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					Blueprint to Success…
    With Champions In Motion!
Let’s get started correctly...

• Learn to keep things simple… eliminate the

• Focus your efforts on the AutoShip... it is the
  “Key to the Kingdom…!!!

• Learn how to build ‘by the numbers’
The STEMTech Comp Plan

      Four different ways to earn income…

       • Retail   Profits

       •FastStart Bonuses

       •StepUp Bonuses

       •AutoShip Bonuses

       Earn up to 6 cheques per month…
The STEMTech Comp Plan

• The Simplest, most profitable opportunity

• Easy to explain… our Hybrid has 3 parts with 3
  parts each.

• Provides a level playing field for Veteran
  Networker and the newcomer.
                 FastStart Bonuses (FSB)

• The FastStart is a simple 3 part program…
     Part 1 – FastStart Enrollment Bonus
     Part 2 – Director Enrollment Bonus
     Part 3 – Upline Director Bonus
• Provides “immediate gratification”... bonuses are
  paid weekly.
• Creates weekly cash flow
  Exciting but does NOT generate long-term wealth…
                          The FastStart Program

•   FastStart (FS) generates immediate cash flow AND excitement

•   Immediate gratification... US$50.00 paid to you for each person you sponsor on a
    FastStart Pack

•   When you are a Director, you will receive US$25.00 when someone you enrolled
    enrolls someone on FS

•   When you become a Director you receive US$50.00 for each person you enroll on
    FS, plus an additional US$25.00 bonus

•   When one of your enrollees becomes a Director, you will still continue to receive
    US$5.00 on each of their FS signups - up to five generations deep!

•   To qualify for FS Bonuses you only need a two (2) bottle on AutoShip (A/S)

•   Make ‘plus the AutoShip’ part of your vocabulary when sponsoring new Distributors –
    AutoShip is the key to the kingdom!
                            FastStart Bonuses (FSB)                      $5.00


•Part 1: Pays US$50.00 to
•Part 2: Pays US$25.00 to first Part 1                        Part 3
 Upline Director                                              $5.00
•Pays you US$75.00 if you                You
are sponsoring Director
                              New                Part 2
•Part 3: Pays US$5.00 to    FastStart
FIVE Generations of                             US$25.00
Upline Directors                                 Bonus

                                                      •2 bottle A/S qualifies
                                                      you to participate
                                                      and earn FSB’s
              StepUp Generational Plan

•   StepUp has 3 parts…

     1. Retail Profits
     2. Rebates and Commissions
     3. Director Leadership Overrides
               StepUp Part 1 - Retail Profits

• Allows for quick cash flow

• Gets product into prospects hands... creates easy

• Easily duplicatable… buy at wholesale, sell at retail…
  you keep the profit

• Generates quick money… not long-term wealth
                StepUp Part 2 – Stair-Step

• Based on the most time tested and proven of ALL comp
  plans… the Stair-Step/Breakaway
• No other type of plan has created more wealth and long-
  term stability.
• Used by ALL of the GIANTS in the industry… Amway,
  Shaklee, NuSkin, Herbalife, GNLD, etc
• We have ALL of the benefits of this program without ANY
  obstacle normally encountered!
• Earnings paid on all NON-AUTOSHIP volume.
                      StepUp Part 2 – Stair-Step

•Rebates are the %’s you get back on your own
NON-AUTOSHIP purchases
                                    10%                         Director
                       5%                       Senior Mgr     5,000 points
                                                2,500 Points
                                 1,000 Points
      Associate    250 Points

    Rebate percentages are based on accumulated Group Volume
                            StepUp Part 2 – Stair-Step

    Commissions are the %’s earned on the NON-AUTOSHIP purchases made
    By those in your group
                                                                          As a SENOR
                                                                      MANAGER you are
   Your Distributor
(Supervisor) makes a                  10%                              eligible for a 15%
purchase and gets 5%
       rebate                                         15%           Director
                                                    Senior Mgr
                                                                   5,000 points
                         5%          Manager        2,500 Points
                       Supervisor                    You earn the difference between
                                     1,000 Points
        Associate       250 points                   the percentages... a 10%
                                                     commission on your Supervisors
                            StepUp Part 2 – Stair-Step

      Commissions are the %’s earned on the NON-AUTOSHIP purchases made
      By those in your group
As a Director you
are eligible for the
maximum rebate                             15%
level – 20%                                                            20%
                                                      15%           Director
                                                    Senior Mgr
                                                                   5,000 points
                         5%          Manager        2,500 Points
                                     1,000 Points
          Associate     250 points                       You earn the difference
                                                         between the percentages 15%
                          StepUp Part 2 – Stair-Step
                                                         The Upline Manager, qualifying for
                                                          10%, earns the difference on the
•Rebates are the %’s you get back on your own               Supervisors purchase - 5%
                                             You earn the remaining
NON-AUTOSHIP purchases                       difference between the
                                                  Manager 10% and the     20%
                                   5%                Director 20%...
                                                        10%              Director

 Your Supervisor
                                         10%         Senior Mgr         5,000 points
   makes a non-
AutoShip purchase
                        5%              Manager
                                                    2,500 Points
earning a 5% rebate   Supervisor
                                     1,000 Points         As DIRECTOR you are eligible for
         Associate    250 Points                          the maximum 20% rebate/override

      Rebate percentages are based on accumulated Group Volume
                             StepUp Part 3 –
                          Breakaway Leadership
  Director level is
   achieved by                                                              1.   5%
attaining 5,000PV                                         20%
 in ANY 2 month                                          Director           2.   5%
 period (minimum                         15%
2,500PV month 2)         10%           Senior Mgr      5,000 points
                                                                            3.   5%
              5%         Manager       2,500 Points
            Supervisor 1,000 Points                                         4.. 5%
Associate   250 Points   As a fully qualified Director (100ppv, 1,000OGV)
                         you will be eligible to earn a 5% Leadership
                         Override on up to 6 Generations of Downline        5.   5%
                                                                            6.   5%
                The AutoShip (A/S) Program

• The AUTOSHIP program is designed to create a predictable
  residual income... created to compliment the StepUp Program

• AUTOSHIP is easy to explain…. easy to use

• All volume generated in the AUTOSHIP is ‘credited’ to the
  StepUp program… helps you move through the ranks by just
  focusing on ONE exciting program!

• The AutoShip is “The key to the Kingdom”!
                The AutoShip (A/S) Program

• Most Comp Plans have a zillion different numbers and %’s to
  remember. We keep it simple by having to remember only 6
  numbers… 7,7 - 2,4 - 5,10.
• Armed with those little beauties you can showcase our plan
  anywhere and on anything… even a napkin!
• Across the top of your page (or napkin, whiteboard… whatever
  you’re using) write the following 6 numbers like this:

                 7/7 2/4 5/10
                        The AutoShip Program...
                        Step 1 - Building By The Numbers
                                               It should look like this:

•   Under the first set (7/7) you write        7/7        2/4              5/10
    the numbers 1 through 7, with 7%      1.   7%... US$3.08
    next to each number.

•   You will explain that the program
                                          2.   7%      ”
    pays through 7 levels (demonstrate    3.   7%      ”
    how levels work - you sponsor
    John (level 1) who sponsors Sue       4.   ”       ”
    (level 2) who sponsors Jack (level
    3) and so on.                         5.   ”       ”
•   Each level pays 7% on each Auto       6.   ”       ”
    Ship order (which equals US$3.08).
                                          7.   ”       ”
                      The AutoShip Program…
                      Step 2 - The Qualifiers
•   Most network plans place you on a Volume treadmill in order to qualify for a
    cheque. They often impose stiff volume quotas on the reps that make it
    difficult to achieve month after month. If you’ve ever encountered this, you
    know only how frustrating this can be.

•   We march in a different direction with EXTREMELY easy thresholds to hit.
    We require only 2 bottles on AutoShip to ‘trigger’ the plan! That qualifies
    you for a minimum 3 levels.

•   That means that if you sponsor 1 person… John, for example, and John
    sponsors 10 on his 1st level (your 2nd) and 50 on his 2nd (your 3rd) then you
    will earn 7% on ALL 3 levels (61 people total, 1 bottle each- 61 x US$3.08 =
    US$187.88) if you merely have 1 AutoShip order! That’s a pretty fair plan,
    wouldn’t you agree?
               The AutoShip Program

• On this step, circle the 2 and draw a line
  to the 3rd level to illustrate this point:
      7/7              2/4               5/10
  1. 7%... US$3.08
  2. 7%    ”
  3. 7%    ”
  4. 7%    ”                 •2 bottles on A/S qualifies to earn
  5. 7%    ”                 bonuses on 3 Levels of AUTOSHIP
  6. 7%    ”
  7. 7%    ”
                    The AutoShip Program Step 3 –
                    Getting The Maximum Potential

• Now that we’ve shown how simple it is to trigger the A/S, how about the
  other extreme… the maximum that will be asked of you? Most companies
  really put you to the test at the upper levels of their plans. Once again, we
  knock the socks off of the competition.
• Once you are a Director (achieving 5,000PV over any 2 consecutive
  months), have sponsored 5 people on AutoShip, and have 4 bottles
  (200PV) of your own… You have MAXED OUT the program and are now
  qualified to earn 7% on ALL 7 levels…!
• That’s it, simple and easy. This part generally blows the minds of seasoned
  Network Veterans when they see it. In fact they find it hard to believe! In
  fact, the most you’ll ever have to enroll is 10 people on the AutoShip to hit
  the highest rank levels of the full comp plan. Treadmill? Hardly!
           The AutoShip Program….
                The Maximums…
• At this step, circle the 4 and the 5. Draw lines down
  to the 7th level to illustrate what this just covered.
            •     7/7        2/4     5/10
            1.   7%... US$3.08          Have   4 bottles on A/S…
            2.   7%     ”               Sponsor 5 people with a
            3.   7%     ”               minimum of 2 bottles on
            4.   ”      ”
                                        Become    a Director…
            5.   ”      ”               You are now Qualified for
            6.   ”      ”               7% on 7 levels of your
            7.   ”      ”
                  The AutoShip Program... Explained

• That’s it! You have now covered all you need to cover to explain the
  A/S program. That wasn’t so bad, was it?

• I suggest you take a blank piece of paper and write this out yourself
  just as we did above.

• Practice the dialogue, or better still, put it into your own words, ones
  you’re more comfortable with.

• I’ll bet you can do this in just a few minutes and get the point
  across… try it!
       “Fail” your way to Success with
       the STEMTech Comp Plan…
• “Failing your way to Success” takes advantage of true human nature. It
  presumes that those that follow you are NOT as motivated to
  succeed as YOU are!
• It assumes that YOU are the ‘Spark Plug” of the organization... you
  need to start the 1st level correctly!
• Each successive level gets weaker and weaker… this makes FAR more
  sense than the old “5 who get 5” theory.
• Provides a solid and believable platform to teach newcomers!
• YOU must teach it ‘as is’ and BELIEVE it will work… because it will!
    Fail your way to Success!

• Month 1 – Get 10 people on AutoShip ASAP at 1 bottle per month –
  10 people bring in 5 people
• Month 2 – 50 people – 50 people bring in 3 people
• Month 3 – 150 people – 150 people bring in 2 people =
• Month 4 – 300 x2 =        Equals 4,800 people in 7 months!
• Month 5 – 600 x2 =           1 bottle per month x US$3.08
• Month 6 – 1,200 x2 =    = US$14,784 earned - just in month 7!
• Month 7 – 2,400           And every month after that!... or...
     Fail your way to Success…

• Month 1 – Get 20 people on AutoShip ASAP at 1 bottle per month –
  20 people bring in 5 people
• Month 2 – 100 people – 50 people bring in 3 people
• Month 3 – 300 people – 150 people bring in 2 people
• Month 4 – 600 x2=         Equals 9,600 people in 7 months!
• Month 5 – 1,200 x2=          1 bottle per month x US$3.08
• Month 6 – 2,400 x2=     = US$29,568 earned - just in month 7!
• Month 7 – 4,800 x2=          And EVERY month after that!
              Some final notes to consider…

• Keep things simple… focus on the FastStart and the
  AUTOSHIP Programs to start with.
• Remember… all of the A/S volume counts toward rank
  advancement on the StepUp! It makes it very easy to
  attain and develop Directors!
• Learn how to use the Proven 4-Step System... obtain
  your own Lead Capture Marketing Website. Use the
  Opportunity Newspaper, “Your Business at Home”
  magazine, and the STEMTech Tele-Center to help grow
  your team at ‘Warp Speed”!

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