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					         CAREER RESOURCE
                                                                                 N e t w o r k i n g  
                                                                                         f o r    
Art of the Business Lunch/Jay                                                    j o b   s e e k e r s  
Face to Face : how to reclaim the per-
sonal touch in a digital world/RoAne

A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way
into the Hidden Job Market/Hansen

How to Succeed in Business Using                      CAR

LinkedIn : making connections and cap-
turing opportunities on the Web's #1
business networking site/Butow                                                        M O R R I S  
                                                                                      C O U N T Y  
I'm on LinkedIn, now what??? : a guide                                               L I B R A R Y  
to getting the most out of LinkedIn/Alba

Information Interviews/Stoodley

LinkedIn for Dummies/Elad                     Libraries are your              

Make your Contacts Count : networking        tax dollars at work 
know-how for business and career suc-
                                           Morris County Library 
Networking Survival Guide/Darling

Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to      30 East Hanover Ave. 
Success, One Relationship at a Time/
                                             Whippany, NJ 07981 
Shortcut Your Job Search: The Best Ways
to Get Meetings/Wendleton
                                                   April 2011 
Smart Networking/Lynch
                                                                                 W W W . M C L I B . I N F O
                                                                                   9 7 3 - 2 8 5 - 6 9 6 9
                                                                                                     Working…in places where you
                                                                                                   might meet hiring managers. Res-
                                                                                                   taurants, catering halls, hotels, air-
                                                                                                   ports, office supply retail, day camps
                          Local job/career networking groups
                                                                                                     Interning & vocationing senior
                                                        internships, information interviews
                                                                                                   for career changers, vocational edu-
                                                                                                   cation vacations (study brewing with
WHERE TO BEGIN?                                HAVE YOU TRIED??!                                   a master).
      Colleagues (current & former)                   Becoming a job search expert…for      TIPS
      Professional contacts & peers                reporters seeing “man on the street”
      Mentors and other people who                 interviews. Who better than you to                 PMA (positive mental attitude) is
    want you to succeed                            speak about what it’s like today to             THE KEY to conveying self-
      Friends & social acquaintances               look for a job? Check the papers for            confidence. Smile!
      Retirees (golden opportunities!)             the names of the reporters covering                Schmoozing is an art. It’s okay to
                                                   local economics. Get In touch.                  talk to strangers.
GROWING YOUR NETWORK                                                                                  Always carry your networking
   Join a job group…or two! Great sup-                Volunteering…your time and ex-               “business card.” Include job objec-
port & vital information.                          pertise to local organizations: Liter-          tive or short description of your key
   Join your professional industry as-             acy Volunteers, Habitat for Human-              selling points. Be professional!
sociation...$$$ pays for access to                 ity, Small Business Development                    Keep a log of your contacts & up-
member directories, special events,                Centers, senior centers, job network-           date it regularly.
and discounts. Participate in local con-           ing groups (HR folks are desperately
ferences.                                          needed to help people craft re-
   Attend local business events…                   sumes).
public meetings, trade shows, busi-                                                         Elevator speeches & personal com-
ness events (CBS NewsRadio small                      Organizing or participating…          mercials: key elements
business breakfasts, etc.)…go where                walkathons, blood drives, community
the employers are.                                 clean up day, neighborhood tag                      Address your audience…stand up
   Participate in Job Fairs…the folks              sales. Excellent “excuse” to contact            if they can’t see you. Yes, this takes
visiting the Novartis table probably               people and make new connections.                practice!.
have contacts in the pharmaceutical                                                                    State your name.
industry.                                             Socializing…wine tastings, mu-                   Describe (in a few sentences)
                                                   seum exhibit openings, library lec-             who you are and what you do.
COMPUTER NETWORKING                                tures, book signings, sporting                      Tell the network contact what you…find former col-                   events, &c.                                     can do for his company.
leagues & identify possible hiring                                                                     Quantify your examples. (I in-
managers.                                            Learning…meet new people by                   creased sales by 40% in 3 years.)
  Twitter…follow & be followed                     taking classes at CCM, local adult ed               State your name.…where are your                   programs, & libraries. Focus on com-
high school chums now?                             puter skills, business topics.

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