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									                  South West Region One Day Housing & Health Seminar

              Delivering healthy housing with declining resources
                                Friday December 2nd 2011 – Aztec Hotel, Bristol
The seventh annual CIEH housing seminar at the popular Bristol Aztec Hotel takes place this year on Friday 2 December. The programme is
relevant to all EHPs, surveyors, technicians and support staff working in the fields of housing and public health. The seminar will carry 5.5 core
hours for continuing professional development (CPD). Despite increasing costs the Committee is holding the price at just £99!

On 20th October 2010, as part of CSR10, Eric Pickles wrote to all local housing authorities (LHAs) setting out the detail of cuts in funding
provided by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). Only then did LHAs appreciate that as from April 1st 2011 there
would be no funding for private sector renewal (PSR). This budget was first introduced by the government in 1949 to support the renovation
and conversion of tenanted property. In 1983/84 the expenditure was in excess of £1 billion with most of the money going to support the
90% Repair Grant programme. Last year the PSR budget was £301 million, for this year, 2011/12, the budget is zero.

We understand that in the current year, Environmental Health Services have been cut by 8.8% with many EHPs being made redundant.
Housing capital programmes have been cut by around 50% and in many local authorities deleted altogether. Many home improvement
agencies have lost their core funding and have either lost staff or closed their doors altogether. Yet despite all these problems some
authorities are still meeting their statutory duties and even improving services to some of the most vulnerable people in the community. The
seminar will look at recent housing and health reports and review how some organisations are delivering better services with less money.

The one day seminar will be chaired by CIEH South West Region Trustee, Peter Archer. Peter is Director of Regeneration & Housing Services
and a Partner at The Housing Consultancy Partnership. Peter will introduce the seminar with a brief roundup of the impact of the cuts on
housing and public health services;

The ‘healthy housing’ seminar programme includes –

Poor housing affects public health!
 The Health Impacts of Cold Homes and Fuel Poverty – The Marmot Report May 2011 – This report reviews the existing evidence of the
    direct and indirect health impacts suffered by those living in fuel poverty and cold housing. The report provides evidence that the
    principal cause of premature winter deaths is fuel poverty and poor housing conditions;
 Fit for Living – this network is looking at new ways of improving the housing conditions and well-being of the most vulnerable and
    marginalised older home-owners who are living on low incomes in the poorest quality and most unsuitable housing conditions;

Are EHPs failing to deliver on their statutory duties?
 2004 Housing Act enforcement is failing to deliver safer healthier homes for the most vulnerable people. We will look at Karen Buck
     MP’s FOI inquiry of into Housing Act enforcement in English LHAs – the results & interpretation;
 An area approach to enforcement – tackling the worst housing conditions in Hastings ;
 An overview of enforcement in the 22 Welsh Local Authorities;

Adaptations with declining resources
 Delivering a high quality adaptation service to all tenures – examples from the South West Region of new business models, the potential
    for cross-tenure protocols and examples of low cost adaptations and equipment;
 Can home improvement agencies still deliver? – in the context of reduced Supporting People budgets, inadequate DFG funds, no private
    sector renewal money, can HIAs still provide a viable service to some of the most vulnerable people in the community?

Funding home improvement and handypersons
 Wessex Home Improvement Loans, Kick Start, HouseProud, and the Home Improvement Trust – with no private sector renewal funds
    are these home improvement finance schemes destined to cease?

COST      £99 including VAT per delegate


          Contact Rachel Kent or Shaun Fudge on
          TEL      01380 734888 or 01454 863494
          EMAIL /

          Refreshments on arrival and throughout the day including two course seated lunch
          5.5 hours core CPD 9.30 am - 4.00 pm
          Friday 2nd December 2011 Aztec Hotel, Bristol BS32 4TS (
          Free Parking Available via Voucher from CIEH Delegate Registration Desk
               South West Region One Day Housing & Health Seminar

            Delivering healthy housing with declining resources

                            Friday 2nd December 2011 – Aztec Hotel, Bristol

                                                   BOOKING FORM

Contact Rachel Kent or Shaun Fudge on
TEL    01380 734888

Return as soon as possible to Rachel Kent c/o Wiltshire Council, Browfort, Bath Road, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 2AT

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Please forward a cheque payable to ‘CIEH South Western Regional Management Board’ with your
booking or specify to whom an invoice should be sent. Demand for this course is expected to be high; therefore bookings will be
taken on a first come first served basis.

In the event of cancellation within 30 days of the course full course fees will be

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