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Dell - CommVault Simpana eBook by yaoyufang


									       Dell - CommVault
       Simpana eBook
       Maximizing Value with Dell Storage Solutions powered by CommVault

CommVault eBook                                                            Page 1
Smart Approach for Data Management
Using CommVault Simpana and Dell Storage Solutions for Intelligent Data Management

IT and data center managers are dealing with unprecedented challenges as nonstop demand for
more and more servers and applications by business units continue to drive growing amounts of
data that must be stored, managed, and protected.

With shrinking or static budgets and increasing recovery demands, enterprises of all sizes are wisely
evaluating and implementing an Intelligent Data Management (IDM) process to tackle the challenges
of this rapid data growth.

The challenge of managing primary storage growing at 50-100% per year is further complicated by
the growth of secondary data copies for Disaster Recovery, long term retention and complying with
various regulatory statues with varying retention times. Archiving and maximizing efficiency of data
storage with technologies such as deduplication are simply a requirement to maintain the available
backup window and timely access to data.

Today’s Business Challenge
How to manage the massive data growth, protect this data and ensure availability to this critical
business asset. As an IT director, you are faced with a landscape of diverse product offerings
consisting of a confusing array of single purpose specialized hardware appliances promising big
returns. Others offer a myriad of point software solutions or at best a more comprehensive solution
on paper made up of a cobbled together series of products that do not work in concert.

On the surface many solutions look to meet all the necessary criteria, but fail to expose or account
for the additional costs of personnel training, complex operations with multiple incompatible
interfaces, lack of interoperability, additional storage costs from dedicated, over provisioned
storage, and overall lack of flexibility to meet customers ever changing environments. To effectively
evaluate customer needs, a basic understanding of several fundamental questions is necessary to
begin to understand the total solution needs:

        What type of data do I have?
        What are my restore requirements?
        How much data is not used and still in my production environment?
        How much data are duplicates?
        How long do I need to retain my data?
        What are the compliance requirements for my industry?

Each customer will have different answers, even within the same industry segment. Because of this,
a solution that offers flexibility while also providing the means for the customer to select and
enforce the policies that apply to THEIR environment is paramount. Ask yourself if you are
conforming to the limitations of your various solutions or if your solution is truly a tool allowing you
to use it as YOU determine?

CommVault offers Simpana, a purpose built Intelligent Data Management platform, designed to
offer maximum flexibility to protect, manage and access your data on terms that meet your business

CommVault eBook                                                                                  Page 2
As the graphic below shows, Simpana reduces overall operations overhead allowing for faster and
more efficient use of time and resources for everyday activities such as backup while also focusing
on the more important reason for backup – faster restores including granularity– getting only the
data you need, as fast as possible, to mitigate downtime and reduce lost productivity.

The Simpana platform combines the IDM disciplines of:
       Data Protection - Backup/Restore
       Email and File Archiving and Compliance
       Search, Content Indexing and eDiscovery
       Storage Resource Management

All of these are delivered on one shared platform, managed from a single console. This is the most
comprehensive and only fully integrated set of IDM tools specifically designed to work seamlessly to
maximize storage resources, operational efficiency and your return on investment.

Click here for a Whitepaper on Value Proposition of Simpana

CommVault eBook                                                                               Page 3
Why Dell | Commvault
Dell and CommVault have collaborated for the past 8+ years to enable Dell to deliver CommVault
Simpana software to meet their customer’s needs for a single product delivering integrated Data
Protection, Archive, Replication, and Search.

When Dell created the PowerVault DL Appliances, Dell and CommVault integrated the Simpana suite
directly into the DL Appliance, further simplifying the process for procuring, deploying and using the
award-winning combination of the DL Appliance and CommVault Simpana. Integration directly with
the DL Appliance offers significant benefit to customers.

Dell | CommVault Differentiation
        The DL Appliance powered by CommVault Simpana software easily protects a couple of
        servers while also scaling to protect thousands of servers without a need to change products
        - that is scalability! Buy it once and be confident your scalability needs are met.
        The flexibility of the Simpana solution enables the use of various
        Dell technologies as the company needs change. Full support of
        Dell EqualLogic storage platforms provides further “future
        proofing” allowing customer to start with the DL Appliance and
        grow out to EqualLogic, or to skip the DL Appliance and start
        with EqualLogic storage from the beginning
        CommVault is modular in design, ensuring you don’t buy what
        you don’t need, but can easily add functionality as it is required,
        all again managed from the single console.
        Single administrative console, tiered storage, deduplication,
        automated policy-based migration and management, automatic
        update and upgrade process.
        Data Deduplication options offer the customer complete control
        on where they perform their data reduction by offering both
        client side dedupe and storage/target side dedupe. Again,
        offering this in one product enables the customer to tailor their
        environment and use both types of dedupe in situations where
        they best meet the performance and protection needs.
        Seamless support for all protection and archiving policies
        including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualized
        environments, including the latest support for VMware v4 and VADP
        Preserving the reduced cost benefits as legal and corporate compliance drive data retention
        requirement from days to years
        Targeted solutions to address the special needs of remote office environments with limited
        local resources and bandwidth challenges. Automated protection polices can drive dual,
        deduplicated copies in the same job to provide local rapid recovery and centralized longer-
        term cost-effective retention

CommVault eBook                                                                                Page 4
Network Efficiency & Security
      Fast efficient incremental data minimizes loads over light network connections (including
      VPNs over public networks)
      Smart scheduling initiates backup when network connectivity is detected.
      Compress and encrypt data during transfer for maximum data security and efficiency
      End-User policy setting & recovery
      Easy point-and-click self-service granular file recovery by end users from multiple recovery
      Override of central policies to enable custom backup coverage and schedules.
      Centralized ease-of-management and coverage
      Centralized policy based content selection and scheduling to ensure consistent and
      automatic data protection for laptops and workstations.
      Silent install on all workstations, with no local permission/involvement required
      Lightweight agent for easy and fast remote deployment.

Click here for the CommVault Simpana 9 Datasheet

CommVault eBook                                                                              Page 5
Adding Value to Dell EqualLogic with CommVault Simpana
CommVault Simpana provides business value through specific features and joint integration with
Dell EqualLogic arrays to enhance the overall Dell value proposition versus the competition.

Disk to Disk Backup
Dell EqualLogic arrays are often
deployed as primary storage for file,
email and database applications.
Given the increased importance of
quickly restoring data for these
applications combined with the
falling cost of SATA disk drives, many
users are now using Dell EqualLogic                                       Production Tier
PS SATA storage as a backup target
for their primary storage.

CommVault’s ability to natively write                                On-Line Recovery Tier
to disk combined with its capability to
restore single files or emails greatly
reduces user down time.
Adding CommVault’s deduplication
technology reduces redundant file
copies while primary storage data is
backed up to the secondary storage. This deduplication is maintained across archive copies to
extend the efficiency of disk backup, allowing you to keep more backup and archive copies on disk.

Since CommVault can share the same storage resources for backup, archive and replication copies,
your Dell EqualLogic PS storage stays highly efficient throughout the data lifecycle. For example,
archiving older email from your Microsoft Exchange storage keeps your data growth under control
while maintaining better application performance.

CommVault eBook                                                                              Page 6
CommVault SnapProtect for EqualLogic
Maximizing the Use of Snapshot Technology to meet your data recovery, data retention and budget
needs. Many companies use storage-array-based snapshot technology to create copies to protect
and provide online access to data. While snapshot technology provides advantages, fully leveraging
these capabilities to meet your recovery requirements
can sometimes introduce a new set of challenges to
ensure that copies of data can be managed across tiers of
storage and tape to meet your organizations data
retention, recovery and budget requirements.

Solutions to these challenges involve a combination of
creating and maintaining complex scripting and having to
independently manage multiple products and
technologies. These technologies could include
numerous application-based “Snap” management
products, data movement technologies, archive and
backup products that are required to ensure data can be
moved from tier-to-tier, location-to-location and finally off to tape. Even then, without consistent
cataloging and management across disparate storage systems and tape, recovering this data can be
an extremely manual and time consuming process. You are therefore required to recover data back
across tiers of storage onto production systems and then manually ensure that the application data
is in a consistent state and at its most recent recovery point.

Simpana® SnapProtect™ Technology: Industry-Leading Snapshot Integration and Application

SnapProtect™ technology uses traditional snapshot capabilities built into storage arrays to create
and manage application-consistent, validated, point-in-time recovery copies across tiers of storage—
including tape—for rapid recovery. Through a centralized management interface, you can easily
define policies to manage, protect and recover Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, and SAP data across
tiers of storage, while still leveraging underlying array-based snapshot technology. You can easily
browse and view point-in-time copies of application data, independent of location or device, and
then easily recover that data when you need it.

And, because SnapProtect technology is hardware agnostic, you have the freedom to use primary
and secondary storage from the vendor of your choice, leveraging existing storage investments and
potentially reducing hardware costs.

With SnapProtect technology you can now maximise investments made in high speed Ethernet and
Fibre Channel networks, as well as the high performance of today’s storage arrays to tackle the 24x7
uptime and accessibility challenges surrounding mission and business critical Tier 0/1 data.
CommVault’s integrated approach means that you no longer need to create and maintain scripts and
manage numerous technologies and products independently. The management, protection and
recovery of application data across tiers of storage and tape is faster and simpler. And, backups
become almost instant, which virtually eliminates the backup window.

Click here to view the SnapProtect Snapshot Management Whiteboard Video

Click here for a SnapProtect with EqualLogic Datasheet

CommVault eBook                                                                               Page 7
Operational Benefits and Reduced Costs
SnapProtect technology can drive down the operational and investment costs associated with the
management and protection of critical application data. SnapProtect technology offers:

       A single view into the management and recovery of data, regardless of location or device
       A single product resulting in less administration time to manage, protect, and recover data
       across tiers of storage and locations
       Faster time-to-recovery, lowering the cost of downtime
       Freedom-of-choice for deployment, which could reduce hardware costs
       Reduced impact on production servers with integrated off-host backup capabilities
       Enables one-pass backup and delivers multiple levels of recovery
CommVault® Simpana® software with SnapProtect technology can help your organization spend less
on storage, reduce the cost of downtime, and simplify management, leading to improved
operational benefits and reduced operational costs!

       SnapProtect Technology
       Transforms Snapshots into a Tiered Backup Strategy

        Seamless Platform Integration
         • End-End Policy, single view
         • W/L/U with App support over mixed                     End-End Protection Policies
           SAN HW                                    Snap Backup (y/n)             Snap Backup (y/n)                Snap Backup (y/n)
         • Spanning sites / copy sets
                                                     DB Stores (y/n)               SnapProtect
                                                                                   DB Stores (y/n)                  SnapProtect
                                                                                                                    DB Stores (y/n)
                                                     DB Stores                     DB Stores                        DB Stores
                                                     Storage Policy                Storage Policy                   Storage Policy
         • Scheduling/ Reporting/ Auditing           Proxy                         Proxy                            Proxy
                                                     Storage Policy                Storage Policy                   Storage Policy

                                                     Exchange Farm               SharePoint Farm           Oracle DB Farm
        Consolidated Copy Mgmt
         • Tiered Copy set reduces costs
         • Dedupe and Encrypt
         • Restore from anywhere               SAN Array
                                                               vol                    vol                        vol
                                               • EMC DMX/CX
                                               • NetApp
        Simplified Recovery                    • Dell EQL-PS
         • Application Recovery + Granular     Snap Copies
         • Single step no loss restore

                                                          Proxy / DataMover MA              Storage Policy: Synchronous Copies
         Eliminates scripting, cross-functional                                                                        Longer Term Daily
         challenges, HW-lock in, disparate tools                                     Backup Copies                     Protection Copies
                                                                     Open Disk       Cloud         Tape                  Deduplicated
         and high operational costs                                                                                       Encrypted

CommVault eBook                                                                                                                            Page 8
WAN-optimized Disaster Recovery
Dell EqualLogic PS arrays include built-in replication between arrays. When CommVault backs up or
archives to the Dell EqualLogic disk, the array replicates the data to a second array and CommVault is
aware of both copies of the data. This is important if there is ever a need to restore data and the
first array is unavailable. CommVault is aware of the replicated copy and can issue the request for
the data to the replicated side.

Using CommVault’s block deduplication, data on disk can be reduced by as much as 95%. Dell
EqualLogic PS arrays replicate this deduplicated format to reduce the amount of data sent over the
WAN. At the Disaster Recovery site, data can then be kept on disk, backed up to tape, or content
indexed for compliance.

Virtual Server Agent
Using server virtualization with virtualized storage increases your uptime and lowers your costs.
Server virtualization combined with Dell storage arrays allows applications to fail over or load
balance to maximize uptime while also eliminating wasted hardware.

Using CommVault to manage data protection, archive and replication copies across virtual and
physical servers from a single product reduces costs and saves time. Traditional protection solutions
require several products to get the job done which each require their own storage. For example, a
backup product uses storage independently from the archiving product or the replication product.
CommVault’s singular architecture offers robust protection needs for physical or virtual
environments that can share Dell PowerVault storage and tape libraries for a total data protection
solution that is simple to use.

CommVault Simpana software’s Virtual Server Agent (VSA) is the industry leader in meeting the
unique challenges of protecting a virtual environment. Simpana 9 software scales seamlessly to
support the most demanding enterprise deployments running VMware, Microsoft HyperV or Citrix

Protect Hundreds of Virtual Machines in Minutes with Minimal Server Impact
• SnapProtect for VSA seamlessly integrates with storage snapshots to protect hundreds of VMs in
    minutes, bypassing server resources.
• Create secondary copies for DR on tiered disk or tape leveraging VMware vStorage API for Data
    Protection (VADP) and Microsoft Volume Shadow Services (VSS).
• Embedded deduplication reduces network traffic by up to 90% and the full backup window by
    almost 50%.
• Built in resiliency and concurrency control for high scalability.
• Seamlessly scale to support environments with thousands of Virtual Machines.
• Application integrated protection ensures application consistent backups within VMs.

Click here for a use case on protecting 500 Virtual Machines in 17 minutes using SnapProtect and
Dell EqualLogic

CommVault eBook                                                                                Page 9
Simplified Management and Actionable Reporting
• Auto-Discovery affords automated data protection for new VMs based on pre-defined policies
   with no administrative intervention. Catch-All management policy ensures no VMs are left
• Integrated Storage Resource Management (SRM) capability to present a 360 degree view of the
   physical and virtual environment.

•   SRM analytics give detailed views of content inside VMs, without installing any agents in the VM.
•   Actionable reports, including capability to automatically archive contents inside VMs based on
    SRM reports.
•   Manage the environment, not the licenses with capacity based licensing, including unlimited

Simpana software delivers Auto-Discovery and Auto-Protection capabilities to ensure all virtual
servers are guaranteed protection. Lacking auto-discovery, users waste a lot of time daily, trying to
identify new VMs, locate their owners, determine protection needs and add them to the appropriate

With Auto-Discovery, new VMs are automatically assigned to an appropriate protection policy based
on pre-defined business rules. A default catch-all policy protects even those VMs that do not meet
the pre-defined criteria. This Configure and Forget flexibility allows administrators to be highly
productive and focus on solving real business problems, rather than wasting time on unproductive

Click here for a Protecting Virtual Servers Datasheet

Click here for a Protecting Virtual Servers Solution’s Brief

Click here for a Protection Virtual Servers Whitepaper

CommVault eBook                                                                             Page 10
Deduplication with Dell | Commvault
With one of the industry’s first end-to-end, block-based software deduplication, Commvault
Simpana offers a holistic approach to deduplication that extends across all tiers of secondary storage
including disk and tape; encompassing global reduction of stored data from the source across
backups, archives, clients and platforms in both remote and centralized configurations.

Why is Deduplication important to customers?

An end-to-end approach unlocks IT benefits which include faster network data transfers, shorter
backup windows, faster recoveries, and more efficient utilization of your secondary storage
infrastructure. This combination reduces the amount of disk/tape used for backup and archive
copies by up to 90 percent. CommVault Simpana deduplication delivers unprecedented operational
efficiencies and cost savings. In recent testing with the PowerVault DL Appliance powered by
CommVault, weekly deduplicated backups are demonstrating throughput rates of up to 3.1 TBs per
hour. All of these positively impact customer’s operational costs.

What are the business benefits of Deduplication?

    •   Tape Reduction/Elimination – Deduplication removes redundant data blocks and improves
        storage efficiency. This improves the backups by reducing the amount of data being backed
        up and reduces the dependency on tape by reducing the number of tape drives and tape
    •   Dedupe to Tape – for customers who still want or need to include tape as a tier in their
        overall backup retention strategy, CommVault is the only company enabling deduped data
        to be stored on tape in its deduped form. Competitive solutions must “rehydrate” the data
        to its full size prior to writing to tape, thus providing no tape savings. CommVault dedupe to
        tape reduces the amount of tape media needed by up to 90%. This is potentially a huge
        benefit in lowering operational costs.

CommVault eBook                                                                               Page 11
    •   Efficient WAN Usage – With client/source side dedupe in Simpana, data blocks are compared
        at the remote site and if they are already present at the central site, these blocks are not
        sent over the network during the backup process. This can greatly reduce the amount of
        data being sent over the WAN during remote site backup operations.
    •   Global Deduplication – A key component of Simpana’s deduplication solution is the ability to
        recognize data blocks that have already been backed up and deduped at other backup
        servers in the Simpana installation. This means two remote sites will not send the same
        block if it has already been sent by another backup server. This is an extremely important
        feature, once again tuned to real world issues and providing significant benefit for
    •   Centralized Management and Control – Because of the global deduplication, the
        consolidated indexing, and the single console, Simpana offers a complete view of the data in
        the enterprise and ensures easy and fast access to data during restore operations.
    •   Rapid Accessibility/Recovery - Indexing is the key to granularity; the ability to restore the
        smallest amount of data during restore activities. Indexing is the key to fast restores; being
        able to quickly locate the data on disk or tape and to quickly deliver this back to the
        application or user requesting the data. With a unified index across backups, archives and
        replicated copies, Simpana provides superior tools for finding and restoring customer data
        quickly and accurately.

Click here for a Deduplication Whitepaper

Click here for a Deduplication Datasheet

CommVault eBook                                                                              Page 12
Archiving with Dell | Commvault
In addition to CommVault’s Simpana Software, the PowerVault DL Appliance powered by
CommVault is a fully integrated hardware and software solution. Despite the name, the DL
Appliance can also be used as an inexpensive and high performance archive platform for longer term
storage of files and emails. One of the fastest ways to reduce backup windows is to remove some of
the data being backed up. According to Gartner, many organizations have as much as 70% of their
data on primary systems that is eligible for archiving to cheaper long term storage. Archiving

        Control and organize your data; manage use of primary storage more effectively
        Space savings in your production environment, no need to invest in more expensive disks.
        Shortens your backup window and can deliver a faster restore.
        Combined with compression and or deduplication you can even save on archive disk space.

Using CommVault Simpana (with an EqualLogic PS array with SATA drives) and/or the DL Appliance
customer can easily start moving older infrequently accessed data to lower cost storage. Using
Simpana archive policies, archiving becomes a “set it and forget it” situation. As data ages, it is
automatically migrated from primary to secondary, with a “stub” pointer left behind on the primary.
As data is moved from the primary array, this space is freed up for reuse and storage of new data.
Additionally, you can have multiple copies of archived data to ensure disaster recovery protection.
This provides several operational benefits that immediately impact the bottom line.

First the primary backup takes less time because you are no longer backing up data that has been
archived from the primary. A second benefit is the reuse of the primary data storage space. As data
is constantly archived off to less expensive storage, the need to constantly buy more primary storage
space is mitigated and can now be accurately predicted and forecast by simply adjusting the archive
policies to archive more or less aggressively. No more micro managing email quotas or deciding
what to delete when you run out of disk in the middle of a critical activity.

Click here for a PowerVault DL Appliance Datasheet

CommVault eBook                                                                             Page 13

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