Multimedia_ Animation and Video Game Design Studios MEMORANDUM OF by suchenfz


									Multimedia, Animation and Video Game Design Studios

Multimedia, Animation and Video Game Design Studios (“MAD Studios”) is an
exciting new California Partnership Academy at Encinal High School offered to
sophomore students for the 2011-2012 year. A three-year program, students will
take three core courses and one career technical education course relevant to the
career theme, “Digital Media, Animation & Game Design.” Given the technology
associated with this theme, most class work and other assignments will require the
use of net books. As such, Alameda Unified School District will provide net books to
students enrolled in MAD Studios pursuant to the following terms and conditions:

1. Net books are the property of MAD Studios and Encinal High School. Net books
will be provided, on loan, to MAD Studios students each academic year. Any
student who voluntarily resigns from MAD Studios, or is terminated from MAD
Studios for failure to follow these guidelines, must either (1) return the net book; or
(2) pay the cost of the net book ($100.00) within 5 days after receiving written
notice of same.

2. If your net book is lost, stolen, or damaged, you will be responsible to pay the
replacement cost in the amount of $100.00

3. You must bring your net book, fully charged, to school each day.

4. At the bell signaling the start of each MAD class period, you must be seated and
logged in to your net book.

5. During class time, net books are to be used exclusively for course content. This
means no chatting, surfing the web, or using social media of any kind.

6. Off-task net book use will result in detention, and if excessive, expulsion from
MAD Studios.

7. You may not download software or other files, including music or videos, without
express permission from MAD Studios faculty.

8. A designated storage area for your net book will be provided. You may use this
storage area during school hours (i.e., during P.E. or lunch), Never store your net
book in your school or P.E. locker.

Please return this page to Ryan Chesire, MAD Studios Advisor, no later than
September 7, 2011.

      I have read, understand, and agree to follow the guidelines outlined in
this Memorandum of Understanding.

Student’s Name (print)_______________________________________

Student’s Signature__________________________________________    Date__________

       I have reviewed this MOU with my student and agree to the guidelines
set forth therein.

Parent/Guardian’s Name (print)__________________________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Signature___________________________________          Date__________

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