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					                  knoxville campus

              B.S.N DEGREE

                     IN NURSING

fort sanders nursing department
from the associate dean of nursing
Ruth Elliott, EdD, RN
Welcome to Tennessee Wesleyan College Knoxville Campus! We value you as a
potential nursing student and hope you will find the information in this brochure
helpful in making your college decision. Tennessee Wesleyan College Fort Sanders
Nursing Department is a special place to learn and grow as a professional nurse.

Please come and visit our nursing program and our faculty and staff team who are
here to serve you. Give us a call today at (865) 777-5100. I think you will find that
choosing Tennessee Wesleyan College and the Fort Sanders Nursing Department will
be one of the best decisions you can make in your life.

Our team looks forward to meeting you and getting to know you.

tennessee wesleyan college &
fort sanders school of nursing
Established as a partnership between the former Fort Sanders School of Nursing in
Knoxville and Tennessee Wesleyan College in Athens, this joint endeavor combines the
long history of excellence in nursing education with the college tradition of providing
quality, liberal arts education to meet the needs of the community. Tennessee
Wesleyan College Fort Sanders Nursing Department is committed to higher education
for professional nurses, lifelong learning and professional values.

         tennessee wesleyan college • knoxville campus • fort sanders nursing department
                        9821 cogdill road, suite 2, knoxville, tennessee 37932
                               phone: (865) 777-5100 fax: (865) 777-5114
OUTSTANDING REPUTATION                                                                         student
Tennessee Wesleyan College Fort Sanders Nursing Department continues the rich                   stories
heritage of the past with an outstanding reputation for program quality, clinical
excellence, experienced faculty and exceptional educational facilities. The TWC-FSN               “Faculty knew me as a
department is fully approved by the Tennessee Board of Nursing, and in 2007 received               person and recognized
continued accreditation for the maximum period of ten (10) years from the Commission                my goals to work in a
on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).                                                        cardiac unit. They ensured
                                                                                                    I had experiences and
EXPERIENCED FACULTY                                                                          opportunities that prepared
The nursing faculty and staff at Tennessee Wesleyan College Fort Sanders Nursing                    me for my career and
Department have a passion for excellence and the profession of nursing. In 2006, the             facilitated expert clinical
National Council Licensure Examination - RN results reflected a nearly unprecedented            judgment, critical thinking
95% pass rate. With our expertise and vision, you will earn a valuable professional
                                                                                                    and confidence in my
degree - your success will be based on our success.
                                                                                                   knowledge and skills.”

EXCEPTIONAL FACILITIES                                                                       “The clinicals were
Clinical experiences will be selected to meet the specific outcomes set for each course to    outstanding. I had the
enhance the integration of theory to clinical practice. The program has access to clinical   chance to care for patients in
sites in Knoxville and the surrounding area including the facilities of Covenant Health,     the hospital and community
one of East Tennessee’s largest and most comprehensive integrated healthcare delivery        ... I even had an opportunity
systems which includes Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. Other clinical facilities in-   to develop personal
clude East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, as well as community health and nursing home       relationships with my
sites. All nursing courses are taught on the Knoxville campus off Pellissippi Parkway.       patients.”
                                                                                                 The national job market

   student stories                                                                               has an increasing

                                                                                                 demand for nurses with

  “The nursing faculty and staff were outstanding                                                very high employment
          and supported me from the time I visited
                                                                                                 rates and increasing
          the office for initial information, filed my
                                                                                                 salaries. A myriad of
     application, registered for classes, progressed
           through the curriculum and planned for                                                career opportunities

                                       graduation.”                                              awaits a TWC-FSN

                                                                                                 nursing graduate.

The Fort Sanders Nursing Department at Tennessee Wesleyan College offers a baccalaureate
degree (B.S.N) to pre-licensure and Registered Nurse students. The program builds on general
education courses in the humanities and natural and behavioral sciences which provide a
breadth and depth of learning experiences with a strong foundation of Christian values. The
upper division courses evolve from nursing competencies to promote optimum health, prevent
illness, and provide end-of-life care with diverse populations in a variety of settings.

program objective
Our objective is to educate a professional nurse who will function as a provider of care, a
manager of care and as an active member of the profession of nursing. The faculty is committed
to providing the essential knowledge and abilities to enter professional practice as a generalist
as well as developing a foundation for continuing education and graduate study. Students
experience personal contact and close communication with experienced nursing faculty. Low
clinical ratios provide an opportunity for meaningful and collaborative relationships between
faculty and students.

                                                                                           path to the b.s.n

                                                                Application for admission to upper division nursing courses
                                                                                      should be made in the sophomore year.
                                                        Students will be selected in the spring for admission to the fall class.
                                            Selection will be based on, but not limited to, academic ability and achievement
                                                               high school and college transcripts, and personal interviews.
The program of study for the baccalaureate nursing student
consists of eight consecutive semesters (four years).

           general education requirements for a b.s.n degree
                                                  (64 semester hours)
            English: 6 semester hours                       Psychology: 3 semester hours
            Religion: 3 semester hours                      Speech/Public Speaking: 3 semester hours
            Chemistry: 4 semester hours                     Ethics/Philosophy/UD Religion: 3 semester hours
            Literature: 6 semester hours                    Nutrition: 3 semester hours
            Math Elective: 3 semester hours                 History: 6 semester hours
            Microbiology: 4 semester hours                  Anatomy/Physiology: 8 semester hours
            Sociology/Anthropology: 3 semester hours        Fine Arts: 3 semester hours
            Statistics: 3 semester hours                    Physical Education: 2 semester hours
            Orientation: 1 semester hour

                                upper division nursing courses
                                                  (64 semester hours)
            Pharmacology: 4 semester hours                  Community Health Nursing: 4 semester hours
            Health Assessment: 4 semester hours             Mental Health Nursing: 4 semester hours
            Role Preparation: 2 semester hours              Maternal-Newborn Nursing: 5 semester hours
            Foundations of Nursing: 6 semester hours        Professional Issues: 2 semester hours
            Adult Health Nursing: 10 semester hours         Leadership/Management: 6 semester hours
            Advanced Nursing: 6 semester hours              Research in Nursing: 2 semester hours
            Pediatric Nursing: 5 semester hours             Nursing Synthesis: 4 semester hours

                                                                                        The Nursing Department
                                                                                        uses a variety of teaching
                                                                                        strategies to facilitate
                                                                                        active participation in
                                                                                        the learning process. The
                                                                                        lecture/seminar method
                                                                                        is used along with case
                                                                                        studies, group projects,
                                                                                        student presentations
                                                                                        and computer adaptive
                                                                                        learning vignettes to
                                                                                        stimulate critical thinking
                                                                                        and decision making.
The bachelor of science degree in nursing provides a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences during
the freshman and sophomore years at the Tennessee Wesleyan College campus in Athens. Nursing courses
begin during the junior year at the Knoxville campus with clinical practice in the healthcare organizations of
Covenant Health, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and other area community health and nursing home
sites. Professional education courses are taught by masters/doctorally prepared nurses who are excellent
teachers with career experience in a variety of educational and clinical settings.

     b.s.n. sample plan
                                    freshman (twc athens campus)
           Fall Semester                                         Spring Semester
           English                               3               English                            3
           Chemistry                             4               Microbiology                       4
           Psychology                            3               Math Elective (excluding DSM)      3
           History                               3               History                            3
           Physical Education                    1               Sociology/Anthropology             3
           Orientation                           1               Physical Education                 1
                                                 15 hrs.                                            17 hrs.

                                    sophomore (twc athens campus)
           Fall Semester                                         Spring Semester
           Literature                            3               Literature/Foreign Language        3
           Anatomy/Physiology I                  4               Anatomy/Physicology II             4
           Speech/Public Speaking                3               Ethics/Philosophy/UD Religion      3
           Religion                              3               Statistics                         3
           Nutrition                             2               Fine Arts Elective                 3
                                                 16 hrs.                                            16 hrs.

                                 junior (twc-fsn knoxville campus)
           Fall Semester                                         Spring Semester
           300   Foundations of Nursing          6               310 Psych/Mental Health Nursing    4
           301   Pharmacology                    4               312 Maternal/Newborn Nursing       5
           303   Health Assessment               4               315 Professional Issues            2
           306   Role Prep                       2               320 Adult Health Nursing I         5
                                                 16 hrs.                                            16 hrs.

                                 senior (twc-fsn knoxville campus)
           Fall Semester                                         Spring Semester
           405   Research in Nursing             2               430   Advanced Nursing             6
           412   Pediatric Nursing               5               440   Leadership/Management        6
           415   Community Health Nursing        4               441   Nursing Synthesis            4
           420   Adult Health Nursing II         5
                                                 16 hrs.                                            16 hrs.
The RN-BSN student has

diverse options of clinical

    sites in Knoxville and

 surrounding geographic

  areas. Scholarships and

financial aid are provided

for qualified applicants to

              the program.

path to the b.s.n for registered nurses
Our program offers a flexible schedule designed specifically for Registered Nurses returning to school to obtain the
bachelor of science in nursing degree. An RN student returning to school on a full time basis has the opportunity to
complete the requirements for the B.S.N in only two semesters and one summer session. Part-time students also have
several convenient options for completion of the baccalaureate degree.

special admission requirements
Admission to the RN to B.S.N program requires completion of the 64 semester hours of general education courses, a
completed Tennessee Wesleyan College application for admission, official college transcripts, proof of RN licensure and
graduation from an NLNAC/CCNE accredited program in nursing, and references relative to clinical competence.

RN students will be selected in the spring for admission to the summer semester. Transition to Professional Nursing
(NU305) must be taken for official admission to the Nursing Department.

RN’s entering the program will have previous work placed in escrow until they have validated competency in the
following courses: Transition to Professional Nursing, Pharmacology, and Health Assessment. The RN’s course
work will then be removed from escrow and assigned 31 semester credit hours. In addition, Pharmacology, Health
Assessment and Advanced Nursing may be challenged (12 semester hours).

                                   upper division course
                              sample plan for the rn program
        Summer Semester
        305 Transition to Professional Nsg.   3

        Fall Semester                                       Spring Semester
        301   Pharmacology                    4             315 Professional Issues              2
        303   Health Assessment               4             431 Advanced Nursing                 4
        405   Research in Nursing             2             440 Leadership/Management            6
        415   Community Health Nursing        4             441 Nursing Synthesis                4
                                              14 hrs.                                            16 hrs.
special programs
Center for Faith Community Nursing
Faith Community Nursing is a new specialty recognized by the American Nurses Association and focuses
on providing care to the whole person - body, mind, and spirit. The Center for Faith Community
Nursing at Tennessee Wesleyan College Fort Sanders Nursing Department provides continuing education
workshops for Faith Community Nurses and others interested in providing spiritual care to patients/
clients. A Faith Community Nurse training program will be offered annually as the need arises.

Honor Society
Tennessee Wesleyan College Fort Sanders Nursing Department is a member of the Rho Mu Chapter of
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.

Pinning Ceremony Tradition
Prior to the annual Tennessee Wesleyan College commencement service, graduates of the Fort Sanders
Nursing Department are recognized during a traditional nurse pinning ceremony, where awards are
presented to the program’s most outstanding students.

                                                                  student stories
                                                                   “TWC Fort Sanders Nursing Department’s
                                                                   intimate class size, small clinical ratios and
                                                                   one-on-one faculty attention are awesome.
                                                                   My professors really know me and take
                                                                   a personal interest in my growth and

                                                                          “I really feel like I am having a super
                                                                     learning experience at TWC. Students care
                                                                     about each other and support one another
                                                                       through study groups and mentorships.
                                                                    Even when I feel like giving up, the faculty
                                                                           and my fellow students provide the
                                                                                        encouragement I need.”
                               Fort Sanders Nursing Department

                              NURSING APPLICATION
                                       Application Deadline: January 15
                   Print or type information below. Tear along perforation and return this application along
                              with the TWC Admission Application, and the $25 application fee to:
    Tennessee Wesleyan College; Fort Sanders Nursing Department; 9821 Cogdill Road, Suite 2; Knoxville, TN 37932

 Ms.           Mr.           Mrs.

Name _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                   Last                            First                                   Middle/Maiden

Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
                          Street                                  City, State                     Zip

Permanent Address (if different from above) ______________________________________________________________________
                                                        Street                           City, State, Zip

Home Phone (_______)______________         Cell Phone (_______)______________         Work Phone (_______)______________

E-mail Address _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Social Security Number _______________________________________            Date of Birth __________________________________

I am a (check one):     Basic Applicant (not currently a Registered Nurse)
                        Registered Nurse Applicant

When would you like to begin Nursing courses?          Fall    Spring      Summer         Year: ______________

Have you attended another Nursing program?             Yes     No

If yes, list dates, name of school and reason for leaving ______________________________________________________________

                                                      ALL Applicants
     Employment: List work experiences within the last five (5) years, beginning with current or most recent position.

        Dates (From - To)                  Position                 Employer (City, State)           Reason for Leaving

                                                                                                        Continued on Reverse Side
                                                   RN or LPN Applicants ONLY
Nursing School Attended _______________________________________________________________________________________

Location _________________________________________________________                                 Graduation Date _______________________
                                   City, State, Zip

 LPN Program                   Diploma Program                  Associate Degree Program

State(s) Licensed _________________              RN License Number __________________                   Expiration Date(s) __________________
State(s) Licensed _________________              LPN License Number _________________                   Expiration Date(s) __________________

Have you ever had any disciplinary action against your nursing license?  Yes                           No

If yes, list state, dates, type of action and outcome __________________________________________________________________

                                             Important Information for All Applicants
Tennessee Law 63-7-115 grants the Board of Nursing the power to deny licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN) to any applicant who has been convicted
of a crime. Applicants deemed ineligible for licensure will not be admitted to the nursing program. If you have questions, you should immediately consult
the Associate Dean of the Nursing Department.

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?                 Yes          No
If yes, explain __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Have you ever been convicted of a Class A, B or C misdemeanor?                       Yes          No
If yes, explain __________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                     Criminal background checks are required as part of your admission process,
                             and again prior to taking the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses.

Do you have any health issues that may interfere with your ability to practice nursing and deliver
safe and effective nursing care to patients?              Yes          No
If yes, explain __________________________________________________________________________________________________

I certify that the information provided in this application is complete and true to the best of my knowledge.

Signature ___________________________________________________________                              Date __________________________________

           Final acceptance to the Nursing Program is contingent upon completion of all general
         education courses required for years one and two. A physical examination, immunizations
           and CPR certification (Health Care Provider), will be required prior to final admission.

                       Please have all official transcripts and recommendation forms sent to:
                 TWC Fort Sanders Nursing Department; 9821 Cogdill Road, Suite 2; Knoxville, TN 37932
                              applicant checklist
                            Please mail all completed applications, transcripts, etc. to:
                                           Tennessee Wesleyan College
                                         Fort Sanders Nursing Department
                                             9821 Cogdill Road, Suite 2
                                                Knoxville, TN 37932

       Completed TWC Application for Admission (with $25 application fee payable to TWC)

       Completed Application for Upper Division Nursing

       Submitted Official Copy of High School Transcript (request your high school send to TWC-FSN)

       Submitted Copy of ACT Score (if taken in high school, score is reflected on h.s. transcript)

       Submitted Official Copies of ALL College Transcripts (request all colleges attended to send to TWC-FSN)
        Please keep us updated as pre-nursing courses are completed

 Transfer Students Only
       Submitted Copy of Transfer Recommendation Form
        (send to current college to be completed and mailed to TWC-FSN)

 Reminder: In order to begin the evaluation process, please submit TWC Application, Nursing Application and
 Official Transcripts AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Testing and interviews are conducted in February/March to determine
 your acceptance to fall Nursing classes.

                              You must be accepted by Tennessee Wesleyan College in
                        order to be eligible for acceptance to upper division nursing courses.

Tennessee Wesleyan College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), Decatur, GA.
       The nursing program has received full approval from the Tennessee Board of Nursing, Nashville, TN,
           and is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, Washington, DC.
         Tennessee Wesleyan College Knoxville Campus
               Fort Sanders Nursing Department
        9821 Cogdill Rd., Suite 2; Knoxville, Tennessee 37932
          Phone: (865) 777-5100       Fax: (865) 777-5114

           Tennessee Wesleyan College Main Campus
        204 E. College St.; P.O. Box 40; Athens, TN 37371-0040
            1-800-PICK-TWC          Fax: (423) 744-9968
An Institution of the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church


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