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									HP Electronic Test Equipment Manuals
                         Notice                                 Disk
     10590a_parts.pdf                          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     105aopt908_cal.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     11683a_parts.pdf                          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     120a_120b_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     130_c_cal.pdf                             Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     140b_svc_op.pdf                           Disque 1
     141a_1402a_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     141t_svc_op.pdf                           Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     1607a_parts.pdf                           Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     1615a_16a_prg.pdf                         Disque 1
     1615a_fp_ref.pdf                          Disque 1
     1630a_d_g_op.pdf                          Disque 1
     1660a_as_prg.pdf                          Disque 1
     1660a_install.pdf                         Disque 1
     1660a_svc.pdf                             Disque 1
     1660a_usr.pdf                             Disque 1
     1660c_cs_1670a_lan_ug.pdf                 Disque 1
     1660c_cs_cp_prg.pdf                       Disque 1
     1660c_cs_cp_service_guide.pdf             Disque 1
     1660c_cs_p_tech_data.pdf                  Disque 1
     1660e_es_ep_series_prg.pdf                Disque 1
     1670d_prg.pdf                             Disque 1
     1670d_user.pdf                            Disque 1
     170_c_cal.pdf                             Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     17401a_cal.pdf                            Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     1740a_op.pdf                              Disque 1
     175_cal.pdf                               Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     200cd_partial.pdf                         Disque 1
     204c_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     204c_svc_op.pdf                           Disque 1
     204d_parts.pdf                            Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     205ag_cal.pdf                             Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     205ag_parts.pdf                           Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     205ag_svc_op.pdf                          Disque 1
     211b_cal.pdf                              Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     214b_parts.pdf                            Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     214b_svc_op.pdf                           Disque 1
     2648a_op_and_orgmaint.pdf                 Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     3300a_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     3312a_cal.pdf                             Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     3312a_svc_op.pdf                          Disque 1
     3314_gpib.pdf                             Disque 1
     3314a_inf.pdf                             Disque 1
     3314a_op.pdf                              Disque 1
     3314a_svc.pdf                             Disque 1
     3324a_technical_data.pdf                  Disque 1
     3325a_b_cal.pdf                           Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     3325a_parts.pdf                           Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
     3325a_service_and_op.pdf                  Disque 1
3325b_install.pdf                     Disque 1
3325b_op.pdf                          Disque 1
3325b_svc.pdf                         Disque 1
3335a_op.pdf                          Disque 1
3335a_opt001_k06_parts.pdf            Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3336a_b_c_op.pdf                      Disque 1
3336a_b_c_svc.pdf                     Disque 1
333a_334a_parts.pdf                   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
333a_334a_svc_op.pdf                  Disque 1
333a_and_334a_maint_incl_schems.pdf   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
339a_parts.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
339a_svc_op.pdf                       Disque 1
3400a_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3400a_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf    Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3400a_svc_op.pdf                      Disque 1
3406a_svc_op.pdf                      Disque 1
342a_349a_maint_incl_schems.pdf       Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3435a_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3437a_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3437a_op.pdf                          Disque 1
3438a_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3439a_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3440a_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3455a_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3455a_svc_op.pdf                      Disque 1
3456a_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3456a_op_svc.pdf                      Disque 1
3456a_qref.pdf                        Disque 1
3456a_svc.pdf                         Disque 1
3457a_op.pdf                          Disque 1
3457a_parts.pdf                       Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3457a_qref.pdf                        Disque 1
3457a_svc.pdf                         Disque 1
3468a_op.pdf                          Disque 1
3468a_svc.pdf                         Disque 1
346a_b_c_modular_svc_op.pdf           Disque 1
3478a_incl_schems.pdf                 Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3478a_op_1983.pdf                     Disque 1
3478a_op_1988.pdf                     Disque 1
3478a_svc.pdf                         Disque 1
3490a_opt060_parts.pdf                Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3490a_svc_op.pdf                      Disque 1
3555b_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3555b_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf    Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3561a_op.pdf                          Disque 1
3561a_svc_vol1.pdf                    Disque 1
3562a_op.pdf                          Disque 1
3562a_prg.pdf                         Disque 1
3562a_svc.pdf                         Disque 2
3563a_op_vol1.pdf                     Disque 2
3563a_op_vol2.pdf                     Disque 2
3575a_op_svc.pdf                      Disque 1
3580a_svc_op.pdf                       Disque 2
3582a_op.pdf                           Disque 2
3582a_svc.pdf                          Disque 2
3585_svc.pdf                           Disque 2
3585a_cal.pdf                          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3585a_op.pdf                           Disque 2
3585a_parts.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3585a_svc_op_vol1.pdf                  Disque 2
3585a_svc_op_vol2.pdf                  Disque 2
3585a_svc_vol1.pdf                     Disque 2
3585a_svc_vol2.pdf                     Disque 2
3585a_svc_vol3.pdf                     Disque 2
3585b_cal.pdf                          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3585b_op.pdf                           Disque 2
3586a_b_c_operating.pdf                Disque 2
3586a_b_c_svc_vol1.pdf                 Disque 2
3586a_b_c_svc_vol2.pdf                 Disque 2
3586a_b_c_svc_vol2b.pdf                Disque 2
3588a_get_start.pdf                    Disque 2
3588a_op.pdf                           Disque 2
3588a_perf_test.pdf                    Disque 2
3588a_progr.pdf                        Disque 2
3588a_svc.pdf                          Disque 2
3589a_op.pdf                           Disque 2
3589a_progr.pdf                        Disque 2
3589A_Programmers_Reference.pdf        Disque 2
3589a_quick_start.pdf                  Disque 2
3589a_svc.pdf                          Disque 2
3730a_cal.pdf                          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3744a_cal.pdf                          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
3746a_manual.pdf                       Disque 2
3776a_svc.pdf                          Disque 2
400d_400h_maint_incl_schems.pdf        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
400e_el_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
400e_l_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
400el_parts.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
403b_parts.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
410b_br_410c_cal.pdf                   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
410b_svc_op.pdf                        Disque 1
410c_maint_incl_schems.pdf             Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
4145b_op.pdf                           Disque 2
415a_cal.pdf                           Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
415e_cal.pdf                           Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
4192a_op.pdf                           Disque 2
4192a_svc_op.pdf                       Disque 2
4194a_probe_op_note.pdf                Disque 2
4194a_svc.pdf                          Disque 2
4194a_user.pdf                         Disque 2
4195a_accessories.pdf                  Disque 2
4195a_app_note.pdf                     Disque 2
4195a_maint.pdf                        Disque 2
4195a_operating.pdf                    Disque 2
4195a_service.pdf                    Disque 2
4195a_user.pdf                       Disque 3
425a_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
425a_svc_op.pdf                      Disque 1
4275a_op.pdf                         Disque 3
4275a_svc.pdf                        Disque 3
4276a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
427a_svc_op.pdf                      Disque 1
432a_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf    Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
432a_parts.pdf                       Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
432a_svc_and_op.pdf                  Disque 1
4339b_op.pdf                         Disque 3
4342a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
435b_op.pdf                          Disque 1
435b_svc.pdf                         Disque 1
436a_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf    Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
437b_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
437b_op.pdf                          Disque 1
437b_svc_partial.pdf                 Disque 1
4395a_app_note.pdf                   Disque 3
465a_partial.pdf                     Disque 1
4815a_small_partial_svc_op.pdf       Disque 3
4935a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
5004a_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5004a_parts.pdf                      Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5004a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
5005a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
5006a_partial_svc.pdf                Disque 3
5006a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
5023a_parts.pdf                      Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
521_cal.pdf                          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5223l_cal.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5232a_cal.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5253b_maint_incl_schems.pdf          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5257a_parts.pdf                      Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5261a_parts.pdf                      Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5265a_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5300a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
5314a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
5315a_b_svc_op.pdf                   Disque 3
5328a_011_svc.pdf                    Disque 3
5328a_addendum.pdf                   Disque 3
5328a_cal.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5328a_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5328a_svc.pdf                        Disque 3
5328a_user.pdf                       Disque 3
5328b_cal.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5334a_b_op_prg_1992.pdf              Disque 3
5334a_b_op_prg_1993.pdf              Disque 3
5335a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
5340a_cal.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5340a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
5342a_opt006_svc_op.pdf                  Disque 3
5342a_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
5345a_opt12_cal.pdf                      Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5345a_parts.pdf                          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5345a_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
5347a_48a_op_prg.pdf                     Disque 3
5350a_51a_52a_op_prg.pdf                 Disque 3
5355a_parts.pdf                          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5363b_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
5370a_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
5370b_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
5371a_op.pdf                             Disque 3
5371a_progr.pdf                          Disque 3
5371a_svc_vol1.pdf                       Disque 3
5371a_svc_vol2.pdf                       Disque 3
5372a_op.pdf                             Disque 3
5372a_prg.pdf                            Disque 3
5372a_specs_ref.pdf                      Disque 3
5372a_svc.pdf                            Disque 3
5372a_user.pdf                           Disque 3
5373a_app_guide.pdf                      Disque 3
5382A_Operating_and_Service.pdf          Disque 3
5383A_Service_and_Operating_Manual.pdf   Disque 3
5384a_85a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
5386a_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
540a_540b_cal.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
5636_cal.pdf                             Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
59222a_parts.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
6002a_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
6030a_svc.pdf                            Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
6034a_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
6200b_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
6205b_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf       Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
6236b_6237b_op_and_svc.pdf               Disque 3
6269b_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf       Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
6269b_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
626a_cal.pdf                             Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
6291a_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
6433b_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
6620_series_opt750_op.pdf                Disque 3
6632a_33a_34a_op.pdf                     Disque 3
6632a_33a_34a_svc.pdf                    Disque 3
668x_a_series_svc.pdf                    Disque 1
7035b_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf       Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
7402a_cal.pdf                            Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
745a_746a.pdf                            Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8013b_cal.pdf                            Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8013b_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf       Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8013b_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
8015a_svc_op.pdf                         Disque 3
805_810_cal.pdf                          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8082a_parts.pdf                          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8082a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
8110a_svc.pdf                        Disque 3
8110a_usr.pdf                        Disque 3
8160a_ref.pdf                        Disque 3
8160a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
8165a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 3
8402b_cal.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8402b_parts.pdf                      Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8403a_parts.pdf                      Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8405a_service.pdf                    Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8405ar_parts.pdf                     Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8443a_cal.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8443a_svc_and_op.pdf                 Disque 4
8444a_op_and_maint_incl_schem.pdf    Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8445a_svc_and_op.pdf                 Disque 4
8477a_cal.pdf                        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8477a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 4
8502a_op_and_org_maint.pdf           Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8505a_op.pdf                         Disque 4
8508a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 4
8508a_user.pdf                       Disque 4
8510c_config_guide.pdf               Disque 4
8510c_op_and_install.pdf             Disque 4
8510c_op_and_prg.pdf                 Disque 4
8510c_service_guide.pdf              Disque 4
8552b_incl_schems.pdf                Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8552b_maint_incl_schems.pdf          Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8552b_parts.pdf                      Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8552b_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 4
8553b_svc_incl_schematics.pdf        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8555a_parts.pdf                      Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8555a_rf_sect.pdf                    Disque 4
8555a_svc_op_incl_schems.pdf         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8556a_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8556a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 4
8558b_parts.pdf                      Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8558b_service_incl_schems.pdf        Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8558b_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 4
8559a_op_svc.pdf                     Disque 4
8559a_svc_op.pdf                     Disque 4
8562_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8568b_inst_and_verif.pdf             Disque 4
8568b_opr_and_prog.pdf               Disque 4
8568b_svc.pdf                        Disque 4
8568b_tests_and_adjts.pdf            Disque 4
8590_prgrmmg_capability.pdf          Disque 4
8590_program_conversion.pdf          Disque 4
8590_series_analyzer_catv_prg.pdf    Disque 4
8590_series_cal_guide.pdf            Disque 4
8590_series_component_lev_pkg.pdf    Disque 4
8590_series_inst_verif.pdf           Disque 4
8590_series_operating.pdf            Disque 4
8590_series_opt12_usr_cal_svc.pdf     Disque 4
8590_series_programming.pdf           Disque 3
8590_series_quick_ref.pdf             Disque 4
8590_series_service_guide.pdf         Disque 4
8590_series_user_guide.pdf            Disque 4
8601a_svc_op.pdf                      Disque 4
8640b_opt001_parts.pdf                Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8640b_svc_op.pdf                      Disque 4
8642m_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8643a_quick_ref.pdf                   Disque 4
8643a_service_guide.pdf               Disque 4
8643a_user_guide.pdf                  Disque 4
8656a_op.pdf                          Disque 4
8656a_parts.pdf                       Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8656a_svc_op.pdf                      Disque 4
8656b_57a_57b_qref.pdf                Disque 4
8656b_op_cal.pdf                      Disque 4
8656b_user.pdf                        Disque 4
8657a_b_op_cal.pdf                    Disque 4
86601a_op_and_maint_incl_schems.pdf   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8672a_op.pdf                          Disque 4
8672a_svc.pdf                         Disque 4
8672a_svc_op_1978.pdf                 Disque 5
8672a_svc_op_1978.pdf                 Disque 6
8672a_svc_op_1987.pdf                 Disque 5
8672a_svc_op_1987.pdf                 Disque 6
8673b_op.pdf                          Disque 5
8673b_op.pdf                          Disque 6
8673b_svc.pdf                         Disque 5
8673b_svc.pdf                         Disque 6
8673m_cal.pdf                         Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8702d_installation.pdf                Disque 4
8702d_programming.pdf                 Disque 4
8702d_reference.pdf                   Disque 4
8702d_user_guide.pdf                  Disque 5
8702d_user_guide.pdf                  Disque 6
8711b_config_guide.pdf                Disque 5
8711b_config_guide.pdf                Disque 6
8711b_opt_h20_k20_user.pdf            Disque 5
8711b_opt_h20_k20_user.pdf            Disque 6
8711b_progr_guide.pdf                 Disque 5
8711b_progr_guide.pdf                 Disque 6
8711b_service_guide.pdf               Disque 5
8711b_service_guide.pdf               Disque 6
8711b_specifications.pdf              Disque 5
8711b_specifications.pdf              Disque 6
8711b_user_guide.pdf                  Disque 5
8711b_user_guide.pdf                  Disque 6
8750a_svc_op.pdf                      Disque 5
8750a_svc_op.pdf                      Disque 6
8752c_app_note.pdf                    Disque 5
8752c_app_note.pdf                    Disque 6
8752c_config_guide.pdf    Disque 5
8752c_config_guide.pdf    Disque 6
8752c_datasheet.pdf       Disque 5
8752c_datasheet.pdf       Disque 6
8752c_overview.pdf        Disque 5
8752c_overview.pdf        Disque 6
8752c_qref.pdf            Disque 5
8752c_qref.pdf            Disque 6
8752c_svc.pdf             Disque 5
8752c_svc.pdf             Disque 6
8752c_user.pdf            Disque 5
8752c_user.pdf            Disque 6
8753_svc.pdf              Disque 5
8753_svc.pdf              Disque 6
8753_tech_specs.pdf       Disque 5
8753_tech_specs.pdf       Disque 6
8753_usr_and_svc.pdf      Disque 5
8753_usr_and_svc.pdf      Disque 6
8753a_op_prg.pdf          Disque 5
8753a_op_prg.pdf          Disque 6
8753a_svc.pdf             Disque 5
8753a_svc.pdf             Disque 6
8753d_011_6gHz_kit.pdf    Disque 5
8753d_011_6gHz_kit.pdf    Disque 6
8753d_011_fware_upg.pdf   Disque 5
8753d_011_fware_upg.pdf   Disque 6
8753d_011_svc_guide.pdf   Disque 5
8753d_011_svc_guide.pdf   Disque 6
8753d_011_ug.pdf          Disque 5
8753d_011_ug.pdf          Disque 6
8753d_6gHz_kit.pdf        Disque 5
8753d_6gHz_kit.pdf        Disque 6
8753d_config.pdf          Disque 5
8753d_config.pdf          Disque 6
8753d_prg_guide.pdf       Disque 5
8753d_prg_guide.pdf       Disque 6
8753d_svc_guide.pdf       Disque 5
8753d_svc_guide.pdf       Disque 6
8753d_usr_guide.pdf       Disque 5
8753d_usr_guide.pdf       Disque 6
8753d_verif_Kit.pdf       Disque 5
8753d_verif_Kit.pdf       Disque 6
8753es_011_ref.pdf        Disque 5
8753es_011_ref.pdf        Disque 6
8753es_011_svc.pdf        Disque 5
8753es_011_svc.pdf        Disque 6
8753es_011_ug.pdf         Disque 5
8753es_011_ug.pdf         Disque 6
8753es_et_ref.pdf         Disque 5
8753es_et_ref.pdf         Disque 6
8753es_et_user.pdf        Disque 5
8753es_et_user.pdf        Disque 6
8755c_svc_op.pdf                    Disque 5
8755c_svc_op.pdf                    Disque 6
8808a_op_and_maint_incl_schem.pdf   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8900b_parts.pdf                     Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8900b_svc_op.pdf                    Disque 5
8900b_svc_op.pdf                    Disque 6
8901a_app_and_op_guide.pdf          Disque 5
8901a_app_and_op_guide.pdf          Disque 6
8901a_apps.pdf                      Disque 5
8901a_apps.pdf                      Disque 6
8901a_field_note.pdf                Disque 5
8901a_field_note.pdf                Disque 6
8901a_if_filts.pdf                  Disque 5
8901a_if_filts.pdf                  Disque 6
8901a_interactive_control.pdf       Disque 5
8901a_interactive_control.pdf       Disque 6
8901a_op.pdf                        Disque 5
8901a_op.pdf                        Disque 6
8901a_op_cal.pdf                    Disque 5
8901a_op_cal.pdf                    Disque 6
8901a_parts.pdf                     Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
8901a_prod_note.pdf                 Disque 5
8901a_prod_note.pdf                 Disque 6
8901a_prod_overview.pdf             Disque 5
8901a_prod_overview.pdf             Disque 6
8901a_prodnote1.pdf                 Disque 5
8901a_prodnote1.pdf                 Disque 6
8901a_svc.pdf                       Disque 5
8901a_svc.pdf                       Disque 6
8901a_tech_data.pdf                 Disque 5
8901a_tech_data.pdf                 Disque 6
8901b_op_cal.pdf                    Disque 5
8901b_op_cal.pdf                    Disque 6
8901b_svc_op_cal.pdf                Disque 5
8901b_svc_op_cal.pdf                Disque 6
8902a_op_cal.pdf                    Disque 5
8902a_op_cal.pdf                    Disque 6
8902a_op_cal_svc_addendum.pdf       Disque 5
8902a_op_cal_svc_addendum.pdf       Disque 6
8902a_qref.pdf                      Disque 5
8902a_qref.pdf                      Disque 6
8902a_specs.pdf                     Disque 5
8902a_specs.pdf                     Disque 6
8902a_svc.pdf                       Disque 5
8902a_svc.pdf                       Disque 6
8902a_svc_notes.pdf                 Disque 5
8902a_svc_notes.pdf                 Disque 6
8902a_svc_vol2.pdf                  Disque 5
8902a_svc_vol2.pdf                  Disque 6
8902a_svc_vol3.pdf                  Disque 5
8902a_svc_vol3.pdf                  Disque 6
8903a_svc_op.pdf                    Disque 5
8903a_svc_op.pdf             Disque 6
8903b_op_cal.pdf             Disque 5
8903b_op_cal.pdf             Disque 6
8903b_svc_partial.pdf        Disque 5
8903b_svc_partial.pdf        Disque 6
8904a_app_note.pdf           Disque 5
8904a_app_note.pdf           Disque 6
8904a_op_cal.pdf             Disque 5
8904a_op_cal.pdf             Disque 6
9134a_op_and_org_maint.pdf   Disque 1 Sousdirectory"Military"
HP Electronic Test Equipment Model Numbers
     HP 1250-0780 BNC-F to N-M adapter
     HP 1250-0082 N-F to BNC-M adapter
     HP 5060-0049 card extender dual 15 0.156" (HP3440, HP3580)
     HP 5060-0091 card extender dual 10 (HP3403)
     HP 5060-0630 card extender
     HP 5060-5917 card extender (HP3580)
     HP 5060-6157 card extender dual 22 0.156"
     HP 100A low frequency standard
     HP 100ER frequency standard 10Hz-1MHz w/scope
     HP 103A quartz frequency standard 1MHz
     HP 105A quartz frequency standard 5MHz/1MHz/100kHz
     HP 105B quartz frequency standard 5MHz/1MHz/100kHz
     HP 106B quartz frequency standard 5MHz/1MHz/100kHz
     HP 107A quartz frequency standard 5MHz/1MHz/100kHz
     HP 107BR quartz frequency standard 5MHz/1MHz/100kHz (recommended)
     HP 113AR frequency divider, clock (100kHz input)
     HP 114B time comparator
     HP 117A VLF comparator (WWVB receiver) w/chart recorder
     HP 120A scope 1 channel 200kHz
     HP 120B scope 1 channel 450kHz
     HP 122A scope 2 channel 200kHz
     HP 130B scope 1 channel 300kHz
     HP 130C scope 1 channel 200uV 500kHz
     HP 132A scope dual beam 100uV 500kHz
     HP 140A scope mainframe
     HP 141S spectrum analyzer storage mainframe, round CRT
     HP 141T spectrum analyzer storage mainframe
     HP 5083-2511 CRT for HP141T
     HP 143A large screen mainframe (8x10" ?)
     HP 150A scope MF 10MHz
     HP 151A vertical plugin 10MHz 5mV
     HP 152A vertical plugin dual trace differential
     HP 153A vertical plugin 500kHz 1mV
     HP 154A vertical plugin voltage/current
     HP 155A scope 1 channel 25MHz pushbutton
     HP 160B scope MF 15MHz
     HP 162A vertical plugin dual trace 14MHz
     HP 166C horizontal plugin w/XY recorder output
     HP 166D sweep delay generator
     HP 170A scope 22MHz
     HP 175A scope 100MHz MF
     HP 180A scope mainframe 100MHz
     HP 180E scope mainframe 50MHz (AN/USM-281A)
     HP 181A scope mainframe, Variable Persistance Storage, 100 MHz
     HP 181T scope mainframe, Variable Persistance Storage, 100 MHz, 8x10cm
     HP 182A scope mainframe (AN/USM-281A)
     HP 182C scope mainframe, Large Screen, 10x13cm 100MHz
     HP 182T scope mainframe, Large Screen Display
HP 5086-3970 CRT for HP 182T
HP 183A scope mainframe 250MHz
HP 183B scope mainframe 250MHz
HP 184A scope mainframe 100MHz? storage
HP 185A sampling scope 500MHz
HP 186A switching time tester plugin for 185
HP 187A vertical plugin for 185, 500MHz dual trace
HP 187B vertical plugin for 185, 1GHz
HP 188A vertical plugin for 185, 4GHz
HP 191A video waveform monitor
HP 197A scope camera
HP 197B scope camera
HP 198A scope camera for HP 5 inch round & rectangular bezels
HP 200AB SG 20Hz-40kHz
HP 200CD SG 5Hz-600 KHz
HP 200J SG 6Hz-6kHz
HP 200SR SG 5Hz-600kHz (for use with HP739A)
HP 200T "Precision Telemeter Test Oscillator" 250Hz-100kHz 10V
HP 201C SG 20Hz-20kHz 3W/42V THD 0.5% w/step atten 16lb.
HP 202A LF FG 0.008-1200Hz sine/square/triangle 30V
HP 202C SG 1Hz-100kHz 10VRMS 0.2% 25lb.
HP 203A FG 0.005Hz-60kHz variable phase
HP 204B SG 5Hz-560kHz
HP 204C SG 5Hz-1.2MHz 5VRMS 0.1%
HP 204D SG 5Hz-1.2MHz 5VRMS 0.1% w/step atten
HP 205AG SG 20Hz-20kHz 5W
HP 206A SG 20Hz-20kHz +15dBm
HP 207A audio sweep generator 20Hz-20kHz
HP 209A Sine/Square Wave Oscillator, 4 Hz-2 MHz
HP 210A square wave generator
HP 211A square wave oscillator 1Hz-1MHz
HP 211B square wave oscillator 1Hz-10MHz, negative output tr=5ns
HP 212A PG 50Hz-5kHz tr=20ns 50W peak
HP 213B PG 0-100kHz 175mV
HP 214A PG 10Hz-1MHz 50-100V 15ns
HP 214B PG 10Hz-10MHz 100V 15ns
HP 215A PG 100Hz-1MHz tw=0-100ns 10V/800ps (recommended)
HP 216A PG 1-100MHz tw=5-100ns tr=2.5ns 10V
HP 218AR digital delay generator MF
HP 219A dual trigger unit for HP218
HP 219B dual pulse unit for HP218
HP 219C digital pulse duration unit for HP218
HP 220A square wave generator 1Hz-10MHz
HP 222A PG 10Hz-10MHz 10V
HP 226A time mark generator
HP 230B tuned power amplifier 10-500MHz 4.5W
HP 233A carrier oscillator 50Hz-500kHz 3W/600ohm
HP 236A test oscillator 50Hz-560kHz telecom
HP 239A SG 10Hz-110kHz low distortion 0.0018%
HP 241A SG 10Hz-1MHz pushbutton
HP 250B RX meter 500kHz-250MHz (Boonton 250A)
HP 297B sweep drive
HP 301A wave analyzer 50kHz BW=3Hz
HP 302A wave analyzer 20Hz-50kHz 50lb.
HP 310A wave analyzer 1kHz-1.5MHz 50lb.
HP 312A wave analyzer 1kHz-18MHz digital display (Nixie) 50lb.
HP 312B wave analyzer 1kHz-18MHz digital display (Nixie) 50lb.
HP 313A tracking oscillator for HP312A/B
HP 320B distortion analyzer
HP 322A dual beam oscillograph
HP 330B distortion analyzer 20Hz-20kHz 0.3% FS
HP 330C distortion analyzer 20Hz-20kHz 0.3% FS w/FCC VU meter
HP 330D distortion analyzer 20Hz-20kHz 0.3% FS w/AM detector
HP 331A distortion analyzer 5Hz-600kHz 0.1% FS
HP 332A distortion analyzer 5Hz-600kHz 0.1% FS
HP 333A distortion analyzer 5Hz-600kHz 0.1% FS
HP 334A distortion analyzer 5Hz-600kHz 0.1% FS
HP 334A/H25 distortion analyzer - pushbutton version
HP 339A distortion analyzer 10Hz-110kHz 0.01% FS
HP 340B noise figure meter 30/60MHz
HP 342A noise figure meter 30-200MHz
HP 343A VHF noise source 10-600MHz 5.2dB ENR BNC
HP 344A noise figure meter (radar)
HP 345B IF noise source 30/60MHz 5.2dB ENR BNC
HP 346B noise source 10MHz-18GHz
HP 346C noise source 10MHz-26.5GHz
HP 347A waveguide noise source
HP 349A UHF noise source 400MHz-4GHz 15.6dB ENR type N
HP 350A step attenuator 110dB 500ohm 100kHz 5W
HP 350B step attenuator 110dB 600ohm 100kHz 5W
HP 350D step attenuator 110dB 600ohm 1MHz 5W
HP 353A patch panel
HP 354A step attenuator 0-60dB 50ohm DC-12.4GHz N
HP 355A step attenuator 0-12dB 50ohm 500MHz BNC
HP 355B step attenuator 0-120dB 50ohm 500MHz BNC
HP 355C step attenuator 0-12dB 50ohm 1GHz BNC
HP 355D step attenuator 0-120dB 50ohm 1GHz BNC
HP 355E step attenuator 0-12dB 50ohm 1GHz programmable BNC
HP 355F step attenuator 0-120dB 50ohm 1GHz programmable BNC
HP 360A low pass filter 700MHz
HP 360B low pass filter 1200MHz
HP 360C low pass filter 2200MHz
HP 360D low pass filter 4100MHz
HP X382A variable attenuator 0-50dB 8-12.4GHz
HP 394A variable attenuator 6-120dB 1-2GHz 200W
HP 400A AC VTVM 10Hz-4MHz 1mV-300V
HP 400C AC VTVM 10Hz-4MHz 1mV-300V
HP 400D AC VTVM 10Hz-4MHz 1mV-300V
HP 400E AC voltmeter 10Hz-10MHz 1mV
HP 400EL AC voltmeter 10Hz-10MHz 1mV log scale
HP 400F AC voltmeter 20Hz-4MHz 100uV
HP 400FL AC voltmeter 20Hz-4MHz 100uV log scale
HP 400GL AC voltmeter 20Hz-4MHz -80..+60dB log scale
HP 400H AC VTVM 10Hz-4MHz 1mV-300V
HP 400L AC VTVM 10Hz-4MHz 1mV-300V log scale
HP 403A AC voltmeter 1mV 1Hz-1MHz
HP 403B AC voltmeter 1mV 5Hz-2MHz
HP 405AR DC DVM 1mV-1000V
HP 410B VTVM w/AC probe 20Hz-700MHz
HP 411A RF millivoltmeter 500kHz-1GHz
HP 414A autoranging DC voltmeter 5mV-1500V 5ohm-1.5M
HP 415B standing wave indicator
HP 415E standing wave indicator
HP 416A ratio meter
HP 417A VHF detector 10-500MHz superregenerative
HP 419A DC null voltmeter 3uV-1000V
HP 420B crystal detector 10MHz-12.4GHz
HP 422A crystal detector
HP 423A crystal detector 10MHz-12.4GHz
HP 423B Low-Barrier Schottky Diode Detector, 10 MHz to 12.4 GHz
HP 425A DC Microvolt-Ammeter 10uV/10pA
HP 428A DC ammeter clip-on 0.3mA-1A
HP 428B DC ammeter clip-on 20uA-10A
HP 00428-62101 probe for 428B
HP 430C microwave power meter
HP 431B power meter, analog
HP 431C power meter, analog
HP 432A RF power meter, analog (478A/486A sensor)
HP 432B RF power meter, digital (478A/486A sensor)
HP 432C RF power meter, digital
HP 434A Calorimetric Power Meter DC-12GHz
HP 435A RF power meter, analog (8480 sensor)
HP 435A-KO5 dual RF power reference 50MHz 1mW
HP 435B RF power meter, analog (8480 sensor)
HP 436A RF power meter, digital (8480 sensor)
HP 437A RF power meter, digital (8480 sensor) HP-IB
HP 438A RF power meter, digital, dual channel, HP-IB
HP 440A tunable detector mount 2.4-12.4GHz
HP 444A untuned probe 3-18GHz
HP 446B untuned probe 18-40GHz
HP 450A amplifier (tube/transformer) 10Hz-1MHz 20/40dB
HP 455A probe T-connection for HP410C
HP 456A AC current probe 1mA-2A 60Hz-4MHz
HP 459A HV probe 100X 30kV for HP410B
HP 460AR wide band amplifier 100kHz-120MHz 20dB
HP 460BR fast pulse amplifier 100kHz-120MHz 15dB 125V
HP 461A AC amplifier 1kHz-150MHz 20/40dB 0.5VRMS out
HP 462A pulse amplifier tr=4ns 20/40dB 1VPP out
HP 463A precision AC amplifier 100kHz 5W X10/X100
HP 465A AC amplifier 5Hz-1MHz 20/40dB 500mW
HP 466A AC amplifier 10Hz-1MHz 20/40dB
HP 467A power amplifier/power supply +/-20V 10W DC-1MHz
HP 468A thermistor mount for HP432
HP 475B thermistor mount 1-4GHz for HP430
HP 476A thermistor mount 10-1000MHz
HP 477B thermistor mount for HP430 10MHz-10GHz N-conn
HP 478A thermistor mount for HP432 10MHz-10GHz N
HP 8120-1082 connecting cable for 478A?
HP 486A thermistor mount
HP 489A TWT amp 1.0-2.0GHz 1W
HP 490B TWT amp 2.0-4.0GHz 10mW
HP 491A TWT amp 2.0-4.0GHz 1W
HP 491C TWT amp 2.0-4.0GHz 1W
HP 492A TWT amp 4.0-8.0GHz 10mW
HP 493A TWT amp 4.0-8.0GHz 1W
HP 494A TWT amp 7.0-12.4GHz 5mW
HP 500B frequency meter 3Hz-100kHz
HP 500C tachometer
HP 506A optical tachometer pickup
HP 508A tachometer generator 60X
HP 508B tachometer generator 100X
HP 508C tachometer generator 120X
HP 508D tachometer generator 360X
HP 520A nuclear scaler 10MHz 100:1
HP 521A frequency counter 4 digit 120kHz
HP 521C frequency counter 5 digit 120kHz
HP 521D frequency counter 4 digit 120kHz
HP 521E frequency counter 5 digit 120kHz
HP 521G frequency counter 5 digit 1.2MHz
HP 522B frequency counter, 5 digit columnar? 120kHz
HP 523C frequency counter, 6 digit Nixie 1.2MHz
HP 523D frequency counter, 6 digit 1.2MHz
HP 524A frequency counter MF
HP 524B frequency counter 10MHz 8 digit
HP 524C frequency counter 10MHz 8 digit oven
HP 524D frequency counter 10MHz 8 digit columnar oven
HP 525A frequency converter 10Hz-100MHz
HP 525B frequency converter 100-220MHz
HP 526A video amplifier 10Hz-10MHz
HP 526B time interval unit for 524C/D
HP 526C period multiplier
HP 537A frequency meter 3.7-12.4GHz
HP 540A transfer oscillator
HP 540B transfer oscillator w/harmonic mixer 12.4GHz
HP 560A digital recorder
HP 561B digital recorder
HP 562A digital recorder
HP 570A digital clock for 560
HP 571B digital clock for 561
HP 580A D-A converter
HP 581A D-A converter 1-2-2-4 BCD
HP 606A RF gen 50kHz-65MHz
HP 608B RF gen 10-480MHz 72lb.
HP 608C RF gen 10-480MHz 0.1uV-1V
HP 608D RF gen 10-420MHz 0.1uV-0.5V (aka AN/USM-44A, TS-510A/U)
HP 608E RF gen 10-480MHz 0.1uV-1V
HP 608F RF gen 10-455MHz 0.1uV-0.5V
HP 612A RF gen 450-1230MHz 65lb.
HP 614A RF gen 800-2100MHz
HP 616A RF gen 1.8-4.0GHz
HP 616B RF gen 1.8-4.2GHz
HP 618C RF gen 3.8-7.6GHz
HP 620B RF gen 7-11GHz 70lb.
HP 624A RF gen 8.5-10GHz
HP 626A RF gen 10-15.5GHz 10mW
HP 628A RF gen 15-21GHz 10mW
HP 640A transfer oscillator 100-220MHz
HP 650A SG 10Hz-10MHz
HP 651A SG 10Hz-10MHz 50/600ohm
HP 651B SG 10Hz-10MHz 50/600ohm /002=75/600ohm
HP 652A SG 10Hz-10MHz leveled 50/600ohm
HP 652B SG 10Hz-10MHz
HP 653A SG 10Hz-10MHz w/simulated video signal, 75/124ohm
HP 654A SG 10Hz-10MHz 50/75/135/150/600ohm
HP 675A sweep gen 0-32MHz
HP 680A strip chart recorder
HP 682A sweep gen 1.0-2.0GHz
HP 683A sweep gen 2.0-4.0GHz
HP 684A sweep gen 4.0-8.1-GHz
HP 686A sweep gen 8.2-12.4GHz
HP 687A sweep gen 12.4-18GHz
HP 691A sweep gen
HP 692B sweep gen 2-4GHz
HP 693B sweep gen 4-8GHz
HP 711A PS 0-500V 0.1A + 2 x 6.3VAC 3A
HP 711B PS 0-400V 0.1A + 2 x 6.3VAC 3A
HP 712B PS 0-500V 0.2A + 6.3VAC 10A
HP 712C PS 0-500V 0.2A 300V 50mA 0..-150V 4mA
HP 715A Klystron PS -250V..-400V 50mA, 0..-900V, 6.3VAC
HP 716B Klystron PS
HP 721A PS 0-30V 0.15A (0-10V/0.3A range)
HP 723A PS 0-50V 0.5A
HP 726A PS 0-60V 2A
HP 735A DC transfer standard 1V/1.018V/1.019V 10ppm
HP 738A voltmeter calibrator 300uV-300V
HP 738B voltmeter calibrator 300uV-300V DC, 400Hz RMS, 400Hz P-P
HP 739A frequency response test set 300kHz-10MHz
HP 740A DC standard/differential voltmeter 1000V
HP 741B differential voltmeter/4 digit DC standard
HP 745A AC source 0.1-1100V 10Hz-110kHz ?
HP 746A DC voltage amplifier ?
HP 764D dual directional coupler
HP 766D dual directional coupler
HP 767D dual directional coupler 1.9-4GHz
HP 774D dual directional coupler 215-450MHz
HP 775D dual directional coupler 450-950MHz
HP 776D dual directional coupler 940-1900MHz
HP 777D dual directional coupler 1.9-4GHz
HP 778D dual directional coupler 100-2000MHz
HP 779D directional coupler 1.7-12.4GHz (500MHz-18GHz) N-N
HP 797D 19.9dB directional coupler 1.9-4GHz
HP 796D directional coupler 960MHz-2.1GHz
HP 798C 10 dB directional coupler
HP 800A PS 0-36V 0-1.5A dual meters
HP 802B PS dual 0-36V 0-1.5A dual meters x 2
HP 803A VHF bridge 55-500MHz 2-2000ohms
HP 805A coaxial slotted line 500MHz-4GHz type N
HP 805B coaxial slotted line 500MHz-4GHz RG44
HP 806B coaxial slotted line 3-12GHz type N
HP 809B universal probe carriage for 806B, 810B
HP 814B universal probe carriage for 815B
HP 816A coaxial slotted line
HP 851B spectrum analyzer mainframe (8551)
HP 853A spectrum analyzer mainframe, digital (8557/8558/8559)
HP 855B PS 0-18V 1.5A single meter
HP 865B PS 0-40V 0.5A single meter
HP 865C PS 0-40V 0.5A single meter
HP 880A PS 0-100V 1A
HP 890A PS 0-320V 0.6A rack
HP 895A PS 0-320V 1.5A dual meter rack 50lb.
HP 907A coaxial sliding load 1-18GHz APC-7/type N
HP 908A coax termination 50ohm N male
HP 909A coax termination 50ohm APC7
HP 911A sliding load 3.5mm
HP 911C coaxial sliding load 3.5mm 2.0-26.5GHz APC 3.5mm
HP 934A harmonic mixer 2-12.4GHz
HP 938A frequency doubler 18-26.5GHz out
HP 939A frequency doubler 26.5-40GHz out
HP 940A frequency doubler 26.5-40GHz out
HP 970A probe DMM
HP 971A DMM 4000 count handheld
HP 974A DMM 50000 count handheld TRMS
HP 1052A combining cabinet - holds 3 400 series meters
HP 1104A trigger countdown, req. 1106B/1108A
HP 1105A pulse generator, req. 1106B/1108A
HP 1106B tunnel diode mount 20ps, N connector
HP 1106B/001 tunnel diode mount 20ps, APC-7 connector
HP 1108A tunnel diode mount 60ps, GR874 connector
HP 1110A AC current probe 850Hz-45MHz
HP 1111A AC current probe amp (for HP1110A)
HP 1112A inverter power supply
HP 1120A 500 MHz Active Probe
HP 1121A 500 MHz AC probe 1X/10X/100X
HP 1122A Probe Power Supply for 1120A, 1121A +15V -12.6V
HP 1123A 220 MHz Active Probe
HP 1124A FET active probe 100MHz
HP 1137A scope probe HV 1000X 5kV 1MHz
HP 1141A differential probe 200MHz (req. 1142A)
HP 1142A power supply for 1141A or 1145A
HP 1143A probe offset and power module for HP54701A
HP 1144A scope probe FET 10X 800MHz (req. 1142A or 54500)
HP 1145A scope probe FET 10X 750MHz 2 ch (req. 1142A or 54500)
HP 1152A scope probe active 10X 100K 0.6pF 2.5GHz Infinium
HP 1153A scope probe differential 10X/1X 200MHz
HP 1155A Low Mass Active Probe for Infiniium Oscilloscopes
HP 1160A scope probe 10X 500MHz for HP54800 series
HP 1161A Miniature Passive Probe, 10:1, 500MHz 10 MOhm 10pF 300V, 1.5 m
HP 1162A Miniature Passive Probe, 1:1, 1.5 m
HP 1163A Miniature Passive Probe, 10:1, 500 Ohm, Low Capacitance, 1.5 m
HP 1164A Miniature Passive Probe, 10:1, 10 MOhm, 2 m
HP 1170A Low Mass Passive Probe, 10:1, 10 MOhm, 1.5 m
HP 1171A Low Mass Passive Probe, 10:1, 10 MOhm, 1.4 m
HP 1172A Low Mass Passive Probe, 20:1, 10 MOhm, 1.3 m
HP 1173A Low Mass Passive Probe, 20:1, 10 MOhm, 1.2 m
HP 1182A Testmobile
HP 1182B Testmobile Instrument Cart
HP 1184A Testmobile for Logic Analysis Systems
HP 1185A Carrying Case for the Agilent 54600-Family of Oscilloscopes
HP 1200A scope 500kHz dual trace 100uV
HP 1200B scope 500kHz dual trace 100uV rack mt. (1200AR)
HP 1201A scope 500kHz dual trace 100uV storage
HP 1201B scope 500kHz dual trace 100uV storage rack mt.
HP 1202A scope, 500kHz, .1 mV to 20 V/div. single
HP 1206A scope, 500kHz single
HP 1217A scope, 7MHz dual
HP 1220A scope 15MHz dual
HP 1222A scope, 15MHz dual
HP 1271A scope, dual trace
HP 1300A XY display
HP 1311A XYZ display 12"
HP 1335A XYZ storage display 8x10cm?
HP 1340A XYZ display 6"
HP 1347A XYZ display, w/HPIB
HP 1350A Graphics Translator, Converts digital to X,Y & Z
HP 1351A Graphics Generator
HP 1400A differential amplifier plugin for HP140
HP 1402A dual trace vertical plugin for HP140 20MHz 5mV-10V/div
HP 1410A vertical plugin for HP140, internal sampler
HP 1411A vertical plugin for HP140, uses 1430/1431/1432
HP 1415A TDR plugin for HP140
HP 1416A swept frequency indicator plugin for HP140
HP 1420A time base for HP140
HP 1421A delayed time base for HP140 20MHz
HP 1423A time base for HP140
HP 1424A sampling time base for HP140
HP 1425A dual sampling time base for HP140
HP 1430A TDR sampling head 28pS APC7, req. HP1411A
HP 1430C TDR sampling head 20pS 18GHz APC7, req. HP1411A
HP 1431A sampling head 28pS APC7, req. HP1411A
HP 1432A sampling head 90pS GR874, req. HP1411A
HP 1550A programmer
HP 1600A logic state analyzer, 16 bit
HP 1607A logic state analyzer, 16 bit
HP 1610B logic state analyzer, 32 bit 10MHz
HP 1611A personality module
HP 1615A logic analyzer, 8 bit timing + 16 bit state
HP 1620A Pattern Generator
HP 1630A logic analyzer 8ch 100MHz timing, 35ch 25MHz state
HP 1630D logic analyzer 16ch 100MHz timing, 43ch 25MHz state
HP 1630G logic analyzer 8ch 100MHz timing, 65ch 25MHz state
HP 1631A logic analyzer 8ch 100MHz timing, 35ch 25MHz state + 2ch 200MSPS 50MHz DSO
HP 1631D logic analyzer 16ch 100MHz timing, 43ch 25MHz state + 2ch 200MSPS 50MHz DSO
HP 1640A serial data analyzer
HP 1645A data error analyzer
HP 1650A logic analyzer 80ch 25MHz state/100MHz timing
HP 1650B logic analyzer 80ch
HP 1651A logic analyzer 32ch 25MHz state/100MHz timing
HP 1652B logic analyzer 80ch + DSO 2ch 100MHz
HP 1653B logic analyzer + DSO 2ch 100MHz 400MSPS
HP 1660A logic analyzer
HP 1663A logic analyzer 32ch + DSO 2ch 100MHz
HP 1670G logic analyzer 150/500MHz 34-136 channels
HP 1672A logic analyzer 68ch 70/250MHz
HP 1701B scope 35MHz dual
HP 1703A scope 35MHz dual storage
HP 1707A scope 50MHz dual
HP 1710B scope, 200 MHz, 2 Channel Delay Sweep, small CRT
HP 1712A scope, 200 MHz, Dual Channel
HP 1715A scope, 200 MHz 2 channel (opt 34 = time interval multimeter)
HP 1720A scope, 275 MHz, 2 Channel
HP 1722A scope, 275 MHz, Voltage/Time Readout, small CRT
HP 1722B scope, 275 MHz, 2 Channel, Delay Sweep
HP 1725A scope, 275 MHz, Dual Channel
HP 1725A/034 scope, 275 MHz, Dual Channel, with DMM
HP 1726A scope, 275 MHz dual channel time interval
HP 1727A scope, 275 MHz, Storage, 2 Channel
HP 1740A scope, 100MHz, Dual Channel
HP 1741A scope 100MHz storage
HP 1742A scope, 100 MHz, Dual Channel, with DMM & Time Interval Display
HP 1743A scope, 100 MHz, Dual Channel, Delta Time read-out 5 Digit display
HP 1744A scope, 100 MHz, High Speed Storage, 2 Channel
HP 1746A scope 100MHz dual trace w/DMM, time interval, trigger view
HP 1750A dual trace vertical plugin for HP175
HP 1750B dual trace vertical plugin for HP175 100MHz
HP 1753A Single Channel Amplifier
HP 1754A Four Channel Amplifier
HP 1755A dual trace vertical amplifier
HP 1781A delayed sweep generator
HP 1784A thermal printer for HP175
HP 1801A dual vertical plugin 50MHz
HP 1802A vertical plugin 100MHz
HP 1803A differential amp 30MHz
HP 1804A 50 MHz, 4 Channel Plug-in for 180 Series
HP 1806A Dual Differential Amplifier
HP 1807A Dual Channel Amplifier
HP 1808A dual vertical plugin 75MHz
HP 1809A quad vertical plugin 100MHz 50ohm
HP 1810A sampler plugin w/probe 1GHz
HP 1811A sampler plugin
HP 1815A TDR unit plugin
HP 1816A sampling head 90ps 4GHz
HP 1817A sampling head 28ps 12.4GHz APC7 input
HP 1820A time base plugin
HP 1820C time base plugin 150MHz
HP 1821A time base plugin w/delayed sweep
HP 1822A time base plugin 150MHz delayed sweep
HP 1824A time base plugin w/100X expander
HP 1825A time base plugin 150MHz delayed sweep
HP 1830A dual vertical plugin 250MHz
HP 1834A vertical plugin 4 ch
HP 1835A vertical plugin 200MHz
HP 1840A time base plugin 250MHz
HP 1841A dual timebase plugin 250MHz
HP 1900A PG mainframe
HP 1901A PG mainframe (will not power 1915A)
HP 1905A PG rate gen module 25MHz
HP 1906A PG rate gen module 125MHz
HP 1908A PG delay gen module 25MHz 15ns-10ms
HP 1909A PG delay module 125MHz
HP 1910A PG module 25MHz
HP 1915A PG module 50V 1A variable transition time 7ns-1ms
HP 1916A PG module 5V
HP 1917A PG module 10V 100MHz
HP 1920A PG module 5V
HP 1921A PG module 5V 125MHz
HP 1925A PG word gen module 25MHz
HP 1927A PG module fanout
HP 1930A PG PRBS module 40MHz
HP 1934A PG phase module
HP 1950A vertical plugin 2 Channels, 100 MHz for HP1980B
HP 1965A 100 MHz Gated Counter Universal Module for HP1980B
HP 1980B 100 MHz scope, automated, HPIB
HP 2225A Thinkjet printer HPIB (uses cartridge HP 92261A or HP 51605B)
HP 2227B Quietjet printer HPIB
HP 2234A/046 printer HPIB
HP 2235B Ruggedwriter printer HPIB
HP 2235D Ruggedwriter printer HPIB
HP ET-2392 spectrum analyzer calibrator 30MHz -30dBm
HP 2402A Integrating Digital Voltmeter
HP 2590B frequency converter; 500MHz-15GHz in, 240-390MHz out
HP 2631B thermal printer 20 column HPIB
HP 2654A Frequency Standard Synchronizer
HP 2801A quartz thermometer 6 digit Nixie
HP 2804A quartz thermometer
HP 2816A pressure signal transducer
HP 2934A printer HPIB
HP 3044B spectrum analyzer system (HP3571A + HP3330B)
HP 3047A spectrum analyzer system (HP3582A + HP3585A + HP35601A)
HP 3060A board test system
HP 3200B VHF generator 10-500
HP 3205A FM signal generator
HP 3235A Switch/Test Unit (10 slot intelligent card cage w/DMM) GPIB
HP 3253A analog stimulus/response unit
HP 3260A mark sense card reader/programmer
HP 3300A function generator mainframe 0.01Hz-100kHz
HP 3301A Auxiliary Plug-in for HP3300A
HP 3302A Trigger/Phase Lock Plug-in for HP3300A
HP 3304A Sweep Offset Plug-in for HP3300A
HP 3305A Sweeper Plug-in for HP3300A
HP 3310A Function Gen., .0005 Hz-5 MHz
HP 3310B 0-5 MHz, Pulse/Square/Triangle/Ramp
HP 3311A Function Gen., .1 Hz-1 MHz
HP 3312A Function/Sweep Generator, 0-13 MHz
HP 3314A function gen/synth/ARB 20MHz
HP 3320A synth 0.01Hz-13MHz
HP 3320B/004 Frequency Synthesizer, .01-12 MHz w/BCD Remote Control
HP 3324A Synthesized Function/Sweep Generator
HP 3325A synth FG 1 uHz-21 MHz, 11 Digit
HP 3325A/001 Opt. 001 adds High Stability Freq. Ref.
HP 3325A/002 Opt. 002 adds High Voltage Output to 40Vp-p
HP 3325B synth FG 1 uHz-21 MHz
HP 3326A synth FG 2 channel 13MHz
HP 3330B synth FG 0.1Hz-13MHz w/sweep
HP 3335A Synthesizer/Level Generator 200Hz-80MHz w/sweep, low phase noise
HP 3336B Synthesized Level Generator 10 Hz-21 MHz w/sweep (telecom)
HP 3336B/005 Synthesized Level Generator 10 Hz-21 MHz w/sweep (telecom)
HP 3336C Synthesized Level Gen., 10 Hz-21 MHz w/sweep (telecom)
HP 3336C/004/005 Synthesized Level Gen., 10 Hz-21 MHz w/sweep (telecom)
HP 3380A integrator (for gas chromatography)
HP 3390A integrator
HP 3392A integrator
HP 3395A integrator
HP 3396A integrator
HP 3400A TRMS voltmeter
HP 3403C TRMS DVM 3.5 digit DC-100MHz /01=autorange /06=dBm
HP 3406A RF sampling voltmeter 10kHz-1.2GHz
HP 3410A phase locked AC Microvoltmeter 5Hz-600kHz 3uV FS
HP 3420B DC differential voltmeter/ratio meter 6 digit
HP 3421A data acquisition controller
HP 3430A DVM 3.5 digit Nixie
HP 3434A Comparator
HP 3435A DMM 3.5 digit LED
HP 3437A DVM 3.5 digit system DC only
HP 3438A DMM 3.5 digit autorange HPIB
HP 3439A DVM MF 4 digit Nixie
HP 3440A DVM MF 4 digit Nixie
HP 3442A Automatic Range Selector
HP 3443A High Gain/Auto Range Unit for 3440
HP 3444A DC Multi Function Unit for 3440 (V/A/ohms)
HP 3445A AC/DC Range Unit for 3439, 3440
HP 3450B DVM 5.5 digit Nixie
HP 3453A digital stimulus/response unit
HP 3455A DMM 6.5 digit LED system DCV/ACV/R TRMS (Option 001 = Average Converter)
HP 3456A DMM 6.5 digit LED system DCV/ACV/R TRMS, high stability
HP 3457A DMM 6.5 digit (7.5 digit via HPIB) system TRMS LCD
HP 3458A DMM 8.5 digit system
HP 3460A DVM
HP 3462A DVM
HP 3465A DMM 4.5 digit bench
HP 3465B DMM 4.5 digit portable
HP 3466A DMM 4.5 digit TRMS
HP 3467A DMM/datalogger 4 channel TRMS
HP 3468A DMM 5.5 digit LCD HPIL portable
HP 3468B DMM 5.5 digit LCD HPIL rack/stack
HP 3469A DMM 3.5 digit
HP 3476A DMM 1100 count autorange, small LED display
HP 3478A DMM 5.5 digit TRMS LCD GPIB
HP 3480A DVM 4 digit Nixie
HP 3480C DVM MF 4 digit LED
HP 3485A scanning unit (HP3480C)
HP 3488A switch/control unit
HP 3490A DMM 5.5 digit
HP 3495A scanner
HP 3496B DMM
HP 3497A data acquisition unit (/001 = 5.5 digit DMM)
HP 3498A extender for 3497A
HP 3499A ATE switching matrix, to 200 channels
HP 3499B ATE switching matrix, to 80 channels
HP 3499C ATE switching matrix, to 360 channels
HP 3529A magnetometer probe
HP 3550B telephone test set = 204C + 353A + 403B
HP 3551A transmission test set 40Hz-85kHz
HP 3552A portable transmission test set 40Hz-60kHz
HP 3555B Transmission & Noise Measuring Set
HP 3556A psophometer (AC voltmeter)
HP 3561A spectrum/network analyzer FFT 100kHz
HP 3562A spectrum/network analyzer FFT 100kHz
HP 3563A spectrum/network analyzer FFT 100kHz (3562A w/16 bit digital input)
HP 3567A spectrum analyzer system FFT 102.4kHz
HP 3570A network analyzer 50Hz-13MHz
HP 3571A tracking spectrum analyzer 10Hz-13MHz
HP 3575A gain/phase meter 1Hz-13MHz digital, /001 = dual DPM /002 = remote programming /003 = remote programmin
HP 3577A network analyzer 5Hz-200MHz
HP 3577B network analyzer 5Hz-200MHz
HP 3580A spectrum analyzer 5Hz-50kHz w/tracking generator
HP 3580A/01 option 01 - battery and front cover
HP 3580A/02 option 02 - transformer balanced in/out
HP 3581A frequency selective voltmeter w/sweep 15Hz-50kHz
HP 3581C frequency selective voltmeter w/sweep 50kHz
HP 3582A spectrum analyzer 0.02Hz-25.6kHz FFT
HP 3585A spectrum analyzer, 20Hz-40MHz
HP 3586A frequency selective voltmeter 50Hz-32.5MHz CCITT
HP 3586B frequency selective voltmeter 50Hz-32.5MHz WECO
HP 3586C frequency selective voltmeter 50Hz-32.5MHz GP
HP 3587 Real-time Signal Analysis System
HP 3588A spectrum analyzer, 10Hz-150MHz
HP 3589A network/spectrum analyzer 10Hz-150MHz
HP 3591A frequency selective voltmeter 20Hz-620kHz
HP 3594A sweeping local oscillator for HP3591A, 4 digit Nixie display
HP 3630A/002 Paintjet printer HPIB
HP 3702B 70MHz receiver (part of Microwave Link Analyzer)
HP 3703A group delay detector plugin
HP 3705A differential phase detector plugin (3702B)
HP 3710A 70MHz transmitter (part of Microwave Link Analyzer)
HP 3720A 100 bin DFT spectrum display
HP 3721A correlator
HP 3722A noise generator
HP 3724A baseband analyzer 20Hz-18.6MHz
HP 3725A display for HP3724A
HP 3730A down converter mainframe 1.7-12GHz (70MHz IF?)
HP 3734A counter 5MHz 5 digit Nixie
HP 3736A down converter plugin
HP 3737A down converter plugin 3.3-6.5GHz
HP 3738A down converter plugin
HP 3739A down converter plugin
HP 3746A selective level meter 50Hz-32MHz
HP 3750A step attenuator 0-99dB 250mW 75ohm DC-100MHz
HP 3754A access switch 10 channel 75ohm level 1 (HP3746A)
HP 3756A access switch 10 channel 75ohm level 2 (HP3746A)
HP 3757A access switch 10 channel 75ohm level 3 (HP3746A)
HP 3760A Pulse & Word Generator, up to 150 Mb/s
HP 3761A error detector
HP 3763A error detector
HP 3764A digital transmission analyzer
HP 3770A amplitude/delay analyzer
HP 3776B PCM terminal test set
HP 3779A primary multiplex analyzer
HP 3780A telecom pattern generator
HP 3781A telecom pattern generator
HP 3782A error detector
HP 3784A Digital Transmission Analyzer
HP 3785A jitter generator and receiver
HP 3787B digital data test set, BERT for T1, DDS 56kb/s
HP 3789B DS3 transmission test set
HP 3964A instrumentation tape recorder
HP 4071A Semiconductor Parametric Tester
HP 4072A Advanced Parametric Tester with Agilent SPECS
HP 4084B switching matrix controller
HP 4140B picoammeter/DC source
HP 4141B DC source/monitor, 4 channel, no front panel
HP 4142B modular DC source/monitor
HP 4145A semiconductor parameter analyzer 100V 100mA w/5" floppy
HP 4145B semiconductor parameter analyzer 100V 100mA w/3" floppy
HP 4155B Semiconductor Parametric Analyzer
HP 4156B Semiconductor Parametric Analyzer
HP 4191A RF impedance analyzer 1-1000MHz
HP 4192A LF impedance analyzer 5Hz-13MHz
HP 4193A vector impedance meter 400kHz-110MHz
HP 4195A 500 MHz Network / Spectrum Analyzer
HP 4204A SG 10Hz-1MHz digital controls 10V
HP 4260A LCR bridge
HP 4261A digital LCR meter 3.5 digit 120Hz/1kHz
HP 4262A digital LCR meter 3.5 digit 120Hz/1kHz/10kHz
HP 4263A digital LCR meter w/comparator 5 frequency
HP 4265B universal bridge
HP 4270A C meter, 5 digit Nixie 18pF-1.2uF 1kHz-1MHz
HP 4271A digital LCR meter 1MHz
HP 4271B digital LCR meter 1MHz
HP 4272A preset capacitance meter 10pF-1000pF FS
HP 4274A multi-frequency LCR meter 100Hz-100kHz
HP 4275A multi-frequency LCR meter 10kHz-10MHz 5.5 digit 0.1%
HP 4276A multi-frequency LCR meter 100Hz-20kHz GPIB
HP 4277A multi-frequency LCR meter 10kHz-1MHz
HP 4280A C meter/CV plotter 1MHz 10pF-2nF
HP 4282A digital high capacitance meter 10nF-1F
HP 4284A LCR meter 20Hz-1MHz
HP 4285A LCR meter
HP 4286A RF LCR Meter
HP 4287A RF LCR Meter, 1 MHz to 3 GHz
HP 4288A 1 kHz/1 MHz Capacitance Meter
HP 4291B RF impedance/materials analyzer 1MHz-1.8GHz
HP 4294A precision impedance analyzer 40Hz-110MHz
HP 4328A milliohmmeter
HP 4329A high resistance meter
HP 4332A LCR meter analog
HP 4333A distortion analyzer 10Hz-100kHz 0.01% FS
HP 4334A LCR meter
HP 4338B Milliohmmeter LCD
HP 4339A high resistance ohmmeter 1K-1E16 ohms
HP 4342A Q Meter 22kHz-70MHz
HP 4342A/001 Q Meter 10kHz-32MHz
HP 4349B 4 Channel High Resistance Meter
HP 4352B VCO/PLL Signal Analyzer
HP 4352S VCO/PLL Signal Test System, 10 MHz to 12.6 GHz
HP 4380A 8 port balanced cable test set 50ohm (4395A, 4396B, 8751A)
HP 4380B 8 port balanced cable test set 75ohm (4395A, 4396B, 8751A)
HP 4395A network/spectrum/impedance analyzer 10Hz-500MHz
HP 4396B network/spectrum/impedance analyzer 100kHz-1.8GHz
HP 4436A decade attenuator 119.9dB 600ohm DC-1Mhz
HP 4437A decade attenuator 119.9dB 600ohm DC-1Mhz
HP 4440B decade capacitor 40pF-1.2uF
HP 4470A transistor noise analyzer 10Hz-1MHz
HP 4800A vector impedance meter 5Hz-500kHz 1ohm-10M
HP 4801A Direct Measurement plugin for HP4800A
HP 4815A vector impedance meter 0.5-108 MHz
HP 4904A cable fault locator kit
HP 4912F cable fault locator
HP 4918A ultrasonic translator
HP 4934A Transmission Impairment Measuring Set
HP 4935A transmission test set
HP 4940A transmission impairment meas. set TIMS
HP 4951A protocol analyzer
HP 4952A protocol analyzer
HP 4960A pair identifier office unit
HP 4961A pair identifier field unit
HP 4971A LAN protocol analyzer
HP 4972A LAN protocol analyzer
HP 4992A node locator
HP 5000A logic analyzer, 32x2 LED display
HP 5004A signature analyzer
HP 5005A signature multimeter
HP 5006A signature analyzer
HP 5011T logic kit = 10525T, 10526T, 10528A, programmable socket card
HP 5015T logic kit = 10525T, 10526T, 547A
HP 5024A logic kit = 545A, 546A, 547A
HP 5035T logic trainer
HP 5036A microprocessor trainer lab
HP 5045A digital IC tester, uses magnetic test cards (?)
HP 5046A digital IC tester system
HP 5050B digital recorder (printer)
HP 5060A cesium beam frequency standard 5MHz
HP 5061A cesium beam frequency standard 5MHz
HP 5065A rubidium frequency standard 10MHz
HP 5087A frequency standard distribution amp
HP 5089A Standby Power Supply
HP 5100A frequency synthesizer
HP 5105A frequency synthesizer
HP 5110B synthesizer driver (req. for 5100A)
HP 5150A thermal printer 80 column HPIB
HP 5180A Digitizer/Waveform Recorder, 2 channel 40MHz 20MSPS 10 bit
HP 5181A display/tape storage unit w/1332A XY display
HP 5182A waveform recorder/generator 20MSPS 10 bit
HP 5183A waveform recorder 4MSPS 12 bit
HP 5201L scaler/timer 6 digit Nixie w/pulse height analyzer
HP 5210A frequency discriminator DC-10MHz, analog meter
HP 5212A counter Nixie
HP 5214L preset counter 5 digit Nixie
HP 5216A counter 12.5MHz 7 digit Nixie
HP 5221B counter small
HP 5233L counter 6 digit Nixie
HP 5240A counter
HP 5243L counter
HP 5245L counter MF 50MHz 8 digit Nixie - regular timebase
HP 5245M counter MF 50MHz 8 digit Nixie - medium stability timebase
HP 5246L counter MF 50MHz 6 digit
HP 5251A frequency converter 20-100MHz for 5245
HP 5252A prescaler DC-350MHz for 5245
HP 5253A frequency converter 50-500MHz for 5245
HP 5253B frequency converter 50-512MHz for 5245
HP 5254A frequency converter 300MHz-3GHz for 5245
HP 5254B frequency converter 200MHz-3GHz for 5245
HP 5254C frequency converter 150MHz-3GHz for 5245
HP 5255A frequency converter 3.0-12.4GHz for 5245
HP 5256A frequency converter 8-18GHz + prescaler 1-200MHz for 5245
HP 5257A transfer oscillator 50MHz-18GHz for 5245
HP 5258A sensitive prescaler 1-200MHz for 5245
HP 5261A video amplifier plugin 10Hz-50MHz for 5245
HP 5262A time interval plugin, 100ns resolution, for 5245
HP 5265A DVM plugin for 5245
HP 5267A time interval plugin, 12ns resolution, for 5245
HP 5268A frequency multiplier plugin for 5245
HP 5275A time interval counters
HP 5280A reversible counter
HP 5285A plugin for HP5280A
HP 5300A display unit/MF 6 digit
HP 5300B display unit/MF 8 digit
HP 5301A counter module 10MHz
HP 5302A counter module 50MHz
HP 5303A counter module 500MHz 6 digit
HP 5303B counter module 525MHz
HP 5304A counter module 10MHz
HP 5305B counter module 50Hz-100MHz, 90MHz-1300MHz 20mVRMS
HP 5306A counter/DMM module 10MHz
HP 5307A counter module 2MHz high resolution
HP 5308A counter module 75MHz
HP 5310A battery pack module
HP 5312A ASCII interface module
HP 5314A freq counter 100MHz /001=TCXO /002=battery
HP 5315A freq counter 100MHz 8 digit reciprocal
HP 5315A options: /001 TCXO, /002 battery, /003 Ch C. 1GHz, /004 OCXO
HP 5316A freq counter 100MHz 8 digit reciprocal HPIB
HP 5316A options: /001 TCXO /003 Ch C 50MHz-1GHz /004 OCXO
HP 5316B freq counter 100MHz 8 digit reciprocal HPIB
HP 5321A counter 5Hz-10MHz 5 digit Nixie
HP 5321B-K21 digital clock/calendar 9 digit Nixie (for HP9510D-A14 avionics test station)
HP 5323A counter 20MHz reciprocal 7 digit Nixie
HP 5325B universal counter 50MHz (20MHz?) 7 digit Nixie
HP 5326A freq counter/DVM 50MHz
HP 5327C counter 550MHz 7 digit
HP 5328A freq counter 100MHz
HP 5328A/010 high stability timebase option
HP 5328A/011 HPIB option
HP 5328A/020 DVM option, single ended input
HP 5328A/021 DVM option, floating input, 10uV
HP 5328A/030 C channel option 512MHz 15mV (works to 1GHz)
HP 05328-60032 C channel for HP5328A 512MHz (opt 030)
HP 5328A/031 C channel option 1.3GHz
HP 5328A/040 universal input module (for time interval measurements)
HP 5328A/041 remote programming of universal input module?
HP 5328AF/96 incl. /010 /011 /030
HP 5328AF/98 incl. /010 /011 /021 /030
HP 5330B preset counter 10MHz
HP 5334A counter 100MHz 9 digit automatic rise/fall time etc.
HP 5334B counter 100MHz 9 digit reciprocal GPIB
HP 5334B/010 counter 100MHz option 010 = OCXO
HP 5334B/030 counter 100MHz 9 digit reciprocal w/1.3GHz Ch. C
HP 5335A freq counter 200MHz 9 digit statistics
HP 5335A/010 option 010 = OCXO (HP10811A)
HP 5340A counter 10Hz-18GHz Nixie
HP 5340A counter 10Hz-18GHz LED
HP 5341A counter 10Hz-4.5GHz 8 digit LED
HP 5342A counter 10Hz-18GHz 11 digit
HP 5343A counter 10Hz-26.5GHz
HP 5344A microwave source synchronizer 500MHz-18GHz (for 5342A/5343A)
HP 5345A counter 500MHz reciprocal
HP 5348A counter/power meter 10Hz-26.5MHz
HP 5350B counter 500MHz-20GHz 11 digit
HP 5353A Ch. C plugin DC-500MHz for HP5345A
HP 5354A Ch. C plugin 15MHz-4GHz for HP5345A
HP 5355A frequency converter plugin 0.4-1.5GHz for HP5345A
HP 5356A frequency converter head for HP5355A 1.5GHz-18GHz
HP 5356B frequency converter head for HP5355A 1.5GHz-26.5GHz
HP 5356C frequency converter head for HP5355A 40GHz
HP 5356D harmonic mixer driver
HP 5358A data storage plugin for HP5345A 2KB
HP 5359A High Resolution Time Synthesizer, 0-160ms in 50ps steps
HP 5360A computing counter 10MHz/320MHz
HP 5361A pulse/CW counter 10Hz-20GHz
HP 5363B time interval probes
HP 5364A microwave mixer/detector 2-18GHz
HP 5365A input module for HP5360A
HP 5370A time interval counter 100MHz 11digit 20ps
HP 5370B time interval counter 100MHz 11digit 20ps
HP 5371A modulation domain analyzer (jitter etc.)
HP 5372A frequency & time interval analyzer 500MHz 10 digit
HP 5373A Modulation Domain Pulse Analyzer
HP 5375A keyboard for HP5360A
HP 5376A programmer
HP 5379A time interval module for HP5360A
HP 5381A counter 10Hz-80MHz 7 digit LED
HP 5382A counter 10Hz-225MHz 8 digit LED
HP 5383A counter 10Hz-520MHz 9 digit LED
HP 5384A counter 10Hz-225MHz LCD GPIB
HP 5385A counter 10Hz-1GHz 11 digit LCD GPIB
HP 5386A counter 10Hz-3GHz 11 digit LCD GPIB
HP 5420A digital signal analyzer 25kHz
HP 5423A structural dynamics analyzer 25kHz
HP 5440B module mainframe for 54400 series
HP 5441A display section for HP5423A
HP 5451C Fourier analyzer system
HP 5468A transponder (fits in HP34740A display)
HP 5477A Fourier analyzer system control module
HP 5488A Average / Correlation Input
HP 5501A laser transducer He-Ne
HP 5512A frequency counter 500kHz 5 digit Nixie
HP 5520A 6dB hybrid
HP 5526A Laser Measurement System
HP 5532A frequency counter 1MHz 6 digit Nixie
HP 5880A gas chromatograph
HP 5890A gas chromatograph
HP 5971A gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer
HP 5972A mass spectrometer detector
HP 6002A PS 0-50V 0-10A 200W autoranging, dual meter, GPIB
HP 6010A PS 0-200V 0-17A 1200W
HP 6011A PS 0-20V 0-120A 1064W
HP 6012B PS 0-60V 0-50A 1200W
HP 6015A PS 0-500V 0-5A 1050W
HP 6023A PS 0-20V 0-30A 200W? autoranging dual digital
HP 6024A PS 0-60V 0-10A 200W dual meter
HP 6030A PS 0-200V 0-17A 1200W
HP 6031A PS 0-20V 0-120A 1064W
HP 6032A PS 0-60V 0-50A 1200W
HP 6033A PS 0-20V 0-30A 242W autoranging dual digital
HP 6033A/001 PS 0-20V 0-30A 242W autoranging GPIB no front panel
HP 6034L PS 0-60V 0-10A 200W GPIB
HP 6035A PS 0-500V 0-5A 1050W
HP 6038A PS 0-60V 0-10A 240W system
HP 6038L PS 0-60V 0-10A 240W GPIB no front panel
HP 6050A DC electronic load MF, req. plugins
HP 6051A DC electronic load MF
HP 6060A DC electronic load 0-60A 3-60V 300W GPIB
HP 6060B DC electronic load 0-60A 3-60V 300W GPIB
HP 6101A PS 0-20V 1A
HP 6104A PS 0-20V 2A/0-40V 1A precision
HP 6105A PS 0-50V 0.8A/0-100V 0.4A precision
HP 6106A PS 0-100V 0.2A
HP 6111A PS 0-20V 1A thumbwheel
HP 6112A PS 0-40V 0.5A thumbwheel
HP 6113A PS 0-10V 0-2A thumbwheel
HP 6114A PS 0-20V 2A/0-40V 1A thumbwheel
HP 6115A PS 0-50V 0.8A/0-100V 0.4A thumbwheel
HP 6116A PS 0-100V 0.2A
HP 6129C digital voltage source -50..50V 5A BCD
HP 6130B digital voltage source -50..50V 1A BCD
HP 6131B digital voltage source -100..100V 0.5A BCD
HP 6140A digital current source 10mA/100V 100mA/10V bipolar
HP 6145A digital current source -16.384..+16.384mA 100V BCD
HP 6177B DC current source 500mA 50V
HP 6181C DC current source 250mA 100V
HP 6186B DC current source 100mA 300V
HP 6200A PS 0-40V 0.75A single meter
HP 6200B PS 0-40V 0.75A single meter
HP 6201A PS 0-20V 1.5A
HP 6202B PS 0-40V 0.75A
HP 6203A PS 0-7.5V 3A metered
HP 6204B PS 0-40V/0.3A 0-20V/0.6A dual range single meter
HP 6205B PS dual 0-20V 0.6A/0-40V 0.3A, 2 x single meter
HP 6206A PS 0-60V/0.5A 0-30V/1A dual range
HP 6207A PS 0-160V 0.2A single meter
HP 6207B PS 0-160V 0.2A single meter
HP 6209A PS 0-320V 0.1A
HP 6209B PS 0-320V 0.1A
HP 6211A PS 0-120V 0.12A single meter plastic case no current control
HP 6212A PS 0-100V 0-0.1A single meter plastic case
HP 6213A PS 0-10V 1A single meter plastic case no current control
HP 6214A PS 0-10V 0-1A Single meter plastic case
HP 6215A PS 0-25V 0.4A single meter plastic case no current control
HP 6216A PS 0-25V 0-0.4A single meter plastic case
HP 6217A PS 0-60V 0.25A single meter plastic case no current control
HP 6218A PS 0-50V 0-0.2A single meter plastic case
HP 6220B PS 0-50V 0.5A 0-25V 1A dual range single meter
HP 6224A PS 0-24V 3A single meter
HP 6226A PS 0-40V 0-1.5A single meter
HP 6226B PS 0-50V 0-1.5A single meter
HP 6227A PS dual 0-25V 2A 2x(single meter) tracking
HP 6228A PS dual 0-50V 1A 2x(single meter) tracking
HP 6234A PS dual 0-25V 0.2A single meter
HP 6235A PS triple 0-6V 1A 0-18V 0.2A 0-18V 0.2A single meter
HP 6236B PS triple 0-20V 0.5A 0-20V 0.5A 0-6V 2.5A
HP 6237B PS triple 0-20V 0.5A 0-20V 0.5A 0-18V 1A
HP 6253A PS dual 0-20V 3A, 1 meter/side
HP 6255A PS dual 0-40V 1.5A, 1 meter/side
HP 6256A PS 0-10V 20A metered
HP 6256B PS 0-10V 0-20A dual meter rack size ~40lb.
HP 6259A PS 0-10V 50A metered 72lb.
HP 6260A PS 0-10V 100A metered (230VAC input)
HP 6261B PS 0-20V 40A
HP 6263A PS 0-18V 10A dual meter rack size
HP 6263B PS 0-20V 10A dual meter
HP 6264A PS 0-18V 20A metered
HP 6264B PS 0-20V 20A dual meter rack size
HP 6265A PS dual 0-40V 3A rack size
HP 6266A PS 0-36V 5A
HP 6266B PS 0-40V 5A dual meter rack size
HP 6267B PS 0-40V 10A dual meter rack size 39lb
HP 6268B PS 0-40V 30A dual meter rack size 76lb
HP 6269A PS 0-40V 50A (230VAC input) 90lb.
HP 6271B PS 0-60V 0-3A dual meter rack size 36lbs
HP 6274A PS 0-60V 0-15A dual meter rack size ~60lb
HP 6281A PS 0-7.5V 5A single meter (/11 = OVP)
HP 6282A PS 0-10V 10A single meter
HP 6284A PS 0-20V 3A single meter
HP 6285A PS 0-20V 5A single meter
HP 6286A PS 0-7V 10A single meter
HP 6289A PS 0-40V 1.5A single meter
HP 6290A PS 0-40V 3A
HP 6291A PS 0-40V 5A single meter
HP 6294A PS 0-60V 1A single meter
HP 6296A PS 0-60V 3A single meter
HP 6299A PS 0-100V 0.75A single meter
HP 6343A PS 0-18V 300mA module
HP 6344A PS 0-18V 1A module
HP 6384A PS 4.5-5.5V 8A
HP 6385A PS 0-7.5V 15A
HP 6428B PS 0-20V 0-45A dual meter full rack
HP 6433B PS 0-36V 10A
HP 6434B PS 0-40V 25A dual meter
HP 6438B PS 0-60V 5A
HP 6439B PS 0-60V 15A
HP 6443B PS 0-120V 2.5A dual meter full rack
HP 6448B PS 0-600V 1.5A dual meter full rack SCR
HP 6453A PS 0-15V 200A (208VAC 3ph input)
HP 6455A PS 0-36V 75A (208VAC 3ph input)
HP 6456A PS 0-36V 0-100A
HP 6475C PS 0-110V 0-100A
HP 6477C PS 0-220V 0-50A
HP 6488B PS 0-600V 1.5A dual meter
HP 6515A PS 0-1500V 5mA single meter BNC out
HP 6516A PS 0-3000V 6mA thumbwheel
HP 6521A PS 0-1000V 200mA thumbwheel
HP 6522A PS 0-2000V 100mA thumbwheel
HP 6525A PS 0-4000V 50mA
HP 6534B PS 0-40V 25A
HP 6541A PS 0-8V 20A digital
HP 6542A PS 0-20V 10A digital/LCD
HP 6552A PS 0-20V 25A system
HP 6554A PS 0-60V 9A system
HP 6611C PS 0-8V 0-5A system VFD
HP 6621A PS dual 0-7V/10A 0-20V 4A dual range GPIB
HP 6622A PS dual 0-20V/4A 0-50V 2A dual range GPIB
HP 6623A PS triple 0-20V 40W, 0-50V 40W, 0-20V 80W GPIB
HP 6624A PS quad 0-20V 40W * 2, 0-50V 40W * 2 GPIB
HP 6625A PS dual 0-50V 25W, 0-50V 50W GPIB
HP 6626A PS quad 0-50V 25W * 2, 0-50V 50W * 2 GPIB
HP 6627A PS quad 0-20V/0-50V 40W GPIB
HP 6632A PS 0-20V 0-5A HPIB
HP 6641A PS 0-8V 0-20A 200W LCD GPIB
HP 6642A PS 0-20V 0-10A 200W LCD GPIB
HP 6643A PS 0-35V 0-6A 200W LCD GPIB
HP 6644A PS 0-60V 0-3.5A 200W LCD GPIB
HP 6645A PS 0-120V 0-1.5A 200W LCD GPIB
HP 6651A PS 0-8V 0-50A 500W LCD GPIB
HP 6652A PS 0-20V 0-25A 500W LCD GPIB
HP 6653A PS 0-35V 0-15A 500W LCD GPIB
HP 6654A PS 0-60V 0-9A 500W LCD GPIB
HP 6655A PS 0-120V 0-4A 500W LCD GPIB
HP 6671A PS 0-8V 0-220A 2000W LCD GPIB
HP 6672A PS 0-20V 0-100A 2000W LCD GPIB
HP 6673A PS 0-35V 0-60A 2000W LCD GPIB
HP 6674A PS 0-60V 0-35A 2000W LCD GPIB
HP 6675A PS 0-120V 0-18A 2000W LCD GPIB
HP 6681A PS 0-5V 0-875A 5000W LCD GPIB
HP 6682A PS 0-8V 0-580A 5000W LCD GPIB
HP 6683A PS 0-21V 0-240A 5000W LCD GPIB
HP 6684A PS 0-32V 0-160A 5000W LCD GPIB
HP 6685A PS 0-40V 0-128A 5000W LCD GPIB
HP 6823A PS/amplifier +/-20V 0.5A
HP 6824A PS/amplifier +/-50V 1A 10kHz
HP 6825A PS/amplifier dual +/-20V 2A 40kHz
HP 6826A PS/amplifier +/-50V 1A 40kHz
HP 6827A PS/amplifier +/-100V 0.5A 40kHz
HP 6916A overvoltage protector
HP 6920B meter calibrator AC/DC 1000V 5A 0.2%
HP 6940B multiprogrammer
HP 6942A multiprogrammer
HP 7000A XY plotter w/sweep
HP 7004A XY plotter MF
HP 7015A XY plotter 1 pen
HP 7034A XY plotter
HP 7035B XY plotter
HP 7040A XY plotter
HP 7044A XY plotter 11x17
HP 7045B XY plotter 11x17
HP 7046A XY plotter 11x17 2 pen
HP 7047A XY plotter 11x17
HP 7090A measuring plotting system 3 ch 6 pen 3kHz HPIB
HP 7100B chart recorder, 2 pen
HP 7128A chart recorder, 2 pen
HP 7132A chart recorder, 2 pen
HP 7155A DC voltage recorder
HP 7402A oscillograph
HP 7404A oscillograph, 4 pen
HP 7418A 8 channel chart recorder
HP 7440A plotter 2 pen
HP 7470A plotter 2 pen
HP 7475A plotter 6 pen
HP 7550A plotter 8 pen 11x17
HP 7550B plotter 8 pen 11x17
HP 7560A logarithmic converter
HP 7562A logarithmic voltmeter/converter 1mV-100VDC/VAC
HP 7563A logarithmic voltmeter/amplifier 0.3mV-100VDC
HP 7701A Direct Writing Oscillographic Recorder
HP 7804B pacemaker
HP 7945A 55MB disk drive
HP 7970B 1/2" tape drive 800bpi
HP 8000A pulser
HP 8001A PG
HP 8002A PG 10MHz 5V 10ns-2s Tr
HP 8003A PG 10MHz 5ns Tr
HP 8004A PG 20MHz
HP 8005A PG 10MHz large
HP 8005B PG 20MHz large
HP 8006A word generator 10MHz 2x16 or 1x32
HP 8007A PG 100MHz 2.5ns
HP 8007B PG 100MHz 2ns
HP 8008A PG 200MHz GR connectors
HP 8010A 1 Hz-10 MHz, 2 Generators in one package
HP 8011A PG 20MHz 8V/50ohm 10ns small
HP 8011A/001 PG 20MHz 8V/50ohm 10ns small w/burst
HP 8012A PG 50MHz small 5V
HP 8012B PG 50MHz small 10V 5ns
HP 8013A Pulse Gen., 1 Hz-50 MHz, 3.5 ns
HP 8013B Pulse Gen., 1 Hz-50 MHz, 3.5 ns
HP 8015A PG 50MHz 30V large /002=burst
HP 8016A Word Generator, .5 Hz-50 MHz, 8 Channels
HP 8018A Serial Data Gen., TTL, ECL, CMOS 50Mb/s 6ns
HP 8040A Cardio-Toco Fetal Ultrasound Monitor
HP 8052A sound level meter
HP 8054A audio real time analyzer
HP 8056A 1/3 octave filter set 50Hz-10kHz
HP 8057A pink noise genarator
HP 8080A PG mainframe
HP 8081A PG rate gen module 300MHz
HP 8082A PG 250MHz 2ns large
HP 8082A PG delay generator/freq divider module
HP 8083A PG output module 300MHz 2V
HP 8084A PG word gen module 300MHz
HP 8091A PG rate gen module 1GHz for 8080A
HP 8092A PG delay module 1GHz for 8080A
HP 8093A PG output module 1GHz 1.2V for 8080A
HP 8110A PG 2ns
HP 8111A pulse/function generator 20MHz
HP 8112A PG 50MHz programmable
HP 8115A dual channel pulse generator
HP 8116A pulse/function generator 50MHz, programmable
HP 8130A PG 300MHz
HP 8131A PG 500MHz
HP 8140A optical loss test set
HP 8150A optical signal source 2mW 850nm
HP 8152A optical average power meter
HP 8157A optical attenuator
HP 8158B optical attenuator 1300/1550nm
HP 8160A PG, Precision Programmable, 50 MHz, 20 V output, 6.0 ns tr
HP 8160A/20 same as above, opt., 20 adds Dual Channel
HP 8161A PG, Programmable, 100 MHz, 1.3 ns Tr, Precision
HP 8161A/20 same as above, Opt. 020 adds Dual Channel
HP 8165A prog signal generator 50MHz
HP 8165A/002 Opt.002 adds AM & Logarithmic Sweep
HP 8167B tunable laser source 1310nm 0dBm
HP 8168F tunable laser source 1550nm +7dBm
HP 8170A Logic Pattern Generator, 1Kx8/512x16 Bit Parallel Output 20Hz-2MHz
HP 8175A digital signal generator 24 channel
HP 8175A/005 Digital/Analog Stimulator, 50 MHz Opt., 005 adds set of 4 TTL Pods & Trigger Pod
HP 8175A/005 Signal Gen., Digital, 24 Data Channels
HP 8180A Data Generator, 1 Hz-50 MHz
HP 8181A Data Generator Extender, up to 24 more Channels
HP 8182A/001 Data Analyzer, up to 32 Channels, opt. 001 adds 4 more NRZ Channels
HP 8327A test set selector (for HP8410)
HP 8340B synth sweep gen 10MHz-26.5GHz
HP 8341A synth sweep gen 10MHz-20GHz
HP 8341B synth sweep gen 10MHz-20GHz
HP 8347A RF amp 100kHz-3GHz +20dBm
HP 8349A microwave amp 2-20GHz +20dBm/100mW out
HP 8349B microwave amp 2-20GHz +20dBm/100mW out
HP 8350A Sweep Gen. mainframe
HP 8350B Sweep Gen. mainframe
HP 8402B thermistor mount calibrator
HP 8403A modulator 1.8-4.5GHz?
HP 8405A vector voltmeter 1MHz-1GHz
HP 8406A Frequency Comb Generator, 1/10/100 MHz Combs to 5 GHz
HP 8407A network analyzer mainframe 100kHz-110MHz (req. 8412/8414)
HP 8410B network analyzer mainframe 110MHz-18GHz
HP 8411A network analyzer harmonic converter (/018 = 110MHz-18GHz)
HP 8412B network analyzer rectangular phase/magnitude display
HP 8413A network analyzer phase gain meter
HP 8414A network analyzer polar display
HP 8418A auxiliary display holder for 8412/8413/8414
HP 8419A network analyzer digital interface
HP 8431A bandpass filter 2-4GHz
HP 8432A bandpass filter 4-6GHz
HP 8435A bandpass filter 4-8GHz
HP 8439A tunable notch filter 2GHz 60dB 2MHz BW N
HP 8442A crystal filter 20MHz
HP 8443A tracking generator/counter for 8553A/B 0.1-110MHz
HP 08443-60009 interconnect cable HP141T/HP8443A
HP 8444A tracking generator for 8554A, 8555A 0.5-1250MHz
HP 8445A tracking preselector for 141T/8555A 1.8-18GHz
HP 8447A broadband amp 100kHz-400MHz 20dB +6dBm
HP 8447A option 001 = N connectors, 010 = dual channel, 011 = dual + N
HP 8447C broadband amp 30-300MHz 20dB 0.2W
HP 8447D broadband amp 100kHz-1.3GHz 25dB +7dBm /001=dual
HP 8447E broadband amp 100kHz-1.3GHz 22dB +12.5dBm
HP 8447F broadband amp 100kHz-1.3GHz 22dB
HP 8447F/010 broadband amp 100kHz-1.3GHz 22dB 0.1W + preamp 25dB (= 8447D + 8447E)
HP 8470B crystal detector 18GHz?
HP 8471A crystal detector 100MHz-1.2GHz BNC /004 = pos
HP 8472B crystal detector 10MHz-18GHz
HP 8473C crystal detector 10MHz-26.5GHz 3.5mm
HP 8474C crystal detector 10MHz-33GHz
HP 8477A thermistor mount calibrator
HP 8478B thermistor mount 10MHz-18GHz
HP 8481A power sensor for HP43X power meter 10MHz-18GHz 1uW-100mW
HP 8481D power sensor for HP43X power meter 10MHz-18GHz
HP 8481H power sensor for HP43X power meter 10MHz-18GHz 100uW-3W
HP 8482A power sensor for HP43X power meter 10MHz-18GHz -30dBm..+20dBm
HP 8484A power sensor for HP43X power meter 10MHz-18GHz 0.1nW-10uW
HP 8487A power sensor 50MHz-50GHz 2.4mm
HP 8487D power sensor 50MHz-50GHz 100pW-10uW 2.4mm
HP 8491B attenuator 10dB N connector
HP 8492A attenuator 20dB
HP 8493A attenuator 30dB
HP 8494B attenuator 18GHz 0-11dB
HP 8495B attenuator 18GHz 0-70dB
HP 8496B attenuator 18GHz 0-110dB
HP 8501A storage normalizer for 8505A, 8754A
HP 8502A T/R test set for 8505A 1MHz-1GHz 50ohm N connectors
HP 8502A/H26 T/R test set for 8505A 4MHz-2.6GHz
HP 8503A S-Parameter test set for 8505A 1MHz-1GHz 50ohm
HP 8505A network analyzer 500kHz-1.3GHz
HP 8510A network analyzer 45MHz-110GHz (?)
HP 8511A 45MHz - 26.5 GHz Frequency Converter
HP 8514A S-Parameter test set for 8510A 0.5-18GHz
HP 8546A EMI receiver
HP 8551B RF plugin for 851B 10.1MHz-12GHz (2GHz sweep)
HP K10-8551 spectrum analyzer down converter 12.4GHz -> 200MHz IF
HP K15-8551 spectrum analyzer up converter 10kHz-10MHz
HP 8552A IF plugin for 141T, min BW 50Hz
HP 8552B IF plugin for 141T, min BW 10Hz
HP 8553B RF plugin for 141T 1kHz-110MHz
HP 8553L RF plugin for 141T 1kHz-110MHz - doesn't support TG
HP 8554A RF plugin for 141T 100kHz-1250MHz
HP 8554B RF plugin for 141T 100kHz-1250MHz
HP 8554L RF plugin for 141T 500kHz-1250MHz
HP 8555A RF plugin for 141T 10MHz-18GHz (40GHz w/mixers)
HP 8556A RF plugin for 141T 20Hz-300kHz (req. 8552B IF)
HP 8557A spectrum analyzer plugin 10kHz-350MHz
HP 8558B spectrum analyzer plugin 100kHz-1500MHz
HP 8559A spectrum analyzer plugin 10MHz-21GHz
HP 8560A spectrum analyzer 50Hz-2.9GHz RBW 10Hz
HP 8560E spectrum analyzer 30Hz-2.9GHz
HP 8561E spectrum analyzer 30Hz-6.5GHz
HP 8562A spectrum analyzer 9kHz-22GHz digital
HP 8562E spectrum analyzer 30Hz-13.2GHz
HP 8563A spectrum analyzer 9kHz-22GHz
HP 8563E spectrum analyzer 9kHz-26.5GHz
HP 8564E spectrum analyzer 9kHz-40GHz 44lbs.
HP 8565A spectrum analyzer 10MHz-22GHz analog storage
HP 5083-4471 CRT for HP8565A
HP 8565E spectrum analyzer 9kHz-50GHz
HP 8566B spectrum analyzer 100Hz-22GHz 112lb.
HP 8567A spectrum analyzer 100kHz-1.5GHz
HP 8568B spectrum analyzer 100Hz-1.5GHz RBW 10Hz-3MHz ATE
HP 8569B spectrum analyzer 10MHz-22GHz
HP 8570A spectrum analyzer 10MHz-22GHz
HP 8590A spectrum analyzer 10kHz-1.5GHz
HP 8590B spectrum analyzer 10kHz-1.5GHz
HP 8590L spectrum analyzer 9kHz-1.8GHz
HP 8591C CATV spectrum analyzer 1MHz-1.8GHz 75ohm
HP 8591E spectrum analyzer 9kHz-1.8GHz
HP 8592A spectrum analyzer 50kHz-22GHz
HP 8592B spectrum analyzer 50kHz-22GHz
HP 8593E spectrum analyzer 9kHz-2.9GHz
HP 8594E spectrum analyzer 9kHz-2.9GHz
HP 8594Q QAM analyzer
HP 8595A spectrum analyzer 9kHz-6.5GHz
HP 8595E spectrum analyzer 9kHz-6.5GHz
HP 8600A digital marker generator for 8601A or 8698B
HP 8601A Sweep Gen., .1-110 MHz, small
HP 8614A Signal Gen., 0.8-2.4 GHz
HP 8616A RF SG 1800-4500 MHz, Ext. Pulse/AM/FM Mod.
HP 8620B Sweep Generator mainframe
HP 8620C Sweep Generator mainframe
HP 8620C/11 Same as above, opt.-11 adds HPIB
HP 8621A RF Plug-in Drawer, used with 86300 Series
HP 8621B/100 RF Section, Holds 86300 Modules
HP 8640A RF gen 0.5-512MHz analog scale
HP 8640B RF gen 0.5-512 MHz, +19 to -145 dBm cavity tuned
HP 8640B/001 RF gen 0.5-512 MHz audio oscillator option
HP 8640B/002 RF gen 0.5-512 MHz internal doubler option
HP 8640B/003 RF gen 0.5-512 MHz reverse power protection option
HP 8640B/004 RF gen NavCom version
HP 8642A RF gen 100kHz-2GHz synth, low phase noise
HP 8643A RF gen 250kHz-2GHz synth
HP 8647A RF gen 250kHz-1GHz synth VFD
HP 8648A RF gen 100kHz-1GHz synth VFD
HP 8648B RF gen 9kHz-2GHz synth VFD
HP 8648C RF gen 9kHz-3.2GHz synth VFD
HP 8648D RF gen 9kHz-4GHz synth VFD
HP 8654A RF gen 10-520 MHz, +10 to -130 dBM, AM/FM
HP 8654B RF gen 10-520 MHz, +10 to -130 dBM, AM/FM
HP 8655A Synchronizer/Counter for HP8654B 6 digit LED
HP 8656A RF gen synth 0.1-990 MHz, +13 to -127 dBM
HP 8657A RF gen synth 0.1-1040MHz /2 = rear output
HP 8657B RF gen synth 0.1-2060MHz
HP 8657D RF gen synth 0.1-2060MHz DQPSK
HP 8660A Synthesized Signal Gen., mainframe
HP 8660B Signal Gen., Synthesized mainframe
HP 8660C/100 Synthesized Signal Gen., mainframe W/100-Extended Freq. Capability
HP 8660C-K10 Phase Modulation Test Set
HP 8660D synth RF gen MF
HP 8662A synth RF gen 10 KHz-1280 MHz, low phase noise
HP 8665A synth RF gen 100kHz-4.2GHz
HP 8671A Synthesized Signal Gen., 2-6.2 GHz
HP 8672A RF gen synth 2GHz-18GHz
HP 8672S RF gen synth 10MHz-18GHz
HP 8673C RF gen synth 50MHz-18GHz
HP 8673G RF gen synth 2-26GHz
HP 8673M RF gen synth 2GHz-18GHz
HP 8683B/02/03 RF gen synth 2.3-6.5 GHz
HP 8685A trigger generator
HP 8690A Sweep Gen. mainframe, to 40 GHz
HP 8690B Sweep Gen. mainframe, to 40 GHz
HP 8691A/B Sweep Gen. P/I, 1-2 GHz
HP 5086-6084 YIG oscillator 2.05-3.35GHz
HP 5086-7257 YIG oscillator 2.0-4.2GHz SMA
HP 5086-7259 YIG oscillator 2.0-4.5GHz (8565A)
HP 8693A/B Sweep Gen. P/I, 4-8 GHz
HP 8694A/B Sweep Gen. P/I, 8-12.4 GHz
HP 8695A-E09 Sweep Gen. P/I, 10 - 15 GHz (for 8690A)
HP 8695A Sweep Gen. P/I, 12.4 - 18 GHz
HP 8696A Sweep Gen., P/I, 18-26.5 GHz
HP 8697A Sweep Gen., P/I, 26.5-40 GHz
HP 8699B Sweep Gen. P/I, 100 MHz - 4 GHz
HP 8708A synchronizer for HP606B, HP608F
HP 8709A Phase Lock Synchronizer, for HP sources
HP 8711C scalar network analyzer 300kHz-1.3GHz
HP 8712C network analyzer 300kHz-1.3GHz
HP 8713C network analyzer 300kHz-3GHz
HP 8714C network analyzer 300kHz-3GHz
HP 8717A transistor bias supply
HP 8720A network analyzer 130MHz-20GHz
HP 8721A directional bridge 100kHz-100MHz 50ohm (opt 008 = 75ohm)
HP 8731A PIN diode attenuator 0.8-2.4GHz
HP 8732A PIN diode attenuator 1.8-4.5GHz
HP 8733A PIN diode attenuator 3.7-8.3GHz
HP 8740A transmission test set for 8410 DC-12.4GHz
HP 8741A reflection test set for 8410
HP 8742A reflection test set for 8410 2.0-12.4GHz
HP 8743A transmission/reflection test set for 8410 2-12.4GHz /18=18GHz
HP 8743B transmission/reflection test set for 8410 500MHz-18GHz
HP 8745A S-parameter test set for 8410 110MHz-2GHz
HP 8746A S-parameter test set for 8410 0.5-12.4GHz APC-7
HP 8748A S-parameter test set for 8754A
HP 8750A storage normalizer (8754A)
HP 8752A network analyzer 300kHz-1.3GHz
HP 8752B network analyzer 300kHz-1.3GHz 75ohm
HP 8752C network analyzer 300Hz-3GHz, integrated test set
HP 8753B/10 network analyzer 300kHz-3GHz w/time domain
HP 8753C network analyzer 300kHz-3GHz
HP 8753D network analyzer 300kHz-3GHz color (/006 = 6GHz)
HP 8753E network analyzer 30kHz-3GHz
HP 8754A Network analyzer/S-parameter test set 4-1300MHz
HP 8755B scalar network analyzer plugin for HP180 (req. 2 HP11664 detectors)
HP 8756A scalar network analyzer
HP 8757A scalar network analyzer 10MHz-60GHz (req. 11664 or 85027)
HP 8757E scalar network analyzer 110GHz
HP 8760A IF switch matrix
HP 8761A coax switch SPDT 18GHz
HP 8765A coax switch SPDT DC-4GHz
HP 8770A Arbitrary Waveform Gen., DC-50 MHz, no front panel
HP 8791 mod 7 Frequency Agile Signal Simulator (FASS) DC-50MHz
HP 8791 mod 11 Frequency Agile Signal Simulator (FASS) 10MHz-3GHz 650lbs
HP 8791 mod 21 Frequency Agile Signal Simulator (FASS) 50MHz-18GHz 650lbs
HP 8802A medium gain dc preamplifier (for 7701A)
HP 8808A logarithmic preamplifier (for 7701A)
HP 8820A low gain DC amp
HP 8821A amplifier for HP7418A
HP 8900B RF peak power meter 50-2000MHz 10-200mW (Boonton)
HP 8900C/E01 RF peak power meter 100MHz-18GHz
HP 8901A modulation analyzer 150kHz-1.3GHz /001 = rear input /002 = OCXO /010 = AM/FM calibrators
HP 8901B modulation analyzer 150kHz-1.3GHz
HP 8902A measuring receiver 150kHz-1.3GHz
HP 8903A audio analyzer w/filters
HP 8903A/001 audio analyzer w/filters, rear input
HP 8903B audio analyzer w/quasi-peak mode
HP 8904A multifunction synthesizer 600kHz
HP 8904A/001 option: 3 internal channels, Ch A modulation, FM stereo
HP 8904A/003 option: fast hop, digital modulation
HP 8920A communication service monitor
HP 8920B communication service monitor 250kHz-1GHz
HP 8922P GSM multiband test system
HP 8953A transceiver test set
HP 8958A cellular radio interface
HP 8970A automatic noise figure meter
HP 8973A automatic noise figure analyzer 10MHz-3GHz
HP 8980A vector modulation analyzer 350MHz
HP 8981A vector modulation analyzer
HP 9121 floppy drive, HPIB
HP 9122 dual floppy drive, HPIB 360K SSSD
HP 9133 3.5" floppy + hard drive HPIB
HP 10001A/B/C/D scope probe 10X 30MHz 600V
HP 10002A/B/C/D scope probe 50X 30MHz 1000V
HP 10003A/B scope probe 10X 40MHz 600V
HP 10004-61301 ground lead for 10007B etc.
HP 10004-67604 spring tip for 10007B etc.
HP 10004A scope probe 10X 10M 10pF
HP 10005D scope probe 10X 10M 17pF
HP 10006B scope probe 10X 10M 14pF 100MHz?
HP 10007B scope probe 1X 25MHz 15ns 40pF 600V 1m
HP 10008B scope probe 1X 14MHz 26ns 60pF 600V 2m
HP 10010C BNC to scope probe adapter
HP 10011B probe tip to BNC adapter for 10004/6/7/8/13/14/16, 1124A
HP 10014A scope probe 10X 100MHz 10pF 500V 3'
HP 10016A scope probe 10X 100MHz 14pF 500V 6'
HP 10016B scope probe 10X 14pF
HP 10017A scope probe 10X 275MHz 8pF 1m
HP 10018A scope probe 10X 200MHz 10pF 2m
HP 10020A resistive divider probe kit
HP 10024A DIP clip
HP 10026A scope probe 1X 50ohm 100pF 1m
HP 10027A scope probe 1X 50ohm 210pF 2m
HP 10032A scope probe 100X 3Mohm 3pF
HP 10040A scope probe 10X 100MHz 10pF 1m
HP 10041A scope probe 10X 100MHz 12pF 2m
HP 10042A scope probe 10X 100MHz 15pF 3m
HP 10066A HP-IB probe interface for 1610A/1615A
HP 10070A scope probe 1X 150MHz
HP 10070B 1:1, 1.5m Passive Probe
HP 10070C Passive Probe, 1:1, 20 MHz, 1.5 m
HP 10071A scope probe 10X 150MHz
HP 10072A Surface Mount Clip Kit for 10070 Family of Probes
HP 10073A scope probe 10X 500MHz
HP 10073B 10:1, 500 MHz, 1.5 m Passive Probe
HP 10074A 10:1, 1.5m Passive Probe with Probe ID
HP 10074B 10:1, 150 MHz, 1.5m Passive Probe
HP 10074C Passive Probe, 10:1, 150 MHz, 1.5 m
HP 10076A 100:1, 4 kV, 250 MHz High Voltage Probe
HP 10081A scope probe 10X 100MHz for HP1980
HP 10082A scope probe 10X 100MHz for HP1980
HP 10083A scope probe 1X for HP1980
HP 10084A scope probe 1X for HP1980
HP 10085A 16-Channel Logic Probe and Termination Adapter
HP 10086A ECL Terminator
HP 10089A data probe for HP 54645D MSO
HP 10094A feedthrough terminator 75ohm
HP 10100C feedthrough terminator 50ohm BNC 2W
HP 10202A probe divider 10X
HP 10206A Probe Adapter (HP4815A)
HP 10207A Probe to BNC adapter (HP4815A)
HP 10211A IC Test Clip
HP 10216A isolator tip for HP8405A etc. 1-200MHz
HP 10218A BNC to probe tip adapter for HP8405A etc.
HP 10221A 50 ohm GR tee
HP 10230B clock probe for 1600A
HP 10231A 6 bit data probe for 1600A
HP 10236A time interval standard 5ns-100ns
HP 10237A cable for 1600A
HP 10240B DC blocking capacitor 0.18 uF 200V
HP 10241A 10X attenuator tip
HP 10242A bandwidth limiter tip for 1120A
HP 10243A 100X attenuator tip for 1120A
HP 10247A clock probe for 1610A
HP 10248A 8 bit data probe for 1610A
HP 10254A serial to parallel converter for 1600A, 1607A 10MHz 16bit
HP 10269A GP probe interface for 1630A/D
HP 10269B GP probe interface for 1630A/D
HP 10269C GP probe interface for 1630A/D
HP 10271A probe for 1630A/D
HP 10272A probe for 1630A/D
HP 10277A GP probe interface for 1610A
HP 10284A current loop interface
HP 10305B 8086/8088 DIP preprocessor
HP 10306B 80186/80188 preprocessor
HP 10308B 6809/6809E preprocessor
HP 10311B 68000/68010 DIP preprocessor
HP 10311G 68000/68010 PGA preprocessor
HP 10313G 68020 PGA 25MHz preprocessor for 1650A/16510A
HP 10314A Intel 80386 PGA preprocessor
HP 10315H Motorola 68HC11 PLCC preprocessor
HP 10316G 68030 PGA preprocessor
HP 10326A time interval standard 5/10/20/50/100ns
HP 10343B SCSI bus preprocessor (use w/10269B, 10269C)
HP 10347A 8-Channel Probe Lead Set
HP 10367A camera bezel adapter
HP 10375A adapter for HP197 camera
HP 10390A performance analysis SW for 1650A/1651A
HP 10407B plugin extender for HP180 series
HP 10430A scope probe 10X 500MHz
HP 10431A scope probe 10X 500MHz
HP 10432A scope probe 10X 300MHz 7.5pF
HP 10433A 10:1, 2m Miniature Passive Probe 300MHz 10pF scope 10-16pF
HP 10434A 10:1, 1m Miniature Passive Probe 300MHz
HP 10435A 10:1, 1m Miniature Passive Probe 300MHz
HP 10436A 10:1, 2m Miniature Passive Probe 100MHz 11pF scope 18-22pF
HP 10437A 1:1, 2m 50 Ohm Miniature Probe
HP 10437B 1:1, 2 m 50 Ohm Miniature Probe
HP 10438A 1:1, 1m Miniature Passive Probe
HP 10439A 1:1, 2m Miniature Passive Probe 64pF
HP 10439B 1:1, 2 m Miniature Passive Probe
HP 10440A scope probe 100X
HP 10441A scope probe 10X 500MHz 9pF 2m Probe ID
HP 10444A scope probe 10X 500MHz 1.6m
HP 10450A SMT Accessory Kit for Agilent 10400 Family Probes
HP 10452A risetime converter GR-GR
HP 10454A risetime converter GR-GR - limits risetime to 1ns
HP 10456A risetime converter GR-GR
HP 10460A TTL Clock Pod
HP 10461A TTL Data Pod
HP 10462A 3-State TTL/CMOS Data Pod
HP 10463A ECL Clock Pod
HP 10464A ECL (Terminated) Data Pod
HP 10465A ECL (Unterminated) Data Pod
HP 10467-68701 0.5 mm IC Clips (Package of 4)
HP 10467A 0.5 mm MicroGrabber Accessory Kit for the 10400 Family of Probes
HP 10468A 5 Volt PECL Clock Pod
HP 10469A 5 Volt PECL Data Pod
HP 10470A 3.3 Volt LVPECL Clock Pod
HP 10471A 3.3 Volt LVPECL Data Pod
HP 10498A 8-Channel 6" Probe Lead Set
HP 10503A BNC-BNC cable 4' 50ohm
HP 10509A shielded loop antenna for HP117A
HP 10511A spectrum generator 10-70MHz in, 1GHz out (comb)
HP 10514A mixer 0.2-500MHz
HP 10515A frequency doubler
HP 10525T logic probe
HP 10526T logic pulser
HP 10528A logic clip
HP 10529A logic comparator, uses socket cards
HP 10534A mixer 5mW 40mA .05-150MHz
HP 10543-60010 TCXO 5MHz
HP 10544A OCXO 10MHz
HP 10576A 10:1 probe divider (e.g. HP8405A)
HP 10581A OCXO 10MHz
HP 10590A adapter for 5200 plugins, 5345A MF
HP 10595A HP5345A board extender kit
HP 10597A HP5345A replacement board service kit
HP 10638A degausser
HP 10700A 33% Beam Splitter
HP 10701A 50% Beam Splitter
HP 10703A retroreflector
HP 10704A Reflector
HP 10706A mirror interferometer
HP 10710A Adjustable Mount
HP 10711A Adjustable Mount
HP 10713 Cube Corner Family
HP 10713B 1-Inch Corner Cube, No Housing
HP 10713C 1/2-Inch Corner Cube
HP 10713D 1/4-Inch Corner Cube
HP 10722A Plane-Mirror Converter
HP 10724A Plane Mirror Reflector
HP 10725A 9 mm Laser Beam Splitter
HP 10726A 9 mm Laser Beam Bender
HP 10728A 9 mm Laser Beam Plane Mirror
HP 10759A Footspacing Kit
HP 10767A Linear Retroreflector
HP 10767B Lightweight Retroreflector
HP 10768A Diagonal Measurements Family
HP 10780C Receiver
HP 10780F Remote Receiver
HP 10783A numeric display HPIB
HP 10784A Base for Optics Height Adjuster and Post
HP 10785A Optics Height Adjuster and Post
HP 10786A Carrying Case
HP 10786S Laser Head Transit Case
HP 10787A Straightness and Squareness Carrying Case
HP 10790C Receiver Cable (20 m)
HP 10791A Power Supply and Reference Cable (3 m)
HP 10791B Power Supply and Reference Cable (7 m)
HP 10791C Power Supply and Reference Cable (20 m)
HP 10793A Laser Head Cable (3 m)
HP 10793B Laser Head Cable (7 m)
HP 10793C Laser Head Cable (20 m)
HP 10794B Laser Head Cable
HP 10811A high stability OCXO 10MHz
HP 10811D 10 MHz Crystal Oscillator
HP 10811E 10 MHz Crystal Oscillator
HP 10821A probe accessory kit
HP 10830A mixer/IF amplifier
HP 10831A test tone generator
HP 10833A GPIB cable 1m
HP 10833B GPIB cable 2m
HP 10833C GPIB cable 4m
HP 10833D GPIB cable 0.5m
HP 10834A GPIB spacer
HP 10880A Receiver Cable (5 m)
HP 10880B Receiver Cable (10 m)
HP 10880C Receiver Cable (20 m)
HP 10881A Laser Head Cable (3 m)
HP 10881C Laser Head Cable (20 m)
HP 10881D Laser Head Cable (3 m)
HP 10881E Laser Head Cable (7 m)
HP 10881F Laser Head Cable (20 m)
HP 10882A 3-meter Laser Head Cable
HP 10882B 7-meter Laser Head Cable
HP 10882C 20-meter Laser Head Cable
HP 10946C Automatic Compensation Board
HP 11001A BNC-M to dual banana cable
HP 11004A 600ohm balun 5kHz-600kHz?
HP 11005A bridging transformer 10K-600ohm
HP 11010A matching transformer, Type 460 to Type N
HP 11023A VHF probe
HP 11028A current divider 100X
HP 11036A AC voltage probe for HP410C 20Hz-700MHz
HP 11042A probe T connector N (for 410 series - same as HP455A)
HP 11048C 50ohm feedthrough terminator 50 +/- 0.1ohm 1W BNC
HP 11049A thermal converter
HP 11050A thermal converter 1V
HP 11051A thermal converter 0.5V
HP 11059A Kelvin probe set, banana plugs
HP 11061A probe divider 10X (HP3406A)
HP 11062A Kelvin clip set
HP 11063A 50ohm tee (HP3406A)
HP 11064A basic accessory kit for HP3406A
HP 11071A deluxe accessory kit for HP3406A
HP 11072A isolator tip for HP8405A, HP3406A
HP 11075A case for HP400 series, HP3400, etc.
HP 11076A case for HP3400A
HP 11078A True RMS Converter (for 3450A)
HP 11095A BNC feedthrough terminator 600ohm
HP 11096B DMM RF probe 100kHz-500MHz
HP 11235A HPIB adapter for HP3570/HP3571
HP 11236A HPIB multi-unit adapter cable for HP3570/HP3571
HP 11348A check probe for HP1630?
HP 11500B Cable Assembly, Type-N (m) to Type-N (m), DC to 12.4 GHz
HP 11500C Cable Assembly, Precision N (m) to Precision N (m), DC to 18 GHz
HP 11500E Cable Assembly, 3.5 mm (m) to 3.5 mm (m), DC to 26.5 GHz
HP 11501A Cable Assembly, Type-N (m) to Type-N (f), DC to 12.4 GHz
HP 11507A 3-way 50ohm terminator
HP 11508A terminated output cable, N to binding post (?)
HP 11509A RF fuseholder, DC-480MHz, N-M to N-F
HP 11511A Coaxial Short
HP 11512A shorting plug N male
HP 11514A mixer/multiplier
HP 11515A frequency doubler
HP 11517A mixer 12-40GHz
HP 11519A 18-26.5GHz adapter
HP 11520A 26.5-40GHz adapter
HP 11523A load resistor - feedthrough terminator for 420 series detectors
HP 11524A Coaxial Adapter, APC-7 to Type-N (f)
HP 11525A Coaxial Adapter, APC-7 to Type-N (m)
HP 11530A input probe for HP312A/HP312B 1X/10X/100X
HP 11531A calibration plugin for HP8690 MF
HP 11533A Coaxial Adapter, APC-7 to SMA (m)
HP 11534A Coaxial Adapter, APC-7 to SMA (f)
HP 11536A 50ohm feedthrough tee for HP8405A N-N-probe 1-1000MHz
HP 11547A Waveguide Holder, K-Band
HP 11549A 50ohm resistive power divider 1-1000MHz N-N-N
HP 11567A air line 20cm
HP 11570A accessory kit for HP8405A (2 908A, 11512A, 2 11536A, 11549A)
HP 11576A 10:1 attenuator for HP8405A 1-100MHz (1M in 100K out)
HP 11583A attenuator
HP 11588A swivel adapter APC7
HP 11589A bias network N 1-3GHz
HP 11590A bias network APC7
HP 11600B transistor fixture TO18, TO72 (APC7)
HP 11602B transistor fixture TO5, TO12
HP 11605A flexible arm air line APC7 (for HP8743A)
HP 11608A transistor fixture stripline
HP 11612A 45MHz-26.5GHz BIAS TEE 3.5MM CONNS
HP 11635A bias decoupling network BNC
HP 11636A power divider DC-18GHz type-N
HP 11652A 75 ohm terminator
HP 11655A impedance probe (for HP8407A)
HP 11661B frequency extender for 8660 (option 100)
HP 11664A detector for 875x (to 18GHz)
HP 11665A modulator for 875x 15MHz-18GHz
HP 11666A reference bridge
HP 11667A calibrated power splitter, N connectors, DC to 26.5 GHz
HP 11668A high pass filter 50MHz for use w/HP11665 N-N
HP 11683A power meter range calibrator
HP 11687A 50ohm-75ohm adapter, DC-1300MHz, N-M to N-F
HP 11678A Low-Pass Filter Kit
HP 11679A Extension Cable, 7.6 m
HP 11679B Extension Cable, 61 m
HP 11690A frequency doubler, 400-1100MHz (out), +10-+19dBm in, BNC
HP 11691A directional coupler 2-18GHz
HP 11692A dual directional coupler 2-18GHz
HP 11693A Microwave Limiter, 0.1 to 12.4 GHz N-N
HP 11694A Matching Transformer, 3 to 500 MHz, 75 Ohms
HP 11707A test plugin for 8660 series
HP 11708A reference attenuator for calibrating HP8484A, 1mW in
HP 11710A down converter, 5-5.5MHz -> ?
HP 11710B down converter, 50.01MHz-61MHz -> 10kHz-11MHz
HP 11712A Service Accessory Kit for HP 8672A
HP 11713A Attenuator/Switch Driver 4+4+2 channel GPIB
HP 11714A Service Accessory Kit for HP 8662A
HP 11715A AM/FM Test Source
HP 11716B Attenuator Interconnect Kit, APC-7
HP 11716C Attenuator Interconnect Kit, SMA
HP 11720A pulse modulator 2-18GHz
HP 11721A frequency doubler, 100-2600MHz (out), +10dBm in, N-M to N-F
HP 11722A power sensor module 100kHz-2.6GHz for 8901B, 8902A
HP 11729B carrier phase noise test set
HP 11729-60014 Low Noise Preamplifier
HP 11730A power sensor cable for HP848x to HP435, HP436, HP437, HP438, 70100, E1416A, HP848x
HP 11730B power sensor cable for HP848x to HP435, HP436, HP437, HP438, 70100, E1416A, HP848x
HP 11742A blocking capacitor 45MHz-26GHz
HP 11757B Multipath Fading Simulator/Signature Test Set
HP 11758V Digital Radio Test System
HP 11759B RF Channel Simulator
HP 11759D Dynamic Ghost Simulator, 50 MHz to 1000 MHz
HP 11792A power sensor module 50MHz-26.5GHz for HP8902A
HP 11793A microwave downconverter for HP8902A
HP 11802A service kit for HP8642A
HP 11807A Radio Test Software
HP 11807E Radio Test Software
HP 11807F Radio Test Software
HP 11835A Data Buffer
HP 11850A power divider
HP 11852A minimum loss pad N
HP 11852B Adapter, 50 Ohm Type-N (f) to 75 Ohm Type-N (m), DC to 3 GHz
HP 11853A Accessory Kit, Type-N, 50 Ohm
HP 11854A Accessory Kit, BNC, 50 Ohm
HP 11855A Accessory Kit, Type-N, 75 Ohm
HP 11856A Accessory Kit, BNC, 75 Ohm
HP 11857B Test Port Cables, Type-N, 75 Ohm
HP 11857D Test Port Cables, APC-7, 50 Ohm
HP 11858A transistor fixture adapter
HP 11867A power limiter DC-1800MHz
HP 11869A RF Plug-in Adaptor to adapt 862xx series to 8350A/B mainframe
HP 11878A Adapter Kit, 3.5 mm
HP 11883A Harmonic Measurements Upgrade
HP 11884A 6 GHz Receiver Upgrade
HP 11884B 6 GHz Upgrade for Agilent 8753D Network Analyzer (Std)
HP 11884C 6 GHz Upgrade for Agilent 8753D Option 011 Network Analyzer
HP 11896A Polarization Controller
HP 11899A Probe Power Supply
HP 11900A Adapter, 2.4 mm (m) to 2.4 mm (m), DC to 50 GHz
HP 11900B Adapter, 2.4 mm (f) to 2.4 mm (f), DC to 50 GHz
HP 11900C Adapter, 2.4 mm (m) to 2.4 mm (f), DC to 50 GHz
HP 11901A Adapter, 2.4 mm (m) to 3.5 mm (m), DC to 26.5 GHz
HP 11901B Adapter, 2.4 mm (f) to 3.5 mm (f), DC to 26.5 GHz
HP 11901C Adapter, 2.4 mm (m) to 3.5 mm (f), DC to 26.5 GHz
HP 11901D Adapter, 2.4 mm (f) to 3.5 mm (m), DC to 26.5 GHz
HP 11902A Adapter, 2.4 mm (m) to APC-7, DC to 18 GHz
HP 11902B Adapter, 2.4 mm (f) to APC-7, DC to 18 GHz
HP 11903A Adapter, 2.4 mm (m) to Type-N (m), DC to 18 GHz
HP 11903B Adapter 2.4 mm (f) to Type-N (f), DC to 18 GHz
HP 11903C Adapter, 2.4 mm (m) to Type-N (f), DC to 18 GHz
HP 11903D Adapter, 2.4 mm (f) to Type-N (m), DC to 18 GHz
HP 11904A Test Port Adapter, 2.4 mm (m) to 2.92 mm (m), DC to 40GHz
HP 11904C Test Port Adapter, 2.4 mm (m) to 2.92 mm (f), DC to 40GHz
HP 11904D Test Port Adapter, 2.4 mm (f) to 2.92 mm (m), DC to 40GHz
HP 11906A 7-16 to 7-16 Adapter Kit
HP 11906B 7-16 to Type-N Adapter Kit
HP 11906C 7-16 to 7-mm Adapter Kit
HP 11906D 7-16 to 3.5-mm Adapter Kit
HP 11920B Adapter, 1.00 mm (f) to 1.00 mm (f), DC to 110 GHz
HP 11920C Adapter, 1.00 mm (m) to 1.00 (f), DC to 110 GHz
HP 11922A Adapter, 1.0 mm (m) to 2.4 mm (m), DC to 50 GHz
HP 11923A 1.0 mm female to Circuit Card Launch, DC to 110 GHz
HP 11930A Power Limiter, DC to 6 GHz, APC-7
HP 11930B Power Limiter, 5 MHz to 6 GHz, Type-N
HP 11940A Close Field Probe, 30MHz-1GHz
HP 11941A Close Field Probe 9kHz-30MHz
HP 11945A Close Field EMC Probe Set
HP 11947A transient limiter 9kHz-200MHz, 10dB loss
HP 11955A Biconical Antenna, 30 to 300 MHz
HP 11956A Log Periodic Antenna, 200 MHz to 1 GHz
HP 11966A Active Loop H-Field Antenna, 9 kHz to 30 MHz
HP 11966C Biconical Antenna, 30 MHz to 300 MHz
HP 11966D Log Periodic Antenna, 200 MHz to 1000 MHz
HP 11966E Double Ridged Waveguide Horn Antenna, 1 GHz to 18 GHz
HP 11966F Conical Log Spiral Antenna, 200 MHz to 1 GHz
HP 11966G Conical Log Spiral Antenna, 1 GHz to 10 GHz
HP 11966H Dipole Antenna Set, 28MHz to 1000MHz
HP 11966I Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn Antenna, 200MHz to 2GHz
HP 11966J Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn Antenna, 18 GHz to 40 GHz
HP 11966K Magnetic Field Pickup Coil, 20 Hz to 50 kHz
HP 11966L 10 meter cable
HP 11966N Log Periodic Antenna, 200 MHz to 5 GHz
HP 11966P Broadband Antenna, 30 MHz to 1 GHz
HP 11967D Line Impedance Stabilization Network, 9 kHz to 30 MHz, 10 Amperes
HP 11967E Line Impedance Stabilization Network, 9 kHz to 30 MHz, 25 Amperes
HP 11968B Manual Antenna Positioning Mast, 1 to 4 meters
HP 11968C tripod
HP 11970 Series Harmonic Mixer Family
HP 11970A Harmonic Mixer, 18 GHz to 26.5 GHz
HP 11970K Waveguide Harmonic Mixer, 18 GHz to 26.5 GHz
HP 11970U Waveguide Harmonic Mixer, 40 GHz to 60 GHz
HP 11970V Waveguide Harmonic Mixer, 50 GHz to 75 GHz
HP 11970W Waveguide Harmonic Mixer, 75 GHz to 110 GHz
HP 11971A Harmonic Mixer, 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz
HP 11971K Harmonic Mixer, 18 GHz to 26.5 GHz
HP 11974 Series Preselected Millimeter Mixers
HP 11974A Preselected Millimeter Mixer, 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz
HP 11975A amplifier 2-8GHz +16dBm
HP 11980A Fiber-Optic Interferometer 30 dB Attenuator Pad (at 50 MHz)
HP 13510A transistor test jig for HP250A/HP250B
HP 13515A frequency doubler probe for HP3200B
HP 13525A calibration resistor 1K +/- 0.2%
HP 15108B preamp for 15109B microphone
HP 15109B microphone for acoustical measurement system
HP 15179A adapter frame for mounting 2 half-rack instruments in rack
HP 15400A blank panel for HP8080A
HP 15401A blank panel for HP8080A
HP 15413A Tri State Pod, for use in disconnecting 8180A, 4 bit
HP 15414A Tri State Unit, for use in disconnecting 8180A, supports 6 pods * 4 bits
HP 15450A Four Channel Adapter
HP 15455A 8 bit data driver pod
HP 15462A TTL/CMOS output pod for 8175A
HP 15463A trigger pod for 8175A
HP 15520C 6dB hybrid
HP 15550C accessory kit
HP 15580A 25MHz high impedance active probe (HP3746A)
HP 15581A 25MHz high impedance passive probe (HP3746A)
HP 15582A 75ohm return loss kit (HP3746A)
HP 15589A instrument cart
HP 15590A 75ohm return loss bridge
HP 16005A Kelvin clip lead (HP4338A)
HP 16007A alligator clip leads
HP 16008A Resistivity Cell
HP 16012A test fixture
HP 16014A Q-meter series loss adapter
HP 16016A test fixture
HP 16017A test fixture
HP 16021A test fixture
HP 16023A DC bias control for LCR bridge e.g. 4274/4275
HP 16034B test tweezers for HP4263A
HP 16035A test fixture for HP4282A
HP 16036A test fixture for HP4282A (4 wire)
HP 16047A test fixture for LCR bridge, HP4192A etc.
HP 16048A test fixture for LCR bridge
HP 16048B test fixture for LCR bridge, SMC connectors
HP 16048D test fixture for LCR bridge, BNC connectors
HP 16054A connection selector for HP4140B
HP 16055A enclosed test fixture for HP4140B
HP 16058A test fixture w/personality, socket boards for HP4145B
HP 16061A test fixture for 4261A - axial lead
HP 16062A low impedance test leads for 4261A
HP 16063A high impedance test leads for 4261A
HP 16074A standard resistor set 0.1ohm-100kohm + 2 quasi-inductors
HP 16081A BNC leads for HP4280A
HP 16086A accessory kit
HP 16092A spring clip fixture for HP4191A
HP 16095A probe fixture
HP 16096A 2-port component test fixture (4192A)
HP 16097A accessory kit
HP 16143A mating cable for HP4338A etc.
HP 16334A capacitor test fixture - tweezer probes
HP 16380A Standard Air Capacitor set (16381/2/3/4)
HP 16381A 1pF Standard Air Capacitor
HP 16382A 10pF Standard Air Capacitor
HP 16383A 100pF Standard Air Capacitor
HP 16384A 1000pF Standard Air Capacitor
HP 16453A dielectric material test fixture
HP 16471A Q-meter standard #1 130mH 22-62kHz
HP 16472A Q-meter standard #2 52mH 35-100kHz
HP 16473A Q-meter standard #3 25mH 50-140kHz
HP 16474A Q-meter standard #4 10mH 80-220kHz
HP 16475A Q-meter standard #5 5.2mH 110-300kHz
HP 16476A Q-meter standard #6 2.8mH 150-420kHz
HP 16477A Q-meter standard #7 1mH 250-700kHz
HP 16478A Q-meter standard #8 520mH 0.35-1.0MHz
HP 16479A Q-meter standard #9 250uH 0.5-1.4MHz
HP 16480A Q-meter standard #10 100uH 0.8-2.2MHz
HP 16481A Q-meter standard #11 56uH 1.0-3.1MHz
HP 16482A Q-meter standard #12 28uH 1.5-4.2MHz
HP 16483A Q-meter standard #13 10uH 2.5-7MHz
HP 16484A Q-meter standard #14 5.2uH 3.5-10MHz
HP 16485A Q-meter standard #15 2.5uH 5-14MHz
HP 16486A Q-meter standard #16 1uH 8-22MHz
HP 16487A Q-meter standard #17 0.52uH 22-35MHz
HP 16488A Q-meter standard #18 0.28uH 30-50MHz
HP 16489A Q-meter standard #19 0.1uH 50-70MHz
HP 16490A Q-meter standard #20 0.07uH 60-100MHz
HP 16500A logic analyzer mainframe
HP 16500B logic analyzer mainframe
HP 16500C logic analyzer mainframe
HP 16501A logic analyzer expander frame
HP 16505A prototype analyzer for 16500
HP 16510A LA card 80 channel 25MHz state/100MHz timing
HP 16515A LA card 16 channel 1GHz timing master
HP 16516A LA card 16 channel 1GHz timing expansion module for 16515A
HP 16518A LA card 16 channel 4GHz timing/1GHz state expander
HP 16520A LA card 16 channel 50Mb/s pattern generator
HP 16521A LA card 16 channel 50Mb/s pattern generator expansion module
HP 16530A LA card DSO timebase
HP 16531A LA card DSO acquisition 2 ch 100MHz 400MSPS
HP 16532A LA card DSO acquisition 2 ch 100MHz 400MSPS
HP 16550A 102 channel 100MHz state and timing
HP 16555D 68 channel 110MHz state and timing
HP 16556D 68 channel 100MHz state and timing
HP 16700A logic analyzer mainframe
HP 17108A external time base module (for HP 7035A)
HP 17401A medium gain preamp for 7402/7404 recorder
HP 17501A amplifier module
HP 18111A quartz thermometer probe for HP2804A
HP 18125A calibration module for HP2804A
HP 33000A PIN modulator
HP 33005A comb generator, 1GHz 0.5W input, SMA
HP 33120A DDS FG/AWG 15MHz
HP 33250A DDS FG/AWG 80MHz 200MSPS
HP 33330B Low-Barrier Schottky Diode Detector, 0.01 to 18 GHz
HP 33330C Low-Barrier Schottky Diode Detector, 0.01 to 26.5 GHz
HP 33330D High Performance Planar-Doped Barrier Detector, 0.01 to 33 GHz
HP 33391C Microwave Insulator (Bead) Assembly
HP 33340C SMA attenuator 10X 0-26.5GHz
HP 34102A Low Thermal Input Cable
HP 34103A Low Thermal Shorting Plug
HP 34104A Low Thermal Input Connector
HP 34112A Touch Hold probe for 3435A/3465AB
HP 34118B Deluxe Test Lead Kit
HP 34119A 5 kV ac/dc High-Voltage Probe
HP 34130A Deluxe Test Lead Set
HP 34131A Transit Case
HP 34132A Deluxe Test Lead Set
HP 34132B Deluxe Lead Set with Retractable Sheath
HP 34132C Deluxe DMM Deluxe Lead Set with Right Angle Sheath
HP 34133A Precision Electronic Test Leads
HP 34134A DC current probe DC-8kHz 10mA-2A
HP 34136A High Voltage Probe
HP 34161A Accessory Pouch
HP 34300A 40 kV ac/dc High-Voltage Probe
HP 34301A 700 MHz RF Detector Probe
HP 34302A Clamp-on ac/dc Current Probe
HP 34307A Thermocouple Kit
HP 34308A Thermistor Kit
HP 34330A current shunt 30A
HP 34397A 12 V dc to 115 V ac Inverter
HP 34398A RS-232 Cable, 9 pin (f) to 9 pin (f)
HP 34399A RS-232 Adapter Kit
HP 34401A DMM 6.5 digit VFD
HP 34420A DMM 7.5 digit nanovolt/micro-ohm
HP 34501A 32 channel relay multiplexer module for HP3235A
HP 34520A DMM module 6.5 digit for HP3235A
HP 34591A Quick Interconnect Fixture for HP3235A
HP 34702A DMM 4.5 digit (for HP 34740A)
HP 34703A DMM 4.5 digit DCV/DCA/ohms only (for HP 34740A)
HP 34740A display module 4.5digit LED
HP 34810B BenchLink Scope Software for Agilent 54600-Series Oscilloscopes
HP 34812A BenchLink Meter Software
HP 34820A BenchLink Suite Software
HP 34901A 20 Channel Multiplexer (2/4-wire) Module
HP 34902A 16 Channel Multiplexer (2/4-wire) Module
HP 34903A 20 Channel Actuator/GP Switch Module
HP 34904A 4 x 8 Matrix Module
HP 34905A 50 Ohm Module, 2 GHz Dual 1:4 RF Mux
HP 34906A 2 GHz Dual 1:4 RF Mux, 75 Ohm Module
HP 34907A Multifunction Module
HP 34908A 40 Channel Single-Ended Multiplexer Module
HP 34970A DMM/DAQ 6.5 digit
HP 34970-80010 DMM Field Installation Kit
HP 35181E Antistatic Mat for Work Surface
HP 35181H Testmobile Printer/Plotter Stand
HP 35181K Testmobile Work Surface
HP 35182C Testmobile 3.5 in (89 mm) Storage Drawer and Support Shelf
HP 35182D Testmobile 5.25 in (133 mm) Storage Drawer and Support Shelf
HP 35235A barometer
HP 35601A Spectrum Analyzer Interface (part of HP3047A)
HP 35650A 8 slot expandable mainframe
HP 35650B 4-slot Portable Mainframe
HP 35650B 4-slot Portable Mainframe
HP 35651C Signal Processing Module
HP 35652A input module DC-51.2kHz ADC voltage/current/charge
HP 35653C Source Module
HP 35653C Source Module
HP 35655A input module 8 channel 12.8kHz
HP 35655B Four-Channel Input Module
HP 35655B Four-Channel Input Module
HP 35656B Programmable DAC Module
HP 35656B Programmable DAC Module
HP 35658A Tachometer Trigger Module
HP 35658A Tachometer Trigger Module
HP 35659A SCSI Interface Module
HP 35659A SCSI Interface Module
HP 35660A dynamic signal analyzer 102.4kHz/1ch 51.2kHz/2ch
HP 35665A 2-Channel DC to 102.4 kHz Dual Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer
HP 35665A 2-Channel DC to 102.4 kHz Dual Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer
HP 35677A S-parameter test set 50ohm 100kHz-200MHz
HP 35678A 50ohm N connector cal kit
HP 37203A HPIB extender 50KBPS 1000m coax
HP 37641A CRT XY display HPIB (HP3746A)
HP 37717C OmniBER 717 Communications Performance Analyzer
HP 37718A OmniBER 718 STM-16/OC-48 Communications Performance
HP 37718B OmniBER 718 STM-4/OC-12 Communications Performance
HP 37718C OmniBER 718 STM-1/OC-3 Communications Performance
HP 37719A OmniBER 719 OC-48 Communications Performance Analyzer
HP 37719B OmniBER 719 OC-12 Communications Performance Analyzer
HP 37719C OmniBER 719 OC-3 Communications Performance Analyzer
HP 37722A Telecom Analyzer
HP 37732A Telecom/Datacom 64kbps test set
HP 37907A Signaling Advisor Mainframe
HP 40653B Thermistor Surface Sensor Assembly
HP 41422A High Current Source/Monitor Unit
HP 41941A Impedance Probe Kit
HP 41941B Impedance Probe Kit
HP 41951A Impedance Test Unit 100kHz-500MHz
HP 42841A Bias Current Source
HP 42941A Impedance Probe Kit,40 Hz to 110 MHz
HP 43114A Digital Delay Generator
HP 43501B portable X-ray unit
HP 43521A RF downconverter for 4352B 10MHz-12.6GHz
HP 43961A Impedance V/I test set
HP 44421A 20 channel guarded acquisition card for HP3497A
HP 44422A 20 channel thermocouple acquisition card for HP3497A
HP 44428A 16 channel actuator card for HP3497A
HP 44470A 10-Channel Relay Multiplexer Module for HP3488A
HP 44470D 20-Channel Multiplexer Module
HP 44471A 10-Channel General Purpose Relay Module for HP3488A
HP 44471D 20-Channel General Purpose Relay Module
HP 44472A Dual 1x4 VHF Multiplexer(300MHz, 50 Ohm)
HP 44473A 4x4 Two-Wire Matrix Switch Module
HP 44474A 16 bit digital IO for HP3488A
HP 44475A BreadBoard Module
HP 44476B Microwave Relay Driver Module
HP 44477A Form-C Relay Module
HP 44478A/B Dual 1x4 RF Multiplexer Module (1.3GHz, 50/75 Ohm)
HP 44701A DMM plugin 5.5digit
HP 52005E PS 5V 8A
HP 52012G PS 13V 11A
HP 53131A counter 225MHz (/030 3GHz) 10digits/second
HP 53132A counter 225MHz (/030 3GHz) 12digits/second
HP 53147A counter/power meter/DVM 20GHz
HP 53148A counter/power meter/DVM 26.5GHz
HP 53149A counter/power meter/DVM 40GHz
HP 53181A counter 225MHz (/015 1.5GHz) 10digits/second single channel
HP 54001A active probe pod 1 GHz for HP541XX MF
HP 54002A 50ohm 1GHz input pod for HP541XX MF
HP 54003A 1Mohm 300MHz input pod for HP541XX MF
HP 54006A scope probe 10X/20X 500ohm/1K 6GHz
HP 54100A DSO 2 ch 40MSPS 1GHz
HP 54100D DSO 2 ch + 2 trigger 40MSPS 1GHz
HP 54110D DSO 2ch 40MSPS 1GHz color
HP 54111D DSO 500MHz, 1ch @ 2GSPS or 2ch @ 1GSPS, color
HP 54112D DSO 100MHz 400MSPS 4 Ch. color
HP 54114A Test Set, 2 Gs/s, for use with 54111D
HP 54118A trigger recognizer for HP54100 series 500MHz-18GHz
HP 54120T DSO MF 20GHz
HP 54200A scope, Digital Storage, 200 Ms/s, 50 MHz, 2 Channel
HP 54200D scope, Same as above with 27 Ch. State Triggering
HP 54201A scope, Digital Storage, 300 MHz, 200 Ms/sec, 2 Channel
HP 54201D DSO 300MHz 200MSPS logic trigger (27 Ch)
HP 54300A Probe Multiplexer
HP 54420A DAC module
HP 54451B Fourier analyzer processor module
HP 54501A DSO 100MHz 20MSPS 4 channel
HP 54502A DSO 400MHz 400MSPS 2 channel
HP 54503A DSO 400MHz 200MSPS 4 channel
HP 54510A DSO 250MHz 1GSPS 2 channel
HP 54510B DSO 300MHz 1GSPS 2 channel
HP 54512B DSO 300MHz 1GSPS 4 channel
HP 54520A DSO 500MHz 1GSPS 2 channel
HP 54600A DSO 100MHz 20MSPS 2 ch
HP 54600B DSO 2 ch 100MHz 20MSPS
HP 54601A DSO 4 ch 100MHz
HP 54602B DSO 2+2 ch 150MHz 20MSPS
HP 54603B DSO 2 ch 60MHz 20MSPS
HP 54610B DSO 2 ch 500MHz 20MSPS
HP 54615B DSO 2 ch 1GSPS 250MHz
HP 54616B DSO 2 ch 2GSPS 500MHz
HP 54616C DSO 2 ch 2GSPS 500MHz color
HP 54620A logic analyzer 16ch 500MSPS
HP 54620C logic analyzer 16ch color
HP 54621A DSO 2 ch 60MHz 200MSPS
HP 54622A DSO 2 ch 100MHz 200MSPS
HP 54624A DSO 4 ch 100MHz 200MSPS
HP 54641A DSO 2 ch 350MHz 2GSPS
HP 54642A DSO 2 ch 500MHz 2GSPS
HP 54645A DSO 2 ch 200MSPS 100MHz
HP 54645D DSO 2 ch 200MSPS 100MHz + 16ch logic timing
HP 54701A active probe 2.5GHz 100Kohm
HP 54710A DSO MF 1.5GHz color
HP 54711A vertical attenuator plugin 1.3GHz 1ch 2GSPS 50ohm 5V max
HP 54712A vertical amplifier plugin 1GHz 2GSPS 64K 8bit 50ohm
HP 54720D DSO MF 2GHz 4/8GSPS 4ch 8 bit color
HP 54721A vertical plugin 1.1GHz 4GSPS 8bit 50ohm
HP 54750A sampling DSO MF 4ch color
HP 54752A sampler head 50GHz
HP 54830B DSO 2ch 600MHz 4GSPS
HP 54831B DSO 4ch 600MHz 4GSPS
HP 54832B DSO 4ch 1GHz 4GSPS
HP 54833A DSO 2ch 1GHz 4GSPS
HP 54845A DSO 1.5GHz 4/8GSPS 4 ch color
HP 54846A DSO 2.25GHz 4/8GSPS
HP 58532A GPS L1 Reference Antenna
HP 58533A GPS Time and Frequency Reference Receiver
HP 58504A GPS antenna
HP 59301A ASCII to parallel converter
HP 59303A D/A converter
HP 59304A numeric display
HP 59306A hex relay actuator GPIB
HP 59307A VHF switch GPIB
HP 59308A timing generator GPIB
HP 59309A digital clock GPIB
HP 59313A A/D converter 4 ch 11 bit GPIB
HP 59401A GPIB Bus System Analyzer
HP 59403A HP-IB/Common Carrier Interface
HP 59500A multiprogrammer interface (HP6940A->HPIB)
HP 59501A power supply programmer GPIB
HP 60503A 240V 10A 250Watt load plugin
HP 60504A 60V 120A 600Watt load plugin
HP 61013A digital voltmeter, no front panel
HP 62015C PS 15V 2.5A
HP 62028G PS 28V 6.5A
HP 62212E PS +/- 12V 3.3A
HP 63903F PS 28V 20A
HP 64635A 20 channel state data probe
HP 64700A emulator 64ch + analyzer 16ch 25/100MHz
HP 66312A dynamic measurement PS 0-20V 0-2A 40W GPIB
HP 69730A relay output board (HP6942A, HP6943A)
HP 70001A spectrum analyzer auxiliary mainframe
HP 70004A spectrum analyzer mainframe w/color display
HP 70205A spectrum analyzer monochrome display
HP 70206A spectrum analyzer monochrome display
HP 70300A spectrum analyzer Tracking Generator Module 20Hz - 2.9 GHz
HP 70310A spectrum analyzer Precision Frequency Reference
HP 70820A microwave transition analyzer 2 channel DC-40GHz
HP 70900A spectrum analyzer local oscillator/controller
HP 70902A spectrum analyzer IF section 10Hz-300kHz
HP 70904A spectrum analyzer RF section 100Hz-2.9GHz
HP 70905A spectrum analyzer RF section 50kHz-22GHz
HP 70952B optical spectrum analyzer plugin 600-1700nm
HP 78352A EKG 3-lead monitor
HP 81101A programmable pulse generator 50MHz 5ns
HP 81524A InGaAs optical head 5mm
HP 81531A power sensor module
HP 81622B high power Ge optical head 27dBm
HP 81623A high power Ge optical head 27dBm
HP 81624A high power Ge optical head 27dBm
HP 81651A laser source module 1550nm
HP 81680A tunable laser module 1550nm
HP 82153A optical scan wand HP-IL
HP 82161A digital cassette drive HP-IL
HP 82162A thermal printer HP-IL
HP 82240A thermal printer for HP-41
HP 82912A video monitor 9"
HP 82335A ISA HPIB board (DOS support only)
HP 82350B PCI HPIB board
HP 82537A USB to GPIB interface
HP 83001A portable Microwave repeater
HP 83522A RF plugin 10MHz-2.4GHz
HP 83525A RF plugin 10MHz-8.4GHz
HP 83540A RF plugin 2-8.4GHz 16dBm
HP 83545A RF plugin 5.9-12.4 GHz 50mW (HP8350)
HP 83570A RF Plug-in, 18-26.5 GHz
HP 83592A RF Plug-in, .01-20 GHz
HP 83592B RF Plug-in, .01-20 GHz
HP 83595A RF Plug-in, .01-26.5 GHz
HP 83620A synth sweeper 10MHz-20GHz
HP 83623A synth sweeper 10MHz-20GHz
HP 83624A synth sweeper 2-20GHz
HP 83711B synth sweeper 1-20GHz
HP 83731A synthesizer
HP 83732A synthesizer
HP 84115EM EMC preproduction evaluation system
HP 84812A peak power sensor 500MHz-18GHz -40dBm to +20dBm N-male (for 8990 series)
HP 85021B Directional Bridge for HP8755/56 .01-26.5 GHz
HP 85024A active probe 300kHz-3GHz 1Mohm (req. 1122A or probe power jack)
HP 85046A S-parameter test set 300kHz-3GHz
HP 85053A 3.5mm Verification Kit
HP 85075C multiport test set 3-1300MHz 75ohm
HP 85107B vector network analyzer system 50GHz (8510C based)
HP 85434A output control plugin
HP 85620A mass storage module - 128KB battery-backed RAM for 8560 etc.
HP 85640A tracking generator 300kHz-2.9GHz
HP 85650A quasi-peak adapter
HP 85662A display section of HP8568A
HP 85680A RF section of HP8568A
HP 85685A RF preselector for 8566, 8567, 8568
HP 85712A EMC Measurement Personality for 8590B, 8591A, 8592B, 8593A
HP 85720C PDC measurement personality for 8593E, 8594E, 8595E, 9596E
HP 85810A source control unit
HP 85901A AC Power Source, Provides portable source of AC Power, 100WH
HP 86082A wavelength domain component analyzer
HP 86142A optical spectrum analyzer
HP 86220A Sweep Gen., RF P/I, 10 MHz-1.3 GHz +10dBm
HP 86222A Sweep Gen. P/I, .01-2.4 GHz
HP 86222B RF Plug-in, .01-2.4 GHz, with greater than 20 mW, with 1, 10 & 50 markers
HP 86222B/02 same as above with Step Attenuator
HP 86230B Sweep Gen. P/I, 1.8-4.2 GHz
HP 86235A/001/002 RF Plug-in, 1.7-4.3 GHz
HP 86240A/001 Sweep Gen., RF P/I, 2-8.4 GHz, Opt.01 Int. Leveling
HP 86240C RF Plug-in, 3.6-8.6 GHz
HP 86241A/001 Sweep Gen., RF P/I, 3.2-6.5 GHz
HP 86242C RF Plug-in, 5.9-9.0 GHz
HP 86242D Sweep Gen., P/I, 5.9-9.0 GHz
HP 86245A/001 Sweep Gen., RF P/I 5.9-12.4 GHz
HP 86250C RF Plug-in, 8.0-12. GHz
HP 86250D Sweep Gen., P/I, 8.0-12.4 GHz
HP 86251A RF Plug-in, 7.5-18.6 GHz
HP 86260A Sweep Gen., RF P/I 12.4 - 18 GHz
HP 86260A/004 same as above with rear panel output
HP 86290A Sweep Gen. RF P/I, 2-18 GHz, +7dBM Max.
HP 86290B Sweep Gen., RF P/I, 2-18.6 GHz, >10 mW
HP 86290C same as above with greater than 20 mW output
HP 86320B RF Plug-in, .1-2 GHz, must use with 8621
HP 86331B Sweep Gen., RF P/I 1.7-4.3 GHz, use w/8621
HP 86341C Sweep Gen., RF P/I, 3.2-6.5 GHz
HP 86601A RF plug-in for 8660, 0.01-110 MHz
HP 86602A RF plug-in for 8660, 1-1300MHz (req. 11661B = opt 100)
HP 86602B RF Plug-in for 8660, 1-1300MHz (req. 11661B = opt 100)
HP 86603A RF plug-in for 8660, 1-2600MHz (req. 11661B = opt 100)
HP 86631B Modulation Plug-in for 8660, ext-AM & Pulse Mod.
HP 86632A Modulation Plug-in for 8660, AM/FM, int./ext.
HP 86632B Modulation Plug-in for 8660, AM/FM, int./ext.
HP 86633B Modulation Section for 8660, AM/FM/CW, FM phase lock
HP 86634A Modulation Section for 8660, PM (req. 8660/002)
HP 86635A Modulation Section for 8660, FM/PM
HP 86720A frequency extension unit for 8672, 10MHz-2GHz
HP 86790A modulation source (8791)
HP 86790B modulation source (8791)
HP 86791A agile carrier synthesizer DC-50MHz (8791)
HP 86792A agile upconverter 10-3000MHz (8791)
HP 87050E multiport test set 3MHz-2.2GHz for 8712E VNA
HP 87510A Gain-Phase Analyzer 100kHz-300MHz
HP 87302C hybrid power divider 0.5-26.5 GHz 3.5mm
HP 87519A demo kit for HP8751A
HP 89410A vector signal analyzer DC-10MHz
HP 89431A RF section (use with 89410A)
HP 89441A vector signal analyzer DC-2.65GHz (89410A+89431A)
HP E2310A LogicDart Advanced Logic Probe
HP E2373A DMM handheld 3200 count
HP E3610A PS 0-8V/3A or 0-15V/2A 30W digital
HP E3611A PS 0-20V/1.5A or 0-35V 0.85A digital
HP E3612A PS 0-60V/0.5A or 0-120V 0.35A digital
HP E3616A PS 0-35V 1.7A 60W
HP E3617A PS 0-60V 1A
HP E3620A PS dual 0-15V 7A/0-30V 4A
HP E3630A PS triple 6V 2.5A +/- 20V 0.5A digital
HP E3631A PS triple 6V 5A +/- 20V 1A digital
HP E4402B spectrum analyzer 30Hz-3GHz
HP E4406A vector signal analyzer DC-4GHz
HP E4411B spectrum analyzer 9kHz-1.5GHz
HP E4440A spectrum analyzer 3Hz-26.5GHz
HP E5810A Ethernet to GPIB gateway
HP E6432A VXI RF gen 10MHz-20GHz
HP E7401A EMC analyzer 9kHz-1.5GHz
HP E7402A EMC analyzer 9kHz-3GHz
HP E7403A EMC analyzer 9kHz-6.7GHz
HP E7404A EMC analyzer 9kHz-13.2GHz
HP E7405A EMC analyzer 9kHz-25.5GHz
l Numbers
rage Converter)

te programming /003 = remote programming
Pods & Trigger Pod

8447D + 8447E)
O /010 = AM/FM calibrators
70100, E1416A, HP848x
70100, E1416A, HP848x
or 8990 series)

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