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It is a well known fact that Brickell is the financial hub of Miami. However, what people
don’t realize is that Brickell is also a great place to live in and is the hottest new rental
community in South Florida. Brickell is today one of the most exclusive and finest
Miami real estate residential areas where people from all over the United States, Latin
America, Europe and Asia have made it their homes and most of all enjoy what Miami
has to offer.

Brickell has become synonymous with elegant living and has a huge range of luxury
condos and apartments which come with diverse and varied options. Hence, it is
advisable that a potential buyer has the expert advice of a Brickell rentals specialist
before deciding to purchase, lease or rent a building in Brickell.

Although Brickell is the home of many major corporate offices, sporting arenas, live
concert centers, and fine dining houses, its main attraction is that it is close to the
beautiful city of Miami. Brickell is a place where people can do just about anything
without the use of a car. You can walk, stroll or simply enjoy a concert at the Village
Green, or just simply jog. As there is so much to see, anything worth doing is exciting in
Brickell. To top it all, the spectacular Miami Beaches and South Beaches are about only
a few minutes drive away.

Although known as Miami’s financial district, Brickell transformed itself to a beautiful,
cosmopolitan city with amazing high rises and luxury condominiums in the late eighties
construction boom. Brickell resembles a bit like Manhattan as Miami is now filled with
luxury condos and apartments. It compliments the huge office towers with new energy
blended with the sunny weather. In short, it is difficult to believe that you are in a
metropolis as any vacation is only just a few minutes away.

Great opportunities are now available for Brickell rentals and Brickell leases. One of
the finest addresses in Miami today are the Brickell condos where you can literally live
the Miami lifestyle to the maximum. It comes with resort style facilities and has the best
views of the city.

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