Fact Sheet: Tommy Tang�s Let�s Get Cooking (100) by LV5gcfAR


									Fact Sheet: Tommy Tang’s Let’s Get Cooking (100)

TITLE: Tommy Tang’s Let’s Get Cooking


Stereo, Closed Captioned, TV G Rating

NOLA: TLC 101-126K1

CATEGORY/GENRE:              Cooking/Travel

RELEASEDATE:         April   3,    2004

CONTRACT TERMS:  Unlimited                  releases       in        3        years
PROGRAM      SUPPLIER:                    Sweet          Basil           Productions

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: “Tommy Tang’s Let’s Get Cooking” is a public
television series with 26, thirty-minute episodes and a companion website.
These episodes were produced completely on location at various cities across
Thailand and China at the end of last year. Series host, Tommy Tang, has
hosted four very successful seasons of the series “Tommy Tang’s Modern Thai
Cuisine” on public television. His series is a mainstay on public television station
schedules all over the United States.

The major difference between the “Modern Thai Cuisine” series and “Let’s Get
Cooking” is that this new series is not limited to Thai cuisine. It explores all
cuisines on location, all over the world. “Let’s Get Cooking” is as much an
armchair travel series as it is a culinary series.

AVAILABLE PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: Electronic photos available in jpg,
gif, psd and tif formats, press release, website

PRODUCTION DATE: April-June 2003

PRODUCTION CREDITS: Tommy Tang, Executive Producer
                    Tami Morris, Production Manager

UNDERWRITER(S): Lawry’s, Boon Rawd Beer Company, 7 Lotus and PPT
Travel Service

SCHEDULING SUGGESTION: In a cooking block or travel block. May is Asian
American Heritage Month.

RELATED MERCHANDISE: Cookbook, “Noodles and Rice and Something Nice”
VIEWER INQUIRIES: Cynthia Zeiden, Zeiden Media (415) 864-6305

WEB SITE: www.letsgetcooking.org

COMMUNICATIONS CONTACT: Cynthia Zeiden, Zeiden Media (415) 864-6305

STATION RELATIONS CONTACT (if applicable): Cynthia Zeiden, Zeiden Media
(415) 864-6305 cynthia@zeidenmedia.com

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