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                               Tuesday 20 September 2011
                            Committee Room, Broxbourne Council

Mark Neville (Chairman, Active Broxbourne & Director, Everyone’s A Winner magazine) - MN
Ann Strachan (Child UK) – AS
Bill Cooper (Cheshunt Rugby Football Club) - BC
Graham Ross (Rye Park Tennis Club) – GR
Ian Mathieson (Herts Regional College) - IM
Jane Shewring (Herts Sports Partnership) – JS
Janet Warrington (Hoddesdon Swimming Club) - JW
Maureen Ball (Turnford Netball Club) - MB
Cllr Mark Mills-Bishop (BoB) – MMB
Malcolm Norris (Broxbourne Table Tennis Academy) - MNo
Matt Ridley (Sports Development Officer, Broxbourne Council) -MR
Stephen Parker (Kings Arms and Cheshunt Angling Society) - SP
Steve Whitlam (Community Development Manager, BoB) – SW (Minutes)

Jayne Jarvis (Vice Chairman, Active Broxbourne & PDM, A10SSP) – JJ
John Manitara (Child UK) - JM
Marcia Alcock (ASCO) – MA
Steve England (Cheshunt Cricket Club) - SE

1. Introductions                                                                     Action

Everyone introduced themselves including Matt Ridley who is the council’s new
Sports Development Officer, replacing Nathan Isom (who left in June). Matt
started on 19 September

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting                                                       Action
The minutes were agreed, with all matters arising covered elsewhere on the

3. Sportivate Update                                                                 Action

SW recapped on the Sportivate funding received from Sport England via Herts
Sports Partnership (HSP). There used to be Livewire funding, for which
Broxbourne received £25k last year. This uear, Broxbourne received £9k on
Sportivate money. The aim is to engage 14-25 year olds in sport and physical
activity, with a greater emphasis this year on sustainability and exit routes into

The first round of applications in the Spring resulted in £7.5k being allocated to
the following projects:

       Tennis with Broxbourne Tennis Club

                                    ‘Active Broxbourne’
                               - A Community Sports Network -
       Tennis with 3Tenn Tennis

       Street Dance with Nacro (and other social inclusion projects)

       Pro-Action working in youth clubs

       Brazilian Soccer with Child UK

       Cheerleading with Saracens

       White Water Rafting with Lee Valley

The Broxbourne Tennis Club and Nacro projects have already started. AS
updated that the Brazilian Soccer project was starting at Goffs Lane Open
Space at 7:30pm on 29 September, for 8 weeks.

Clubs were invited to bid to run projects against the remaining £1.5k. Bids have
been submitted to HSP / Sport England for approval. There are 3 new projects:

       Zumba

       Table Tennis

       Tennis with 3tenn Tennis (an expansion of their earlier project)

It is anticipated that bids for 2012 Sportivate projects will be sought early in the
New Year.

4 & 10. HSP Workshops and Update                                                       Action

SW advised the group on the forthcoming workshops on Child Protection and
                           th                                   th
Safeguarding (Tuesday 18 October) and First Aid (Sunday 15 January) being
delivered locally (Broxbourne Council offices) as a partnership between HSP
and Active Broxbourne

JS updated the group on initiatives and support being developed by HSP. See
Appendix 1 for general information:

HSP will soon be having access to Grant Finder which can help with funding             ALL / Jack
bids. The Herts Funding Fair will be held on 12 October at the Fielder Centre.         Scott
Jack Scott leaves HSP in November. He has some capacity to assist groups by
collating evidence for funding bids.

It was suggested by MN that the next meeting of this group focuses on funding
bids. MNo was concerned that it would duplicate what HSP offer. JS offered to
find an expert to speak on this matter to the next meeting. SW added that he           JS / SW
had a contact who could talk about the online Hertfordshire data about
demographics, levels of deprivation, quality of life survey etc – all of which can
be found on the Herts LIS - http://www.hertslis.org/ (click on Community

There was lengthy discussion about whether the participants in the CSN were
only there to access funding / support for their own clubs or whether they were
committed to wider principles of increasing participation in sport and physical
activity. This led into discussion about the value of the CSN meetings and
whether most clubs were aware of the support that Active Broxbourne and HSP
offered. As there were only a few clubs represented, and that these were the
stalwarts of the CSN, MMB suggested that there should be a small executive

                                     ‘Active Broxbourne’
                                - A Community Sports Network -
committee that meets every other month and that drives forward the CSN, and
that there should be two large-scale meetings per year, which would offer
specific training / advice on those issues relevant to clubs.

Sportsmakers (see appendix 1) – there is a need to recruit 833 volunteers in
Herts. It is suggested that there will be an event for Broxbourne / East Herts in
late November to recruit volunteers and clubs / groups able to offer placements.
The volunteers must work on 16+ provision.

JS subsequently clarified the following issues:
Can the volunteering be with a sports related charity – Certainly can
Over what period do they have to do their 10 hours – The website is live until
March 2013 so not really an issue
Do they get anything at the end of it – Adidas polo shirt and bag for all
attending the convention/workshop. There is also talk of some reward scheme,
but no details yet. NGBs/clubs may help pay for training, coaching or officials
Can this volunteering be the same hours as used for the DofE. . Certainly (No
way of anyone checking)

5. Member Updates                                                                   Action

Kings Arms and Cheshunt Angling Club
SP reported that there were approximately 500 members in the club. There are
currently two problems that the club are facing
1) Fish disappearing from the lake near Cheshunt Rugby Football Club due to
the cormorants
2) HCC have not awarded a license to use The Most (near the old St Mary’s
Secondary School site)

Their primary site is Faints Lake.

When asked which bait and tackle shop were good to use, SP recommended
Jonathan Ross (Hoddesdon), Abbey Baits and Fishing Wizard (Nazeing)

Broxbourne Table Tennis Academy

MNo thanked Active Broxbourne for his Service to Sport award

BTTA are taking a leap of faith and expanding the club by booking more courts
for longer times so to grow both the adult and junior sections, even though the
finances are not yet secured. The aim is to make BTTA a premier club like
Ellenborough (Enfield) or BATS (Harlow).

There are currently 30+ members in both the junior and adult sections. Adult
subscriptions are £90pa, whilst juniors pay £30 for 12 week blocks (3 per year)

They will continue to play at Grundy Park Leisure Centre and John Warner
Sports Centre, although ideally they would like their own dedicated venue.

Child UK

AS reported that the Hammond Street project was still going well, and that they
are adding the Brazilian Soccer project at Goffs Lane (see Sportivate). They
would like to develop moonlight football as they do in Welwyn-Hatfield

                                     ‘Active Broxbourne’
                                - A Community Sports Network -
Rye Park Tennis Club

GR reported that the new facilities will allow the club to compete at higher
levels. Other clubs based at Rye Park have seen the advantages of partnership
working to engineer funding for their own developments. The French boules,
lawn bowls and football at Rye Park are all popular.

Turnford Netball Club

MB said that the club were now having to play at St Mary’s as the floodlights at
Goffs Sports and Arts Centre were not working. St Mary’s is approximately £10
per hour more expensive, and it is not possible for all 300 members to meet on
the same night. Subs will need to go up.
SW agreed to find out why the floodlights have not been repaired

Turnford Netball Club have 4 senior teams and 17 junior teams, with the under-
14s finishing second in the national championships.

The club has a strong development programme which takes volunteers all the
way up to Level 2.

Cheshunt Rugby Football Club

BC reported that recruiting juniors has been so successful that they cannot
accommodate them all as the pitches suffer. Recruitment may be suspended.
They currently have 6 junior teams using 4 pitches.

JS subsequently suggested that the Protecting Playing Fields funding might
assist, but that John O’Callaghan at the HSP can also advise / signpost.

Hoddesdon Swimming Club

JW explained the Hoddesdon Swimming Club are the only club to work with the
Bourne To Swim programme at John Warner Sports Centre, which enables
swimmers to swim for free for 1 hour per week. When ready, the swimmers
progress to the club. The club is Swim21 accredited

The club are working on disability provision with Amwell View school, to prepare
for entry into the Special Olympics. One disabled swimmer is already training
with the GB paralympic swimming team.

Two swimmers are competing regularly in the nationals and have a chance of
making the Team GB swimming team for London 2012.

JW commented how helpful she found the recent HSP course on PAYE

JW was congratulated for her Sports Studies degree in which she got a first.

Herts Regional College

IM reported that there are 80 sports students at HRC who are looking form
community projects at which to work / volunteer so to make them more

IM suggested the sports hall at HRC is often available and might be suitable for
some of the clubs, for instance Turnford Netball Club.

                                    ‘Active Broxbourne’
                               - A Community Sports Network -
IM confirmed that he does not currently link with the FESCO

JS later confirmed that HSP are in discussion with Jeff Beasant (Enrichment
Officer at HRC) over activities to do with the Active Universities and Sport
Makers. They are aiming to run a convention at the Turnford campus.

6. Active Broxbourne Website                                                        Action

MN encouraged the clubs and partners to make best use of the Active                 ALL
Broxbourne website (www.active-broxbourne.co.uk) which is getting visits from
many members of the public.

7. Sports Awards 2012                                                               Action

MN asked for volunteers to work with him on seeking sponsorship for the 2012        ALL to
Active Broxbourne sports awards.                                                    consider

It was agreed to work again with the Mercury who were giving considerable
profile to community sport in the build up to the London 2012 Games.

It was agreed that to raise the profiles of the awards and the nomination           MN / MR
process, that Active Broxbourne should use Facebook and Twitter. MN and MR
will explore

8. How to Maximise on London 2012                                                   Action

It was agreed to hold this discussion over until the next meeting

MN enquired whether the clubs would be interested in holding a Sports               ALL
Weekend next year as part of the buildup to London 2012. SW suggested it
could link to the One Month and Counting celebration that will take place in
Waltham Cross on 23 June 2012. SW to send MN dates of the council’s                 SW
Olympic programme to avoid clashes

SW updated the group on some forthcoming Olympic related funding from the
council. There will be funding for Olympic Hopefuls, based in the borough as
well as small grants for organisations to run activities / events inspired by the
2012 Games or during Games time. It is hoped to fund taster sessions at sports
clubs so those inspired by the games will have opportunities to engage in sport

SW spoke about Inspired Facilities, funding from Sport England as part of the
legacy programme. Inspired Facilities is focused on making it easier for local
community and volunteer groups to improve and refurbish sports clubs or
transform non-sporting venues into modern grassroots sport facilities.

Part of Places People Play, Sport England’s programme to deliver a London
2012 legacy of increased mass participation in sport, it is investing £50 million
of National Lottery funding in up to 1000 community sports projects between
2011 and 2014.

SW asked if clubs would prefer to apply separately or as a joint bid with the
council, possibly under the Active Broxbourne banner. Opinions were mixed but

                                     ‘Active Broxbourne’
                                - A Community Sports Network -
a number of those present noted that they used council facilities. MB was keen
on a bid to support the refurbishment of the changing facilities at Wormley
Playing Fields. SW said he would feed this back to Clare Watson who is leading     SW
on Inspired Facilities for the council.

More information can be found at: http://inspiredfacilities.sportengland.org/

9. Action Plan Update                                                              Action

MN decided that as it was late, to hold this discussion over to a future meeting   MN
once there was greater clarity about the role of the group.

11. AOB                                                                            Action

SP gave an update on the fishing project funded by Active Broxbourne’s
                                          th                th
Operation Sweep-up funding. It ran from 7 August until 18 September with a
combination of day-time and evening sessions. 20 different young people
participated, aged between 6 and 18. 17 were male, 3 female. 8 progressed to
receive a certificate and membership of the club. 26hrs of coaching was
delivered by 2 coaches. This programme was tied in with National Fishing
Month and supported on their website.

12. Date of Next Meeting                                                           Action
Proposed date for the next meeting is Tuesday 22         November 2011, 6.30pm
at Herts Regional College

                                    ‘Active Broxbourne’
                               - A Community Sports Network -
Appendix 1

Herts Sports Partnership Update


   -   3 year programme with Uni of Herts, Royal Vets College & Herts FE
       Colleges to achieve higher levels of student sport participation. Starts
       Oct 3rd 2011
   -   Team of student activators and volunteers to promote extensive
       programme of ‘informal’ sporting activities
   -   Opportunities for local clubs to link with Hertford Regional

For further details contact Will Hollyer w.hollyer@herts.ac.uk or 01707


   -   Part of Sport England Places People Play 2012 legacy programme
   -   Herts target is 833 new volunteers in the 16+ age group to deliver
       activity to 16+ age group
   -   HSP to work with NGBs/other partners to identify volunteer placements
   -   Workshops & Conventions for volunteers start Nov 2011
   -   Workshop for Active Broxbourne – joint with East Herts -

For further details contact Peter Simmons p.j.g.simmons@herts.ac.uk or
01707 281204


   -   Fifth Annual Coaching Conference on 13th November 2011
   -   Programme of top quality speakers and workshops
   -   Basketball, cricket, dodgeball, football and judo are piggy backing the
   -   Event is free for Coachmark coaches (Otherwise £20)

For further details contact Rob Hardwick r.d.hardwick@herts.ac.uk or
01707 281204


   -   Part of Sport England Places People Play 2012 legacy programme
   -   Targeted at 14-25 year olds. Minimum of 6 hours coaching to be
   -   Each Local Authority Sports Development Officer has £9,000 per
       annum to 2014

                                  ‘Active Broxbourne’
                             - A Community Sports Network -
    -   2011/12 programme closed. Outline Plans for 2012/13 required in
        February 2012

For further details contact Cheryl Obiakpani c.obiakpani@herts.ac.uk or
01707 281201

                           Forthcoming Events
The forthcoming events programme (organised or supported by HSP) is detailed
below. Further information will be circulated nearer the individual event date:

   Date                    Event                                 Venue
   12th Oct 2011, 7.00-    Coaching Science: Warming up for      Herts Sports Village
   9.00pm                  Sport, Tony Sephton, Performance

   31st Oct 2011 7.00-     Coaching Science: Performance         Herts Sports Village
   9.00pm                  Nutrition, Lindsy Kass, Sen
                           Lecturer Sports Science, University
                           of Herts
                           mance Nutrition
   13th Nov 2011           Herts Coaching Conference             Herts Sports Village

   8th Dec 2011            Hertfordshire School Games            Herts Sports Village & other
   20th March 2012         Autumn, Spring & Summer finals        locations
   28th June 2012

   11-19th Feb 2012        Herts Coach Education Week            Herts Sports Village

   12th June 2012          Herts Sports Partnership AGM          Herts Sports Village

   8th July 2012           Herts Youth Games                     Herts Sports Village

                      Workshop Programme 2011
HSP runs a comprehensive workshop programme for local coaches and club volunteers.
Safeguarding & Protecting Children, Equity in Your Coaching and First Aid workshops are held every
4 to 6 weeks as they are required for Clubmark accreditation and some coaching awards. Other more
developmental workshops such as long-term athlete development, how to coach disabled people in
sport, role of the volunteer coordinator and Sport England Small Grants are run less frequently
HSP remains the largest provider of workshops in the region and this year many of the workshops will
take place at convenient locations around the county rather than just being held at Hatfield.
Full details of the workshop programme are at:
If you have a query contact:
Rob Hardwick 01707 281204

                                      ‘Active Broxbourne’
                                 - A Community Sports Network -

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