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									iClicker Questions for
                       Psychology, 9th Edition
                             by David G. Myers
Karla Gingerich, Colorado State University

       Chapter 1: Thinking Critically with
       Psychological Science
   Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Hypnosis is an effective way to help people relive
  long-buried or repressed memories.
B. Electroconvulsive therapy is no longer used.
C. Most people do not suffer from unrealistically low
D. Opposites generally attract.
Naturalistic observations are conducted in
                 order to:

A.   describe behavior.
B.   explain behavior.
C.   predict behavior.
D.   control behavior.
     Which of the following correlation
     coefficients indicates the strongest
      relationship between variables?

A.   positive .05
B.   negative .25
C.   positive .75
D.   negative .95
Which of the following represents the
  average score in a distribution?
A.   the mode
B.   the mean
C.   the median
D.   the standard deviation
Critical Thinking Questions
  After watching their favorite team lose a
game, Emma and her friends commented to
   each other about how they had always
       known the loss was inevitable.
           Psychologists call this:
A.   overconfidence.
B.   the false consensus effect.
C.   the hindsight bias.
D.   an illusory correlation.
   Dr. Anderson conducts an experiment to see
whether exposure to helpful models leads to helping
 behavior in young children. Of the forty girls and
boys in his study, half are exposed to helpful models
  while the other half watch the same models not
engaged in helping behavior. In this experiment, the
                dependent variable is:
A.   the gender of the children.
B.   helpful or non-helpful models.
C.   the age of the children.
D.   helping behavior.
Which of the following is the best way to
generate a random sample of students for
             a research study?
A. mail out a questionnaire that students could
   voluntarily complete and return
B. stand by the door of the library and ask people
   who pass by to answer your questions
C. offer extra credit for students in a particular
   classroom who choose to participate
D. use a table of random numbers to pick
   participants from a student listing
    A significant disadvantage of the
    correlational approach is that it:

A. does not provide evidence of cause and effect.
B. cannot be used to examine relationships
   between variables that exist naturally.
C. does not aid in the process of prediction.
D. does not provide information about how two
   variables are related.
    After conducting an experiment, Dr.
   Fitzpatrick concluded that there was a
 statistically significant difference between
the scores of the experimental and control
           groups. In other words,
A. the difference is highly meaningful and important to
B. the results are replicable.
C. the scores differed by five points or more.
D. it is unlikely that the difference occurred by chance.

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