities from Louisiana,
Texas, and New Mexico. The general need is more about faculty than scholarships. They are currently
looking at the local Houston area, community colleges and middles schools and will report back at the
March meeting.

Katy Butterwick the Director of Development, Houston Community College (HCC), gave us an overview of
HCC. HCC is an open enrollment institution, is affordable with tuition and fees 20% of Texas public
universities, located throughout the Houston area, increases minority participation in higher education,
supports student success, and offers a wide range of courses. One such course is the newly founded
Petroleum Engineering Technology at the Northeast Energy Institute.

John Galiotos, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Technology Science Technology
Division (Energy Institute) Chair Houston Community College-NE, gave the board an overview of the Energy
Institute. Petroleum Engineering Technology is a program designed to prepare individuals to work as
Petroleum Engineering Technicians. Students in the Petroleum Engineering Technology program will
complete core coursework in areas that include hydrocarbon safety, drilling, geology, oil exploration and
production, and reservoir. Graduates will be prepared to assist in evaluating and redesigning equipment
and processes in the oil production industries inland and offshore, or continue on to a four-year degree.
They are the first college in the Gulf Coast to start an internship program with Chevron and Shell and bp are
interested. First classes are summer 2007.

The request is that the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Gulf Coast Section, consider a gift of $40,000 to the
HCCCS Foundation in support of scholarships for students at HCC-Northeast’s Science Technology-Energy
Institute during the 2007/2008 school year. This money will cover the cost of tuition, fees, and books for 10
students at the Energy Institute, allowing them to complete two years of study and to graduate with an AAS
degree. It will give students the opportunity to enroll in classes at the Energy Institute regardless of financial
need and will assist the Institute in attracting the highest caliber of students to its classrooms.
Audit Committee – Liaison’s need to contact their groups for conflict of interest. The study groups are at
46.2% completion and the board of directors is 100% completed. Replies should be sent to Larry Foster
and Jim Montagna.

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                                   SOCIETY OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERS
                              GULF COAST SECTION - Board of Directors Meeting
                                     SPE GCS Office Houston, Texas
                                                          February 15, 2007
Succession Planning – Randy Woods reported that the nominating committee has been meeting every
Monday. Awards nominations have been submitted. They have been struggling to get feedback and
nominations. Regional award winners are considered for international awards. Liaisons need to work with
their study groups to complete succession plans that are due on April 1 .

Energy Issues Workshop – Claude Thorp reported that he is not concerned with any financial risk
associated with this workshop or meeting. The budget is not yet ready and will be presented in the March


Completions and Production Study Group – David Flores gave an overview of the group. December had
a good turnout, but attendance was low in January. There is no meeting planned for February, with
speakers lined up for March, April, and May. They are focused on a successful transfer of technology while
being profitable. Their current areas of focus are: speakers, E&P contributions, and topic conformity. They
would like some assistance getting speakers. The suggestions from the board were to contact Rebecca
Gallagher and look at Houston based distinguished lecturers, past and present. Also, to look at other
organizations to partner with. Long range goals are to: increase attendance, increase E&P participation,
workshops, corporate sponsorship for study group level, and inter-study group cooperation. Jim Montagna,
Hiep Vu, and Allen Shook were asked to think about potential speakers within their organizations.
Digital Energy Study Group– Philippe Flichy provided an update on the upcoming Digital Energy
Conference in April. Most of the content is in place, but could still use some help finalizing the keynote
speakers and a few chairpersons, and round table participants. The insert for Pennwell Oil and Gas Journal
is finished. They are coordinating with regional SPE sections in North and South America to promote the
event. They are looking to balance out the company participation, and a balance between luncheons and
showcases. SPEi is currently hosting an Intelligent Energy conference in Amsterdam, February 2008.
Digital Energy needs to make a decision on the direction and date for their conference in 2008 and beyond.
Roger Hite and Allen Shook will meet with Philippe and discuss options.


Susan Howes gave an update on the annual report progress and reminded everyone of their roles in
compiling the information. Reports are needed back May 1 and Roger Hite and Allen Shook volunteered to
assist with editing.
Jason McElweenie gave a webmaster summary. He commented that not as many people are posting jobs
on the site. He said more articles and new content are needed to drive people to the site. The podcast
feature is now available.
Melissa Schultea is moving to London in the same role.
James Knox with Carl Wunsche Sr. High requested someone to come and view their facilities and visit with
the students. He is looking for companies that can be related to their student interests and help them
motivate the students to learn all they can. Ricky Pena and Don Duttlinger will contact James Knox.
ESP asked to buy shirts for their conference volunteers. The money is in the membership budget for this
and Roger Hite will communicate the approval.
Roger Hite has completed the article for the newsletter with regards to the executive breakfast and Bill
Bowers has an article on the event reporting software. Both will be in the March newsletter.

                                             st                   nd
A motion to adjourn was made (Allen Shook 1 / Claude Thorp-2 ). The motion was approved unanimously
by the Board.

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