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									           Making Remote Desktop Access Easy with Desktop Virtualization

With a change in today’s working environment, all PC users need a way to work remotely In order to
boost productivity and mitigate the effects of business disruptions. With desktop virtualization, users
have the flexibility in accessing their desktop from anywhere, thereby making remote access to
personal workspace a reality. Virtualization allows, any windows PC to be transformed into a familiar
personalized workspace, allowing remote users to significantly improve their productivity, given the fact
that they have access to all their applications whether they are traveling or visiting a remote site.

Desktop virtualization has a number of benefits that makes remote access to personal workspace easy. It
facilitates business continuity as there easy software migration. Virtual images can be migrated to
maintain availability, thereby reducing the downtime for maintenance. With virtualization, workers can be
extremely productive and get back online faster when their hardware fails. It also greatly improves
business agility and flexibility by decoupling business processing from physical hardware. A virtual
desktop converts a Windows PC into a customary and personalized workspace where files, applications,
settings or an entire desktop can be accessed.

There is also a tremendous decrease in the downtime impact as, end users are not tied to a specific
desktop or location and can get back to work on any machine very quickly. Desktop virtualization also
results in reduced administration costs with remote administration becoming a lot easier and cost
effective. With business applications maintained centrally, any failure in the end user environment can be
rectified quickly and easily. All virtual server operating systems can commonly be managed remotely
using standard tools and network interfaces.

Security, most important in Remote Desktop Access
Desktop virtualization has enhanced security that enables an integrity check on any unmanaged remote
desktop. Certain desktop virtualization solutions have encryption and isolation policies for data leakage
prevention by disabling access to external devices. These solutions extend existing physical and virtual
desktop environments in the most efficient, secure and cost-effective way to scale secure remote access
and mobility in the enterprise. The data never leaves the network, and no supplementary application or
security environments are necessary.

With its scalability, time and cost savings, security, and convenience, a virtual desktop environment may
be just the solution for all remote workers. Desktop Virtualization provides businesses with the opportunity
to give end users access to their desktops, from a single platform to scale workforce productivity, mitigate
business disruptions and enable mobile access.
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