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					WJCC-TNCC Partnership

      CTE Career
 How are you going to pay for
• If student has to work,
  does he have any
  skills that will get him
  paid more than
  minimum wage?

• Annual salary at
  minimum wage?

• $15,900
  Career and Technical
Education offers options!
1.   Earn
     that lead to
     salaries for
     part time

2.   Receive free
     training that
     would cost
     $1,000’s in
     the private
    Med Lab and Phlebotomy
   E02 on blue prints
• Curriculum is TNCC MDL 100-Introduction
  to Medical Laboratory Technology
• Also taught in that room will be MDL 105-
  Phlebotomy and
  TNCC Bio 141-142: Human Anatomy and
  Physiology I-II
       Med Lab Career Path
• The AS degree in Medical Laboratory
  Technician requires 67 credits. MDL 100
  and Anatomy and Physiology are two of
  the required courses.
• Hospitals in the local area only hire
  degreed people in Med Lab.
     Phlebotomy Career Path
• MDL 105 and MDL 100 prepare a student
  for the clinical in phlebotomy, MDL 106.
• Upon completion of the clinical, a student
  may take the certification test and be
        Partnership Activities
• Expertise of staff re: equipment, textbooks,
  lab requirements, curriculum
• We will utilize a TNCC instructor to teach
  the Med Lab courses for us.
• Our lab will be available for evening
  courses for TNCC’s adult students.
     Anatomy and Physiology
• This course is an expanded version of our
  Anatomy and Physiology course. A&P will
  be a course taught for an entire year. It is
  worth 8 credits that are transferable to four
  year schools. This course is a solid
  foundation for any student who anticipates
  a career in medical science regardless of
  degree of preparation.
       Partnership Activities
• TNCC has supplied the course syllabus
  which is currently under review by Nancy
  West, our science specialist.
• We will teach the EMT-B certification. It
  will be offered to Seniors. The follow-on
  degree program at TNCC is Public
• We have detailed lists of equipment which
  are estimated to cost $60k.
• The textbook has been selected.
         Project Lead the Way
• This program will move from JHS to the new high school.
• All five courses will be taught eventually (we add one
  each year).
• TNCC will have dual enrollment for the first four courses
  next fall (Principles of Engineering, Introduction to
  Engineering Design, Digital Electronics, Computer
• ODU’s Department of Engineering has asked to ―certify‖
  the PLTW program. Achieving program certification
  would also give students the option of dual enrolling at
• PLTW will be taught in E24
• Networking will be taught in the room originally
  designed for Electronics, which will not be
• I have collaborated with senior staff at TNCC to
  gain approval to go forward with Network+
  certification. This is a generic, non-vendor
  specific certification that prepares students
  conceptually so that they can easily acquire
  vendor specific skills.
• Electronics was found to be duplicative of
  a course in the Project Lead the Way
  sequence, so the CIAC CTE Committee
  deleted it. Students enrolled in Digital
  Electronics through PLTW will still be able
  to participate in pathways that incorporate
  Electronics at TNCC.
• Surgical Technology is only taught at
  Piedmont Community College. Even
  without the relationship of the local
  community college, the preparation
  pathway that we originally described will
  still serve the student who is interested in
  pursuing this career.
• Radiology—TNCC does not yet have a
  radiology program.
• We are working with TNCC, Riverside,
  Sentara to find funding to support a
  Radiology preparation program to serve
  this part of the Peninsula.
                                                     WJCC Public Schools
                                                       Career Pathway
                                                              LPN to RN

                                                                                                Post High School
                          Grade 10                 Grade 11                Grade 12                                             TNCC
Grade 9                                                                                            (Adult Ed)

           Introduction to
                                      Medical                                                                               RN 4-semester
          Health & Medical                                    Algebra II                LPN I                      LPN II
                                     Terminology                                                                            Degree Program

                                                                                      Anatomy &
              Algebra I               Geometry                Chemistry                (TNCC)


            The Lafayette H.S. School of Nursing’s LPN program is articulated with the 4-semester Associate Degree
            Program for Registered Nurses at TNCC. A graduate of the Lafayette program who passes the state
            licensing exam may enter the RN program at TNCC and articulate coursework if they enter TNCC with in 5
            years of graduation from the LPN program. It is possible for a student to gain 18 credits.
                                                   WJCC Public Schools
                                                     Career Pathway
                                                    Emergency Medical

Grade 9
                               Grade 11                          Grade 12                         TNCC
 or 10

                                                                                                         Associate in Applied Science Degree
                                                                                                            In Public Administration with
                                                                             EMT – Basic full                Specialization in Emergency
               Digital Input              Computer Information              year course leading                   Medical Services
                                                                                                                  (Restricted Entry)
              Technologies                    Systems                          to EMT Basic
                                                                                                                TNCC is investigating
                                                                                Certification                 programs in intermediate
                                                                                                              and advanced life support

          The EMT program will offer the first EMT certification: Basic. TNCC currently offers a degree
          program with entry restricted to people employed in public safety. A person who pursues the Public
          Administration A.S. in Emergency Medical Services would require the EMT-B to enter Fire/EMS
          service, so this is a prerequisite to the degree. This program is recommended for the senior year
          because of maturity considerations. Computer Information Systems is dual enrolled with TNCC
          ITE 115, a required course in the degree program. Additional AP courses may further reduce the
          number of required credits.
                                                   WJCC Public Schools
                                                     Career Pathway
                                                    Medical Laboratory

Grade 9
                                     Grade 11                Grade 12                            TNCC
 or 10

           Introduction to Health                                           TNCC Biology                   Phlebotomy certificate
                Occupations                     Chemistry                    141 and 142                       requires only
           (course is in revision)                                      (Anatomy & Physiology)               one more course

                                                                                                                Med Lab Degree
                                                                           TNCC MDL 100
           Medical Terminology                                                                         The student will have acquired 14
                                                                           (Intro to Medical
              (new course)                                                                          credits toward the degree program and
                                                                           Lab Technology)
                                                                                                        6 toward the certificate program

                                                                           TNCC MDL 105

          It is anticipated that WJCC would provide the MDL labs within the high school and that TNCC staff
          would teach the courses. TNCC’s Biology 141 and 142 is an 8 credit college course that will
          transfer to 4 year schools.
                                            WJCC Public Schools
                                          Career Pathway leading to
                                        TNCC programs in Information
                                          Systems Technology with
                                         Specialization in Networking

Grade 9
                           Grade 11                     Grade 12                       TNCC
 or 10

           Digital Input                                         Advanced Computer             Networking Degree
                                  Computer Info Systems
           Technology                                            Software Operations               program

                                     Computer Network                                         Networking Certificate
                                    Software Operations                                             program

    If there are no changes to the requirements at TNCC, a student could enter the degree program
    with Specialization in Networking with at least 9 of the 66 required credits. They would enter the
    certificate program with 3 of the 21 credits required.
                                                             WJCC Public Schools
                                                     Career Pathway leading to Associate
                                                        In Applied Science Degree with
                                                       specialization in Microcomputer
                                                        Applications or Career Studies
                                                   Certificate in Microcomputer Application

Grade 9                   Grade 10                           Grade 11                      Grade 12                      TNCC

                                                                     Design, Multimedia,
                                                                                                      Advanced Design,           Microcomputer
          Digital Input                Word Processing              and Web Technologies
                                                                                                       Multimedia, and            Applications
          Technologies               (certificate program)              (certificate and
                                                                                                      Web Technologies           Degree program
                                                                      degree programs)

                                     Computer Information
                                                                    Business Management                                            Applications
                                       System (degree
                                                                      (degree program)                                           Career Studies
                                                                                                                                Certificate program

              Design, Multimedia, and Web Technologies was previously named Desktop/Multimedia
              Presentations. The new course curriculum includes web design and programming languages.
              The ―Advanced‖ course is an addition to the state Career and Technical Education curriculum.
              Currently, a student completing this pathway would enter TNCC with 9 of the 66 credits required for
              the degree and 6 of the 24 credits required for the certificate.
                                        WJCC Public Schools
                                          Career Pathway
                                        Project Lead the Way

                                                                                                           TNCC and/or
Grade 9                   Grade 10                     Grade 11                    Grade 12             University – School
                                                                                                          of Engineering

           Geometry                  Algebra II/Trig               Pre-Calculus                    Calculus

          Earth Science                 Biology                     Chemistry                      Physics

                                      Principles of                                           Engineering Design
                                                                                               And Development

                                                                                              Digital Electronics
                                                                  To Engineering

All Project Lead the Way courses will be dual-enrolled at TNCC and eventually Old Dominion
University. A serious pre-engineering student should plan a course of study that will result in
reaching Physics and Calculus by the senior year. This diagram is one example of a sequence.
                                            WJCC Public Schools
                                     Career Pathway leading to Associate
                                         in Applied Science degrees
                                             Technical Studies -
                                           Engineering Electronics

Grade 9                   Grade 10                 Grade 11                      Grade 12

            Algebra                   Geometry                   Algebra II                 Functions/Trig

          Digital Input                                        Introduction to
                                                                                        Digital Electronics
          Technology                    CDAD                  Engineering Des.

 Students who choose this career path should earn 9 credits through dual enrollment in Computer
 Information Systems and Electronics 115 or 126.
       Offers training for current in-
               demand careers!

• Remember!

• Only 20% of jobs
  require a college

•65% of jobs require
technical training!
  Career and Technical
Education offers options!
              Earn free dual
              enrollment college
              credits while still
              in high school.

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