Mr. Beer Ultimate Beer Kit Review

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					Mr. Beer Ultimate Beer Kit Review
If you have ever wanted to become a master brewer at home, you have a few options in what kind of brewing kits you buy. The price can range quite a bit, but you want to make sure to get something of a good quality in order to really enjoy your brewing experience. Mr. Beer offers their Brewmaster's Ultimate Beer Kit for a very reasonable price and it gets you everything you could possibly need to start brewing at home, plus you get enough extras to keep you busy for a long time. You get all the basics that you would expect. You get the two gallon keg and the screw top bottles for your brew. You'll get some Mr. Beer pint glasses and their brew-o-meter, along with all the measuring devices you will need. There is a set of easy to follow 4-step instructions that come with the kit so that even novice brewers will be comfortable. The brewer's guide that you get also comes with some useful information if you haven't had a lot of experience brewing. Even if you already know what you're doing, you might find it very helpful. However, the extras are what really make the Mr. Beer kit the one that you want to have. Mr. Beer sets you up with plenty of their additional items. You get several different brew packs which cover a wide range of different brews, enough for you to enjoy for a long time. You also get a deluxe bottling system for the brews you will create.

You get some handy items like a hop scale, a funnel with a strainer and some extra pint glasses as well. Just to top it off, Mr. Beer includes some of their merchandise such as a cap and T shirt so you can display your brewmaster status proudly even though you're already going to be serving your own brew to everyone you know the first chance you get. But all the extras in the world don't mean a thing if you're not getting quality pieces. Mr. Beer knows this and they have built their kit to meet or surpass most people's expectations. The brew keg itself is made from a light weight plastic which complies with FDA regulations. That means that the plastic won't impart any unwanted flavor onto the beer.

The bottles you get are made with the same quality and are very durable and completely reusable. The sturdy pint glasses are shaped to bring out all of the flavor in your new homemade brew as well. The set of brew packs that you get is just a huge bonus. You'll love the wild American Devil IPA for parties and the Witty Monk white Belgian beer will help keep you cool on hot summer days. In addition you get several other brew packs for different types of beer, all of which you'll enjoy trying out. The brewing guide that you get doesn't just stop at answering some basic brewing questions, Mr. Beer has also given you some of their favorite recipes inside. Start out with your own brew or one of theirs. Either way, you're sure to have a great time brewing your own beer at home with the great Mr. Beer Brewmaster's Ultimate Beer Kit.