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					                        Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

                                                                     1. Many perspectives of different groups
                                                                     2. Globe perspective, regional perspective, local perspective
                                                                     3. Industries
                                                                     4. Consulting industry
                                                                     5. Deloitte
                                       Tax                                                    Accountancy                        ?
Business people                                                     6. Deloitte consulting
                                                                     7. Strategy
                  Market                                            8. Operative                    i
                                                                                                    Enterprise risk services
                                   Deloitte consulting              (Sec. and primary)      Trends/ s
                  drivers                                                                                                       ?
  Sociologists                      9.
                                   9. Deloitte consulting Southeast Asia                    Outlook capital..............
                                                                             Enterprise Application;kHuman

                                                                                                  Financial advisory               ?
      ? Global
       ...  Industry
                           Input                     Input
                                          M&A services                                 Input
                                                                                     Products/                  Input
            prospects                                                                Brands

                  Yen 19.3.09
               Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game


  1.Combining most different perspectives to review the world, breaking down to regions, to countries,
  to industries

  2.Designing and then restructuring the most promissing/profitable industry portfolio, client portfolio,
  marketing activity portfolio or whatever

  3. If any relationship/element in that puzzle is to be analysed/valuated/improved, all other puzzles are
  variables to analysed in interdependences to each other, which have an impact on the desired puzzle
          Market                                                                   i
  -Example 1: If goal is to analyse/improve macroeconomic circulation: Every information from global
  (macro) to households/individuals (micro) are (independent) variables which have an impact on the dependent
   variable ‘‘macro circulation‘‘.Those should be aggregated to indicators in the best way to analye/predict it.
  Important puzzles for this are defined by: Economists, politicians, finance people, sociologists, philosophs, strategists
  business administrators...
 -Example 2: If goal is the puzzle ‘‘earnings‘‘, all other puzzles of theInput                   Input
Global                                                                   pic are variables.
  Hence, try to define them in relationship with earnings
  Then aggregate them to indicators, to quantify them in the best way to predict and to improve earnings

  -Example 3: If goal is puzzle ‚‘‘customer satisfaction‘‘, same procedure will follow.
   Important people for this are: marketing people, psychologists...
         Yen 19.3.09
               Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

       1.Step: Putting all types of people together to observe and to draw the big picture and the detailed picture
             of the globe yesterday, today and tomorrow. How often? Have we achieved that? Where is the gap?
             How to improve?
            Which perspectives might be relevant: From investors, from managers, from government,
            from which target groups? Is the 360 o persective acheived? Where might be the gap?
          Historical /chronological review
       2. Globe/region/local perspectives: Which puzzles display the world yesterday, today and tomorrow?
         Market                                                                     i
       Weitings of regions, local..., relationships among countries, regions,Trends/ of circulations,
       Exogenuous factors, macroenvironment, economic and social development, development
       of techno+science+social science+phylosophy+psychology etc.
       Reviewing 4 elements of macroeconomic cirulations for both commodity and investment markets periodically

      3. Industries: Which are industries yesterday, today and tomorrow? Industries correlation, industries weightings,
Global exogenuous factors, industry overview/composition/portfolio at global, regional and local level
                  Input                    Input                        Input
                                                                    Products/                   Input Distribution
       4. Consulting industry: A big picture of the consulting industry yesterday, today and tomorrow
       (Industry analysis). How many review/ improvements have been made? 1+2+3+
       historical development, financials, competition, product, client/client portfolio, management,
       trends, marketing based view and finance based view, other perspectives
         Yen 19.3.09
              Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

            5. Deloitte:

         - A big picture is taken from point 1, 2, 3 and 4. Have we watched our company at
         all different distances and from most different perspectives yesterday, to compare the pic? How often?

         - A detailed pic is made to draw Deloitte yesterday, today and tomorrow, taking the big pic of Deloitte from
         above as guideline (top down) combining with views of individuals (bottom up), comparing them with each
         other. If there is any discrepancy/conflict between them, we can be lucky, the pic will be more
         completed= Business analysis                                              R
         =Marketmacroenvironment + Competitors+ Services+Finance & Historical financial metrics+Clients
           Relevant                                                                i
         + Communication+ Distribution+ other functions (important and less important functions have different
         weightings in the analysis)                                        Outlookk
         -Correlation among business fields
         -Marketing based view and finance based view, other perspectives, inside out view and outside in view

         6. Deloitte consulting:
Global        Input                   Input                      Input                     Input
    Industry procedure as in 5, just has more facets and more details: = Business field analysis. Distribution
      The same
    prospects                                                 Brands

          Yen 19.3.09
               Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

       7. Strategy level: Many puzzles will be found to fill this block
         A. Goal system
       1. What are our values and beliefs?
       2. Our mission: Very good, target groups are client, employees, external target groups. Our business fields or
       clients and our people are all wide definitions which can be always be changed /focused differently
       without changing the mission.
       No questions thanks

      3. Our vision: Very good, not only advice giving (strategy consulting), but also to transform those strategy
      Adequatel(executing). This strategy translation is one biggest weakness of many actions of global firms in
        Market                                                             Trends/  i
      Vietnam (more details later). Many strategies can not be operationalized because of lower qualification of
       employees, because of different cultures, and other curcumstances.Outlook
      This vision is a good one enabling Deloitte to overtake top traditional strategy consulting firms.
      No question thanks
      4. What the our top company´s goal?
      5. What is our goal of every business field?
                                                                    and primary
Global6. What is our goal for every function? Secondary functionsProducts/ functions along the supply chain?
                  Input                   Input                        Input                   Input    Distribution
    Industryare goals of every process, and tool we use? Do we have a standard process design for every action?
      7. What
       Can we adapt those designs locally? In many cases, because of different employee qualifications and attitude,
      can we further concreticize our design, sharpen our monitoring and rewarding systems?

         Yen 19.3.09
               Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

        B. What were/are /will be our strategies to realise those goals?
        At conceptional level, softwares are not much helpful. Do we have deisigned and improved tools for this?

        1.     Industry portfolios: We are focusing on 8 industry portfolio, some of them are traditional business fields
         of investors,
        and some are not. Why? How is the history of our industry portfolio?

        Industry portfolio analysis: Why and how have we decided for this portfolio? Who were involved in the
        How sensitive was/is /will my portfolio against which risks/events? Which portfolio analysis do we use
        and why?                                                         Trends/i
        Which portfolio analysis models have been made by our competitors? How many other models can be
        drivers                                                          Outlookk
        How is the current weighting of every industry in the portfolio?

         Do we have tried to design standard methods to determine restructuring time when something changes?

Global Do we have a list of the next industries whichKeymight focusInput an event affects some key industries?
              Input                      Input players Products/
                                                      we            on in case        Input  Distribution
    prospectsthe correlation among industries in our portfolio? Brands
       How is

         Yen 19.3.09
               Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

         -Time is changing, huge firms have shares in other firms. Also, a client in a certain industry often has a
          portfolio of different products/services. Therefore, we can not strictly focus on only those 8 industries.
         Every event in one industry might correlate with the performance of the other one.
         Do we continuously learn on every industry?

         -How often do we review and improve our model? How oten do we restructurize it? When will be the next
         - restructuring time and why?

       2. Service portfolio: On the brochure, thee are 5 services, on the notebook, there are 6.
       Why do we not include enterprise risk service because behavioral risk is very important in Vietnam?
       Where is the focus of our current service globally, regionally and locally?i
        How and why do we decide for those services yesterday, today, tomorrow?   s
       drivers                                                             Outlookk
       3. Market segmentation/Targeting= defining Service+target group:
       For every industry, have we designed a services order which we offer to clients across their business cycles
       We work/ or try to work with biggest clients, assisting them to many different countries.
                  Input                    Input      Key               Input                     Input
Global However, there are always top smaller local firms which have a hugh growing potential and have
    Industry                                                       Products/
                                                      players years ago,                             Distribution
       even higher benefits than huge ones: For example, some
    prospects Chinese brewer Inbev was more profitable than Brands one.
        the local                                                   the biggest
       Hence, how can we create a most promissing client portfolio?

         Yen 19.3.09
                Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

       4. Positioning: History of our positioning models among competitors (yesteday, today, tomorrow)
       One possibility = Sum of qualitative and quantitative= putting all things above together to
       extract our position among competitors globally/ regionally/locally ; Which are other positioning models?
       What were/are/will be weaknesses of positioning models, what is missing, how to improve it?

       Values offered to clients: A posible combination of all consulting services might look like this?

                        Human capital        Enterprise            ...                    ...
                        solutions            Applications
Strategical steps                                                                i
Operational steps                                                           Outlook

       - Differentiation in a combination of services above (quantitative differentiation),
        and differentiation in the quality of services =service depth and service broadth?
                   Input                   Input        Key              Input                  Input
Global Is this goal really achieved from the clients´s perspective? Is this goal really relevant for every Distribution
                                                                     Products/                             client?
    Industry                                            players
       Is the common marketing terminology 360 o-degree perspective really differentiable from competitors?
     prospects                                                      Brands

          Yen 19.3.09
               Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

         5. Defining general behavior towards competitors and corporation partners, target groups and environment
         On the notebook, I see ‚leveraging global network and knowledge capital‘.
         Could you please help me to specify this?

         6. Human resource capital: Bringing relevant capacities to solve problems across different countries.
         How was/ is/ will be the number of employees for every market segment?
         I have not found an organigram, is it perhaps on the website of Deloitte?
         7.Brand identity, brand management, Corporate identity=corporate behavior, corporate communication,
         corporate design                                                         R
         Market other Deloitte´s key functions
         8. Defining
                                                                          Trends/ i
         9. Secondary and primary functions and process, combining marketing based view and finance based
         drivers and Marketing strategies (directions), Ansorff matrix, s
         10. Strategies                                                   Outlook k
         Boston, distribution depth and broadth, Kano, Porter, SWOT, Kaplan

            Information: research& analysis level

Global      Strategy level: review, define, adapt
                  Input                    Input                        Input
                                                                        Input                             Distribution
           Operative level: secondary, supporting functions and activities
           Operative/tactical level: primary process for every activity, every project, order of project in details

         Yen 19.3.09
             Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

         8. Operative level:
         1. Operative marketing and process planning for every service for every client group= for every segment

                      Clients in      Client           .....
                      dustry 1-       group?
                      9(on the
                      which order?
       Strategic                                                             R
       level (as                                                             i
       point 7                                                               s
       above...),                                                       Outlook
       Operative:     Enterprise      Strategic&O ...
                      application     perations   Key
Global 1.
                                        Input        players
                                                                 Products/                  Input
    prospects                                                    Brands
       2. Price

       3. 19.3.09
               Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

         2. Defining process organisation for every service/ every client group/poroject types

         3. Implementation:

         How are training, implementing test, implementing process, monitoring, controlling, defining order of
         projects, project management and sharing capacities among projects, timing yesterday, today, tomorrow?

         4. Defining leadership style for every service/employee/business field?
         Market To adapt /improve operation
         5. Feedback:
                                                                       Trends/  i
         drivers is the main field which requires much training, monitoring.....s
         Operation                                                     Outlook  k
          to ensure the strategy execution at local level

Global            Input                  Input         Key          Input
    Industry                                           players    Products/                       Distribution
    prospects                                                     Brands

         Yen 19.3.09
                Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

         9. Deloitte South East Asia

         -Going through all points 1 to 8 above

         -Gaining local knowledge and experiences

         -Focus on recommendation (strategy level) and on executing expertise (operational level)

         -Weightings of industries/clients and services, human resources across process
         -Sharing human resource capacity among regional projects          Trends/ i
          drivers                                                          Outlook k

Global             Input                   Input        Key          Input                    Input
    Industry                                            players    Products/                      Distribution
    prospects                                                      Brands

          Yen 19.3.09
              Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

         10. Some first thoughts on Business development plan:

         -I would try to answer all questions by myself
         -Then I would conduct secondary research combing with primary research to find all relevant puzzles,
          improving them periodically
         To identify gaps, improvements at strategica nd operational level to improve sale(management side, buyer side
          and valuation of the company(seller side)
         Market development:
         Client- Service portfolio plan:                                         s
         drivers you do not expect me to spend much time with finding indicators for this,
         I guess that                                                     Outlookk
         please allow me to suggest to begin with the biggest industry and with biggest clients which might need the
          biggest service volume. Hence, the naïve approach is an industry ranking basing on following indicators:

         (Market volume) x (growth) x (change/restructuring/consolidation or fragmentation speed) for the short to
Global         Input                                 Key
                                            Input players Products/     Input
          middle term = ranking result, in which greater values will give higher rankings       Input
    Industry                                                                                           Distribution
    prospects                                                        Brands
        For a reliable result for this, I would conduct reliable interviews with opinion leaders from every element
         of the macroeconomics circulation: Foreign sector, government sector, representative industry sector,

          from representative household groups. Some surveys in the past showed that sometimes most ordinary
          people are sometimes the best estimators of the future but not academics. The reason is perhaps as follows:
         Yen 19.3.09
          most ordinary people without much resource reserves would be the first group which feels the pain or the
         reward of every economic change before, during and after it occurs. Therefore, such groups should be given
               Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

         As a result, please allow me to assume your core industries as a potential client portfolio,
         in which its weightings will be defined and restructured

         Without gaining any further information, please allow me to make the following estimation:

         1.     Step: In this economic downturn, consumer /retail industry might be the most significant group
          in Vietnam, as many new retailers are trying to enter on top emerging market. In Vietnam, the food sector as
         the biggest one in the retail industry might be the first target industry. Nonfood will follow
         Market or cooperators vary across the supply chain, from ingredient
         Target clients
         and packaging suppliers, producers, wholesalers, logistic companies to retailers and
         drivers groups’ such as advertising companies. Beside key servicessdescribed on the brochure,
         ‘’supporting                                                         Outlookk
         advertising strategy review, making sure that the communication idea /brand strategy/
          positioning is implemented in the right way might be one of the biggest weaknesses of event services,
         which many luxury brand representatives in Vietnam have complained. I would also see chances
         for many joint ventures with experienced international firms for this field.
Global            Input                   Input        Key           Input                      Input
    Industry for all 6 services                        players     Products/                        Distribution
    prospects                                                      Brands

         Yen 19.3.09
               Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

         2. Step: The second sector would be public sector. In the interview, I was informed that you
         would not intend to work with the government. This would only be relevant in case you
          would not mind to consider my suggestions. This sector has been a small sector in Vietnam.
         However, in this economic downturn, government spending might be huge projects to boost the economy,
         to boost ailing industries, demand and to improve quality of live of households.
         Those programs would be a mix which is related to all key sectors in your portfolio: in aviation,
          consumer business, energy & resources, financial services, life science &health care; manufacturing,
         technology, Media & Telecommunications.
         Market should boost international trust, hence a trustworthy partner as Deloitte
          might find contracts to monitor the whole process. ( I am not very sure about this)
         drivers with government is also a chance to make advertising on medias for Deloitte for free.
         Working                                                           Outlookk

         -Your full range of services would have a potential
         to find use in those complex projects: From corporate strategy, optimize business direction,
         technology outsourcing to increase productivity.
Global            Input                  Input        Key           Input                     Input
    Industry                                          players     Products/                       Distribution
    prospects                                                     Brands

         Yen 19.3.09
              Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

        3. After the economic turnaround, manufacturing (is as big as retail &service sector) will rise faster
        than 2008, since many investors are waiting or the right time to enter the market. That will be the third
        client group

        4. Step: Financial service. Will rise faster than manufacturing and service together.
        This segment is still small and at the beginning, so being the first to build contact with such firms
        will bring longer growing profit potential than the first 3 segments

        5.Aviation and transport: Aviation service competition is still difficult inRVietnam.
         Huge improvement potential for nearly every transport type
                                                                           Trends/  i
        drivers and resources: one of biggest sectors, having huge potential: s
        6. Energy                                                          Outlook  k
        Biggest mining firms want to enter Vietnam, in northern Vietnam are most
        resources. However, the licensing process for this is much more complicated.
        Working with the right partner together might make sense

                                   Input Key                Input
Global 7. Life Input health care: increasing with wealth. Products/
               science and
    prospects                                                Brands
        8. Technology Media & Telecommunications: Private sector is developing slowly in Vietnam,
        Focusing on technology transfer for many business fields is more promising

        Yen 19.3.09
               Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

         - Some thoughts on brand design effect/ advertising effect of brochure and of the notebook:

         The notebook is perfectly designed.
         The title page of the note book is the best one.
         The blue background gives ‘Deloitte’ more depth, the green point gives it a smiling effect `sympathy`.
         Logo is best designed. The slogan with personified letters
         ‘Helping clients solve complex business problems’ is perfect

         Only the brochure has not fully translated the aesthetic quality of the notebook: contrast? Picture?
         Market young faces? Design might be improved, more depth, Trends/
         Why only                                                          more quality.
         drivers                                                           Outlook k

Global            Input                   Input        Key           Input                     Input
    Industry                                           players     Products/                       Distribution
    prospects                                                      Brands

         Yen 19.3.09
               Deloitte Southeast Asia in the global puzzle game

         This presentation is not complete. It is just a rough draft and needs to be polished
         and completed and improved

          Thank you
         Market for your attention.                                             i
         drivers                                                           Outlook

Global            Input                   Input        Key           Input                      Input
    Industry                                           players     Products/                        Distribution
    prospects                                                      Brands

         Yen 19.3.09

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