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					 Record of XP               Character Name                       Durham University Treasure Trap                                                    Player Name           Version 2.5
received from                                                                                                                                                            21/09/2010
   events &                                                                                 Character Sheet
                 Race: Human             Resistance Level: 2 Faith:              Hits: 2 per location    Damage Call: SINGLE by short ambidex. Mana/Spirit: N/A Max. Armour: 6
New character:          Level 1                Skill XP Total XP Level 2 Advancement Skill XP Total XP Level 3 Advancement Skill XP Total XP Level 4 Advancement Skill XP Total XP
     90                  (0XP)                                       (Over 60XP)                            (Over 120XP)                            (Over 180XP)
                       Scouting I                15       15           Scouting II           15       75
                     Streetfighter I             5          20     Streetfighter II     5          80

                     Hide & Sneak               15          35        Stealth II        3          83

                        Stealth I                3          38      Targeteer II        4          87

                       Targeteer I               4          42       Tracking II        3          90

                       Knot Tying                3          45

                       Tracking I                3          48

                   Rec. Scent (pick 5:           3          51
                         Agility I               5          56

                        Literacy                 2          58

                       Numeracy                  2          60

                    Signed by (Ref)                  Date          Signed by (Ref)          Date        Signed by (Ref)          Date          Signed by (Ref)          Date
You are a scout, adept at stealth and subterfuge, either in the city or in the wilds. You prefer careful observation and picking the right moment over simply
wading into a fight, and with enough care you can be an essential tool for any party of adventurers. Alone, you should be wary of being outnumbered; having
allies will open up the opportunities you require to be most effective in combat.
Scouting I & II: this root skill represents your expertise in scouting, be it in the wild or in urban settings.
Streetfighter I & II: this skill lets you wield a weapon up to 18” in each hand, and call “Single” with either, if they are lammied.
Targeteer I & II: you may call “Single” with any lammied thrown or missile weapon. A crossbow or bow deals “Through” damage.
Hide and Sneak: you are capable of passing unnoticed at range. This skill gives you a basic stealth distance of 20 feet, which is lowered by your levels of
Stealth. So long as you are at least 20 feet away from any observers and have suitable cover (deep shadows, foliage, etc.) you can use the 'hand in air' signal
to denote that you are hidden and silent. You can move at a walk, provided that you are not wearing armour heavier than your level of Stealth allows. You
must lower your hand if anyone approaches within your stealth distance, or if you respond “Ping” to a “Detect” call (e.g. “Detect Heat”).
Stealth I & II: this skill improves your stealth distance. Your stealth distance is 16 feet rather than the basic 20. It also lets your stealth apply while wearing 1-
point armour on any location.
Tracking I & II: this skill represents your ability to track people and animals. You can follow reasonably obvious, fresh tracks. Find a ref to use this skill.
Recognise Scent: you recognise five distinct scents and can pick them up at range. Pick five scents. You may call “Rec. Scent X” (where X is a scent, e.g.
“bears”), and anything within range which smells of this scent will respond “ping”. You may wish to have a ref present when using this skill on objects.
Knot Tying: this ability allows you to tie or untie strong knots. Only a character with Knot Tying (or the 'Unknot' spell) can undo these knots, short of cutting
the rope. For OOC safety reasons, you should never restrain another player's limbs; instead, loosely tie rope around them and inform them that you are
using this skill.
Literacy: you are able to read and write in your native language, Albion.
Numeracy: you are versed in calculus and can perform additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions with little effort.
Agility I: this skill represents your initial training in your ability to dodge. You require three more levels in this skill to see any benefit.

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