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									Employment Position Description                                                                 1
Strategic Ventures USA, Inc.                                                           11/28/2011

                                            Project Director


       This Employment Position Description establishes and describes the duties, authority,
       responsibilities and measurements of performance of the position of Project Director.


       The function of the Project Director is to: provide direction and establish goals and objectives for
       the Senior Consultants and Consultants assigned to the Project Director; ensure proper staffing
       levels for assigned engagements; train and develop personnel; maintain quality Client
       relationships; layout assigned engagements; and effectively manages all assigned engagements to
       successful completion.


       3.1    Education
              Required: Four Year College Degree
              Preferred: Masters Degree (Business Administration preferred)
       3.2    Experience
              A minimum of Five (5) Years mid- to upper- management experience.
       3.3    Skill, Knowledge and Abilities
              A full and thorough comprehension of: Financial Management Methodology;
              fundamental consulting approaches and techniques, both technical and tactical; effective
              management skills; PC literacy in company standard software.
       3.4    Physical
              Body Positions:          Standing, sitting, walking
              Body Movements:          Use of hands, eyes, arms and voice
              Other:                   Operation of motor vehicles
       3.5    Mental
              Requires analytical and statistical knowledge using general business mathematical skills;
              language ability including reading, writing, spelling and the ability to communicate
              clearly on technical and business topics, both orally and in writing, in English.

       4.1  The Project Director reports directly to the Vice President, Consulting Services.
       4.2  All Senior Consultants and Consultants report directly to the Project Director.


       The Project Director is given all authority necessary to:

       5.1     Conduct, manage and administer all Consulting Services activities on assigned
       5.2     Formulate and develop project layouts, plans and procedures, and, once developed,
               implement interventions after approval of the Vice President.
Employment Position Description                                                              2
Strategic Ventures USA, Inc.                                                        11/28/2011

       5.3     Coordinate and schedule Senior Consultant and Consultant activities with the
               requirements of the assigned engagements.
       5.4     Hire, fire, evaluate, train and promote Consulting personnel, in accordance with the
               needs and requirements of the business, as established by the Vice President.


       The Project Director is responsible to ensure that:

       6.1     All assigned engagements are properly staffed and managed, with the appropriate
               number and quality of consultants.
       6.2     All assigned engagements deliver to the Client the demonstrable results to which the
               Analysis department committed.
       6.3     The principles, tenets and requirements of the Client Scope of Work are attained on each
               Client Services engagement.
       6.4     All Client Services engagements bill to at least the minimum standards delineated in
               Section 8.0 Measurements of Performance of this document.
       6.5     All Client Services engagements billings are collected to at least the minimum standards
               delineated in Section 8.0 Measurements of Performance of this document.
       6.6     All assigned Consulting Services department personnel receive proper training, both
               formal and OJT, so that SBMA, Inc. standards of performance and quality are
               maintained at all times.
       6.7     Client relationships maintain a positive, satisfied demeanor.
       6.8     Extensions, referrals and letters of recommendation are obtained to at least the minimum
               levels delineated in Section 8.0 Measurements of Performance, of this document.

7.0    DUTIES

       The Project Director shall:

       7.1     Attend and conduct the Project Opening Meeting on all assigned engagements.
       7.2     Prepare the Consulting Services Outline and Key Event Schedule for all assigned
       7.3     Personally conduct all weekly update meetings with the Key Client, including client
               signoff of all required documentation and collection of fees due.
       7.4     Design, develop and implement the necessary Organizational, Operational and
               Operational Reporting interventions required to satisfactorily fulfill the commitments of
               each assigned engagement.
       7.5     Ensure that all required documentation, including client reporting, is forwarded to the
               Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. corporate office in accordance with company policy and
       7.6     Forward to the Strategic Ventures USA, Inc. corporate office, in electronic format, all
               interventions developed on each assigned engagement so that the company archives may
               be properly maintained.
       7.7     Enforce company credit and collections policies and procedures at all times.
       7.8     Act as the key liaison between the Key Client Executive and the internal operations of
               the company. This is to ensure that client expectations are met and to maintain Strategic
               Ventures USA, Inc.’s goodwill for future business.
Employment Position Description                                                                3
Strategic Ventures USA, Inc.                                                          11/28/2011

       7.9     Interview, hire, train and monitor the activities of Consulting Services personnel to
               ensure the perpetuation and profitability of the company.
       7.10    Monitor and assure attainment of performance standards for all positions and personnel
               assigned and provide input as to individuals’ performance to the Vice President on an
               on-going basis.
       7.11    Other such reasonable and realistic duties as may be assigned by the Vice President.


       8.1     Project financial goals and objectives are met within a variance of 5%.
       8.2     Maintain a Collected to Sold ratio of at least 85%.
       8.3     Maintain a Collected to Billed ratio of at least 90%.
       8.4     Ensure that performance evaluations are conducted at least once every Six (6) months,
               and immediately prior to any promotions or pay increases, on all Senior Consultants and
               Consultants assigned to the Project Director.
       8.5     Approve all Schedules, Time Sheets and Expense Reports for assigned Senior
               Consultants and Consultants.
       8.6     Seek guidance and direction as necessary from the Vice President on all major issues.
       8.7     Demonstrate good judgment in suitably reporting major matters or problems to the
       8.8     Respect the confidentiality of all company information, both internal and client related,
               and ensure that all subordinate staff do likewise.
       8.9     Display a positive attitude and maintain a cooperative working relationship with the Vice
               President, peer Project Directors, and other managers and employees.
       8.10    Perform all duties in an independent and expeditious manner with minimal supervision.
       8.11    Make optimal use of time during working hours.
       8.12    Consistently display the ability to establish and conform to priorities.


       I have reviewed and understand the above Employment Position Description and believe it to be
       accurate and complete. I also understand that the Officers retain the right to change this Position
       Description at any time.

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