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San Francisco, CA (November 8, 2010)—2012 and the Cabala is the result of 40 years of study
into the most mystical secrets known to the Jewish People. Corroborated from the synchronicity
of the calendar, 2012 and the Cabala brings together the ancient and the modern; by melding the
6000 year Hebrew calendar with the 5000 year Mayan calendar in conjunction with the 2000
year Roman calendar, Krafchow reveals surprising new information.

                            Roman politics is put into a spiritual perspective where George Bush
                            becomes the prophetic last king of Rome called Irom/Naked because
                            of the embarrassment brought upon his people – Bush in Hebrew
                            mean embarrassment. Religious and scientific dogma is challenged;
                            mathematical proof is augmented by the number science of gematria.

                            The message of 2012 and the Cabala is positive and uplifting,
                            illuminating a future reality that is more form than substance; 2012
                            and the Cabala provides an in-depth look into the workings of
                            creation over the last quarter million years. Tracing the advent of the
                            human being from fire to flesh and showing how our present
                            prophetic time is the culmination of 6000 years of human endeavor.
                            2012 and the Cabala provides basic answers to ancient questions.

Dovid Krafchow is an independent, non-religious scholar of the Torah with a mental acuity for
the sublime due to autism. Author of Kabbalistic Tarot (Inner Traditions; 2005) this is his first
published work of pure Cabala. Accessible and instructive, this book does not require the reader
to have advance knowledge of Cabala studies.

Advance Praise:

Dovid Krafchow’s work represents a major shift in perspective. Any time an author does that he
contributes to the body of wisdom in his field, and inspires new lines of thought. Krafchow adds
to the power of his unique insights by writing in a clear and elegant manner. He brings to his
subject a voice of authority that illuminates rather than obfuscates divine truth. Ashé Journal

Krafchow has done an excellent job of getting his ideas across in a concise, fluid manner that is
easy to understand and easy to follow. Aeclectic Tarot

 “I was very impressed with 2012 and the Cabala from the very first chapter. There is a lot of
information here that deals with spirituality, science, gematria, and it is accessible and easy to
understand even to those who are not familiar with Cabala. Very interesting prospects are
discussed throughout the book, I particularly enjoyed how even the most abstract subjects are
simplified with the use of analogies to our everyday life. Dovid Krafchow succeeds in answering
many questions with wisdom and clarity. It's a great read.”-- Review by: Enrico Cittadino

Review by: Noah Dovid wrote an excellent book. Hats off:)

2012 and the Cabala is available on various platforms as an EBook and also as a soft-cover; 167
pages published by the author through Smashwords and CreateSpace – 2012 and the Cabala can
also be found at and

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