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					                              THE HAWTHORNS SCHOOL
                                Pendell Court, Bletchingley, Surrey, RH1 4QJ

                 PARENTS’ HANDBOOK

We hope that you will find this handbook full of useful information.
If you cannot find the answer, however, please do ask in the School
Offices or a member of staff. Updates will be advised in the Weekly
Newsletter and available from the School Offices or the website.


Useful contact details                                    Page 2

1. Academic                                               Pages 3 – 6

2. Policies                                               Pages 7 – 11

3. School day                                             Pages 12 – 14

4. Extra curricular options                               Pages 15 – 21

5. Sport                                                  Pages 22 - 26

6. Other organisations within The Hawthorns community     Pages 27 - 28

7. Communication                                          Pages 29 - 31

8. Governance                                             Pages 32 - 33

Appendices                                                Page 34

                     USEFUL CONTACT DETAILS

Department                                  Telephone number

Prep School (Years 3 – 8)                   01883 743048 press 0 when prompted

Pre-Prep (Nurseries, Reception, Years 1     01883 743718 press 1 when prompted
& 2)

Heads of Games                              01883 742798

Sports Centre                               01883 743377 press 2 when prompted

School Shop                                 01883 740428

                                            Fax number
Prep School                                 01883 744256

Foundation and O.H. Office                  01883 740419

Prep School Office                

Pre-Prep Office                   






 To log into the Parents‟ section of the website, you need to hit the Login tab on the
     Home page and register your details. We will then send you the necessary
             authorisation to enable you to sign in to the Parents‟ pages.

  A list of staff email addresses can be found on the Parents‟ section of the website

1.1. Curriculum statements
These cover Rainbow upwards and are available early in the Autumn Term from the
School Offices or from the website,

1.2. Libraries
The Pre-Prep Library is situated adjacent to back pitch opposite the Sports Centre. It
is open on Monday and Wednesdays from 3.15 – 4.10pm when pupils may come in
with their parents. Reception classes are encouraged to return books within 2 weeks,
Years 1 & 2 within 1 week and they have a weekly library session.

The Prep Library is situated off the main corridor. Children are encouraged to return
books within 3 weeks.

1.3 Reports/Grades
Rainbow, Ark and Reception receive a formal Report at the end of the Autumn and
Summer terms based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Years 1 and 2 receive a Progress Report at the end of the Autumn term and a full
Report at the end of the Summer Term. Year 1 reports are ungraded. The final report
in Year 2 has effort grades.

Years 3 & 4 receive a Form Teacher report and Progress (only Year 4)/Effort Grades
at the end of the Autumn Term and a full Report at the end of the Summer Term with
mid term Effort and Progress Grades at Spring Half Term.

Year 5:       Autumn Half Term: Effort Grades
              End of Autumn Term: Effort/Attainment Grades
              End of Spring Term: Progress Report
              End of Summer Term: Full Report

Year 6:       Autumn Half Term: Effort Grades
              End of Autumn Term: Progress Report
              End of Spring Term: Effort/Attainment Grades
              End of Summer Term: Full Report

Year 7:       Autumn Half Term: Effort/Attainment Grades
              End of Autumn Term: Full Report
              End of Spring Term: Effort/Attainment Grades
              End of Summer Term: Full Report

Year 8:       Autumn Half Term: Effort/Attainment Grades
              End of Autumn Term: Effort/Attainment Grades with comments
              in core subjects (+ English/maths exam marks)
              End of Spring Term: Full Report and exam marks
              End of Summer Term: Leavers‟ Report

Years 5 – 7 receive examination marks in May/June.

1.4 Parents’ Evenings/Consultations
In the Pre-Prep these are held in the Autumn and Spring Terms with the Form
Teacher (10 minutes per pupil) and an Open Day in the Summer Term.
Year 2 have an individual meeting with the Headmaster and Head of Pre-Prep in the
Summer Term to round off the Pre-Prep years and look forward to life in the Prep

In the Prep School (Years 3 – 8):

Year 3 Parents‟ Information/Social Evening at the beginning of the Autumn Term

Years 3 & 4 Form Teacher meeting in October re settling in (10 minutes per pupil),
full parents‟ evening in February (10/15 minutes per pupil)
Year 4 also have a meeting with the Headmaster and Academic Deputy Head (Mrs
Mwale) in June about moving into Year 5.

Year 5 “Introduction to Academic Life in the Upper School” at the start of the
Autumn Term and parents‟ evening in the second half of the Autumn Term (all
teaching staff – 5 minutes each)

Year 6 leavers/Year 8 meeting at the end of the Autumn Term (relevant staff – 5
minutes each); Year 6 non-leavers‟ in the Spring Term.

Year 7 Parents‟ meeting in the Spring Term (relevant staff 5 minutes each)

Year 8 Parents‟ meeting – second half of Autumn Term

Years 5 – 8 Non exam subject parents‟ evening in the Spring Term

1.5 Performance Monitoring
PIPS Performance Indicators in Primary Schools which provides assessment and
tracking material from Reception to Year 6.

Cognitive Ability Tests (CAT scores) Years 5 and 7 which are used for internal
diagnostic scores and form part of our Tracking process.

Years 1 – 6 produce Portfolios which contain selected pieces of work in key subjects
chosen to show progress. In Year 7 pupils produce portfolios which help to prepare
them for senior school interviews.

Potential, progress and pastoral concerns are discussed regularly by staff at pupil
tracking meetings and profile meetings.

1.6 Exam Policy
Years 3 and 4 have informal tests in November and May on work covered during the
year. Revision is done in lessons and some homework may be set.

Year 5 – the exams are fairly formal and take place in the classroom and are sat
normally in May.

Years 6 – 8 exams take place in May in The Stephens Hall/classrooms (with
additional English, maths and V.R. exam practice prior to entrance exams). Year 8
Common Entrance Exams are taken in June in a quiet area of the School. (Mocks in

Practice exams in English, maths and V.R. are held in the Autumn Term for children
who are sitting for senior school entry, for internal purposes only.

Revision in Years 5 and 6 is mostly undertaken in lesson time and for homework. In
Years 7 and 8 pupils are expected to work from subject revision lists and to plan their
own revision timetable, with the help of their Tutors. Revision booklets are produced
for Years 5 – 7 to help guide study.

1.7 Setting and Streaming
Setting and streaming are discussed carefully with all staff concerned.

In Year 3 Spelling group once a week.

In Year 4 Maths and spelling groups based on ability are introduced.

In Year 5 the setting is based on English and maths only.

Year 6 are also set for French and Science, with some other subjects tied into the
setting blocks.

In Years 7 and 8, pupils may follow either, a Scholarship or Common Entrance
courses which require very different approaches in most subjects. Pupils largely are
grouped according to particular exams they will sit.

In all cases there is flexibility to move between Sets during the course of the year.

1.8 S.E.N.
There is a clear procedure for the identification, assessment and intervention taken for
pupils who are thought to have Special Educational Needs and/or who are Able or
Talented, following Special Educational guidance from the Government.

We closely monitor children‟s behaviour and learning and use a variety of methods
for tracking their progress, including standardised tests and classroom observation.
Concerns about a child‟s progress in any area can be expressed by staff, parents or by
pupils themselves.

Initial concerns are addressed to the Form Teacher and action will be taken to
differentiate within the classroom.

If the concerns cannot be met in this way or it is likely that the support of the SENCo
will be needed, then the Form Teacher and/or parent will contact the SENCo.
The SENCo will discuss concerns with relevant staff and the support team to increase
the School‟s response to School Action (SA). This might involve group work, touch-
typing, pastoral/academic support or one-to-one tuition with a specialist tutor (paid for
on a private basis). An Individual Education Plan (IEP) sets out individualised

learning targets. These are shared with relevant teaching staff and parents, who are
invited to participate actively in discussions about their child‟s progress.

Further intervention and guidance about future schooling may involve discussions
with the Head or member of the S.M.T. We value our partnership with parents and
welcome open communication.

AbCo: Lucy Archer
SENCo: Valerie Giles

1.9 End of term prizes/end of year prize-giving
In Years 3 – 8 a wide range of cups/awards is given across the different subjects.
Those that are presented each term are given in the final assembly. Annual awards are
presented at Prize-giving which is attended by pupils in Years 4 - 8 (compulsory) and
parents at the end of the Summer Term.

A Sports Assembly is held at the end of each term for pupils in Years 3 – 8 when
some of the sports cups are awarded.

Pre-Prep awards are presented in the final assembly of each term by the Head of the

A great deal of time is spent by all staff discussing the recipients of the awards to
ensure fairness.

Engraving, if appropriate, should be simple block capitals of approximately 3mm size.
You will be informed when the cup/award is to be returned.

1.10 Where to Next?
In Year 2 discussions will be held with individual parents if it is felt that their child
will be unable to cope with the academic rigour of the Prep School and alternative
schools suggested. An individual meeting, to round off the Pre-Prep years and to look
forward to the Prep School, is held with the Headmaster and Head of Pre-Prep in the
Summer Term.

Discussions start in Year 4 on future school choices with a variety of individual and
Year group meetings held with members of the Senior Management Team with input
from Form Teachers.

In the Autumn Term five or six senior school Heads are invited to come to talk to
parents about their schools at a meeting entitled “Where to Next”? This is open to
parents from Year 1 upwards.

Year 5 have individual parents‟ meetings with the Senior Management Team in the
Spring Term to discuss future school options. Further meetings are held, as necessary,
during their time at The Hawthorns.

                           SCHOOL POLICIES
                              Admissions Policy
                             Anti-bullying Policy
                               Behaviour Policy
                            Child Protection Policy
                             Complaints Procedure
                              Curriculum Policy
                            Health and Safety Policy
                               Homework Policy
                                Medical Policy
                               Pandemic Policy

The above Policies are now on the website (

2.1 Discipline
Good behaviour is expected of all pupils, encouraged/developed through positive
reinforcement to build up self-esteem. We believe strongly that the children feel more
secure in a structured and disciplined environment where they can express their
feelings and behaviour appropriately towards others. We expect parents‟ full support
in all matters of discipline.

In the Pre-Prep, when inappropriate behaviour occurs, a minute of Golden Time may
be removed. If the behaviour is considered more serious a House Point may be taken
away. If the child‟s behaviour does not improve, a „Behaviour Report‟ may be set up
in which the child aims to achieve “happy faces” at playtime or in the classroom. If
necessary a „Behaviour Book‟ may be introduced for monitoring behaviour between
school and home and involves parental co-operation.

In Years 3 and 4 where there are ongoing problems with behaviour we would discuss
the situation with the child to try to implement a positive programme aimed at
resolving the issues. A Minus might be given for defiant misbehaviour, usually after
a warning, for which a child loses two Pluses. Whilst they are an important form of
discipline, they are not the end of the world and there is no stigma attached to them.
Three Minuses in a half term, cancelled on a half termly basis, lead to a Saturday
detention taken by the Headmaster. A Behaviour or Performance Report may be
introduced to monitor behaviour and progress in and/or out of the classroom. At this
stage, parents will have been consulted and any further action discussed. We expect
parents‟ full support in all matters of discipline.

In Years 5 to 8 where there are ongoing problems of behaviour we would discuss the
situation with the child and implement a positive programme aimed at resolving the
issues. A Minus might be given for defiant behaviour, usually after a warning, for
which a child also loses two Pluses. A Behaviour or Performance Report may be
introduced to monitor behaviour in and/or out of the classroom at which stage, parents
will have been consulted.

4 Minuses in a half term (cancelled on a half-termly basis) lead to a Headmaster‟s
detention on a Saturday morning. If parents have any concerns, they should speak to
their child‟s Form Teacher in the first instance. We have Behaviour and Anti-
Bullying policies, copies of which can be seen on the School‟s website,

2.2 Class Sizes
In the Pre-Prep Form sizes are of up to 20. Along with a flexible intake, this feeds the
Prep School with Forms of a similar size. In Years 5 and above, many subjects are
taught in smaller Sets.

2.3 Safe Routes to School
The School is a member of Surrey County Council‟s Safe Routes to School Scheme.
The safety of the children is paramount so great care should be taken when driving
through the School grounds with speed kept to a minimum. Please do not use mobile
phones whilst driving through the School grounds.

A “drop-off” system is operated in the morning between 8.05 and 8.20am for Prep
School pupils and from 8.15am until 8.45am for Pre-Prep pupils by joining the right-
hand lane as it passes in front of the School and quickly leaving your child (without
long farewells!) at the hare signpost by the Rainbow Nursery. Pre-Prep children are
accompanied to Hawthorn House Hall by a senior pupil or member of staff where
they stay until their Classrooms open. There is no charge for this. The left-hand lane
is for traffic passing through or parking in Little Thorns car park by the Pavilion.

In the evening pupils in Years 5 – 8 may be collected from the same point. Parking is
not permitted in this area nor on the double yellow lines or yellow hatched areas
strategically painted to keep the traffic flowing and for access for emergency vehicles.

Two morning minibus routes are currently operated. A charge is made for this service
and the routes are reviewed annually. Further details are available from the Prep
School Office.

Car sharing is positively encouraged and help in finding other parents who are keen
to participate is given through the Prep School Office or via a page on the parents‟
section of the website.

2.4 Reward System
House Points are awarded in the Pre-Prep (not Nurseries) for a variety of learning
and behaviour reasons. 10 House Points earn a 1 Star Badge, a 2 Star Badge for 20
House Points and so on. When a child reaches 40 House points they receive a “Super
Star” badge and any further rewards are given through the use of stickers etc.

In Years 3 & 4 three House Points earn a Plus for themselves and their House. 10
Pluses earn a Star Badge.

House Pluses in Years 5 to 8 are awarded for good work, initiative and conduct.

Head’s Copies: In Years 3 and 4 any outstanding work, completed independently
usually at School, can be awarded a Headmaster‟s Copy. The child will take the work
to show the Headmaster and be awarded an extra Plus for their effort.
In Years 5 and above, excellence is rewarded by gaining a “Headmaster‟s Copy”. 4
Head‟s Copies will earn a Bronze Owl Badge with Silver and Gold badges to follow
over the year.

Blue Ties/cravats are worn by all pupils in Year 8. Red Ties/cravats are worn by
those children who are made Senior Prefects.

2.5 MOPPs – Management of Pupil Potential
The School is committed to providing the greatest opportunity for every pupil to
develop her or his potential as fully as possible, alongside foundations taught to
agreed, high levels and standards. Children are able to develop specific skills
according to their talents, within smaller groups and can work towards excellence in
given areas. The Management of Pupil Potential (MOPPs) demands a balanced
approach, recognising that priorities differ for each pupil. A degree of specialism (in
not more than two areas) must operate within the wider expectations of the School. It
requires an intimate knowledge of the child, careful use of individual records,
oversight by a designated member of staff and agreed targets that have been planned
and are monitored in close partnership with parents, the pupils themselves and regular
communication with staff.

2.6 School Meals
We comply fully with Food Agency Standards and meet nutritional requirements (i.e.
low salt/sugar) and work to a strict hygiene policy. Our vegetables and fresh fruit are
locally sourced and we purchase meat from a reputable butchery. Modern cooking
methods (steam/bake) are used and fat is always removed where possible. Special
consideration is given to pupils with specific dietary needs (i.e. non-dairy, wheat, nut
free) and a choice of a hot dinner with two vegetables (vegetarian option) or a full
salad bar is available for pupils in Years 3 and above. Pupils in Nursery to Year 1
inclusive are not offered a choice. Staff supervise the selection of food to ensure that a
balanced meal is eaten. Menus are available to view by the entrance to the kitchen
and in the weekly newsletter and are on a four weekly rota adjusted to the seasons.

At morning break we provide a snack in the form of fresh fruit or plain biscuit in the
Prep School. In the Pre-Prep we have fruit and milk in the classrooms before going
out to play.

In After School Care in the Pre-Prep children receive a drink and 1 or 2 pieces of
fruit. Sandwiches are provided for children in Years 5 – 8 staying after 4.20pm. If
children are staying for Extended Day, they have a wholesome cooked tea.

2.7 Medical
Fully qualified Welfare Staff/First Aiders are on site in the Pre-Prep and Prep School
at all times.

In the Pre-Prep only prescribed medicines are administered with the appropriate
paperwork completed. Parents are always notified if a child is hurt at school and
parents are contacted if felt necessary.

In the Prep School, similar procedures are in place. In addition an annual consent
letter is sent home for the administration of non-prescription basic medication (e.g.

2.8 Photograph and/or Video a School Event – Courtesy Code
Photographs and videos for School and family use are a source of pleasure and pride
which can enhance the child‟s self-esteem. By following some simple guidelines we
can proceed safely and take into account current legislation.
The Head and Governors have the responsibility to decide if photography/videoing of
School performances is permitted.
The Head and Governors have the responsibility to decide on the conditions that will
apply in order that the pupils are kept safe and that the performance is not disrupted
and children distracted. Staff may offer guidance at the start of each event.
Parents can use photographs and videos taken at a School event for their personal use
only. Such material cannot be sold and must not be put on the web/internet due to
Data Protection legislation.
Recording and/or photographing, other than for private use, would require the consent
of all the other parents whose children may be included in the images.

2.9 Parental Support at Matches
Parental support is encouraged and welcomed by both staff and children. When
feelings run high it is difficult for some parents to remain silent and they will
inevitably direct comments to the team or specifically to their child. As there is often
some confusion amongst parents about what is and is not permitted, the following
guidelines are published at the beginning of each school year in the School newsletter.

·     Parents are encouraged to support and applaud all school teams during matches.
·     Shouts from the touchline should be of general encouragement and should not
      involve:(a) Criticism of the referee or (b) Tactical instructions to a pupil
      (e.g. kick it) since these may be contrary to instructions given previously by the
      team coach.
·     Good play by either side should be applauded.
·     Individual players should not be criticized, especially publicly
·     Furthermore, please make yourself aware of any specific behaviours and codes
      associated with individual sports.

If a parent is behaving inappropriately, the best way to deal with the situation is for
the teacher in charge to speak privately to the parent concerned.

2.10 School Rules
    Good manners, courteous behaviour and punctuality are expected from all
       members of The Hawthorns‟ community.
    Respect other pupils‟ possessions.
    Keep the School tidy.
    Move quietly around the School, observing the “Highway Code”: walk on the
    Money is not to be brought in, except on specific fundraising occasions.
       Electronic devices, including mobile phones, are not permitted in School.
    Personal clothing and equipment are to be clearly marked. Games kit must be
       kept on own peg / in locker.
    Recognise the School boundaries and be aware of the out-of-bound areas.

Prep and Pre-Prep – Golden Rules

Do be gentle                       Do not hurt anybody
Do be kind and helpful             Do not hurt people‟s feelings
Do work hard                       Do not waste your or other people‟s time
Do look after property             Do not waste or damage things
Do listen to people                Do not interrupt
Do be honest                       Do not cover up the truth

2.11 School Motto
“Love God, love thy neighbour”.

                            THE SCHOOL DAY
3.1 Arrival/departure times
Year Groups                                  Times

Ducklings                                    Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
                                             1.30pm – 3.15pm

Rainbow and Ark Nurseries                    8.40am until 12 noon (unless attending
                                             Goslings/Extended Day)

Reception                                    8.45am – 3.15pm

Years 1 and 2                                8.35am – 3.30pm

Years 3 and 4                                8.15am – 3.45pm

Years 5 to 8                                 8.15am – 4.20pm

Prep School staff are on duty from 8.05am by the tennis courts and in the afternoons
at pick-up times (3.45pm, 4.20pm and 5.30pm).

3.2 Attendance/Reporting Absence
Pupils are expected to keep strictly to the term dates, except for reasons of health, and
parents are asked to observe the holiday periods. You should telephone the
appropriate School Office if your child is absent from School through illness, by
9.00am. If no call is received the Office will chase up any such absence. It should be
confirmed in writing upon their return to School.

Please ensure that you advise the Form Teacher and Office if a pupil is leaving School
during the day for an appointment or if they are not attending an Activity or Prep as
planned. A great deal of staff time can be wasted and it is essential that we are aware
of the children‟s whereabouts at all times.

3.3 Maps of School Grounds/Classrooms
These are posted on the notice boards at the drop-off point, on the courtyard verandah,
in the Pre-Prep area and in the main corridor of the Prep School.

3.4 Lost Property
Bins are located as follows. Parents should not, however, enter changing rooms when
pupils are in there or changing.

Department                                   Location
Pre-Prep                                     Hawthorn House Hall

Prep School                                  Under the staircase by The Stephens Hall

Sports Centre                                In the Dry Changing Rooms

3.5 Break and Lunch Times
Children in Nursery to Year 2 inclusive are given a portion of fruit at morning break
each day.
Children in Years 3 to 8 are given biscuits on Mondays to Thursdays and a portion of
fruit on Fridays.

Water fountains are located in the Courtyard opposite the tennis courts, adjacent to
the play equipment on Back Pitch, to the side of the Pavilion, on the Bell Field side of
the Sports Centre, on the corner of the Bull Centre and close to the Holman building.
Children are encouraged to drink plenty of water during the day.

Reception                                    10.30 – 10.55am

Years 1 & 2                                  10.30 – 10.55am

Years 3 – 8                                  10.55 – 11.15am


Nursery, Reception and Year 1                12 noon

Year 2                                       12.10pm

Years 3 & 4                                  12.15 – 12.35pm

Years 5 – 8                                  1.00/1.05/1.10 depending on age group –
Afternoon lessons start:

Reception to Year 2                          1.20pm

Years 3 & 4                                  1.40pm

Years 5 – 8                                  2.10pm.

3.6 Uniform Lists
Uniform lists are available on the School‟s website,, and from
the School Offices and Shop. Full details of the School Shop can be found in Section
6 of this Handbook.

3.7 After School Care
Extended Day options together with current costs are available from the School
Offices or website. After School Care is offered free to those with siblings higher up
in the School to help co-ordinate pick-up times.

Department                   Location                     Timings

Pre-Prep Ark and             Ark Nursery                  until 4.15pm

Pre-Prep Years 1 & 2         Dining Room                  until 4.15pm

Year 3                       Room 13 or 14                until 4.15pm
                             (Year 3 area)

Year 4                       Room 11 or 12                until 4.15pm
                             (Year 4 area)

After 4.15pm all children up to and including Year 4 join Extended Day, based in the
Prep School Dining Room.

These facilities need to be booked each term in advance on the appropriate booking
forms sent home with your child. Please advise your child’s Form Teacher and/or
the appropriate School Office if there is any change to the pre-booked arrangement
or if they are attending another activity based at School (i.e. judo, dance) during
this period. Please note that there is a charge for late collection.


4.1 Music Lessons
Private music lessons in piano, keyboard, guitar, singing, percussion, violin, viola,
cello, double bass may be taken from Year 2; flute, clarinet from Year 3; oboe,
trumpet, trombone, euphonium and French horn from Year 4 and saxophone from
Year 5. A letter giving all details and request for lessons form may be obtained from
either of the School Offices or the Music Department. One term‟s notice in writing
must be given to terminate lessons.

Individual peripatetic teachers’ timetables are displayed in the Music block at the
bottom of the stairs. Lessons are carefully planned to avoid disruption to any one
academic subject and operate on a rotational basis.

If a lesson is likely to clash with participation in a School fixture or outing, please let
the instrumental teacher know via email or the practice book as soon as possible and
they will endeavour to change the time.

4.2 Music Groups
Pre-Prep(Hawthorn House) Day/Time                                 Location
Training Choir Year 1    Tuesday 12.30 – 1.00                     Junior Music Room
                                                                  Room 8
Year 2 - Hawthorn House          Wednesday 3.30 – 4.10pm          Junior Music Room
Choir                            Friday 12.30 – 1.00pm            Room 8
Prep School
Junior Choir                     Tuesday 8.30 – 8.55am            Room 7
Years 3 and 4(all welcome) *     Friday 1.10 – 1.40pm
Senior Choir Years 5 to 8        Tuesday 1.30 – 2.00pm            Room 7
(all welcome) *                  Wednesday 8.30 – 9.00am
Early Morning Aural “drop        Monday & Wednesday               Room 7
in”                              8.00 – 8.30am
Chamber Choir (select Years      Monday 8.30– 9.00am              Mr Burbidge‟s room
5 – 8)                           Thursday 1.40 – 2.10pm
African Drum Ensemble (by        Tuesday 1.10 – 1.40pm            Room 7
invitation – any may apply)
New Music Ensemble               Monday 1.10 – 1.40pm             Percussion Room
School Orchestra                 Friday 8.00 – 8.55am             Room 7
Brass Ensemble                   Thursday 1.05 – 1.35pm           Room 7
String Ensemble                  Friday 1.10 – 1.40pm             Music Department

* Audition and selection carried out to ensure commitment.

4.3 The Hawthorns School of Dance
Courses highlighted in bold type are part of the School Curriculum. All other lessons
can be booked/paid for through the Sports Centre Office (01883 743377). Any queries
should be directed to Mrs Tanya Greenwood.

Class                        Time                        Place
Private Lessons              7.30-8.45am                 Activity Room & Sports
Advanced Jazz                7.45-8.15am                 Stephens Hall
Year 2 Ballet                10.00-10.30am               Activity Room
Coaching Class/Private       12.30-2.00pm                Activity Room
Year 3 Ballet                1.00 – 1.30pm               Activity Room
Year 4 Jazz                  1.00-1.30pm                 Stephens Hall
Year 5 Ballet                1.30-2.00pm                 Activity Room
Year 6 Jazz                  1.30-2.00pm                 Stephens Hall
Grade 1/2 Modern (Year 2)    3.45-4.30pm                 Activity Room
Grade 2 Modern (Year 3+)     4.30-5.15pm                 Activity Room
Grade 1 Tap                  5.15-5.45pm                 Activity Room
Grade 3 Ballet               5.45-6.15pm                 Stephens Hall
Intermediate Ballet          6.15-7.00pm                 Stephens Hall
Private Lessons              4.30-6.30pm                 Activity Room/Sports Hall

Class                        Time                        Place
Private Lessons              7.30-8.45am                 Activity Room & Sports
Coaching Class/Private       12.30-2.00pm                Activity Room
Year 3 Jazz                  1.00 – 1.30pm               Activity Room
Private Lessons              4.30-8.30pm                 Stephens Hall/Sports Hall
Grade 4 Modern               5.45-6.25pm                 Activity Room
Grade 3 Tap                  6.25-7.00pm                 Activity Room
Advanced 1 Tap               7.00 – 7.45pm               Activity Room
Intermediate Modern          7.45-8.30pm                 Activity Room
Private Lessons              7.45 – 8.30pm               Activity Room
Adult Zumba                  8.30 – 9.30pm               Activity Room


Class                          Time            Place
Private Lessons                7.30-8.45am     Activity Room/Sports Hall
Ark Curriculum Dance           11.00-11.40am   Activity Room
Private Lessons                12.30-2.00pm    Activity Room/Sports Hall
Year 4 Ballet (Group 1)        1.00-1.30pm     Activity Room
Yr 1 Curriculum Dance          1.40-3.10pm     Activity Room
Reception Modern               3.45-4.15pm     Activity Room
Private Lessons                4.30-5.45pm     Activity Room/Sports Hall
Grade 2 Tap                    4.30-5.00pm     Activity Room
Grade 3 Modern                 5.00-5.40pm     Stephens Hall
Grade 4 Tap                    5.00-5.45pm     Activity Room
Grade 5 Tap                    5.45-6.20pm     Activity Room
Intermediate Tap               6.20-7.00pm     Activity Room

Class                      Time                Place
Private Lessons            7.30-8.45am         Activity Room/Sports Hall
Adult Ballet               8.15-9.00am         Sports Hall
Adult Tap                  9.00-9.45am         Activity Room
Reception Curriculum       11.00-12.00pm       Stephens Hall
Private Lessons            12.30 – 2.00pm      Activity Room
Year 4 Ballet (Group 2)    1.00-1.30pm         Activity Room
Year 5 Jazz                1.30-2.00pm         Sports Hall
Year 1 Modern              3.45-4.30pm         Activity Room
Primary Tap (Year 1 & 2)   4.30-5.00pm         Activity Room
Grade 6 Ballet             5.00-5.45pm         Activity Room
Bronze/Silver Jazz         5.45-6.30pm         Activity Room
Grade 5 Modern             6.30-7.15pm         Activity Room
Grade 6 Modern             7.15-8.00pm         Activity Room
Gold Jazz                  8.00-8.30pm         Activity Room
Private Lessons            6.00-9.00pm         Stephens Hall

Class                      Time                Place
Private Lessons            7.30-8.45am         Activity Room/Sports Hall
Year 2 Dance               8.45-10.00am        Activity Room
Ark Curriculum Dance       11.20-11.40am       Activity Room
Private Lessons            12.30-2.00pm        Activity Room/Sports Hall
Year 1 Ballet              12.30-1.00pm        Activity Room
Year 6 Ballet              1.30-2.05pm         Activity Room
Latin American &           4.30 – 5.00pm       Activity Room
Ballroom Jnrs Group 1
Latin American &           5.00 – 5.30pm       Activity Room
Ballroom Jnrs Group 2
Latin American &           5.30 – 6.15pm       Activity Room
Ballroom Seniors

Class                                   Time                           Place
Rainbow Ballet and Tap        9.00-9.30am                    Activity Room
Ark Ballet and Tap            9.30-10.15am                   Activity Room
Reception Ballet and Tap      10.15-11.00am                  Activity Room

4.4. Brazilian Soccer
Through Brazilian Soccer coaching the children learn all they require to gain
confidence at playing the game. Using a small, weighted Futebol de Salao ball the
children will have a ball at their feet for about 50% of a typical session, learning core
dribbling skills, passing, juggling, moves to beat players, balances and traps and ways
to get ball into the air. The other 50% is through fun games in pairs or teams, aimed at
improving specific skills and some match play towards the end of every session.

The coaching is highly age specific, conducted by FA qualified coaches experienced
at coaching children having passed the extensive Brazilian Soccer Schools Coaching
Course. To sign up for this, please contact The Sports Centre on 01883 743377.

4.5 Judo
There are lessons for children from Years 1 to 8. These take place on a Tuesday
afternoon, Years 1 and 2 in the Activity Room from 3.45 to 4.30 and Years 3 – 8 in
the Activity Room from 4.30 to 5.15pm. To sign up parents should contact Josie
Horton, who runs the sessions, on 0207 288 2509 or 07889 869 859. Parents will be
billed at the beginning of each term.

4.6 Tennis
Pupils are able to take part in tennis groups from Year 1 upwards, run by a qualified
tennis coach, Tim Wilkinson. Places are offered on a first come first served basis and
are charged in arrears on the account. Lessons occur in break times or after school and
half a term‟s notice in writing is required if a pupil wishes to stop.

4.7 Swimming
Curriculum lessons
Pre-Prep (Reception, Years 1 & 2)     ½ an hour per week taught in 2 groups per class.
Lower School (Years 3 & 4)            1 hour per week, taught in 2 groups per class.
Upper School (Years 5 – 8)             Every other half term they do one hour per

Swim Squads operate from Year 3 upwards and are by invitation. There is no charge.

Lower School - chosen on timed performance and individual commitment.
Eight boys and eight girls per Year group. Reviewed termly.
Year 3: ½ hour per week only in Spring and Summer Terms on Tuesdays at 3.45pm
Year 4: ½ hour per week throughout the year on Wednesdays at 12.15 – 12.45.

Upper School - Hammerheads training. Dependent on ability and by invitation only.
Swimmers train 2 or 3 mornings a week before School starting at 7.15am. The
Development Squad 2 mornings a week and Competition Squad 3 mornings a week.
Pupils are chosen by trials including time and recognised potential from Year 5
upwards and are continuously assessed on performance and commitment. There is a
termly charge. An after School swimming session is offered to Years 7 and 8 non-
squad members.

The Hawthorns School of Swimming
Daytime lessons for Pre-School children only (age 1 year for Parent and Toddler
lessons progressing to classes without parents for experienced children.)
After school lessons for children in full time education. Non-swimmers to Pre-
competition and other ASA badges (age from 4 years to approx 13+ years and
including Adult class.)
A schedule of lessons, that are available to pupils and the wider community, is
available from the Sports Centre Office. Private lessons are run on Saturdays.
All lessons can be booked through the Sports Centre Office, Mr Richard Feist on
01883 743377 or email

We run a Parent swim fit class on a Monday morning. In addition courses for Rookie
Lifeguard, Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming and Diving.

4.8 Pre-Prep French Club
Known as French Fun and Games (run by Mrs Jane Dallyn on 01737 240954) this is
an After School Activity as follows:

Year Group                   Day/Time                        Location

Reception                    Tuesday 3.20 – 4.20pm           Rainbow Nursery
Year 1                       Thursday 3.30 – 4.30pm          Rainbow Nursery
Year 2                       Friday 3.30 – 4.30pm            Rainbow Nursery

This is charged separately (cheques made payable to French Fun and Games) and is
booked through the Pre-Prep Office. A waiting list is operated. Half a term‟s notice in
writing is required if a child wishes to stop. Curriculum French starts in Year 2.

4.9 School Productions
The following take part in productions as follows:

Year group                      Productions                         Term

Reception, Year 1 & Year 2      Christmas plays or concert          Autumn
                                Mothering Services                  Spring

Year 2                          Play (variable)                     Summer

Year 3                          Poetry Afternoon                    Spring
                                English Speaking Board exams        Summer

Year group                      Productions                        Term

Year 4                          Play (in the round)                Autumn
                                Poetry Competition                 Spring

Years 3/4 and Years 5 – 8       Carol Services                     Autumn
(attendance is compulsory)      St Mary‟s Church Bletchingley
Years 5 – 8                     Open Day Service                   Summer
(attendance is compulsory)      St Mary‟s Church Bletchingley

Year 5                          English Speaking Board Exams       Summer

Year 6                          Musical production                 Spring

Year 7                          English Speaking Board Exams       Summer

Year 8                          Play (production start to finish in Summer
                                one full week).

The Pre-Prep children also take part in a Harvest Festival and Christingle (not open to
parents). Parents are encouraged to attend other events, although seat numbers may
have to be restricted at times.

4.10 After School Clubs
Pre-Prep: After School Clubs are offered as part of the Extended Day facilities and
may change from term to term. They are available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
from 3.30 to 4.15pm and taken by members of staff for which a small charge is made.
Booking forms are sent out termly and numbers are restricted – places are allocated
on a first come first served basis.

Lower School (Years 3 & 4): Children have the opportunity to take part in an extra
sport(s) coaching session on a Tuesday and Thursday from 3.30-4.15pm for which
there is no charge. On Wednesdays the children can participate in a Club from 3.45-
4.15pm. There is a wide range of different clubs offered for the children to enjoy.
These change termly, allowing the children to experience a range of different

Upper School (Years 5 – 8):
On a Thursday afternoon, a range of clubs and activities is offered to all pupils in
Years 5 – 8. These operate from 4.30–5.25pm and can include cookery, squash,
debating, ICT and Film Club. Whilst some activities appear each term, the choice
does change during the year, reflecting the seasons and the different interests of the
staff who organise the activities. Booking forms are sent out termly and in some
cases, numbers/age groups are restricted. Once allocated to an activity, attendance is
expected. With one or two exceptions, there is no charge for these activities.

It is essential that the School Offices and relevant staff members are advised if
children are attending activities (i.e. Judo, Dance) during Extended Day so that we
are aware of their whereabouts at all times.

4.11 Holiday Clubs
Mega Days, Swimming and Dance “Crash” Courses and Sports Coaching Courses
(i.e. soccer, cricket and golf) are run by the Sports Centre during half terms and

Holiday Activity Weeks are run by Mrs Forsyth, Head of Pre-Prep, and Mr Duggan,
Head of Upper School/Geography. These take place for one week and two weeks in
the Easter and Summer Holidays respectively.

All are advertised from time to time in the Weekly Newsletters and details/booking
forms can be obtained from either of the School Offices (holiday activity courses), the
School‟s website or the Sports Centre.

5.1 Range of sports
Games: Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Rounders, Outdoor
Education and Lacrosse (when staff available) together with a selection of minor
sports such as Squash through extra-curricular activities. In Years 5-8, boys are given
the choice between Hockey and Rugby during the Spring Term and in Year 6-8 the
choice between Soccer and Hockey. The girls will have Netball and Hockey
concurrently through the Autumn and Spring Terms. These decisions are made at the
end of the previous term. Outdoor education is offered to pupils during the Autumn
and Summer Term on a Wednesday afternoon.

          Autumn Term                   Spring Term                   Summer Term

          Physical Movement, Ball Physical Movement, Ball Field and Strike
Pre       Skill Games             Skill Games
Year 1    Hockey/Soccer//Netball/       Hockey/Soccer/Ball            Cricket/Rounders
          Pop Lacrosse                  Handling/Netball

Year 2    Soccer/Rugby/Netball/Pop      Soccer/Rugby/Netball/         Cricket/Rounders
          Lacrosse/Hockey               Pop Lacrosse

Years 3 Soccer/Netball/Hockey           Rugby/Hockey/Netball          Cricket/Rounders/
&4                                                                    Tennis

Years     Soccer*                       Rugby/Hockey /Netball         Cricket/Rounders/
5–8       /Netball/Hockey/Outdoor                                     Tennis/Outdoor
          Education                                                   Education

* During the last two weeks of the Autumn Term, Rugby is played.
Girls‟ Lacrosse is offered as a Friday, after-School activity, from Year 5.

PE: Physical Movement (Pre Year 1), Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Indoor Hockey,
Swimming, Outdoor Education and Swimming.
In addition to this compulsory element children have the opportunity to be involved in
team practices once a week, clubs i.e. cross country, additional coaching sessions and
Sports Centre initiatives.

5.2 Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education is offered to all pupils in Years 5 – 8 during the Autumn and
Summer Terms as part of a Wednesday games rotation. Activities during these
sessions will include archery, high wires, sailing and orienteering. However, there
may be some occasions when these children taking part in Outdoor Education are
required to play in match fixtures on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings,
and this will be communicated with the children beforehand. Games lessons will run
as normal on a Monday and Friday afternoon.

5.3 What are the Sport Department’s objectives – winning teams balanced with
developing skills
To enjoy sport and encourage pupils to develop their full potential through the
physical, social and cognitive dimensions of team, individual activities and games,
preparing for future senior schools and adult life.

To create sporting facilities primarily to enrich the lives of children at the School and
for the parents, staff and local community.

To provide opportunities across all areas of sport for maximum participation whilst
producing competitive teams, individuals and performance of the highest quality.

5.4 Team selection policy and procedure
When picking teams, the School will always abide by rules made by Government,
sporting bodies and tournament or opposition managers.

Fixtures will be carefully planned to give as many pupils as possible a suitable
opportunity to play competitive matches for the School. Where possible, fixtures are
arranged with schools of similar size, gender mix and within appropriate distance. The
overriding majority of teams are picked to be competitive and to win. Selected
players, therefore, picked by the sports teacher concerned will be the best available for
each team position. Within the parameters of the above, children will be picked on
ability and not age (i.e. a younger player may play for an older team) if it is felt that
by their selection, the team‟s chances of success is improved. Additionally individual
progress can be enhanced when such a talented younger player has this opportunity to
be challenged in a stronger team.

Team selection is carried out with a great deal of thought and care. It may be
impossible to please all pupils at all times, but the criteria used for their selection will
be made known to them. The School reserves the right to select in the manner they
deem most appropriate and best for each particular fixture and for the pupils in their
care. For example, on occasions teams will be selected for maximum participation.
Every attempt is made to ensure that pupils understand the selection criteria and
where they have missed team selection, what is required of them in order to be
selected in future. If your child is in doubt, however, they are encouraged to ask their
coach, as staff welcome the chance to explain this further on an individual basis.
Team selection decisions will be posted between 48 and 36 hours in advance of any
fixtures – they are available on the boards in the Sports Centre and the Court Yard and
via the School‟s website ( Children in Years 2, 3 & 4 are
provided with a team sheet informing them of their selection and match instructions.
In the Spring Term, no team sheets are sent home with Year 4 children and they are
expected to check the sports notice board and record the date and time of the fixture in
their prep diary. Team sheets publish post codes for away fixtures.

Mixed gender teams will only be picked where the opposition employs or agrees to a
similar policy.

5.5 Monitoring of progress
Children are assessed in two ways:

Lesson and Match Performance
Sports Physical Assessments (SPA)

Children in the Prep School receive between 4 and 10 hours of sport per week;
continuous assessment through observation represents a core aspect of the
lesson/activity content. Teachers are always on the lookout for players displaying
marked progress and these players are moved into teams of greater strength, where
through a differentiated process of learning, they are challenged at a higher level.

A further process developed from Talent Search (Australia Institute of Sport)
measures the pupils‟ physical attributes significant (SPA) to their ability to function in
the sporting arena. All such systems are implemented in a manner that motivates
children to success through personal, year on year, progress.

5.6 How to pack kit bags (Years 3 to 8)
The children will need to have the following kit ready for their lessons each week.
Please CLEARLY NAME all items of clothing and equipment before it is brought to
BEFORE SEPTEMBER. The School kit bag is stored in lockers in the Sports Centre
(or girls‟ changing room) and is brought home every weekend. Please teach your child
to pack the bag as follows:

End Pocket – Gym/P.E. Kit.(No shoes)
Boys/Girls - white shorts & white House polo shirt

Other end pocket- Games clothes:
Football socks
Navy blue rugby shirt and maroon rugby shirt (or reversible rugby shirt)
Navy blue shorts
Games socks
Navy blue skort
White polo shirt
Sweatshirt with ‟H‟ badge
Hockey top blue and white check (optional)
Fleece (optional)

Central compartment:
Anything that gets wet or muddy:
Football boots in a boot bag
Shower towel (Boys only)
Separate swimming bag containing swimming towel, trunks/costume & hat.
School tracksuit
Shin pads, gum shield in Autumn and Spring Terms (boys and girls)

Indoor shoes for use in the Sports Hall are kept in shoe lockers along the Sports Hall
corridor and may stay in School at weekends.
Outdoor trainers: All girls in the Courtyard changing rooms and Year 8 boys; other
Year groups as close to Form rooms as possible ready for breaks.
All children should have a comb or hairbrush kept in the zip pocket of their blazers.

5.7 Matches
Children in Year 3 involved in School fixtures will receive an individual team sheet,
which is taken home for the parents to read. Children in Year 4 will receive a team
sheet for the Autumn Term but this will then change in the Spring Term when
children will record all fixture details in their prep diaries. Children above the age of 9
(Years 5 – 8) are informed of their inclusion in a team and the various details of the
fixture via the Sports Notice Boards in the Courtyard. The children are encouraged to
read and digest this information. The School endeavours to post team sheets between
48 and 36 hours before the date of the fixture. Team lists are also posted on the
School‟s website, and Sports Centre Notice Boards. Maps to
fixtures are available on the website by clicking on the relevant fixture on the calendar
or from the Prep School Office. For away fixtures, the post code of the School is

5.8 Performance Squads
Performance Squad children are selected on their performances in games lessons and
fixtures. It is a privilege to be selected for a squad so children must show a high
degree of coachability and commitment on a consistent basis. Their attitude and
behaviour must be an example to other pupils.

Performance Squads were created to give the very able an opportunity to work on
more complicated skills and game play. The balance of a child‟s workload is taken
into consideration during squad selection. Performance Squads follow the major sport
for the term, although cricket starts a few weeks earlier.

5.9 Centre Circle
All families are invited to join the Centre Circle. An application form and details are
sent with the joining pack and this can be taken up at any time. The cost is added to
your invoice. You are entitled to use the Sports Centre facilities as set out below.
These are extended during the School holiday periods and details are advised through
the Weekly Newsletter. 10% discounts on birthday parties, fitness classes and Mega
Days are offered to Centre Circle members.

Day                            Time                           Activity

Monday                         07.00 – 07.30                  Swimming
                               19.30 – 21.00                  Swiming
Tuesday                        12.30 – 13.00                  Swimming
                               20.00 – 21.00                  Swimming

Wednesday                       07.00 – 07.30               Swimming
                                19.30 – 21.00               Swimming

Thursday                        12.30 – 13.00               Swimming
                                19.00 – 22.00               Swimming
                                19.00 – 21.00 Hall          Badminton
                                21.00 – 22.00               Soccer

Friday                          07.00 – 07.30               Swimming

Saturday                        09.00 – 13.00               Swimming

Sunday                          09.00 – 12.00               Swimming (only)
                                12.00 – 13.00               Wet N Wild Session

*School activities permitting

5.10 Adult Exercise and Dance classes
All lessons can be booked/paid for through the Sports Centre Office (01883 743377).
All classes are held in the Activity Room in the Sports Centre. Centre Circle
Membership discount is available. Any queries should be directed to Mrs Tanya

Day                             Class                       Time

Monday                          Adult Running Club          9.00-10.00am

Thursday                        Adult Latin                 8.20 – 8.50am
                                Adult Ballroom              9.00 – 9.45am
                                Adult Tap

5.11 Parties and external use of Sports Centre
Birthday Parties are run on Saturday and Sunday afternoons during the term for a
minimum of 10 children (15 for a Skating party). These are extended to weekdays
during the School holidays. The cost includes party staff for the 2 hours as well as set-
up and clear-up of decorations and tableware. There are a variety of themes including
swimming, sports, roller skating, outdoor adventures and party games. For more
information contact the Sports Centre on 01883 743377.

5.12 Sports Hall and Activity Room Hire
The Sports Hall is available for hire for 5-a-side football, hockey, indoor cricket
(including nets) and badminton and the All Weather Pitch for football and hockey.
The Activity Room is available for hire for dance and aerobics classes.
Additional activities may be available on request. Please contact Sean Buchan on
01883 743377 or email for further details.

                   THE HAWTHORNS’ COMMUNITY
6.1 FROTH (Friends of The Hawthorns) is our Parents‟ Association whose
Constitution states that they further the interests and amenities of the School by
hosting social events. The subscription (£1 per family per term) is included with the
School fees.
Events organised during the year include a Christmas Bazaar, Disco for the children,
Quiz night, Summer Ball and Ladies‟ Lunch and provide fun and enjoyment for
pupils, parents, staff and the wider community. A Magazine (FROTH News) is
published twice a year.
FROTH raises funds to purchase a wide variety of items, some of which are suggested
by the School and others by the parents, (i.e. outdoor play equipment for the Prep
School, drive-side lighting, stage blocks, p.a. system, lighting for the All Weather
All parents are encouraged to get involved by joining the Committee or helping at a
particular event. FROTH has a box in the Front Hall of the Prep School for reply
slips etc.

6.2 O.H.A. (Old Hawthornian Association) – All parents and pupils become
members of the Association, as they leave the School, with the cost for life
membership included within the School fees. This entitles them to: one copy of The
Hawthorns Review and thereafter access to the O.H. news section only, the O.H.
Facebook site and a reduction in the ticket price for many events. Past pupils and staff
have the option to purchase an O.H. tie/brooch and further copies of the Review.
An Annual Dinner and A.G.M is held in the late spring with an O.H.A. Day (cricket
against the 1st XI, rounders and barbeque) early in July. Other events and reunions are
arranged from time to time with details published on both Facebook and the O.H.
section of the School website
Year Group co-ordinators are appointed, where possible, to help with liaison. The
O.H.A. Committee meets each term and new members are always very welcome. All
communication, ideas and suggestions should be passed through to Shona Prosser in
the Foundation and O.H. Office, email: Tel: 01883 740491.

6.3 The Hawthorns Foundation – launched in April 2007 to support capital projects,
create a Bursary fund and establish an endowment fund for the future long term
sustainability of the School. The Foundation holds regular events to support its “Give
a Little – Help a Lot” appeal. Further information is available from our website, or from Shona Prosser via the Foundation and O.H.
Office, email: Tel: 01883 740419.

6.4 School Shop – this is based in the Pavilion and is open Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday during term times at drop-off and pick-up times (contact the
School Offices or website for detailed opening hours). It opens prior to the start of
each term and these dates and times are published in the weekly newsletter. Individual
appointments can be made where appropriate (01883 740428). It is anticipated that
during the next academic year, parents will be able to purchase uniform on line via the
School Shop website,

6.5 Thrift Shop – this is run by parent volunteers to enable parents to buy and sell
uniform which in turn raises funds for the direct benefit of the pupils. 25% is retained
from the selling price; the remaining 75% is returned to the seller.
To sell items a “Seller‟s Number” is required and all necessary information (a guide
to the system, price guide and registration form) are available from the School Offices
and the School website, together with a price guide.
Sales are normally held twice a term with a pre-term sale at the end of the Summer
Holidays in the Pavilion. Dates of sales are printed on the calendar and advertised in
the newsletter.

6.6 Parent and Toddler Group
This is open to parents and carers of pupils up to school age and is held in the
Rainbow Nursery on Monday and Thursday afternoons, 1.30 – 3.15pm, during term
time. This provides an excellent introduction to life at The Hawthorns, but all are

7. How to keep in touch with the School community

7.1 My child’s progress – An “organogram” showing lines of communication is
attached to the Governors‟ Annual Report issued in the Autumn Term.

7.1.1. Contact with the Form Teacher in Years 3 – 8 should be made via a note in the
Prep diary. Contact in the Pre-Prep is made via a note in the Reading Diary. Form
Teachers are always happy to see parents at the end of the School day.

7.1.2. Appointments can be made through the Prep Diary or through the School
Offices on 01883 743048 to speak to the joint Heads of Lower School or Heads of
Department followed by Deputy Heads/Head.

7.1.3. Specific queries should be made to:

      Mrs Hankey, Head of Music, on 01883 743048 x 2063.
      Mr Morris on 01883 743048 x 2023 on general matters of sport or Mr Duggan
       or Mrs Pettifer, Head of Boys‟/Girls‟ Games on 01883 743048 extension
       2058/2054 respectively or through the Sports Centre Office.
      Mrs Greenwood, Head of Dance, on 01883 743377, or through the Sports
       Centre Office

7.1.4. Parents’ Evenings and Reports
The dates of Parents‟ Meetings are published in advance in the newsletter and on the
calendar. Details of the meetings (dates, time, venue etc.) are set out in the newsletter
with a reply slip to request appointments.

7.1.5. The Lower School (Years 3 and 4) hold a “drop in” morning in the Autumn
and Spring Terms when parents can look at their child‟s work in the classroom.
These are published on the calendar. In the Pre-Prep, Autumn and Spring Terms “drop
in” afternoons are arranged where parents can look at their child‟s work displayed in
the classroom.

7.1.6. Cycle of meetings
Staff hold regular Year group Profile meetings to discuss pupils‟ progress.

7.2 School Communication

7.2.1. How to pay your invoice
Invoices are sent home at the end of term. Fees are due on or before the first day of
term and can be paid in a variety of ways:
(a) By cheque via the School Offices.
(b) By debit or credit card via the Prep School Office during office hours.
(c) Directly into the School‟s bank account, the details of which are included on the
(d) By installments over four months through HSBC Monthly Payments Scheme –
leaflets distributed to parents annually or available from the School Offices.

7.2.2. Weekly Newsletter
This is emailed via Google groups/placed on the website ( on a
Thursday evening. Paper copies are available from the Front Hall, Pre-Prep Office or
Sports Centre. Please ensure that you read all the sections and complete the necessary
reply slips in good time to help with event planning. Items to be placed in the
newsletter need to be emailed to Janice Cannon at or to by lunchtime on the Wednesday prior to publication.

7.2.3. Website (
There is a wealth of information contained on the website (newsletter, curriculum
details and maps to schools for fixtures). The parents‟ section of the website is
password protected. In order to register you need to hit the Login tab on the Home
page and register your details. We will then send you the necessary authorisation to
enable you to sign in to the Parents‟ pages.A list of staff email addresses can be found
on the Parents‟ section of the website

7.2.4. Head’s Tea
Head‟s Tea is usually held twice a term from 3.30 – 4.15pm in the Front Hall of the
Prep School providing an informal opportunity to chat to Mr Johns, the Headmaster,
over a cup of tea.
This is advertised in the newsletter in advance.

7.2.5. Form Reps
Each Form is represented by a parent(s) who is appointed for no more than two years
and who provides an avenue of approach for parents to the School. Termly meetings
are held with the Head of Pre-Prep and Senior Deputy Head (Prep School) where
queries which range from food, team selection, lost property, can be raised
(anonymously) and then fed back to parents. Form Reps provide an important
channel for marshalling resources and as a “sounding board” for new School
initiatives/plans. Form Reps also help to welcome new families to their Form, share
information and arrange Form/Year group social events (i.e. coffee mornings, mums‟
supper, family picnics).

7.2.6. Clarion Call
This system will be used to contact parents quickly and efficiently to inform you of
sudden changes (emergency) to the School day via a text message to a mobile phone.
The newsletter and other documents may be emailed. A Parent Overview is attached.

7.2.7. Hawthorns Review
This is issued annually in the second half of the Autumn Term and summarises the
previous academic year‟s activities. The cost of this is included within the School

7.2.8. Ad Hoc Sessions
From time to time the School runs parenting evenings, curriculum evenings, sports
focus group, reading workshops, etc details of which are published in the newsletter
or can be obtained from either of the School Offices.

7.3 How to Feedback Information to School

7.3.1. If you have any specific issues relating to your family, please pass these
through the Form Teacher in the first instance. This information will then be passed
on to other relevant members of staff.

7.3.2. Issues of general administration or policy
These can be raised directly with the member of staff concerned or via your Form

7.3.3. Questionnaires
As part of our on-going commitment to monitoring parents‟ perceptions,
questionnaires are given to parents in Reception, Years 2, 4, 6 and 8. These are
completed anonymously and should be returned to the appropriate School Office.
Questionnaires are also sent home during inspection periods.

7.3.4. Bi-Annual Parents’ Forum
These are held every two years and parents are invited to come to take part in an open
discussion with the Governors on a specific topic. These are published on the School
calendar and in the weekly newsletter.

7.3.5. Complaints
Should any parent feel it necessary to make a formal complaint, our complaints
procedure can be found on the School website.

7.3.6. Health and Safety
Despite comprehensive welfare and accident referral procedures being in place, on
rare occasions a pupil may fail to inform the School of an incident. In such cases,
please advise the School as soon as possible of the nature and circumstances
surrounding the incident and consequent injury. This will enable us to keep up to date
records and to monitor our systems effectively.

                        SCHOOL GOVERNANCE
8.1. Structure of the School Organisation
The School and its freehold premises are owned by The Hawthorns Educational Trust
Limited, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee and administered by a
Board of Governors. By definition the school is non-profit making and all efforts are
directed at maximizing the benefits and opportunities for its pupils. The Headmaster
is a member of IAPS (Independent Association of Preparatory Schools) who together
with the Head of Pre-Prep, Deputy Heads and Bursar oversee day-to-day

8.2. School’s vision, aim, motto
The School‟s vision is published biennially in a document entitled Towards 20:20 –
Perfect Vision. This is produced by the Board of Governors, Headmaster and Staff. It
identifies how the School will continue to achieve its aim of being renowned for its
balanced education offering quality, friendliness, high standards, excellent facilities,
relevance and value for money. This outlines the Principles, Curriculum, Future Plans
and Key Development Areas. These are available to parents through the School
It is the overriding aim of The Hawthorns to lead children towards an awareness and
acceptance of themselves, recognising strengths and potential. It aims to establish
high expectations, an enjoyment of knowledge and the skills of learning, an
understanding of society and pupils‟ relationships within it and knowledge of God and
Christianity with respect for the diversity of faiths in society. It believes that every
child should be provided with the greatest opportunity to develop fully her or his
potential, both academic and non-academic, in a safe, challenging and lively
environment; that children learn best in an atmosphere of enjoyment and by offering a
wide choice of sporting, aesthetic and extra-curricular activities, that it should
therefore produce happy and healthy children who demonstrate determination and
The School upholds Christian values and its motto, “Love God, love thy neighbour”
underpins all that it does.

8.3 Organogram – list of staff sent out with annual Governors‟ report.

8.4 Governors
Members of the Board of Governors are listed below and can be contacted through
either of the School Offices. They cover a range of appropriate experience and have
strong connections with the School, offering supportive effective oversight. Re-
election occurs every three years. Appropriate training is undergone by all

The full Board of Governors meets once a term, unless an Extra-ordinary meeting is
called. In the Autumn Term, they produce an Annual Report to the parents which
summarises their activities over the past year. This is sent home to all parents and
appears on the website.

Chair (elect)                          Zoe Creighton (Parent)

Education                              Zoe Creighton, Sue Mumby, Guy Nelson,
                                       Arabella Stuart, Graham Williams

Finance and General Purposes including Mark Williams, John Baart, Tony
Legal, Health and Safety and Property  Cockerill, Zoe Creighton, Chris Purnell

Marketing                              Sam Ellis

Personnel                              Deji Oyebode, Guy Nelson

Pre-Prep                               Sue Mumby

Foundation                             Zoe Creighton


9. Appendices

      Glossary of Terms
      Clarion Call Parent Overview
      Two Yearly Trip Planner
      Map of the School site


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