Instructions by xiaoyounan


What makes a good
set of instructions?
    Main Points for good instructions

   Keep it simple - not too much information
    at once.
   Make it clear – only add information that
    will help with understanding the
   Layout – think about the sequence of
    events or instructions.
    Main Points for good instructions

   Keep it simple – short succinct sentences
    don’t write too much!
   Make it clear – add diagrams and arrows
    to help with difficult techniques.
   Layout – maybe use bullet points or a flow
    chart to help with the order and
    progression of information.
What to do when you meet a dog
Dogs on leads

 People should not let dogs
 out into the street on their

 If you want to make
 friends with a dog, this is
 what you should do.
What to do when you meet a dog
Dogs on leads

     Ask the person before
     you touch the dog.

     Move slowly towards the

     Let the dog sniff you.
               Stray dogs
Dogs that run around on their own without an owner are
called stray dogs. Stray dogs may not be friendly.
This what you should do if you feel scared.

                          Stand still.
                          Put your hands by your
                          Do not run away or
                          Try not to look scared.
         Rules for owning a dog
   Always put on the
    dog’s collar and lead
    before you take it out.
   Wash your hands
    after stroking or
    playing with your dog.
   Never allow your dog
    to jump up or scare
Do you think that this list of
things you will need to
make a paper sunflower is
easy to understand?

What makes it a good list?

Is there anything you would
do to improve the list?

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