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									Web Service Data Dictionary

                                                                      Data     Max
     Data Element                      Description                    type     Len     Values

Acronym                   Abbreviation for Legislative Entity.      varchar    4     Examples:
                          Only unique when paired with                               TR, EDU,
                          biennium and agency.                                       LCRD

Action (RcwCiteAffected   The action the legislation is taking on   varchar    4     Examples:
Class)                    the Revised Code Washington.                               AMD, REP

ActionDate                Date that action was taken on the         datetime

Address                   Street address                            varchar    50    Examples:
                                                                                     100 Hanover

Agency                    Legislative Body                          varchar    6     [House,

AgendaId                  Unique integer for a standing             int
                          committee meeting.

AmendedByOppositeBody     True if the chamber that did not          bool
                          introduce the bill passed amendments
                          to the bill

AmendmentExists           True if the legislation has amendments    bool

Appropriations            True if the bill has appropriations       bool

Biennium                  Two year time period beginning on         varchar    7     [1991-92,
                          odd years. Legislation introduced                          1993-94,
                          during this time period can be                             1995-96,
                          considered in any sessions scheduled                       1997-98,
                          within the time period. Information is                     1999-00,
                          only available from 1991-current.                          2001-02,
BillId                   Prefix and bill number of a piece of       varchar   14   Examples:
                         legislation. When paired with the                         HB 1000,
                         biennium, it is a unique reference to                     SHB 1000,
                         legislation. This field is commonly                       ESHB 1000,
                         used for display purposes on                              2SHB 1000,
                         legislative reports.                                      2E2SHB

BillNumber               3 or 4 digit number assigned to a          int       4
                         piece of legislation

Building                 Reference to building on the legislative   varchar   50   Example:
                         campus.                                                   John L

Cancelled                True if the committee meeing has           Bool
                         been cancelled.

ChapterNumber            Session Law Chapter Number assigned        int
                         to passed legislation

City                     City name                                  varchar   20   Example:

Class                    Category of legislative document.          varchar   50   Examples:

ContactInformation       Contact information for the staff          varchar   50   Example:
                         coordinating the committee meeting.                       Phone

Description (Amendment   Describes the content of the               varchar   20   Examples:
Class)                   amendment. If the amendment is a                          Page 3 Line
                         page and line amendment, it will list                     10, Striker
                         the first page and line reference. If it
                         is a striking amendment, “striker” will
                         be in the description field.

Description              Description of the document. Includes      Varchar   50    Examples:
(LegislativeDocument     meta data not included in the                             AMD 09
Class)                   document name.                                            ADOPTED

DocumentExists           True the legislative document related      bool
                         to the object’s meta data is available
                         electronically on the legislature’s web
Drafter (Amendment class)   Abbreviated designation of the              varchar    50    Examples:
                            amendment drafter and draft version.                         H-1000.1,
                            If the drafter begins with H-, S-, or Z-,                    GRAH 001
                            the document has been drafted by
                            staff in the Code Reviser’s Office.
                            Otherwise the first characters of the
                            drafter are an abbreviation of the staff
                            member’s last name along with the
                            version of this draft.

EffectiveDate               Date the legislation will take effect.      Datetime

Email                       E-mail address                              varchar    128

EngrossedVersion             The engrossed version of the bill          int              0, 1, 2, etc.
                            number. Each time the bill is
                            amended on the floor by the body it
                            originated in, its engrossed version is
                            incremented by one.

FirstName                   First name                                  varchar    25

FloorAction                 Action taken by the legislative body        Varchar    50    Examples:
                            during a floor session.                                      ADOPTED,

FloorActionDate             Date of action taken by the legislative     datetime
                            body during a floor session.

FloorNumber                 Number assigned to a floor                  int
                            amendment when it is submitted to
                            the floor for consideration. This
                            number is unique for the legislative

HearingDate                 The date the committee action               datetime

HearingType                 The type of activity that the standing      varchar    17    [Public
                            committee will do in regards to a                            Hearing,
                            committee meeting item (agenda                               Work
                            item). During a committee meeting,                           Session,
                            the committee may move from one                              Executive
                            type of hearing to another as they                           Session]
                            move through the agenda items.

HistoryLine                 One line describing the action taken        varchar    620
                            on the legislation.

HtmCreateDate               Date and time the HTM version was           Datetime
HtmLastModifiedDate   Date and time the HTML version of the     Datetime
                      document was modified

HtmUrl                URL path to HTML version of the           varchar    400
                      legislative document.

Id                    Unique integer for entity                 Int

IntroducedDate        Date that the bill was read first time    datetime
                      on the floor of the originating body.

ItemDescription       Less than a sentence summary              varchar    500
                      describing an item on the agenda for a
                      committee meeting.

LastName              Last name                                 varchar    25

LegalTitle            Summary of legislation or jingle          varchar    500    Example: An
                                                                                  act relating
                                                                                  to salmon

LegislativeSession    Session description. In the case of the   varchar    50      Examples:
                      amendment, it is the only session the                       2006 Regular
                      amendment can be considered on the                          Session,
                      floor                                                       2005 1st

LegislatureNumber     Number of the Washington State            int
                      legislative session.

LocalFiscalNote       True if legislation has one or more       bool
                      local fiscal notes

LongDescription        Summary of legislation written by        varchar    5000
                      staff in the Code Reviser’s Office.
                      Can also be referred to as the Brief

LongFriendlyName      Long description of the document          varchar    200     Example:
                      name                                                        Historical
                                                                                  House Bill
                                                                                  Report on
                                                                                  House Bill

LongLegislationType   Descriptive designation of the type of    varchar    25     [Bill, Joint
                      legislation.                                                Memorial,
                                                                                      , Resolution,

LongName                  In reference to legislative entitites      varchar    100   Examples:
                          such as members and committees,                             House
                          this would be the entity’s formal title.                    Committee

LongRecommendation        A more descriptive version of              varchar    max

MemberId                  Unique integer for a member.               int

MultipleEffectiveDates    True if there are multiple dates that      bool
                          the parts of the legislation will take

Name (Amendment Class)    Title of amendment. Paired with the        varchar    35     Examples:
                          LegislativeSession, this is a unique                        1000 AMH
                          reference to the amendment. It is                           CB SMIT
                          also the name of the document on the                        001, 1234-S
                          legislature’s web site.                                     AMS WM
                                                                                      SMIT 001

Name                      Title of document (Paired with             varchar    260   Examples:
(LegislativeDocument      biennium, it will be a unique reference                     1000, 1000-
class)                    to a legislative document)                                  S, 1000-

Name (LegislativeEntity   Last name of members or name of            varchar    80    Examples:
Class)                    committee.                                                  Smith,

Order                     Used to determine sort order.              Int

OriginalAgency            Legislative body that the legislation      varchar    6     [House,
                          was originally introduced.                                  Senate]

PartialVeto               True if the governor has partially         bool
                          vetoed the bill

PdfCreateDate             Date and time the PDF version was          Datetime         Cannot be
                          created                                                     null

PdfLastModifiedDate       Date and time the PDF version was          Datetime         Cannot be
                          modified                                                    null
PdfUrl                   URL path to PDF version of the             varchar    400
                         legislative document.

Phone                    Phone number                               Varchar    14    Example:
                                                                                     (123) 456-

Position                 A member's position on a committee         varchar    60    Examples:
                                                                                     Chair, Vice

PositionSort             Used for determining the proper order      int
                         of members listed on a committee

PrimeSponsorID           Unique identifier for the primary          int
                         sponsor of the legislation.

RcwCite                  Reference to a title, chapter, or          varchar    24    Examples:
                         section of the Revised Code of                              RCW 18,
                         Washington.                                                 RCW

Recommendation           Committee recommendation                   varchar    20    Examples:
                                                                                     DP(w/o sub

RecommendationType       The type of committee                      varchar    8     [Majority,
                         recommendation                                              Minority]

ReferredDate             Date the bill was referred to the          datetime

Request                  Request number and version created         varchar    8      Examples:
                         by the staff in the Code Reviser’s                          H-1000.1, S-
                         Office. This request is assigned a bill                     1002.3, Z-
                         number when it is dropped in the                            2222.1

RequestedByBudgetCommi   True if the legislation is introduced by   bool
ttee                     request a budget committee

RequestedByDepartment    True if the legislation is introduced by   bool
                         request of a department

RequestedByGovernor      True if the legislation is introduced by   bool
                         request of the Governor

RequestedByOther         True if the legislation is introduced by   bool
                         request of others

Room                     Reference to a room in a building on       varchar    50    Examples:
                         the legislative campus.                                     House
                                                                                  Hearing Rm

Session                Number of the special session. This        Int
                       will be 0 for the regular session, 1 for
                       the 1st special session, etc.

ShortDescription       Brief description of the legislation.      varchar   28     Example:
                       This is commonly used on legislative                       Salmon
                       reports to briefly describe the topic of                   recovery
                       the legislation.

ShortFriendlyName      Short description of the document          varchar   100   Example:
                       name                                                       Original Bill

ShortLegislationType   Abbreviated designation of the type of     varchar   2     [B, JM, JR, I,
                       legislation.                                               CR, R, GA]

Sponsor                Common display string of sponsor           varchar   80     Examples:
                       name. If the bill is a committee, the                      Smith,
                       string will contain the committee                          CB(Smith)
                       acronym followed by the primary
                       sponsor of the original bill in parens.

SponsorName            Primary sponsor of the amendment           varchar   100   Examples:

State                  State name                                 varchar   20    Examples:

StateFiscalNote        True if legislation has one or more        bool
                       state fiscal notes

Status                 Abbreviated description of the status      varchar   15     Examples:
                       of a piece of legislation in the                           H3rd
                       legislative process                                        Reading,
                                                                                  SRules G

SubstituteVersion       Substitute version of the legislation.    int             0, 1, 2, etc.
                       Standing committees in the originating
                       body can recommend substitutes to a
                       piece of legislation. When the bill is
                       considered on the floor, the legislative
                       body will decide what version (original
                       or a specific substitute version) they
                       will vote on. There is no limit on the
                            substitute version although it is rare to
                            go above 4.

Type (Amendment Class)      Describes what body originally              varchar   10   [Floor,
                            considered the amendment.                                  Committee,

Type (LegislativeDocument   Sub-classification of the document          Varchar   50   Examples:
Class)                      (parent is DocumentClass)                                  House Bills,
                                                                                       Session Law

Type (Sponsor Class)        Describes the type of bill sponsor.         varchar   9    [Primary,

Veto                        True if the governor has vetoed the         bool

Year                        In the SessionLaw class, this refers to     int
                            the year the legislation was enacted.

ZipCode                     Postal zip code                             int

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