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Fantasy Credit Report

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The average credit report has negative items clouding its pages. Most
consumers don’t even realize what’s on their credit file. This article
covers what a credit report is, what it should be and how you can get
your credit report in better shape.

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<b>Your Credit Report (the Boring Part)</b><br>
  Your online credit report is a collection of files and records
pertaining to your credit history. It is often referenced for hiring,
renting, mortgages, loans, background checks and many other situations
which may require an involvement of a larger sum of your income or a need
for your personal services. Your online credit report contains the good
the bad and yes, the ugly, within its pages. There are 3 major credit
report bureaus from which the information comes from: TransUnion, Equifax
and Experian. For the most they are similar, but between the three
bureaus there may be some different items listed.<p>

<b>What If!?</b><br>
  What if your online credit report was only full of positive, correct
and up to date items? This would be like a fantasy credit report. You
could use it like a tool for certain things like getting a low interest
loan or the mortgage you actually wanted. You could use it as a weapon
against those creditors who automatically assume that your credit sucks
and turn the whole finance game around on them. This <i>fantasy credit
report</i> would be like a report card with all A's (something most of us
have never experienced right?). Imagine not having to worry about what
the results are going to be when the phone rings from the bank because
you have total peace of mind that your credit report is not only clean
but also free of errors and mishaps. The anxiety of waiting for the
results of your credit standing concerning a major purchase can cause
equal or more mental tension than a doctor walking in the room with his
results for a major medical test.<p>

<b>Making the Fantasy a Reality</b><br>
  Okay, so this whole fantasy credit report thing is exactly just that
right? A <i>fantasy</i>. Well... not necessarily. See, you are the only
one that can ultimately control what happens to your credit report. Yes,
of course there are those 'unknown factors' - BUT, the good news is there
is a big first step you can take to help start achieving your own
personal fantasy credit report. You can obtain a free copy of your credit
report and see what negative items are sitting on your file. More than
70% of all U.S. citizens with credit reports have false or out of date
items on their credit file. By spotting these items early and taking the
appropriate steps to remove them you can improve your credit rating. What
else can you do? Develop a personalized budget. It will take a couple
months of re-adjusting but will help you to see where your money is going
and begin to mature your spending habits. Also, think about your major
purchases before you make them. Too often in our society, consumers buy
things without a s

To read more about how you can get your online credit report free with no
obligations, see what is on your file and find out how to fix your credit
report go to <a

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