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                                 Salmon Plugs of the Northwest

Salmon Plugs of the Northwest, by Jim Lone and Mark Spogen, contains over 200 pages of
comprehensive information on 80-plus Salmon Plug Manufactures from over the Pacific
Northwest, Canada, and the Easter United States. The book is 8 1/2" by 11" with over 200 pages
and 500 color photos, which cover 75 years of information on collectible salmon plugs. Contents
of this great new resource include:

      History of Salmon Plugs
      Major Northwest Manufactures such as Martin and Rosegard
      Miscellaneous Northwest manufactures including Jack Lloyd and Schroeder
      Easter companies such as Heddon and South Bend
      Canadian companies, to include Tillicum and Tartan
      Patent drawings
      Plug boxes
      Advertising and paperwork
      Photos of major salmon plug collections
      Value guide

Salmon Plugs of the Northwest, will be ready for delivery by July 2005, and will be advailable at
the 2005 NFLCC national show in Louisville, Kentucky. There will a limited issue of 200 signed
and numbered copies. Order your copy now!

Please direct any questions to Jim Lone (206.784.2244) or Mark Spogen (360.748.4056) or email
us at spog@qwest.net. Be Sure to visit our website at

Send your check payable to:
Lone & Spogen
13600 N.E. 18th St. #9
Vancouver, WA. 98684

                                      Cost           Shipping #Copies             Total
Salmon Plugs of the Northewest       $34.95         US - $5.00
                                     $34.95      Canada - $8.00

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