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					Fall 2008                                                                                              Volume XIII Number 4

Upcoming Events                                                                   Northern California
October 2008
                                                                                      Ohlone Lodge will hosting the
2 Village Meetings 7:30pm                                                         annual Northern California Trade-O-
District Roundtable Meeting Sites                                                 Ree on Friday, November 7th and
                                                                                  Saturday, November 8th, 2008 at the
                                                                                  Palo Alto Service Center. Boy Scout
4 Lodge Leadership Development         Pictured above are Ohlone Lodge members    patch collectors will assemble to
7:30pm                                 preparing and serving lunch at Webelos
Foster City Scout Service Center       Extreme on Saturday, September 27.         trade, buy, and sell rare Scouting
                                                                                  memorabilia and collectables. There
                                                                                  will be trading taking place on Friday
9 Lodge Executive Committee 7:30pm     January 2009                               night, and auctions held throughout
Foster City Scout Service Center                                                  the day on Saturday.
                                       8 No Village Meetings                          Lodge members who come and
24-26 Fall Ordeal                        The Villages will be united at the       help will be able to earn a special
Cutter Scout Reservation               Lodge Meeting on January 22nd.             trade-o-ree lodge flap.

November 2008                          15 Lodge Executive Committee 7:30pm
                                       Pacific Skyline Council Scout Service
6 No Village Meetings                  Center - Foster City
  The Villages will be united at the
Lodge Meeting on December 6th.         22 Lodge Meeting (see website for time)
                                       3601 Alameda de las Pulgas
7-8 Northern California Trade-O-Ree    - San Mateo
Palo Alto Scout Service Center                                                        For more information, check out the
                                                                                  lodge website or email Kyle Poland,
                                       New Lodge Meetings                         Vice Chief of Administration, or his
13 Lodge Executive Committee                                                      adviser, David Miura at:
Foster City Scout Service Center       In order to strengthen our lodge,          TOR@Ohlone63.org
                                       the three village meetings will be
                                       united into one lodge meeting. This
20 Lodge Meeting 7:30pm                meeting will be held the fourth            Fun at Fall Ordeal
Foster City Scout Service Center       Thursday of the month (except for
                                       December ). These are a replacement           Yes, you read the title right, it does
December 2008                          of the village meetings and are meant      say fun. You may be thinking of your
                                       to make the meetings more enjoyable        past experience as a candidate in
                                       to you. We will have drumming, dance       Ordeal, and how it was, well, and
4 No Village Meetings                  team, pizza, Indian Handball, Apples
  The Villages will be united at the                                              ordeal. But now that you are an
                                       to Apples, and more! So I hope to see      Arrowman, come back to and have
Lodge Meeting on December 6th          all of you at our lodge meeting for fun,   fun helping lead the Ordeal. Come
                                       friends, and meaningful experiences.       hang out with fellow OA members,
6 Lodge Meeting 2:00p - 5:00p                                                     play cards and other games till all
Foster City Scout Service Center                                                  hours of the night, join a ceremonies
                                       Inverted Lodge Flap                        team and help pass the legend on to
11 Lodge Executive Committee 7:30pm                                               a new generation of candidates, and
Foster City Scout Service Center       The last batch of lodge flaps we           most importantly, you get to sleep
                                       ordered had some of the flaps with the     indoors. Don't let this fun-filled
                                       sky colors inverted. Very collectable.     weekend pass you up, and for just
                                       Get them while you can.                    $15, what reason do you have not to
Lodge Leadership                            of the Arrow Lodge and keep your
                                            dues paid. Be aware that acceptance
                                                                                        Chiefs' Corner
Opportunities                               of Brotherhood membership involves
                                                                                        Dear Arrowmen,
                                            a pledge of service to the lodge.
                                            Develop a concrete idea of how you              Representation. That is the most
The Lodge has several excellent                                                         important thing that our lodge must
leadership opportunities available.         plan to fulfill this pledge.
                                                                                        focus upon. Throughout history,
Positions include ceremonies, Native                                                    representation has been a key topic.
American dancing, drumming, and             5.Review your progress. When you
                                            earnestly feel that you have met the        For instance, the rally cry of the
elangomats. No experience is                                                            American Revolution was “no taxation
required and training will be provided.     four challenges above, write a letter to
                                            your lodge secretary. In this letter:       without representation.” But why is
A good way to get work experience. If                                                   this so imperative to our lodge?
you are interested email the Chief,                                                         There are nearly 300 current
Bradley Bottoms, at                         a. Explain what you think the
                                                                                        members of our lodge, and we have
lodgechief@ohlone63.org for more            Obligation means.
                                                                                        had over 400 inducted in the past few
info.                                                                                   years. We have many dedicated
                                            b. Describe how you have been
                                                                                        members who make our events a true
                                            fulfilling this obligation in your troop
                                                                                        success, but we simply cannot have
Get Your                                    or team and in your daily life, and how     full attendance of all our members at
                                            you have used your understanding of
Brotherhood!                                the Ordeal to aid in this service.
                                                                                        our events, with the exception of
                                                                                        Conclave. For this reason, the OA
                                                                                        national committee as well as the Boy
    If you had your Ordeal in 2007 or       c. Describe your specific plans for         Scouting committee formed the OA
earlier, then you are now eligible to       giving service in the lodge program.
attain your Brotherhood Honor. Don't                                                    Representative position several years
let this opportunity to seal you                                                        ago.
                                            Include with this letter your advance           That is why I ask you to become your
membership in the Order pass you up.        registration application and fees for
Plus, you get a cool new sash! Come                                                     troop's OA Rep. This position should
                                            the next Brotherhood ceremony               not be considered an easy one that
to the fall Ordeal, October 24-26, and      according to the instructions given by
attend the Brotherhood ceremony.                                                        can be used as credit toward rank
                                            the lodge.                                  advancement, but should instead be a
Requirements are listed below. This
could help us earn Quality Lodge this                                                   valuable tool for both the troop and
year.                                       Free Brotherhood                            the lodge. The Rep should attend all
                                                                                        events, know the schedule, and
                                            Sashes                                      should be in contact with the Lodge
OA Brotherhood                                                                          Executive Committee. You should
                                                                                        know when your troop needs an
                                                Ohlone Lodge is currently giving
Requirements                                away free Brotherhood Sashes to our         election and provide information to
( As listed in the OA Handbook )            members who earn the Brotherhood            your troop about every event and
                                            Honor. See your handbook for details,       meeting. It is your job to make sure
1. Memorize the signs of Arrow              or the article preceding this one.          that your troop has a great
membership. Memorize the Obligation         Contact our new Vice-Chief of               brotherhood conversion rate. You
of the Order, which you received from       Inductions, Dan, at                         need to make your troop know the
Allowat Sakima (printed on the back of      VCI@ohlone63.org for details.               importance of the OA.
your membership card and in your                                                            I know that this position sounds
handbook). Also memorize the Order                                                      difficult, but it is just the opposite. All it
of the Arrow Official Song, the             When Does Ordeal                            requires is a love for the Order. I,
                                                                                        along with the rest of the officers and
Admonition, the sign of Ordeal
membership, and the Arrow                   Start and End?                              advisors, are here to help. So become
handclasp.                                                                              OA Reps, and if you already are,
                                                Many people ask when Ordeals            contact me, and I will help you each
2. Advance in your understanding of         start and end. The official start time of   step of the way.
the Ordeal. Gain a thorough                 an Ordeal is 8:00, although it is           Yours in Brotherhood,
understanding of the Ordeal through         recommended that you are there by
which you have passed.                      6:00. Really, the earlier you can get       Bradley Bottoms
                                            there the better. Who doesn't want to       Lodge Chief
3.Serve your unit. Retain your              hang out with their favorite chief for a    Ohlone Lodge
registration in Scouting. During a          few extra hours? The official end time      lodgechief@ohlone63.org
period of at least 10 months, strive to     is Sunday at 11:00, so that way we
                                            can squeeze in a few fun activities in
fulfill your Obligation by continuing and
expanding your service to your own          the morning. If you need to leave on        Secret password
troop or team.                              Saturday night due to religious issues      The password to the 'umpstart link on
                                            or other commitments, the best time to      our homepage is the fifth word of the
4.Plan for service in your Lodge.           do so is right after dinner.                title on page 10 of your OA Handbook.
Retain your registration in your Order                                                  (Use all lower case letters, no spaces,
                                                                                        no quotes, no punctuation.)
Lodge Lore                                  Dutch Oven Cooking                           National Leadership
By David Miura
                                            All you need is:
“The Fish”                                  • a dutch oven                               By Matt Rudnick
                                            • Charcoal and matches or a lighter
Over a decade ago, Ohlone Lodge             • Spray-on vegetable oil                         Leadership training shouldn't be
was formed by the merger of two             • an asortment of favorite dried             sitting in a windowless room for hours
great lodges, Stanford-Oljato Lodge              herbs and spices                        listening how to make a menu for a
207 of Stanford Area Council and            • heavy leather gloves or heavy              camp out. It should be getting up,
Pomponio Lodge 528 of San Mateo                  duty oven mitts                         having fun, and learning how to
County Council. As our lodge creates        • a roll of paper towels                     actually run your patrol, troop, or lodge
its own unique traditions, I would like     • Tongs, 16 inches or longer                 and enjoy doing it! The Order of the
to pass down some of the history and        • a chef's knife and a paring knife          Arrow wants to train you how to not
traditions of the old lodges so we can      • a lid lifter (a pair of pliers will work   only be a good leader but a great one,
all be bound to the Arrowmen of the              for this as will)                       for free! The National Leadership
past by the sharing of this knowledge.      • Long handled spoon and fork                Seminar (NLS) is taught by our
    Patch traders from Pomponio Lodge                                                    region's and nation's best youth on
used to talk about “The Fish.” What         Of course, you will need the                 how to plan, set goals, make scouting
they were referring to was the lodge        ingredients for the recipe you want to       an amazing experience, and even
flap that has since been designated         cook.                                        answer your questions about any and
528 F4 by the patch collecting                                                           everything that has ever made you
                                                                                         stumble as a leader.
community. This was the first flap          Philmont Ranger Peach Cobbler                     From the moment you walk into the
utilizing the thunderbird design that
continued as the lodge's restricted two                                                  main room you will notice this is not
                                            2-3 cans cling peaches in heavy syrup        like any troop or council led training
per year flap until it merged in 1995.      2 boxes of white cake mix
The difference is that it was a twill                                                    seminar you have ever been to, this is
                                            1 stick of butter                            training that is truly unique. National
patch and the white of the                  cinnamon to taste
thunderbird's wings were not sewn in.                                                    officers and OA members who have
But why was it called “The Fish?”                                                        sat before in the very seats you will
                                            1) Grease or foil Dutch Oven.                soon sit in are the trainers for the
    Back in 1965 when Chuck Marr was        2) Place a layer of cake mix on the
lodge chief, the lodge sported a very                                                    course. Because they are youth they
                                                bottom of the pan (about 1/4 inch        have personally faced the same
plain lodge flap featuring a bell               thick).
(representing the mission bells along                                                    questions you have, but at the same
                                            3) Drop in a can of cling peaches            time they want to make sure while we
El Camino Real) and arrow on a white            along with the heavy syrup (don't
background. Chuck was determined to                                                      learn that we have fun.
                                                drain them).                                  How to problem solve. How to work
create a new, more interesting lodge        4) Continue to alternatly layering cake
flap, and he designed one based on                                                       as a team. How to create a program
                                                mix and cling peaches.                   that drives the interest of the scouts.
the thunderbird and bell motif of the       5) Cover remaining peaches with a
lodge neckerchief. This was accepted                                                     NLS' goal is to make you an amazing
                                            final layer of cake mix.                     leader. Most trainings just tell us what
and the new flaps were ordered in           6) Give a brief stir to allow syrup to
time for the Spring Ordeal.                                                              they have did in the past, but NLS
                                                mix with cake mix.                       trains us on why ideas work and how
    Chuck eagerly anticipated the arrival   7) Place slices of butter over the top of
of the new patches, and when they                                                        to implement your own program. We
                                                the final layer of cake mix.             as leaders all have new and exciting
came into the council office, he rushed     8) Sprinkle ground cinnamon over the
down to inspect them. Needless to                                                        ideas to make our patrol, troop, and
                                                top.                                     lodge better. NLS teaches you how to
say, he was greatly disappointed!           9) Place coals underneath and on top
They didn't look anything like the                                                       take your ideas and make them work
                                                of Dutch Oven.                           successfully. The weekend really
original design; however, they had no       10) Cook for 45 minutes or longer.
choice but to use them at the                                                            breaks down what real leadership,
                                                When you can stick a fork in and         communication, and planning is all
upcoming Ordeal. Everybody thought              pull it out without cake sticking to
the new flaps were ugly, and people                                                      about.
                                            it, it's done.                                    This amazing event is being held in
said, “It stinks!” which ultimately lead
to the fish moniker.                        Courtesy of Troop 250 of San Bruno, CA.      Alameda at stunning Coast Guard
    So now you know what “The Fish” is.     Dutch Oven and Outdoor Cooking Favorites.    Island on November 14-16, 2008. All
                                            Sept. 2008. Troop 250. San Bruno, CA         youth that want to attend can go for
Only Pomponio Lodge members ever
used this terminology, and now you                                                       free! All you have to do is contact
can too.                                                                                 Lodge Chief Bradley Bottoms to get
                                                                                         you signed up!
Pictured right: Pomponio Lodge flap,
“The Fish”

Next time: Hamilton's Half Century, or
the sinking canoe.
Otter Side needs you!!                      world class Scouting locales are
                                            usually in the Jamboree price range
                                            you can go there for free, that's right,
    We are rebuilding The Otter Side
from the ground up! Articles,
                                                THE BEST TIME TO APPLY IS                                Publications Chairman
information about OA opportunities,
                                            NOW, IN THE FALL. THE                                          Ronald Yeung
humor, trivia, etc.
                                            PROGRAMS FILL UP AS WE GET                                publications@ohlone63.org
    We also welcome small ads for
                                            CLOSER TO THE SUMMER.
local businesses selling OA related                                                                       Publications Adviser
                                                See www.western.oa-
stuff (i.e. regalia, furs, hides, beads,                                                                   David Bradley
and hatchets ).                                                                                     secretaryadviser@ohlone63.org
                                            for program details.
    Promote your village, upcoming
                                            Philmont, Northern Tier, and Florida
event, or Eagle project with a well
                                            Sea Base are all once in a lifetime              Lodge Executive Committee
placed article.
                                            experiences, so don't let this
     The Otter Side is published                                                                            Lodge Chief
                                            opportunity pass you by!
quarterly. The best way to submit                                                                     Bradley Bottoms
                                                Please contact the Chief, Bradley
something for publication is to email                                                                  lodgechief@ohlone63.org
                                            Bottoms, immediately at
                                            lodgechief@ohlone63.org for
                                            scholarship infomation.                               Vice Chief of Administration
NOAC 2009!!!!!                                                                                            Kyle Poland
    NOAC 2009 is right around the                                                                         vca@ohlone63.org
corner. NOAC, National Order of the
Arrow Conference will be held at the                                                                Vice Chief of Inductions
University of Indiana. Essentially,                                                                        Dan Quinn
NOAC is a giant party. With Indian                                                                         vci@ohlone63.org
dancing and drumming, fantastic
shows and classes, patch trading, and                                                                    Lodge Secretary
8,000 Arrowmen from around the                                                                           Joseph Naras
country!!!!!! Our lodge is taking a road                                                               secretary@ohlone63.org
trip to get there, so not only do you get
to go to NOAC, you will also be about       (pictured above: Sailing at Florida Sea Base)                Lodge Treasurer
to see the sights in between here and       Sudoku: (www.websudoku.com)                                  Brian Cooper
Indiana, including Yellowstone
National Park. NOAC will start August                                                                      Lodge Adviser
1st and end on August 6th. Our lodge                                                                     Stan Rudnick
will be leaving on the 24th though to                                                                 lodgeadviser@ohlone63.org
allow for travel time. If you are
interested email the Lodge Chief                                                                       Lodge Staff Adviser
immediately at                                                                                             Ron Chang
                                                                                            News From The Otter Side is published quarterly
                                                                                            by WWW Ohlone Lodge #63, Order of the Arrow,
NOAC Patch Design                                                                                     Boy Scouts of America.
    Ohlone Lodge is designing a patch
for NOAC 2009! Design a patch for                                                            For more OA news, check out the
us, and if yours is selected you will win                                                          following websites:
the final version of your patch in a
frame. Bring your submissions to the                                                            National Order of the Arrow
next Lodge Executive Committee                                                                     http://www.oa-bsa.org/
meeting or e-mail it to                                                                       Western Region Order of the Arrow
lodgechief@ohlone63.org.                                                                           http://www.oawest.org/
                                            Answer Key:
                                                                                            Need more information about the lodge
High Adventure for                                                                           or the Order of the Arrow? Check out
                                                                                                   Ohlone lodge's website at
Free!                                                                                                  www.ohlone63.org
                                                                                             Find the lodge calendar, committee
   Philmont, Northern Tier, Florida Sea                                                        and village information and more!
Base! What do these places have in                                                                Copyright on this publication is by
common with each other besides                                                                        WWW Ohlone Lodge #63
adrenaline?                                                                                  Permission is given for internal use within the
   Price! Although adventures in these                                                                       OA and BSA
                                                                                                       All other rights reserved

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