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                Fresh Herb Pizza Bread** £ 3.95                     Bruschetta** £ 3.95

Garlic bread** £ 2.50 Garlic bread with cheese** £ 2.95 Italian Bread & olives** £ 3.95

Mozzarella in carrozza **                     £ 4.50             Lumache                                  £ 4.95
breaded & served with salsa pomodoro & fresh basil               1/2 dozen snails in wine & garlic butter
Prawn cocktail                                £ 5.50             Tutta Frutta **                           £ 4.50
fresh water prawns on a bed of lettuce                           fanned melon, orange & grapefruit
Cozze Marinara                                £ 5.50             Prosciutto e Melone                      £ 7.50
Mussels, shallots, garlic, wine & cream sauce                     Parma ham and sweet melon
Tricolore **                                  £ 5.50             Funghi trifolati **                      £ 5.95
avocado, tomato & bufala mozzarella                              wild & exotic mushrooms sautéed in
served with classic Italian dressing                             garlic butter & Frascati wine
Misto mare                                    £ 6.95             Gamberoni al piccante                    £ 8.95
deep-fried prawns, calamari & whitebait                          king prawns in garlic sauce & chili
Calamari fritti                               £ 5.50             Prosciutto e Fichi                       £ 7.50
deep fried tender calamari rings                                 baked figs with goat’s cheese wrapped
with tartare sauce                                               in Parma ham
Antipasto Italiano                            £ 7.95             Carpaccio                                £ 7.95
assorted Italian cold slices of salami,                          thin slices of beef fillet, on rocket
mortadella & Parma ham                                           with pecorino shavings

Starter        £ 5.95                     PASTA & RISOTTO                      Main dish                 £ 8.50

Spaghetti al Ragu’                                               Spaghetti Napoli **
with the classic bolognese & tomato sauce                        with tomato, onions & fresh basil sauce
Gnocchi e Pancetta                                               Penne Bianca
with dolcelatte, parmigiano, mozzarella                           fresh swordfish, with a hint of chili,
pecorino, spinach & crispy Pancetta                               broccoli, vino bianco & garlic
Risotto del Pescatore                                            Risotto Paesano **
mussels, clams, prawns & calamari in tomato                       arborio rice tossed with avocado,
chili, garlic & arborio rice                                      peppers, mushrooms, & tomato
Lasagna al forno                                                 Linguine e Scampi (£ 1 extra)
oven baked with bolognese & bechamel sauce                       with scampi, tomato, cream, rocket & chili
Risotto al Dolcelatte **                                         Spaghetti alla Carbonara
with dolcelatte, pears,, shallots & white wine                   with pancetta, yolk, cream & parmigiano
Spaghetti alle Vongole                                           Penne al Pesto **
with clams, garlic, parsley & wine sauce                         fresh basil, garlic & pine kernels

                                           ** suitable for vegetarians

Pesce della Mamma                      £ 11.50        Salmone Cardinale                     £ 11.50
marinated grilled swordfish                            poached salmon fillet in Graspello wine
with crisp onion topping                               with fresh dill & a hint of cream
Gamberoni Zambrotta                   £ 14.95         Capesante Sofia Loren                 £ 13.95
king prawns, garlic, tarragon & wine sauce            scallops with prawns & mushrooms in
served on a sizzler with a side dish of rice           Mornay sauce edged with creamed potatoes
Scampi Pavarotti                     £ 13.95          Sogliola alla Griglia                 £   P.A.S
with mushrooms, Sambuca, prawns, shallots             locally caught Dover Sole
garlic, tomato & cream sauce - served with rice        in lemon & parsley or plainly grilled


Pollo Casalingo                        £ 11.50        Pollo Angelino                        £ 11.50
chicken breast in Groviera cheese sauce,              tender chicken breast marinated in wine
topped with sage & crispy pancetta                    with fresh herbs, garlic, chili & lime
Pollo Zanetti                          £ 11.50        Scaloppina Corleone                    £ 12.95
chicken supreme with prawns                           tender slices of veal cooked in sweet
in Brandy & cream                                     Marsala wine
Veal Funghetto                        £ 12.95         Medaglioni Claudio                    £ 12.95
veal slices with wild mushrooms,                      veal medallions with garlic, oregano, capers,
cream & Frascati wine                                 Pinot Grigio & tomato sauce
Saltinbocca alla romana              £ 12.95          Filetto Stroganoff                    £ 13.95
veal medallions sautéed in vino dei castelli          tender pieces of fillet of Angus beef in vodka,
fresh sage with Parma ham topping                     mushrooms & sour cream - served with rice
Bistecca al pepe                      £ 13.95         Bistecca ai Porcini                   £ 13.95
juicy sirloin steak in Brandy                         tasty sirloin steak in Brandy with shallots
& black peppercorn sauce                              wild mushrooms & a touch of cream
Filetto Rossini                       £ 14.95         Filetto al Dolcelatte                 £ 14.95
fillet topped with pate’ in Brandy sauce              tender fillet of beef in creamy blue cheese
& mushrooms – served with croutons                    & vintage Port sauce

           Chef’s choice of seasonal vegetables & potatoes £ 2.25 per person
 Green salad - Tomato & Mozzarella - Mixed salad - Tomato & onion salad £ 3.95 each

         Our chefs create delicious “out of the ordinary” dishes unique to this restaurant,
                                  everything is prepared to order.

    At busy times you may endure a wait, but your patience will be rewarded by a meal to remember!!!

                         10% service charge will be added at end of the bill

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