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									Questionnaire/Application                           Homestead BullHunde
This questionnaire is intended to help me get to know you, so that I can find the right homes for my pups and the right pup for you.
This is not the contract of sale; It is however a legal binding of truth (signed by you) in which I will use to see if I have what you are looking for in a
All information submitted is confidential and will be used by Homestead Bullhunde only.

*Name of person applying for Pup: _____________________________________*Applicants Age: ________
*Phone:_________- __________ - _________________ *Email:________________________________________________
*Have you ever owned any bully breeds before? * Yes_____ *N0_____ *If Yes, what breed/s_______________
*Have you owned any other dog breeds?______ if yes, what breeds?________________________________
*What sex are you looking for Male____Female____*Why?____________________________________________
*Age desired_________ would you consider an adult? _________
*Do you have a preference for coat color? ______ *If yes, please state_______________________________
*Would you want to breed this dog? *Yes___ *No____ *If No, Are you willing to sign a Spay/Neuter Contract?
*It costs approx. $200-400 to spay/neuter a dog-will you be able to afford this?________
*If Yes, to wanting to breed, Are you willing to sign a Breeding Contract?_____*Are you willing to work alongside
our breeding goals?__________________
*Describe your home and living conditions in which the dog will be living, *Is there a fenced yard?_________
*Please specify if you live in town or country/other ____________________________*Will the dog be kept
indoor/outdoor?______________*Where will the dog sleep?___________________________________________
*Please describe in as much detail your home in a daily routine lifestyle to give me an idea of how the dog will be
incorporated into your family & home: __________________________________________________________
*Do you or family have allergies to pet hair?______*Are there any children? _________ If yes, what are their
ages?_________ Do you work away from home 8 hours or more a day?__________*Who will look after the dog if
you are away for long periods of time?> *Where and how will the dog be kept?_____________________________
*What brand of food will you feed the dog? ____________________________________________
*Are you aware that bulldog breeds are high maintenance, strong willed and do not do well left unattended, ignored
or tied up for over extended periods of time and could become a potentially dangerous, destructive or mentally
unsound dog if left to their own devices? ______*Are you willing to clip nails, clean ears & eyes, clean wrinkles,
socialize, obedience train & maintain good health of any dog you acquire?______________________________
*Are you aware bully breeds come with health issues that go with the territory due to their shape, build & design?__
*Please provide two character references one of which is a veterinarian that knows you Or one that you will use;
please provide address and phone numbers for each.
Reference#1(Name)________________________Address_____________________________ Phone___________
*What type of socializing and training will you use to acclimatize the dog to new things?_____________________
*Are you willing to keep me updated on the development & pups’ well being?____*Are you willing to notify me if
you move? change address?_______
*Would you give me first chance to have this dog back if for any reason you could no longer keep it?______
*Would you notify me if for any reason you were in a frantic position and needed to get rid of your dog; *You would
call me at any time at any hour of the day?______
*Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions?_______________________________________________
*Do you have anything to add or include that would help me to know you better? ___________________________
*Do you have any expectations or concerns that I should know about? ___________________
Please make sure it is complete with your most honest intentions, Signed & dated and send back to me.
Thankyou for your interest in Homestead BullHunde Bulldogges.

Date:_____________________                          Signature:____________________________

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