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Science 9 On-line Assignment on volcanoes

   1.   Log onto http://www.rhs.simi.k12.ca.us
   2.   Click on Library.
   3.   Under Websites by Departments click Science.
   4.   Click Earth and Space Sciences.
   5.   Click Natural Disasters.
   6.   Scroll down and find Volcanoes (it’s under or after Thunderstorms-Lightning).
   7.   Click on Volcanoes by name (there are two different links, just choose one).

   8. Click on the volcano Balbi
          a. Where are the coordinates (latitude and longitude)? __________________
           b. What tectonic plate is it on? __________________________
           c. How many eruptions has Balbi had since 1842? ________________
           d. When was the most recent eruption? ____________________
   9.   Click on Kilimanjaro
           a. Where are the coordinates? _____________________________
           b. What is its elevation? ________________________
           c. Is this volcano located closer to the equator or the prime meridian? ______
           d. What element is emitted from Kibo (Kilimanjaro’s highest and youngest
               cone)? ____________________________
           e. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s largest volcano and is among the largest on Earth.
               True or False? Circle one.
   10. Click on Fuji
           a. What are the coordinates? ____________________________
           b. What hemisphere is it in? ____________________________
           c. How many times has it erupted since 781 A.D.? ___________________
           d. When was its most recent eruption? ____________________________
           e. Click on Topographic Map of Mt. Fuji. According to the map, the
               elevation can be no higher than what? _______________________
   11. Go to St. Helen’s Homepage, Mount
        -click on Historical Eruptive Record
        -click on Eruptive Periods at Mount St. Helen’s
        a. Briefly describe what an “eruptive period” means.

       b. What is a “dormant interval” of a volcano?

   12. Which volcano (Mauna Loa or Mauna Kea) is dormant? ________________
   13. Which of these volcanoes is taller? ________________________ By how many
       feet? _________________
14. In the index of volcanoes, scroll down to the end of the page and click on Images of
       -click on North America.
       -click on the box surrounding California
       a. How many volcanoes are listed in California? _______________
       Name all of the volcanoes listed (in alphabetical order):

       b. Which of these volcanoes is closest to Simi Valley (34.2 N, 118.7 W)? _____
       -click on Mount Shasta
                     How many miles south of the California-Oregon border is it? ____
                     What is its elevation? _______________
                     When was Mount Shasta last active? ___________

15.Your choice. Choose any volcano (this should not be the same as somebody sitting by
or near you, or one that has already been used).
        What volcano did you choose? __________________________________
       What are the coordinates? ______________________________________
       What major tectonic plate do you think this volcano is on? _____________
       What is the elevation of your volcano? ____________________________
       When was the last time it erupted? ______________________

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