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									                                    ACTION REQUIRED
                                     by April 8, 2011

MEMORANDUM                                                                March 28, 2011

TO:           Principals

FROM:         Academic Services


CONTACT:      Melanie Evans-Smith or Deborah Kubiak, 713-696-0600

An initial memorandum was sent on March 11, 2011. This memorandum serves to update
application information and timelines for the Teacher of the Year (TOY) process.

The updates to the Teacher of the Year process, noted on the attachments, are highlighted
     Modification to the application process to reduce the number of essays campus TOY
       nominees complete
     Providing a finalized date for the TOY Reception for finalists
     Updating the TOY timeline impacted by the above modifications

Included with this memo are:
     Timeline (Attachment 1 - Updated)
     Criteria for Selection (Attachment 2)
     Application Requirements (Attachment 3 - Updated)

Your campus nominee’s entry must be received by 4:00 p.m., Friday, April 8, 2011, at Ryan
Professional Development Center (4001 Hardy St., 77009). Schools may nominate one
person. Only entries meeting timeline and selection requirements will be considered for
Teacher of the Year.

If you have questions, please contact Deborah Kubiak at or



c:    Chief School Officers
      School Improvement Officers
      Michele Pola
      Ann Best
      Mark Smith
      Caleen Allen
      Aggie Alvez
      Kim Hall
      Matilda Orozco
      Sowmya Kumar
      Deborah Kubiak
                      HOUSTON ISD TEACHER OF THE YEAR
                               2011 TIMELINE

Date                          Activity
March 11                      Action Memorandum sent to All Principals for campus TOY
                              selection and District recognition overview
March 21 – April 7            Campus selects Teacher of the Year nominee

April 8                       Campus submits TOY nominee application to Ryan
                              Professional Development Center (4001 Hardy St., 77009)

April 20                      Notification of SIO TOY nominees for 23 schools
                                         o 12 Elementary Schools
                                         o 5 Middle Schools
                                         o 6 High School

                              Invite SIO TOY nominees to participate in Superintendents’
                              Breakfast and Principals’ Meeting Recognition on May 4, 2011

April 20 – 29                 Communication/Media Services capture message from SIO
                              TOY nominees’ principals for presentation

May 4                         Superintendent’s Breakfast

(NOTE: Teacher Appreciation   General Principal’s Meeting
Week is May 2-6, 2011)           Recognition of 23 SIO TOY school nominees
                                 Announce finalists:
                                        o 3 Elementary finalists
                                        o 4 Secondary finalists

May 5 - 11                    Seven (7) finalists complete TEA essays III, VII, and VIII
May 5 - 13                    Contact 7 TOY finalists (3 elementary and 4 secondary) to:
                                  Provide invitations for the May TOY Reception
                                  Arrange classroom visits and personal interviews
                                    arranged for the HISD TOY finalists

May 25                        HISD Teacher of the Year Reception for 3 elementary and
[UPDATED]                     4 secondary finalists
                                  Announcement of HISD elementary and secondary
                                    TOY winners

May 23 – June 3               Final review of District TOY applications and submission for
                              Superintendent’s approval

June 24                       Applications for District Teacher of the Year Elementary
                              and Secondary submitted to Region IV by 5:00 pm

                                                                           ATTACHMENT 1
                                                                      Updated March 28, 2011
                            HOUSTON ISD TEACHER OF THE YEAR
                                CRITERIA FOR SELECTION

Criteria established by TEA:

   (1) The nominee must be an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable, and skilled
       teacher in any state-approved or accredited school, prekindergarten through grade
       twelve, who is planning to continue in an active teaching status (Supervisory and
       administrative responsibilities should be of secondary consideration). Classroom
       teachers traditionally receive recognition under the program. However, counselors,
       librarians, nurses, PE, and music teachers who teach at least four hours a day may be
       nominated. The nominee must hold Texas teacher certification.

   (2) The nominee must have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and co-
       workers. He/she should play an active and useful role in the community as well as in
       the school, often distinguishing himself/herself as a leader.

   (3) Nominees must be poised and articulate and have good public-speaking skills.
       The nominee must present a professional image and have a well-groomed appearance.
       The HISD Teacher of the Year will be expected to participate in television talk shows,
       make public appearances, and make speeches to various civic and community groups.

   (4) The nominee must agree to complete the required essays.

Additional HISD criteria:

   (1) The nominee must be a fully certified teacher.

   (2) The nominee cannot be a first-year teacher.

   (3) The nominee must demonstrate effective instructional and professional practices
       throughout the 2010-2011 school year:
        Maintain “Proficient” or higher on all domains of the 2010-2011 PDAS/MPDAS
        Has not been on a growth/intervention plan within the current school year
        Rated at least Proficient on Staff review for both cycles
        demonstrates instructional leadership on campus and/or within HISD

   (4) The nominee cannot be on suspension at the time of selection. If suspension occurs
       after selection, the teacher will be disqualified from competition.

   (5) All nominations must be without regard to age, sex, race, handicap, or religion.

   (6) A teacher previously chosen as HISD’s Teacher of the Year (not campus-based) is not
       eligible for nomination.

   (7) Campus nominees complete cover information sheet including signatures,
       required essays, photographs; and submits completed application (hard copy and
       electronic copy) in a RED/BLUE folder to Ryan Professional Development Center
       (4001 Hardy St., 77009 or Route 6) by April 8, 2011. (Attention: Deborah Kubiak)

                                                                               ATTACHMENT 2
                                    TEACHER OF THE YEAR
                                  APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS

Applications must be submitted in a color folder - RED for elementary school and BLUE for
secondary. Indicate the names of your SIO, Campus, and Teacher Nominee in the top, right
corner of the folder.

In a large envelop insert your RED/BLUE folder containing the following documents: 1) Teacher
of the Year cover sheet, 2) nominee’s essays, 3) pictures with captions, and 4) flash drive/CD.
Submit to Ryan Professional Development Center (4001 Hardy St., 77009 or Route 6) by
April 8, 2011. Do not submit any other material.

NOTE: Teacher nominees and campuses should retain copies of entry materials as original
materials will not be returned.

Read the essay requirements carefully and follow exactly. Nominees should answer the
application form cover sheet (I); essay questions II, IV, V, and VI; and provide picture(s)
and caption(s) (IX). Also, submit application according to information in section X.

Be sure not to exceed the page limitations. Nominees are urged to be brief and succinct in their
written responses, focusing on their most significant experiences and characteristics.
Candidates who add a personal touch to their applications will also produce a stronger entry.
NOTE: For the initial Houston ISD selection process, the campus nominee does not need to
complete essays III, VII, and VIII. The HISD seven finalists will be required to complete these
three essays from May 5, to May 11, 2011.
Responses should be typed or word-processed, and double-spaced, with at least one-inch
margins and a font size no smaller than 12 point. Please double check for spelling errors. The
essay topic, such as EDUCATIONAL HISTORY and PD or PHILOSOPHY OF TEACHING, should be
at the beginning of each section.

I.     Personal information and signatures - Teacher of the Year Information cover sheet

II.    Educational History and Professional Development (Limit: Two double-spaced pages).

       A. Beginning with the most recent, list colleges and universities and post-graduate studies, with
          degrees earned and dates attended.
       B. Beginning with the most recent, list teaching employment history, with time periods, grade levels
          and subject areas.
       C. Beginning with the most recent, list professional association memberships, offices held and other
          relevant activities.
       D. Beginning with the most recent, list staff development leadership activity and leadership activity in
          the training of future teachers.
       E. Beginning with the most recent, list awards and other recognition.

III.   Professional Biography (Limit: Two double-spaced pages).

       What are the background, people and events that persuaded you to become a teacher? Describe
       your most significant contributions and accomplishments in education.
IV.    Community Involvement (Limit: One double-spaced page).
       Describe service-oriented involvement, such as volunteer work, civic and other group activities.

                                                                                           ATTACHMENT 3
                                                                                     Updated March 28, 2011
V.    Philosophy of Teaching (Limit: Two double-spaced pages).
      Describe your personal feelings and beliefs about teaching, including your own ideas of what makes
      you an outstanding teacher. Describe the rewards you find in teaching. How are your beliefs about
      teaching demonstrated in your personal teaching style?

VI.   Education Issues and Trends (Limit: Two double-spaced pages).
      What do you consider to be the major issues in public education today? Address one in depth,
      outlining possible causes, effects and resolutions.

VII. The Teaching Profession (Limit: Two double-spaced pages).
      What do you do to strengthen and improve the teaching profession? What is or should be the basis
      for accountability in the teaching profession?
VIII. State Teacher of the Year (Limit: One double-spaced page).
      As the 2010 National Teacher of the Year, you would become a spokesperson and representative of
      the profession. What would be your message? What would you communicate to your profession
      and to the general public?

IX.   Photographs of Instructional Practice (Limit: Four photos).
      Provide at least one (1) and no more than four (4) photographs that represent instructional best
      practices (management, instruction, and/or assessment) and environment you maintain in your
      Photos should:
           be of good quality
           focus on instructional practices
           capture representative actions in the classroom
           be inserted in a Word document or PowerPoint
           include up to 4 sentences explaining how the picture represents the practices in your
           be wide shots or close-ups

      Photos should not:
           be a candid photo of individuals smiling into the camera
           include other leadership and involvement roles outside classroom instruction

      Videos will not be accepted.

X.    Electronic file (flash drive or CD)
      Provide a device with the electronic copies of the application and pictures. Files must PC compatible.
      All photos taken and submitted during the TOY process may be utilized in a variety of media
      promoting and recognizing the local Teacher of the Year program. (HISD guidelines will be followed
      for media use.)
NOTE: Do not submit any other material. Teacher nominees and campuses should retain copies of
entry materials as original materials will not be returned.

Applications are located on the HR Professional Development Services website.

                                                                                         ATTACHMENT 3
                                                                                   Updated March 28, 2011

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