Perm Dynamo Days
  7-11 February 2005


     Perm, Russia
Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics UB RAS

International Science & Technology Center
Dynasty Foundation
Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

A. Brandenburg (Copenhagen, Denmark)
B. Dubrulle (Saclay, France)
C. Forest (Madison, USA)
P. Frick (Perm, Russia) – Chairman
A. Gailitis (Riga, Latvia)
G. Gerbeth (Rossendorf, Germany)
V. Matveenko (Perm, Russia)
M.R.E. Proctor (Cambridge, UK)
D. Sokoloff (Moscow, Russia)
A. Shukurov (Newcastle, UK)

P. Frick
G. Levina
R. Stepanov
G. Tsaplina

               PERM DYNAMO DAYS
                       Monday, February 7
 09:15              Welcome, Opening Remarks
                     Valeriy Matveenko, Peter Frick
09:30-11:00    Session 1                 Chairman A. Shukurov
       50+10   Karl-Heinz Rädler (Potsdam)
               Dynamo theory and its experimental validation:
               earlier attempts and perspectives
        25+5   Igor Kirko (Perm)
               Generation and self-excitation of the magnetic
               field in technical devices
11:00-11:30    Coffee/Tea
11:30-13:00    Session 2                 Chairman D.P. Lathrop
        20+5   Axel Brandenburg (Copenhagen)
               Shearing and embedding box simulations of the
        20+5   Gunter Gerbeth (Dresden)
               Proposal for a Taylor-Dean experiment to
               investigate the magnetorotational instability
        15+5   Krzysztof Mizerski (Warsaw)
               Stability of MHD elliptical flow
        15+5   Alexander Likhachev (Moscow)
               Hypersonic flow over body in magnetic fields of
               different configuration: dissipative magnetic
13:00-14:30    Lunch
14:30-16:00    Session 3                      Chairman J. Leorat
        20+5   Anvar Shukurov (Newcastle)
               Measuring magnetic helicities in the interstellar

         20+5   Kirill Kuzanyan (Moscow)
                Non-axisymmetric solar and stellar dynamo
         15+5   Moissei Livshits (Moscow)
                Butterfly diagrams for active late-type stars
         15+5   Elena Popova (Perm)
                Anharmonicity of stellar cycles: a wavelet
16:00-16:30     Coffee/Tea
16:30-18:00     Session 4                    Chairman R.M. Kerr
         20+5   Michael Kurgansky (Concepcion)
                Simple scaling theory of intense atmospheric
                vortices based on a kinetic dynamo concept
         20+5   Nikolay Erokhin (Moscow)
                The space charge influence on generation and
                keep up of large-scale helical flows in a gas
         15+5   Lev Ingel (Obninsk)
                On the peculiarities of dynamics
                of the two-component stratified rotating media
         15+5   Maxim Kalashnik (Obninsk)
                Dynamics of wave and vortex disturbances in
                shear flows of the rotating fluid
 18:00            WELCOME PARTY AT THE PERM
                      SCIENTIFIC CENTRE

                       Tuesday, February 8
09:30-11:00    Session 5               Chairman S.A. Colgate
       50+10   Daniel P. Lathrop (Maryland)
               Liquid sodium laboratory models of the Earth's
               outer core
        25+5   Henri-Claude Nataf (Grenoble)
               DTS: a liquid sodium experiment in the
               magnetostrophic regime
11:00-11:30    Coffee/Tea
11:30-13:00    Session 6             Chairman L. Kitchatinov
        20+5   Dmitriy Sokoloff (Moscow)
               Dynamo wave nearby stellar equator
        20+5   Victor Semikoz (Moscow)
               Parity nonconservation and generation
               mechanism of mean magnetic field in early
               universe plasma driven by neutrinos
        15+5   Maxim Reshetnyak (Moscow)
               Geodynamo simulations and turbulent modelling
        15+5   Marina Artjushkova (Moscow)
               The effective curvature of the universe with
               inhomogeneities and numerical modelling of
               Jacobi equation on a geodesic with random
13:00-14:30    Lunch
14:30-16:00    Session 7                Chairman J.-F. Pinton
        20+5   Uwe Günther (Dresden)
               The beauty of spherically symmetric 2-dynamos:
               exceptional points, oscillations, and chaotic
        20+5   Javier Burguete (Navarre)
               Influence of time-dependent flows on the onset of
               the dynamo action

        20+5   Mingtian Xu (Dresden)
               On the integral equation approach and some
               related inverse problems in MHD
        20+5   Valeriy Pipin (Irkutsk)
               On the α-effect and helicities for the fast
               differentially rotating stratified magnetized flows
16:10-16:40    Coffee/Tea
16:40-18:00    Round Table I
               What Theory needs from Experiment and
               Experiment needs from Theory
               Moderators A. Brandenburg and
               M.R.E. Proctor

                    Wednesday, February 9
09:30-11:00    Session 8               Chairman K.-H. Rädler
       50+10   Leonid Kitchatinov (Irkutsk)
               Astrophysical dynamos driven by
               magnetorotational instability
        25+5   David L. Moss (Manchester)
               Dynamo models and the `flip-flop' phenomenon
               in late-type stars
11:00-11:30    Coffee/Tea
11:30-13:00    Session 9                Chairman D. Sokoloff
        20+5   Mikhail R.E. Proctor (Cambridge)
               Small-scale magnetic induction and dynamo
               action in low magnetic Prandtl number media
        20+5   Nathanael Schaeffer (Grenoble)
               Quasi-geostrophic dynamos at low Pm
        15+5   Rodion Stepanov (Perm)
               Influence of low Pm on the turbulent MHD
        15+5   Jacques Leorat (Meudon)
               Precession driving of flows at high magnetic
               Reynolds numbers
  13:00        Lunch
  15:00        EXCURSIONS

                       Thursday, February 10
09:30-11:00    Session 10                  Chairman A. Gailitis
       50+10   Jean-Francois Pinton (Lyon)
               Dynamo experiments
       25+5    Cary B. Forest (Madison)
               Overview of results from the Madison dynamo
11:00-11:30    Coffee/Tea
11:30-13:00    Session 11           Chairman A. Brandenburg
       20+5    Andre Thess (Ilmenau)
               Transition from two-dimensional to
               three-dimensional MHD turbulence
       20+5    Jumber Lominadze (Tbilisi)
               On helical nature of hydrodynamic turbulence of
               disk flows
       15+5    Oleg Zikanov (Dearborn)
               Numerical simulations of anisotropic
               MHD turbulence
       15+5    Otto Chkhetiani (Moscow)
               Propagation of waves and structures in gyrotropic
               turbulent plasma
13:00-14:30    Lunch
14:30-16:00    Session 12                 Chairman G. Gerbeth
       20+5    Florent Ravelet (Saclay)
               Towards a von Kármán dynamo: numerical
               studies based on experimental flows
       20+5    Romain R.G. Volk (Lyon)
               Fluctuations of magnetic induction profiles in the
               von Kármán gallium experiment
       15+5    Stanislav Khripchenko (Perm)
               Electrovortex and magnetovortex flows in
               technological devices

       15+5   Dmitriy Markovich (Novosibirsk)
              PIV diagnostics of complex turbulent flows with
              developed large-scale structures
16:00-16:30   Coffee/Tea
16:30-18:00 ISTC Session - ICMM Overview

                       Friday, February 11
09:30-11:00    Session 13                Chairman D.P. Lathrop
        25+5   Agris Gailitis (Salaspils)
               New measurements of magnetic fields, pressure
               and velocity at the Riga dynamo experiment
        25+5   Stirling A. Colgate (Los Alamos)
               NMTech liquid sodium dynamo experiment
        25+5   Peter Frick (Perm)
               Nonstationary dynamo experiment
11:00-11:30    Coffee/Tea
11:30-13:00    Session 14              Chairman M. Kurgansky
        20+5   Robert M. Kerr (Warwick)
               The temperature variance budgets in Rayleigh-
               Bénard convection
        20+5   Galina Levina (Perm)
               Helical-vortex instability in a convectively
               unstable fluid: origin and simulation
        15+5   Andrey Sukhanovsky (Perm)
               Experimental study of a spiral vortex from a
               localized heat source in a rotating layer of fluid
        15+5   Maxim Kalashnik (Obninsk)
               Structure and stability of zonal vortex flows
               generated in the rotating paraboloid by the
               source-sink system
13:00-14:30    Lunch
14:30-16:00    Session 15                   Chairman C.B. Forest
        15+5   Mark Nornberg (Madison)
               Magnetic response analysis of the Madison
               dynamo experiment using external magnetic
        15+5   Igor Shardakov (Perm)
               Optimization and design of nonstationary toroidal
               dynamo set-up

         20+5   Karl-Heinz Rädler (Potsdam)
                Mean-field view on rotating magnetoconvection
                and dynamo models
         20+5   Frank Stefani (Dresden)
                Have we understood the Riga dynamo?
16:00-16:30     Coffee/Tea
16:30-18:00     Round Table II
                Perspectives of dynamo experiments
                Moderators D.P. Lathrop and J.-F. Pinton
  18:00                     Closing Remarks
                       CONFERENCE DINNER
Artur Bilsky (Novosibirsk)
Turbulent energy balance in free and confined jet flows
Kirill Kuzanyan (Moscow)
Helicity and the solar dynamo: observational background
David L. Moss (Manchester)
Modelling the magnetic field of the barred galaxy NGC1365
Igor Patrickeyev (Perm)
Wavelet analysis for cross-helicity in solar active regions

                      List of Participants

Marina Artjushkova                       
                Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Artur Bilsky
          Institute of Thermophysics, Siberian Branch of RAS,
                            Novosibirsk, Russia
Axel Brandenburg                      
                      Nordita, Copenhagen, Denmark
Daniel Brito           
                          LGIT, Grenoble, France
Javier Burguete                        
     Dept Fisica y Matematica Aplicada, Universidad de Navarra,
                               Navarre, Spain
George Chagelishvili              
       Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory, Tbilisi, Georgia
Otto Chkhetiani                      
           Space Research Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russia
Stirling A. Colgate                         
                 Los Alamos Nat. Lab., Los Alamos, USA
Nikolay Erokhin                     
           Space Research Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russia
Cary B. Forest                            
                  University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Peter Frick                                    
       Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Perm, Russia
Agris Gailitis                                  
        Institute of Physics Latvian University, Salaspils, Latvia
Gunter Gerbeth                 
         Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany
Uwe Guenther                   
      Research Center Rossendorf, Institute of Safety Research,
      Department of Magnetohydrodynamics, Dresden, Germany
Thomas Gundrum                
          Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, Giessen, Germany
Boris Ilyushin
            Institute of Thermophysics, Novosibirsk, Russia

Lev Ingel                                  
                     SI SPA “Typhoon”, Obninsk, Russia
Evgenia Ivanova                          
                 Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Maxim Kalashnik
                     SI SPA “Typhoon”, Obninsk, Russia
Robert M. Kerr                         
                     University of Warwick, Warwick, UK
Stanislav Khripchenko                          
         Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Perm, Russia
Igor Kirko                                     
 Institute of physical problems of technology "Magnet", Perm, Russia
Leonid Kitchatinov                                  
           Institute for Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Irkutsk, Russia
Ilya Kolesnichenko                           
         Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Perm, Russia
Michael Kurgansky                             
  Dep. Atmos. and Ocean. Phys., Univ. of Concepcion, Concepcion,Chile;
         Inst. Atmos. Phys, Russian Acad. Sci., Moscow, Russia
Kirill Kuzanyan                            
       IZMIRAN, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
Oleg Lapidus
                            ISTC, Moscow, Russia
Daniel Perry Lathrop                    
   University of Maryland, Institute for Research in Electronics and
                       Applied Physics, Maryland, USA
Jacques Leorat                      
                           CNRS, Meudon, France
Galina Levina                                    
         Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Perm, Russia
Alexander Likhachev                              
  Associated Institute for High Temperatures, RAS, Moscow, Russia
Moissei Livshits
   Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave,
                               Moscow, Russia
Jumber Lominadze                    
          Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory, Tbilisi, Georgia

Dmitriy Markovich                            
            Institute of Thermophysics, Novosibirsk, Russia
Krzysztof A. Mizerski                   
   Institute of Geophysics at Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland
David L. Moss                       
Mathematics Department, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
Henri-Claude Nataf       
                          LGIT, Grenoble, France
Mark Nornberg                         
                  University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Vitaly Noskov                                  
       Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Perm, Russia
Igor Patrikeyev                                  
       Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Perm, Russia
Jean-Francois Pinton                       
           École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Lyon, France
Valery Pipin                                    
          Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Irkutsk, Russia
Elena Popova                              
       Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Perm, Russia
Mikhail R.E. Proctor       
           DAMTP, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
Karl-Heinz Rädler                         
      Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany
Florent Ravelet                
                       CEA Saclay, Saclay, France
Maxim Reshetnyak                            
         Institute of the Physics of the Earth, Moscow, Russia
Nathanael Schaeffer
          Observatoire de Grenoble / LGIT, Grenoble, France
Victor Semikoz                                
                        IZMIRAN, Moscow, Russia
Igor Shardakov
       Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Perm, Russia
Anvar Shukurov            
         School of Mathematics and Statistics, Newcastle, UK

Dmitry Sokoloff                 
 Department of Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
Frank Stefani                  
        Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany
Rodion Stepanov                           
      Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Perm, Russia
Andrey Sukhanovsky                           
      Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics, Perm, Russia
Andre Thess                          
               Department of Mechanical Engineering,
       Ilmenau University of Technology, Ilmenau, Germany
Romain R.G. Volk                         
         École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Lyon, France
Mingtian Xu                        
        Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany
Oleg Zikanov               
                University of Michigan, Dearborn, USA


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