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kiwi sponsorship brochure


									               Sponsorship Sign-up Form                                   The Rimutaka Forest Park Trust

                                                                                                                                                       Sponsor a Kiwi
I would like to:                                          Price
             Sponsor a trap                               $25/year        Rimutaka Forest Park is a beautiful area of mostly native
                                                                          forest in the hills east of New Zealand's capital city,
             Sponsor a kiwi
             Sponsor a transmitter                        $400/year

                                                                          It encompasses the Rimutaka Ranges and Orongorongo
             Name a kiwi chick
                                                                          River, just north of the spectacular earthquake terraces
                                                 Total:                   and seal colony at the Turakirae Head Scientific Reserve.

Name                                                                      Rimutaka Forest Park Charitable Trust is a non-profit
                                                                          organisation committed to protecting and restoring the
                                                                          unique flora and fauna of the Rimutaka Forest Park

                                                                          We believe that the trust, in partnership with the local
                                                                          community and Tangata Whenua - and with support from
                                                                          DOC and a myriad of interested groups can succeed in
                                                                          restoring a self-sustaining natural biodiversity. Here
                                                                          indigenous flora and fauna will flourish and allow visitors
Method of Payment                                                         to the park to enjoy unlimited access to the precious
                                                                                                           Taonga O Ngahere o Aotearoa.
        Payable to—Rimutaka Forest Park Charitable Trust Inc.                                              For more information visit:
                                                                                                                                                       Keeping Kiwi Wild in Wellington
        Post to PO Box 38-564, Wellington Mail Centre with this form
        Bank Deposit / Online Banking
        a/c—BNZ 02 0544 0002549 00
        account name Rimutaka Forest Park Trust Inc.
        (please quote your surname as a reference)


Thank you for helping the Rimutaka Forest Park Trust to
continue its good work keeping kiwi wild in Wellington.                Rimutaka Forest Park Charitable Trust Inc.
Remember that your contribution is tax deductible. You will re-        Kelly Briggs—Sponsorship Administrator
ceive a tax receipt in the post.
                                                                       PO Box 38-564                           Phone: 04 972 0920
Your sponsorship means a lot to us and the kiwi we help protect.
                                                                       Wellington Mail Centre                  e mail:
If you have any questions or comments, please email                                                                                            Charitable Trust—CC37211
                                                        Sponsor a Trap                 $25 / year
                                                               We have installed over 500 traps in the
Sponsor a kiwi                $50 / year                                                                       Sponsor a Transmitter                 $400 / year
                                                               Rimutaka Forest Park . These help keep
                                                               predator numbers down. The biggest threat to
Sponsoring a kiwi helps our most iconic bird                   young kiwi is stoats and by installing these    Sponsoring a transmitter helps us keep track of the kiwi in
throughout its lifetime.                                       traps we have given kiwi a fighting chance to   the Rimutaka Forest Park.

You will be able to choose the kiwi you would                  re-populate the area.                           All of the information gathered by the transmitters helps
like to sponsor from a list of those currently in             For your $25 sponsorship, you will receive a     us to keep tabs on our kiwi population and tells us when
our care.                                                     certificate with the trap identification         something is wrong.

Every year you will receive an update on your                 numbers. You will also receive updates with      Not all kiwi wear transmitters because they are tricky to
kiwi, how they are growing, what they are up to      trapping data and information on the kiwi population.     attach. The ones that do have them gather very important
or if they have become a parent.                                                                               information about the population.

It costs $50 a year to sponsor a kiwi. This                                                                    Your $400 covers the
helps us to care for and track them. It also                                                                   purchase and fitting of a new
helps us train and equip our volunteers.              Name a kiwi chick                         $1,500         transmitter. This happens
                                                                                                               every year so it is one of the
                                                    Name a Kiwi and give it an identity everyone will know.    biggest ongoing costs we
                                                    This is a fantastic lasting tribute and the perfect
                                                    present for the person with everything.                    For your sponsorship you will
                                                                                                               receive a certificate with the
                                                    You will also get to know if your sponsored kiwi will be
                                                                                                               name of the kiwi your
                                                    making a public appearance as they sometimes do when
                                                                                                               transmitter is on. You will
                                                    they are being transported or given a bit of extra care.
                                                                                                               also receive updates with
                                                    For your $1500 donation you will receive                   general information your
                                                    a ’naming certificate’ and Whakapapa for                   transmitter may tell us about
                                                    your kiwi. You will also receive updates                   your bird.
                                                    occasionally on how your kiwi is doing in
                                                    the park.

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